Yorum yok Entwined.

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Alex pulled up in front of the gated driveway. His little Toyota was diminished by the

stone walls lined with statues. He felt a mix of fear and excitement course through his

slender body as he pulled up to the call box. Sure, this was just another yoga lesson, and the money would be good (he always charged a higher hourly rate for upscale clients), but he had never met this one. Almost all of his students were word of mouth: referrals from friends, other students, or teachers. This was an answer to his Craig’s List ad as a private at-home yoga instructor. That was always a little risky. That last time had been a frightening experience. But he wasn’t going to be cynical. Alex gazed at his sun darkened arms. Sculpted from years of practice. His lovely physique had earned him a good living: a not so guilty pleasure.

Alex shook himself back into professional yoga teacher mode, and pressed the button.

Almost immediately a voice answered. “Come on through”, said a soft comforting voice.

The gate swung open. It was as if he was being watched. Alex took a deep breath and drove toward the house.

He stopped in front of the big hedges framing the porch, just like it had been described in the e-mail. No one was waiting for him. Alex got out, popped open his trunk

and pulled out his bag of straps, blocks and extra mats. Always the traveling yogi, bag of tricks at the ready.

He still felt as if he were being watched from some window. The unease mixed with narcissistic pleasure as he walked up to the porch: he knew he looked sexy, in his tight orange T-shirt and little black shorts. His freshly waxed legs showed just a hint of tattoo along the upper right thigh. He straightened his posture, and drew his shoulders back as he approached the door. It opened before he could reach the doorbell.

“Alex? Sydney. Pleasure to meet you. Wow.” Sydney was a very handsome older man, perhaps 40-45. His eyes were warm, his presence disarming. He was also in extremely good shape. Sydney’s gaze took Alex in all at once. It was like an instant interview — and he approved.

“Good to meet you Sydney. Beautiful house. I gather you have plenty of floor space for our-“

“Oh we could do it in any of fifteen rooms. Hard wood floors, marble foyer. It’s the best kept secret yoga studio in the city! Here let me help you”.

Sydney lifted the bag off Alex’s shoulder. Their eyes met for a flash, and that mature gaze in Sydney’s blue eyes revealed a slight hint of something else. Alex, normally cautious and shy, felt a sense of guarded calm. This man was beautiful. Alex hoped he would look so good in twenty years.

“God”, Sydney said, “you look like you’ve been doing yoga for a while”

“”Since I was thirteen. Nine years”. Alex’s heart fluttered. He had been single since he was 19, by choice. His yoga practice had turned much of his sexual desire inward, to a place of calm smoldering self passion. In essence, Alex had been dating himself – in spite of the offers of numerous men and women. But something about this Sydney – no! This was just another private yoga class and Alex was a true professional.

Sydney took the bag and headed up the winding staircase. “I’ve been needing a good yoga class for some time now, but I hate those big rooms filled with people, all lined up like it’s rush hour! I’m a little shy that way”. Sydney led Alex into a big second story room, devoid of furniture, and with hardwood floors that shimmered almost like glass.

“This’ll do”, said Alex, staring in disbelief at the exquisite oil paintings, recessed lighting, and giant mirror on the south wall. There were several lit candles in the corner.

“I’m glad you approve Alex. I want only the best. And that’s what I get.”

“Oh I like to think I’m the best”, Alex chuckled. “I know that’s not a very yogic thing to say.” Sydney let out a warm laugh. Alex let down his guard a little more. This man “gets” him. And Alex liked his strong slender body. Not unlike his own. He looked over in the mirror and caught a glimpse of himself. He looked briefly into his own blue green eyes and smiled. It was only a flicker of a second, and Sydney hadn’t noticed Alex’s self admiring moment. Alex unzipped the bag, and rolled out the mats and equipment.

“Just us?” Alex asked naively. “Yes, just you and me. My wife is away with her family for – for good. The divorce will be final in a couple of months. Is that a tattoo?”

Sydney look down at Alex’s leg. A small cluster of stars poked out just beneath his shorts. “Yes. The constellation Gemini. My sign”. Sydney’s eye’s widened..”Really? I’m a Leo. When’s your birthday?” “June tenth.” Alex said as he rolled the mats out side by side and put a CD into the small boom box he had taken out of the bag. “What?” Alex looked up at Sydney, who seemed lost in thought. He furrowed his brow, looking at his young teacher. “Nothing. Let’s get started!”


