Fantasy Come True

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Last Spring I made a date to play golf with a client. She was selling a large beachfront house on Galveston Island. I like to combine business with pleasure, even though I suck at golf; but, I enjoy chatting with whoever I play with. And, it provides me with ample time to get to know the client whose listing I want; which, if I get it, will eventuate in a nice fat commission, for moi.

The problem was, just after I’d paid our greens fees, she called and canceled on me.

“Oouh, that makes me so mad,” I shouted at my phone; after disconnecting the call, of course.

“Is everything alright?” I heard someone say behind me. Before I even saw her, I was taken with the voice of the woman that I heard; it was soft and sensuous. I turned and beheld the most alluring woman I’d ever seen.

“Oh, ah … it’s nothing … just had a client cancel on me,” I told the stranger as I unabashedly stared at her. She was drop dead gorgeous.

“I’m so sorry for interfering, I thought you were in some sort of distress,” she said softly.

“Oh no, that’s okay, I’m just ticked off because I’ve already paid our greens fees,” I said, still looking miffed, no doubt.

“I’ll get over it.”

“Perhaps I could help with half the fees; I’d love to play nine holes with you, if you’ve got the time and don’t mind playing with a stranger,” she said, and she gave me the sweetest smile. How could I not accept her offer when presented with such a smile?

“Oh, why thank you, I’d love too … maybe I can sell your house.” I said. “I’m Joan, pleased to meet you.” I extended my hand, for the customary perfunctory handshake.

“Sasha,” she replied and took my hand; but instead of a perfunctory shake, she took my hand in both of hers and held it.

“House?” She said, looking a bit perplexed.

“I’m in real estate.” Her hands were soft and warm. My hand, sandwiched between hers, didn’t want to be let go.

She laughed, “Joan, I think we’re going to become great friends,” she said with a wink.

Then my new friend Sasha surprised me. She hugged me. Not an automatic girlfriend hug, but an embrace that expressed emotion; affection, even. Surprisingly, it made me feel … loved?

I was astonished by her intimacy; I didn’t know this woman. Who hugs a perfect stranger, with so much feeling? But I realized my heart was racing. I had loved it, and I loved her brazenness; there was something about her that was really getting to me.

I eventually suggested we get our clubs and a golf cart; which is what we did.

On the first tee, I gave my ball a whack and watched it dribble a few yards toward the fairway; topped it, as usual.

“Why don’t you take a mulligan?” Sasha suggested.

“A what?”

“A ‘do over’ … you don’t play a lot of golf, do you?” She said.

“Not really, just with my real-estate clients occasionally. Oh, here … let me give you my card. Constant shameless self promotion, that’s what real-estate is,” I told Sasha, handing her one of my business cards.

I hit another ball; it went a respectable distance on the second try.

“Thanks for the ‘do over’. So what do you do for a living, girl?” I asked, as she tee’d up her ball. When she smashed her ball it easily traveled almost twice as far as mine. I mumbled something like “nice.”

“Adult relaxation … fancy word for massage therapy.” She said.

I pondered her words for a few moments, then blurted, “You said ‘adult’ … what does that mean exactly? Like a massage with adult extras … ah … sex?”

“To be totally honest with you, I pull no punches. I’m an escort; no shame in my game,” she said with that same alluring smile and a little laugh.


To say I wasn’t expecting her answer, well, ‘understatement’ doesn’t begin to describe it. And like the hug she’d given me earlier that had kind of sent me reeling; her abrupt confession to me, a complete stranger, titillated me as much as her intimate hug. It was dawning on me just how much I really liked this somewhat odd woman and her quirky ways. It made me feel special that she though enough of me to disclose something so intimate about herself.

And, as her shocking pronouncement sank in, I found her revelation intriguing; exciting even. So, I proceeded to divulge my own revelation.

“Ok…I’m cool with that. I think it’s hot actually.” I said, somewhat hesitantly. I mean, I didn’t even know this woman. But for some reason I could not explain, she excited me. She was getting my juices flowing, in more ways than one; because I had my own very deep and dark secret, something I’d never told another living soul. And once I start blurting, I find it difficult to stop sometimes – alright, most times.

“Truth? I’ve had a secret fantasy for a long time about being an escort,” I said, and blushed bright pink.

“I read porn stories about it, and watch porn videos with escorts in them. It’s really a major turn on for me.” I blurted once more and suspected my face was fire engine red by then.

