Extra Work at the Office

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The new position wasted the three day weekend, well mostly by my stress with the new position. Of course, the promotion was welcomed. I loved the new responsibility and thrive when counted upon. All that being said, I decided to go into the office to get a few hours of work done on the Monday holiday. The place was dark and quiet, unusual, but welcome. I fired up my computer in my closet sized office, ready to make changes in the database, which required me to lock it down, another reason why I came in with nobody here.

Much to my chagrin, the database alerted me that Nicole was logged in. I wasn’t too surprised because my flaky coworkers often left their PCs running and didn’t bother closing stuff down when they went home. I headed to her cubicle and surprise; she sat in her chair, ear buds in place while she typed away. She must have felt the floor vibrations, because she turned my way with her dazzling smile. Let me fill you in—Nicole is hot. She’s about 5’10” (I’m 6 foot), sporting double D’s easily (I’m guessing- one of my hobbies), has a slim waist, round butt, and a cute face which floods the world with sunshine when she smiles. I noticed she was without makeup, but still a natural beauty.

“Hey,” she said, waving. She wore light grey T-shirt and I met her eyes with supreme willpower because that chest was being hugged tight by her shirt, highlighting the girls in an amazing display of round perfection. “I need to finish up my reports.”

“Ok, I saw you logged in and was making sure you were here.” She winked, which made my penis twitch with excitement.

“I’m the only one here.”

I barely registered the remainder of our small talk and then I walked back to my office while she turned back to her computer. I tried to focus but was incredibly distracted. My imagination went into overdrive thinking about the two of us alone in the office. I thought of her on my desk, pants pulled down around her ankles. What would her pubic area look like? Most likely dark hair since she was a light brunette. Shaved? Neatly trimmed? Pink or brown labia? I daydreamed about her nipples and the shape. Were they huge or small? Did they pop out or stay flat? Surely they were pink due to her fair skin, şişli elit escort but they could be light brown too. What would she taste like?

This went on the entire time I worked and soon I realized I had an erection. How could I focus on the database with a boner? I weighed my options. Could I go in the bathroom and rub one out? That might help. But taking the time defeated the purpose of going into the office to get stuff done.

I decided fetching files from the file room might help get my mind off her. Strolling the long way through the office to avoid Nicole, I entered the little room and started browsing the F’s when I heard Nicole enter behind me.

“Oh hey. I need files too,” she said with her perky voice. Her ear buds were still in and I heard music, but couldn’t make out what it was, something with a fast beat. The aisle between the file racks was barely big enough for me, a larger guy, so when she tried to sneak by, her butt bumped against my crotch and ignited another hard on. “Sorry,” she giggled. She bent over straight legged and searched for a file on the bottom shelf. I had to look. How could I not?

She wore black yoga pants that hugged her like a second skin. I saw every curve of her butt—the round sides sloping down like an upside down heart, her thong outlined in the crack—and I even caught the shape of her vulva, a voluptuous camel toe to be sure. My breath caught and I couldn’t look away. She found her files and rose with them in her arms and offered me a smile. Did she realize I was staring? As she left, this time she moved by in the small aisle me face to face. Her thigh bumped my boner and her eyes met mine. She stopped, her eye brow rose, face surprised, and then she quickly turned and left. I wanted to crawl under the shelves and die. Nicole was always pleasant to me, but we never really flirted, much less acknowledged we were the opposite sex.

I slinked out of the file room and back to my office in shame only a junior high boy wearing sweatpants to school could understand. I attempted work but by now my motivation was dissipated. Nightmares of sexual harassment suites filled my imagination. I powered down the computer şişli escort and rose to leave when Nicole appeared at my door.

“Hi,” she said, her ear buds gone. Her eyes flicked down to my crotch and she raised an eyebrow. “You uh, still hard?”

I gulped and realized I was at half-mast. I wasn’t sure what to answer however, which proved great because she continued.

“I came here straight from the gym and I get crazy horny after I work out. I shouldn’t have come right to work, but now you’re here.” She stepped inside and closed the door. “This is the one and only time we do this. We tell no one, ever. Understood?”

Then she pulled her shirt over her head and there those beautiful breasts were, all nestled in a gray sports bra. “Do you agree?” she asked and then her hands slipped behind her back and her bra popped open. The most amazing pale breasts seemed to burst forth from the tight restraints of the bra. Huge tan nipples covered the front of each and they poked out a good quarter inch. Apparently I mumbled agreement, because then she slipped her yoga pants and panties off. She stood naked before me, her pubic hair a thin line of black running down into her reddish vulva.

“I didn’t shower. Is that ok?” she asked, looking a bit hesitant.

I moved forward and we embraced. We kissed like two sex starved animals, our lips sucking and pouting about one another’s neck and chin. She tasted salty and smelled of faint flowery perfume and fresh sweat. I took a nipple in my mouth and loved the sound of her heavy breath near my ear. I traced my fingers down her flat tummy, tickling through her hair until I felt her clit. I teased it a second before moving my hand along her thigh and around to her butt which I gave a nice squeeze. I then nudged her closer to my desk and had her sit. I spread her knees and then knelt. I buried my face between her legs and let my tongue lick and gorge her pussy.

She leaned back on her elbows while I kissed and sucked her beautiful pink pussy. I slid two fingers in and out while I lapped her up. She stiffened and her legs squeezed against my head and she squeaked, actually squeaked when she came.

Finally she eased my şişli eve gelen escort head away when she could no longer take my tongue on her clit. I stood and we locked eyes. I will never forget the look she gave me, sitting there naked on my desk, fresh from orgasm. Her eyes said you have to fuck me right now. Well I eagerly complied. I dropped my pants and boxers. Her eyebrow rose when she saw my hard on. I moved forward and buried him inside her. She gasped and I am sure I did too. She felt so warm and moist, perfect. I did slow long strokes while my hand grabbed her breast. She lay back on my desk and I picked up the rhythm, watching her titties bounce with each thrust. Soon I was in over drive, pounding and pumping as hard and fast as I could. I came with an explosion in my head and cried out.

When I calmed, she smiled and sat up.

“That was wonderful,” she purred, arms snaking around my neck.

“Who says we’re done?” I asked. She opened her mouth to question but I took her hand and had her turn around. I then gently nudged her to bend over my desk.

“This is my secret power,” I said, nudging my still hard dick against her butt cheeks. “I can stay hard between bouts.”

“Oh my,” she said, turning to look back at me. I didn’t give much time to say more and slid back inside her. I pushed up against her so her ass touched my torso. Soon I was fucking her again, the pleasant slap of skin sounding in my office. This time she started almost chanting ‘oh god’ with each thrust until she clutched the edge of my desk with a vice like grip and actually yelled out my name at one point.

This gave me renewed vigor and I pumped harder. Soon I came again and collapsed atop her, both of us sweaty and panting.

We finished a bit awkwardly, pulling on our clothes and she excused herself to the ladies room. I was torn. Ecstatic for the experience, but completely bummed it would probably never happen again. I sat in my chair and contemplated my next move.

However, a few minutes later, Nicole appeared at my door. Her face was flushed and she seemed a bit unsure of herself, not the typical confident vixen I saw at work.

“Um, what I said earlier,” she stammered, briefly meeting my eyes. “We can do that again if you really want to. I mean, we don’t have to let anyone know or anything.”

I answered simply by rising from my chair and walking over to her. I grabbed her in a hug and planted a huge French kiss on her perfect mouth.

“Anytime,” I said when I pulled away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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