A slow seductive piece by the Cocteau Twins opened the sequence. Alex loved to add music to his yoga journeys – as he called them. His larger classes as well as etiler escort his private students always wanted copies of his play lists. He led Sydney into a calming breathing exercise, lying on the back, supported by a block. A couple of minutes of this, and he led Sydney into several sun salutations. Alex was determined to be the mature, distant teacher – and bring Sydney the challenging, restorative work out he had requested in his e-mail. But there was a strange charge in the air. Alex felt the energy beneath his skin. He didn’t want Sydney to notice.

Sydney was trying to be the respectful student. A good yoga lesson was all he had wanted. He had a sore shoulder, and his hamstrings were tight, so he was willing to pay good money for a top rate teacher. Alex’s credentials were right there on Google, along with the pretty pictures… Some of the poses on Alex’s website were breathtaking, and Sydney admitted to himself, ‘it would be nice to be taught by such a beautiful instructor, in my own home’. He gulped back his desire, and followed through with the sequence.

“My God how do you do that?” Sydney looked on in amazement. Alex was standing, folded forward in deep bend. His hips hinged almost at 180 degrees, and his face buried deep between his long thighs. He liked it when students were amazed at his poses. He ran his fingers playfully up his smooth hard thighs and giggled. “Oh this is nothing, just a little practice” he said. He rose back into mountain pose, and looked warmly at his student. Sydney was sweating now. “I have some catching up to do, obviously”. “I can modify the sequence if it’s too much for you” Alex said. “No” said Sydney, ” keep going”.

As the class progressed, the poses got more challenging. Alex had to adjust Sydney in triangle and again in bridge pose. His fingers cradled his older student’s body a little longer than necessary. Alex liked the control. He let down his guard a little more now.

Sydney couldn’t help enjoying his younger teacher’s touch. He tried to quell the growing excitement. He was getting hard. Alex was a rare beauty. He reminded Sydney of a younger version of himself. It was almost eerie. The sexy blue green eyes, the chiseled delicate features, the honeyed skin, the slender toned limbs. The tight little waist. ‘No!’ he thought, ‘I am not going to lose control’.

Alex was also a little hard now. Trying to maintain his role as teacher, he brought Sydney through a series of balance poses. All Sydney did now was watch. Alex started feeling more like a performer, a sexy performer. His tight shirt clung to his damp chest, his nipples poking through. Beads of sweat dripped down his legs.

The tune on the play list was “La Femme D’Argent” by Air. It had an almost aphrodisiac melody. Alex brought his legs wide apart, interlaced his fingers behind his back, and hinged at the hips so his head brushed the floor. He then lay on his back, and drew himself into a deep upward bow. He lifted his torso higher, exposing his smooth stomach. When he came back down he peeled his shirt off, and lay back in a supine hero pose. He lifted his bottom off his heels and arched his back, running his fingers along both sides of his waist.

Sydney was sitting, watching, his mouth was dry. “My God, what are you doing?” Alex smiled. “You said to keep going. This is the rest of the sequence.” Sydney gasped. “Amazing. You’re incredibly talented. What’s your favorite pose?”

“This is one of my favorites… I usually only do it at home, alone”. Alex rose up onto his knees, placed his hands together in prayer, and leaned back. He leaned further and further back, and released his hands to the floor behind him. His back was arched so far, Sydney gasped. Then Alex crawled his hands along the floor behind him, and brought his forearms to the floor. Delicately, he walked his fingers up his toes. His breathing was steady and slow. Alex relaxed his core, and pulled his hands up over his feet to his calves. He dug his fingers into the smooth skin, and paused. He exhaled completely… then he pulled his head up slightly. His face was only inches from the backs of his own thighs, and there, just above, just out of reach, was his ass.

Alex unfolded himself, and drew back up onto his knees. He sat back, sweating, eyes closed, hearing Sydney’s heavy breathing off to the right.

“Bravo teacher. You charge, what was it, fifty dollars an hour?” Alex opened his eyes. “Yes, fifty per hour.” “How would you like five hundred?” Alex sucked in his breath. He tried to focus on the candle in front of him. “What? Five hundred?”

“Yes.. Are you game?” Alex sat there, astonished. “What do you want for five hundred?”

“Stand up.” Alex stood up. “Raise your arms up over your head.” Alex stood up and lifted his arms. His heart was beating fast. “I’ve – I’ve never done anything like this-“

“Shhhhhhh. I’ve never done this before either.” Sydney walked over to Alex, and gently traced his fingers along Alex’s extended arms, from his wrists, down to shoulders. Alex let out a small shudder. His mind was saying ‘wait, caution, gebze escort danger’; but his body was saying ‘yes!’. Sydney’s light touch grazed the skin on Alex’s stomach. “Is this okay?” Sydney asked. Alex was breathing quickly. He interlaced his fingers over his head, and reached higher. “Mmhhmm.”