“Well it’s been good to me, but I would never wish this job on someone else. I’m actually retiring soon. erotik film izle I’ve been putting most of my money in sound investments since I was twenty. After seventeen years, I have a nice nest egg, so it’s time for something else; something for me,” Sasha said, matter-of-factly.

“But I can see where you might think it’s glamorous and exciting.”

“Wow,” was all I could think to say.

“We better keep playing or they’ll throw us off the course,” she said.

As we teed off on the next hole, I couldn’t let the subject go. I said, “I still think it would be so exciting to meet with a total stranger and have sex with him.”

“Or her,” Sasha added. “I’m bi. I have female clients, too.”

She continued, “And you’re right, in the beginning it was exciting, but after a while the glamour wears off. It becomes almost mundane, just a job.”

“It wouldn’t for me,” I said, with bravado unearned.

“Hmm … well then, why don’t you try it?”

We kept playing as we talked, lest the foursome behind us got pissed off with us for slow play.

“What do you mean? Try what?” I asked, not quite sure where she was going with our discussion.

“Try being an escort.” She said form the other side of the green as she was about to putt.

“Not so loud … I think I know those people behind us.” I said in a half whisper. “Sasha, I would have no clue how to go about being an escort,” I said, keeping my voice as low as possible.

“I’d help you. Get you lined up with some clients to start. Remember, I’m leaving the business soon; some of my regulars might like to stay on with you. You’re quite beautiful, you know. And with your … ah … impressive breasts, I know several clients who’d jump at a chance to be with you. If you work out and like it, that is. The first couple times you’d have to work with me … sort of like an apprentice.”

I was stunned at what she was proposing. My face felt flushed. But, at the same time, I was strangely excited. I even realized I was getting aroused at the thought of perhaps fucking strangers.

“You’re serious?”

“Totally,” she said.

“How … ah … I mean what …” I stammered.

“I’ll call you tomorrow with a date and time and where to meet. What d’ya say?”

For a moment I was speechless, then I shocked myself and said, “okay.”

We played the rest of the round, but Sasha seemed to want to defer discussing my initiation into the world of escorts until some later time. It turned out to be over drinks in the clubhouse after we’d finished playing.

“I have so many questions. I mean what would I wear? Do I need special underwear, or shoes, what about makeup …”

“Whoa, slow down,” Sasha said over a glass of Chardonnay. “Do you have any sexy lingerie, like garter belts, or a teddy with garters?”

“Yes, black lace garter belt and a tiger stripe teddy with garters,” I said.

“That and black stockings and black heels – the higher the better – then, put a pretty dress over it, albeit one that comes off easily, and you’re set,” she advised.

“Wow, I’m so excited!” I squealed. “I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this.”

“Like I said earlier, you’ll be with me the first few times – before you go ‘solo’ so I’ll be able to give you some tips and observe you to see if you have what it takes. Hope you’re not sensitive to critique.”

“Oh no, I firmly believe that if no one tells you about your mistakes, you’ll never be able to improve at anything. So, I’d welcome any comments or criticisms … I’ll only cry for a little while.” I said, ending with a chuckle.

‘”Great. Have you ever been with a girl?” Sasha asked.

“Once in college, we did a lot of kissing and petting. No actual sex though.”

“Would you be okay with a girl, or just guys?”

“You know, now that I think back to my experimenting with Glenda in school, I’ve always regretted not going further with her. I think I would like to be with a woman, but, how can I know for sure?”

“I have an idea,” Sasha said, and gave me a sly smile. “You and I can spend some time together; if you like, that is.”


“Like I said earlier, you’re beautiful, and I’m getting certain vibes from you; I think we could have fun together and see if you like being with girls at the same time.” She told me.

I suddenly felt flushed again, but, in a different way. Not from embarrassment, but from sexual excitement. I felt myself getting more than just moist.

I was speechless; something unheard of for me. I tend to yap nonstop, but Sasha took my breath away just looking at her. To think she had just suggested having sex with her. Well, like I said; speechless.

“It’s up to you, if you’d rather not …”

“Oh no! I mean yes! Oh Sasha would you really do that?” And a tear rolled down my cheek.

“Oh honey, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

“No, nothing wrong at all; they’re happy tears. Thank you so much Sasha!” and I leaned over and hugged her. And she hugged back. And as we hugged, I felt her lips on my neck gently kissing me there. And her hug, again, felt film izle so meaningful; so comforting.

