Fantasy Come True

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On an ordinary day just as Tracy is beginning her daily routine of cleaning up the house her doorbell rings. She opens the door to find her good friend Joe on the other side. Tracy smiles as she opens the door inviting him in. Tracy thinks how happy she is for the visit as she remembers that she had sent Joe an open ended invitation and the number of times she wished for a visit.

Tracy has always had a thing for Joe. From almost the very beginning as they talked and spent some time together and became better and better friends. She has been more open and honest with him than with anyone ever in her life. In the process she has grown to love him a lot and he has become her fantasy. She knows it and he knows it as she has shared it with him.

As he walks in they smile at each other. The biggest broadest smiles across their faces. Not a word is spoken as Joe closes the door and walks over to Tracy; taking her in his arms he kisses her gently but passionately. She responds instantly draping her arms around his shoulders matching his kiss with her own their tongues intertwining.

She sits fulya escort down on the couch as she directs him there. No sooner does she sit down then he is there kneeling in front of her. Kissing down her neck and torso as he removes her shirt and bra. Taking each nipple adeptly between his lips into his mouth. Sucking gently and sending bolts of joy and pleasure through Tracy. She closes her eyes and arches her back enjoying the sensation as he sets his hands to work to remove her pants without her getting up.

Undoing the snap of her jeans Joe puts his thumbs under the waistband of her panties on either side and slides them over her hips and legs all the while kissing her.

Tracy’s jeans fall around her ankles and she kicks them off. She spreads her legs and Joe helps. Tracy’s fingers find her breasts as she starts to pinch and pull on them. She positions herself so her pussy is fully exposed and available to Joe. He rubs her mostly smooth skin on her outer lips before his finger meander in under the folds of flesh in her pussy. She becomes wetter and wetter as he adeptly gebze escort teases her. Her pleasure evident from the moans emanating from her as he continues to touch her.

As he continues to play with her her clit quivers and becomes so engorged. He enjoys teasing her. After playing with her and working her arousal and desire into a frenzy he slides his finger slowly across her very sensitive love button.

Tracy moans and bucks and gasps at the pleasure she is feeling. Barely able to catch her breath she grabs for him and kisses him as her fingers go to work on his fly. Unbuttoning and slowly unzipping his pants. She pulls them down and they fall to the floor. Joe steps out of them his more than ample cock already hard. Tracy fondles it as Joe stands to give her easier access. She teases with her hands and finger before taking as much as she can in her mouth and teasing long and slow. More than enjoying the taste and feel.

As Joe’s cock slides from her mouth he pushes her further down into the couch and raises her legs to bend her knees. He kneels once more gültepe escort and buries his face in her pussy. Gently yet firmly as their desire builds. He teases her clit with his tongue and takes it between his lips to gently suck on it.

This sends Tracy over the edge with pleasure. She moans loudly and bucks her cunt into his face trying to put the words together to say how good it feels but only able to grunt and moan in audibly. She wraps her legs around his legs riding her orgasm through to the end with Joe continuing to lick and tease.

When Tracy comes down from her high Joe raises a little and smiles. Tracy reaches out to touch and fondle his cock now achingly hard. She smiles up at him and though he needs no direction guides his cock into her wet and ready hole.

As he slides in the moan simultaneously each receiving maximum pleasure. He pulls back and thrusts back in again over and over. Tracy moans out an “oh yes fuck me”. Needing no invitation he pulls out and thrusts in harder and harder as they both moan and struggle to catch their breath. As her orgasm takes over her body Tracy reaches for Joe and pulls him in close as her muscles twitch and she shakes and sputters. As her orgasm peaks she feel Joes breathing change and feels spurt after spurt of cum flood her pussy.

They stay there wrapped in each others arms as there pleasure subsides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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