Every Other Weekend

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I would go see my dad every other weekend and it was alright. He lived in another town and to a kid at 9 thats another planet, a place you could leave behind when you returned home. He had remarried and his wife had a son the same age as me. There was something different about the boy, he wasnt retarted or anything just a little slow sometimes. You couldnt tell by looking at him he was just a good looking kid with dark hair to most.
We slept together and even bathed together I guess thats normal at that age, it never seemed odd or crossed my mind. We got up one morning, our parents at work, just us in the house in our tighty whities. We went in the kitchen to get some cereal. When we finished he said lets go play the video game
. It was in my dads room so we crawled on the bed with the controller and I was playing the racing game. I was laying down playing it as he crawled over beside me with a blanket. He put it over me and slid underneath. I didnt know anything was going on until i felt him rubbing on my little dick and nuts through my superman underwear. He pulled them down and continued on. By now I was in ecstacy, the feeling had me in a daze and the game was blurry. Seemed he played with it for an hour when I felt a hot, wet, slippery feeling on my 4 inch throbbing cock and somehow knew he was sucking on it.
He was loving it, going up and down, licking the little pee hole and even putting my nut sac in his mouth the same time as my cock. Id never felt anything like it kocaeli escort bayan before and was loving it. I wanted my little step brother to keep doing it forever. When he finally did stop though, he crawled out and said, “now suck mine”. After that feeling I had, I felt obligated I guess.
I slid down and his little dick was rock hard curved back toward his stomach. I just couldn’t do it, so I just rubbed the head with the blanket hoping that would do. It didn’t and he said what are you doing? I just crawled out and we went about our day.
That feeling had me from that day forward, and I would get him to suck it at least a couple times a day. If our parents had’nt ended up getting a divorce a couple years later, I’m sure I would have eventually fucked him. He was just like a girl so cute and I knew that after him sucking me that anything goes.
I would get on top of him and hump his tighty whities just like you would a girl and he loved it. I remember one day we were on the couch watching a movie under a bedspread when he took his underwear off and through them on the floor. I got rock hard and did the same. He stood up and his little naked figure was too much with his little dick sticking straight up and his smooth white body offering itself to me. I was on him trying to fuck the little boy. He said , “Lets go back here” talking about the guest bedroom, but I couldn’t wait. I slammed him on the floor and was humping him like a 9 year old porn star.
He finally got me up kocaeli sınırsız escort and went to the bedroom and crawled under the big bed which had enough room for us. I got back on top of him and was grinding as he said, OWW you’re hurting me . I raised up and he slid out into the room with me still over him. I kept right on going when he said,” kiss me”. Id never kissed anyone in my short 9 years and had’nt thought about it. I put my mouth on his and we kissed, mouths wide open, for at least 10 minutes. We finally ended up getting dressed to go play outside like nothing had happened.
He had a friend down the street who we would go play with. His name was Adam and he had a big house and cool go karts and a 4 wheeler. We became friends and we would ignor my stepbrother and run away from him. We thought we were cooler than him, and he would cry and go tell on me.
There was a little blonde girl next door who had a friend across the street. I remember they would jump on us and grind on us, they were no older and maybe younger than us. Adam asked the blonde later if she would show us her pussy cat. I thought he was talking about a real kitten or something as we walked in the woods to a secret spot. She immediately pulled her pants and pink panties down to her ankes and showed us her smooth fat pussy which was rosy red and pink. It was the first one I had ever seen and was amazed. She spread it open for us to see and Adam asked if she washed the balls out of izmit anal yapan escort it, talking about the lubricant BB’s but you could clearly see them, in the juicy cunt, that little pussy was ready. He got his little cock out and she automatically sucked it. I knew they had been doing this for sometime. Adam told her now his, as she undid my jean shorts like a pro. She sucked on it like a straw until it got hard as could be. The sight of her saliva on it after she sucked it felt so good, and as I was looking at it she sucked it all off and she said, “there its all off”. Man, Adam had that little girl trained good. He never found out about me getting his little 6 year old brother to suck on me when I was over at his house. I would wonder evertime I saw him if his little brother had told him, but he hadn’t.
The little 6 year old had initiated it by grabbing my little pecker through my shorts. I got hard and took him in the back room where I pulled it out and put it in his mouth. He just had a tshirt on and his little dick was hard sticking straight up so I guess he liked it. I touched it and told him not to tell and we can do this again. I started playing with it and really got in to it. I had him in the closet where I took it in my mouth . I even spread hid little white cheeks apart and looked at his pink hole. Without even thinking I licked it and stuck my tongue in it. He asked, “What is that and I said, Im just cleaning it for you. We went back in the living room and never did anything again.
My dad moved and divorced his wife and I never saw any of my little friends again. Another boy sucked it after that but that was it. I stopped going to my dads eventually and nothing like that ever happened again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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