After a very long time – very much like with her hand shake, I did not want to quit – we separated.

“Listen babe, I’ve got to run. I’ll check my calendar. Hmm … can I text the number on your business card, or would you get in trouble if certain sexy details showed up on your phone?” She asked.

“No, you can text me. It’s my personal phone.” I said.

“I’ll send you details of when we can get together, just you and me to begin with. Any evenings you’re not free this week?”


“Good, you can come dressed as we discussed earlier … give me a chance to see your outfit.” She instructed. “I’ve really got to run now, babe.”

As she got up from her chair she leaned in for a farewell kiss; you know, a peck on the check. Except, she shocked me again, she put her lips squarely on mine and gave me an intimate and loving kiss; even adding a little tongue. Right there in the clubhouse bar!

She left me breathless and stunned; not the first time that day, and ultimately, not to be the last time.


The next day I waited to hear from Sasha. A call, a text, anything; I was quite simply giddy with anticipation, as well as, some amount of trepidation. What was I getting myself into?

It came as a text; day, time, address. That was all. Two days to wait until eight in the evening. I was nervous for the next forty-eight hours. She’d told me what to wear when we were at the golf course, but should I go out and buy something special; really sexy? I had high heels, three inches, and sensible shoes for work. Should I get five or six inch spikes? I’m only five six, probably should, I decided. And what to tell my husband; some sort of business meeting? He has them all the time; and me home sometimes wondering if that’s where he really was. It was getting complicated, fast. And if I passed, what I was begging to think of as my audition with Sasha, then what? ‘Meetings’ all the time? I doubted hubby would go for that for very long. Nights out with girlfriends? More and more complicated.

I went shopping; put all my new acquisitions in the trunk of my SUV. They would be hard to explain if hubby found six inch black patent leather heels in my closet. Not to mention crotchless teddies and panties and a bra that didn’t even cover my nipples. All lace; all black sheer and see through. Oh, and a new dress. Red silk and very slinky, but the best part was that it was a wrap dress. Pull a string and it flutters to the floor. It all cost a small fortune, but I was so excited! But still, there were lingering doubts. Was I being a complete idiot? What girl dreams of being an escort; a call girl? Really?

But, I’d never seen any harm in consenting adults having sex, and if one party wants to gift the other? What harm?

I never could understand the stigma society places on women, or men for that matter, who earn their living giving pleasure to others. How is it different than a comedian standing on stage in front of a room full of people – who all paid to see him/her – and making their living giving pleasure to a bunch of strangers through laughter? How is that different?

OK, off my soap box.

So, as excited as I was, and looking forward to Wednesday night with Sasha, I was still feeling a bit uneasy.

When Wednesday evening arrived, I had dinner with my family, kissed my hubby and told him not to wait up (as he had so often said to me). The real estate association meetings tended to run late, I told him.

I drove my SUV to my office and changed there, then ordered an Uber; not knowing if I’d be drinking. If need be, I’d leave my Jeep at the office and collect it in the morning. I arrived on time and rang the bell at the upscale house at the address Sasha had sent me.

I was so nervous, I was about to bolt; but, the door opening belayed that.

“Oh Joan! You look gorgeous,” Sasha exclaimed, as she saw me standing in front of her door. “Come in, oh I can’t get over you, did you go shopping? I can’t imagine you had those heels at home.”

“Truth? Yes, I did buy a few things. I wanted to impress you.”

“Well, you certainly have. Right this way. It’s not a huge house, but it’s paid for.”

As we walked through to the living room that was open to a kitchen and dining area I used my real estate background to do a quick mental appraisal based on what I saw, and the neighborhood it was located in, and came to the conclusion that Sasha had sunk a pretty penny in her beautiful home. It was modern, all updated appliances, very modern decor. It was wonderfully decorated, no doubt by a professional; nothing but the best in her house.

“One bedroom or two?” I asked.

“Three, two with ensuites, and a loft on the third floor; oh, and a powder room here on the first floor,” She replied. “I use the smallest bedroom as a workout room / office.” I upped my appraisal, accordingly.

We went past double sliding glass doors that opened onto the pool seks filmi izle area which was fully screened-in against mosquitoes (Texas State bird, you know); I upped my mental appraisal another few thousand, maybe a few tens of thousands, ok, many tens of thousands.