Sydney stood behind him, and ran his fingers lightly along both sides of Alex’s body. From his armpits, he traveled slowly over his ribs, down his waist, along the smooth honeyed skin that was so much like his own. Alex let out a small whimper. Sydney hooked his thumbs over Alex’s waistband, pausing. Alex’s sucked in his breath. Then, Sydney pulled Alex’s shorts down. The fabric made a soft cloth on skin sound as it traveled down Alex’s long muscular legs. Alex moaned. Sydney cradled his hands along his teacher’s firm round bottom. Alex arched his back slightly in response. A deep throated “Mmmmmm” came from deep inside Alex.

“So you’re a Gemini”. Sydney examined the elaborate tattoo that curled along Alex’s naked hip. A pattern of black stars did indeed continue up his leg. They framed a pair of twin figurines locked in an embrace. Above them was a small insignia in a foreign tongue . “This is beautiful”. Sydney traced his fingers over the tattoo. “What does this mean?” He playfully ran one finger along the line of text etched into Alex’s hip bone.

“It’s Gaelic. It means “I love myself forever”. Alex was rock hard now. Sydney got down on his knees, and kneeled next to Alex’s tattoo. He leaned in, put one arm around Alex’s waist, and kissed the tattoo. Sydney opened his mouth wide, and kissed it again, running his mouth along the contours of the pelvic bone and around to the front.

“I’ve never done this bef – Unghhhh!”

Sydney took Alex deep into his mouth. Alex keened, his hips gyrating to their own rhythm. His knees buckled. Sydney grabbed hold of Alex’s body and tightly cupped his bottom, holding him in place. Alex threw his head back as Sydney reached up and raked his tiny nipples. Alex raised his voice to a choked scream. This only excited Sydney more. He dug his fingers deeper into Alex’s bottom, toying with the tight opening. Alex’s strong legs gave way, and he collapsed to the hard wood floor. Sydney leaned over Alex and rolled him onto his stomach. Almost instinctively Alex raised his ass into the air, and sprawled his legs apart into a near split. Sydney reached around and grabbed Alex’s swollen self. He stroked it slowly while raking his fingers along the cleft of his ass.

“No! No… I am not… ready for – -” Sydney pressed his thumb up into Alex, causing his torso to shudder and convulse. Sydney’s other hand was on Alex’s cock. He moved both hands with a slowly increasing speed. “No, of course you’re not ready.”

Alex’s chest arched up off the floor. His legs splayed out even further, and he came with the ferocity of a seizure. His delicate, strong, slender frame shook violently, as hot cum spurted all over the studio floor. Alex heaved and gasped for air. Sydney came suddenly, erupting all over Alex’s back, white streaks of semen all the way up Alex’s spine.

The two men, teacher and student, collapsed together, drenched with exhaustion. Smooth skin slipped against smooth skin, dripping with sweat and cum. Their heartbeats slowed, their breathing calmed.

Alex rolled his head out to the side. “Ummmm. Oh my God”.

“Shhhhh” Sydeny whispered, running his fingers through Alex’s hair.

“It’s just that … that… I have a business, I can’t afford to jeopardize my work.” Sydney drew his weathered but strong hand along Alex’s shoulder blade. “Me too. This is our secret.” Alex liked these words.

“This almost happened once before… A home lesson. The guy wanted to take me. All the way. He was aggressive. I pushed him back, and got the hell out. It was scary.” Sydney listened quietly. “The next day, I processed the experience in my mind, and part of me started wondering what it might have been like if I had yielded to it.” Sydney looked up.

“And?” “I started imagining him taking me, you know… putting it in me. I got turned on by the thought.”

Sydney laughed. “Of course. It can be wonderful. You just have to be careful. Especially with an ass like yours!” Alex laughed, feeling Sydney’s fingertips along his tailbone. Alex continued: “I was an only child. My mom was single and raised me herself, so I was lonely and curious. Sometimes my reflection in the mirror was the best friend I had.”

“Well, it’s pretty hot reflection”, Sydney said, looking over at them in the wall mirror. “Single mom, huh? That’s tough.”

“Mom was amazing. She was like 17 when she had me, so we were like best friends.” Sydney paused at this. He furrowed his brow. “Go on.”

“I hardly ever called her ‘mom’. I just called her Evelyn, as if she were an older sister. I still see her when I can afford to fly out to the East Coast.”

Sydney sat up. His mind was clicking away inside. All this information was stirring up something, but he couldn’t quite figure what it was.

