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I came to you in the dead of night. The house was empty, containing only you. It was in almost total darkness, only the light on the landing to light my way to you. I came in through the back door, you had left it unlocked for me. I ascended the stairs and found your bedroom, you were there, sleeping, looking so peaceful it seemed a pity to wake you.

I reached out and gently caressed your cheek. You stirred, your eyelids flickered open and you smiled in recognition. You held out your arms in greeting and I bent down and kissed you, gently. You sat up in bed and pulled the top of your shortie nighty over your head exposing your magnificent breasts to my gaze for the first time. They stood out clearly in the darkness, firm and white with dark nipples just waiting for my caresses. You pointed at me and I understood straight away that I should undress. I did so quickly, not wanting to waste a moment of our time together and by the time I had done you were naked as well. Again you held out your arms in greeting and I slipped between the sheets and into your embrace. We held each other, looking into each others eyes, then we kissed, gently, tenderly. I tentatively ran my tongue along your lip and was answered by yours just touching the tip of mine. I gently lay you down on the bed and kissed your cheek, lips, neck. I worked my way down your neck and throat until I reached your breast. I took the nipple into my mouth and sucked it until it grew hard, your hand stroking my head as I did so. When one nipple was hard I moved across to the other one and did the same with that. Small gasps from you told me that what I was doing was right and your hands caressed my head, keeping me at my task. Eventually I moved off istanbul escort your nipples and ran my tongue down to the valley between your breasts and on down to your navel. There I licked round the edge and, having once licked right to the bottom of the indentation, carried on down to the area of total womanhood.

You moved to help me gain access to that most intimate part of you and I ran my finger along the crease. It seemed to open into a wellspring of moisture, you were so ready for me, and I put my tongue into the pool and drank. You tasted beautiful. Womanly and sexually attractive. I found your clitoris and began to lick it, to suck it and to gently bite it. I pulled at it with my lips and you moaned softly encouraging me to lick faster. I ran my tongue all round the nubbin and drank deeply of the juices that flowed from you. I kept on going while you squirmed and wriggled and your hands held my head in place so I could not have moved away if I had wanted to. I licked and licked faster and faster sensing all the time you were getting near to climax. You raised your legs and locked them round my head, trapping me, while your body squirmed and writhed under my eager tongue. Then with a shuddering sigh you came, your juices bathing my face with warm wetness. You subsided and raised me up in the bed to you and smiled.

We lay in each others arms, not saying anything, nothing needed to be said, we knew neither of us was finished and there were more delights to come for both .

Then you kissed me, gently, on the mouth, the chin, the throat, the chest. I thought I knew where you were going and moved to help. You continued on down until you reached my manhood. kabataş escort You kissed the tip and then, oh wonder of wonders, you took me deep into your mouth. You moved your tongue up and down the shaft as your head bobbed on my erection. I was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced and I knew I would not last very long. I looked at you, stroked your hair and was going to warn you of my impending explosion but you simply shook your head and smiled. You continued, driving my penis into your mouth swirling your tongue along the shaft, licking the hole in the top and covering me with your saliva. Eventually I could take it no more and with a grunt I shot my first load into your mouth. You looked so happy as you swallowed all I could give you and then licked me clean. You still had a small dribble of come oozing from the corner of your mouth and you licked it away with your tongue. Then you came to join me and we kissed again. This time I could taste myself on your kisses, a strange salty taste.

Once again we lay together, neither of us wanting to break the caress but I knew that it was time. I moved over you, you looked at me with an intensity I had never seen before. Your thighs were spread and I found my way to your entrance. You were so wet that I had no difficulty in sliding in. I did so slowly, gently, not wishing to break the spell. I pushed slowly until I was buried to the hilt in you glorious womanhood then I just as slowly, withdrew. I left just the tip touching you and then I pushed slowly back. I kept doing this, slowly, slowly, as you ran your hands up and down my back. Then you seemed to take control and seized my bottom cheeks and pulled hard. I slammed kadıköy escort against the top of your cervix and your eyes widened in surprise, but it was a good surprise. We kissed, tongues swirling and duelling as we established our loving rhythm. On and on we moved, bodies covered in a sheen of perspiration as we drove each other towards our inevitable climaxes. I buried my face in your breasts, licking and biting your nipples, your fingers digging deep into my back. Then, without warning, your whole body convulsed and you gasped. I felt your pussy contract and that took me over the edge and I shot load after load into your receptive womb. Then we looked at each other, eyes tender and loving. I buried my face in your neck and your arms came round my body and we lay there, together, not wanting anything else but to be together at that moment.

Then you noticed I was still hard within you and you smiled again. You disengaged, rolled me onto my back, rose above me, your wonderful breasts swinging in the dim light from the landing and, positioning yourself drew me back into you. I held your breasts as you moved and watched my penis slide in and out of you as you assumed total control. You bent down and kissed me, tongues swirling and my hands cupped your breasts. You sat up and exposed your clitoris allowing me to rub it and help you in your drive towards orgasm. It took longer this time and we didn’t hurry. The feelings built slowly and as you continued to slide up and down on me I kissed your mouth and breasts. Eventually we could contain ourselves no longer and our movements became faster and faster as we drove ourselves towards another mutual climax.

With a gasp and a shudder we both came and, spent, we collapsed onto the bed side by side. For a while neither of us moved. Then you looked at me and I knew it was time to leave. I nodded and got up, dressed and kissed you for the final time. Your eyes were closed and your breathing steady. I kissed your forehead and left the way I had come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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