“Would you like a glass of wine? You look just a bit flustered; it’ll help settle your nerves.” Sasha observed and suggested.

“Oh god yes. I almost backed out, you know; had my finger ready to text you. Then my excitement got the best of me. I had to come and find out what it’s like to be an escort. But, mostly, I wanted to be with you. You excite me even more than the thought of being an escort.” I blurted. There I went, blurting again.

“Oh, honey, that’s so sweet,” she said, and stepped closer and put her arms around me. She whispered in my ear, “You’re going to be just fine.”

She stepped back and went to the kitchen counter where a bottle of wine waited; breathing, I guess. I’m not a wine connoisseur.

“You’ll never have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. You can always say no whenever you want. You might have to return some money, if you do, but no harm will ever come to you if you follow my lead,” she explained

She poured two glasses and handed me one. She clicked her glass against mine.

“To a beautiful relationship,” she said and sipped her wine. I sipped mine too (big sip, ok, gulp) and realized it was probably the best tasting wine I’d ever had. Like I said, I’m no connoisseur, but it was really nice.

“Here, let’s sit and talk awhile,” She said, indicating a sofa in the living room. We sat and Sasha put her glass on an exquisitely modern coffee table; all glass and chrome. I kept mine in my hand and kept sipping, feeling I needed it to steady my nerves.

She sat back and put her arm over the back of the sofa behind my back, but, not touching me.

“So, Joan, what do you want from this? Money? Sex? Both? Or something else?”

“Ah, all of the above?” I said, not sure where this was going.

“Tell me more.”

I sat there a while and pondered what she’d asked, and then I spoke.

“I guess I want to make my life more interesting than it is being a real estate agent, mom, wife, suburbanite; whatever. Excitement, that’s what I want; do things I’ve never done before. Explore my sexuality. And some extra spending money wouldn’t hurt.” I blurted some more. I felt a hand on my shoulder, rubbing in little circles.

“That’s a sexy dress, hon.” She said. “I hear what you’re saying, but you have to realize it’s not all glamour. The sex can be nice, or not, depending on the client; but, you’re always, and I mean always, looking to satisfy your client. If you get pleasure too, fine, but it’s all about them, not you. And if you’re good at it, the money is really good too. You can set ground rules ahead of time so the client knows what, if anything is off limits, but, anything else is fair game and, again, it’s up to you to make sure your client is well satisfied. Questions?”

“Ah, what do you mean by ground rules?”

“Things like: will you give or receive golden showers, or maybe you don’t want anything to do with excrement,” she said.

“Yuk! Definitely not in my ballpark,” I said emphatically.

“How would I find clients? Would they all be men?” I asked.

“I’ll help you at first. Again some of my clients may become yours when I tell them I’m retiring. I’ll also show you how to set up and online presence,” Sahsa said. “As for men or women, let’s see how you do with me in a moment.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Stand up, let me see you. Do a little model walk across the room for me,” She said.

I got up and walked over to the glass doors by the pool and walked back, having no idea how to ‘model walk’.

“Those heels; new?”


“Ever wear heels that high before?”


“You either need a lot of practice, or lower heels. You look like you’re about to fall over with every step you take. Why don’t take them off, for now. Hope you kept the receipt so you can return them. Four inch heels on you would be perfect.” She told me.

“Here, come sit again; closer,” she said.

When I sat, my thigh was touching hers. She placed her hands on the sides of my head and drew my face toward hers, placing her lips on mine. Sasha gave me the most loving and tender kiss of my life. I was ready to melt into her arms as the kiss became more passionate. After a long while she broke off.

“Like kissing girls?”

“Oh my god! Yes! It felt so … so special and loving and … I can’t describe it,” I said breathlessly. (BTW, that’s where OMG came from).

Without asking, she kissed me again, with even more passion. Her tongue invaded my mouth; exploring, twisting around inside, dancing with my own tongue. Our lips pressed so hard together our teeth clicked together. I felt her hand on my breast, squeezing, pinching the nipple under my clothes and bra making it hard. Her other arm was wrapped around me, her hand rubbing over my back and drawing me in closer. I wrapped my arms around her and delighted in the feel of her feminine form; the slenderness of her torso. One hand moved around and cupped her breast as she was cupping mine and I moaned; it felt so soft and her nipple was poking against my palm, giving me an even greater thrill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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