“You okay?” Alex göztepe escort asked. I didn’t mean to spill my history on you or anything.” Sydney smiled. “Not at all. We all have our histories.”

He pressed five one hundred dollar bills into Alex’s hand. Then he added a sixth. “Thanks for a wonderful class”. Alex folded the bills, and shoved them into his shorts pocket. “Ummm.. I don’t know what to say.” Alex looked innocently off into space.

“Shhhh. Don’t say anything,” Sydney said, “Just love what you do, be happy, and – what is the phrase, ‘love yourself… forever’.” Alex looked up and smiled.

Sydney ran a finger along Alex’s jawline and caressed his collarbone. “You are a great teacher, and an amazing lover, kid. Be careful out there.” Alex turned and headed out the door. He could feel his own body glowing with new fire. He turned and looked back.

“Same time next Wednesday?”

Sydney smiled bewitchingly… “I’ve got fourteen more rooms.”

Alex drove through the outer gate smiling to himself. Yoga teacher. Prostitute. It all made strange sense. He looked up at himself in his rear view mirror. And blew a little kiss to his reflection.


Sydney was still processing what had just happened. The room upstairs smelled of sex, the windows were fogged, and the floor was streaked with sweat. This boy comes along, rocks Sydney’s world off its foundations, and disappears. But something was strangely bothersome about the end of Alex’s visit. He was a Gemini. His birthday was June 10. And his mom… he mentioned her name: Evelyn. The echo chamber in Sydney’s memory brought back a long ago affair he had… in college. She was 19, he was 20. Her name was… Evelyn. Beautiful, short blonde hair, green eyes, and hot enough to turn him straight, for a while. Their sexual affair was brief, about two weeks, and it was in the fall of his sophomore year.

The murky equation in his mind started becoming clearer. And like an ever brightening light, it soon became undeniable. “Oh my God”, Sydney muttered to himself, as he grabbed the doorway for support. All the pieces fell into place. “He’s just the right age, right body type, right facial type, to be my SON!” Sydney ran up to the window and looked out on the driveway. Alex was long gone now. Sydney pressed his forehead against the window. “What have I done?” Sydney pulled a handful of hair, and looked at himself in the large mirror, his face a grimace of fear and bewilderment. And then he remembered: they had made plans to meet again next Wednesday for another class! Sydney searched his cell phone. No phone number. He pulled up the internet, and searched for the e-mail correspondences. He had to contact Alex and cancel the class. As amazing as today was, this was over! He scrolled down, and found the most recent


Sydney, full of determination to end this immediately, typed furiously. He was just about to hit the send button, when he felt a flutter in his stomach. He dragged the browser away, and there was a picture icon on his desktop. Sydney clicked on it. That yummy picture of Alex came up – something Sydney had saved from a previous e-mail… because it was just so damn sexy. Alex in a little T-shirt, his waist showing. One taut waxed leg bent back as he reached over in a nearly impossible arch and grabbed his foot.

He smiled bewitchingly at the camera, at Sydney.

Sydney had never met Alex before. He had only seen one baby picture. Evelyn had gotten pregnant. A total accident, resulting from impetuous unprotected sex. Evelyn dropped out of school, and moved to Seattle, where she lived with her parents wand eventually had the baby. There had been no hard feelings. She knew that Sydney was gay, just a wild kid, and she had really seduced him. ‘Trying to turn him straight’, she’d always say, laughing. And suddenly her world changed. They stayed in touch for a few months, then drifted apart. She finally sent him a letter with a picture of the baby, Alex. In the letter she said, that although she cared for Sydney, it was best that they move in different directions. Sydney finished school, crammed his homosexual desires into a dark corner, met another woman, and got married. It didn’t last.

Sydney took a look at the erotic picture of his son on the screen. His mind crawled into the back of his skull, trying to ignore this whole crazy encounter… But his body reacted differently. A shiver of desire echoed along his spine. And Sydney pulled his hand away from the mouse before he could hit the ‘send’ button.


Alex kept his schedule full. As a teacher, he juggled numerous classes across town: restorative for seniors, advanced flow, beginners flow, slow stretch, kids yoga, and even a class at the local fire station. And then there were the private students. He was making good money, had a cute apartment where he self practiced two hours a day, and generally kept a happy and free spirited life. People often flirted with him, and asked him why he didn’t have a girlfriend (or a boyfriend). He never could explain to them the simple truth: he was attracted to himself – and for all intents and purposes he was his own boyfriend. Every time he looked hungrily in his wall mirror at home, his heart fluttered. Goose bumps traveled along his skin. He got aroused. Alex was a sexual narcissist, and found balance and serenity there.

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