Fantasy with old friend continued

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Alexa Pearl

Fantasy with old friend continued
After I go back inside I can’t stop thinking about what I had just done, I sucked my friends dick and I loved it. All I could think about was wanting his dick back in my mouth. It felt so good, so natural. But I didn’t just want his dick back in my mouth, I wanted it in my tight little boi pussy. It’s all I could think about for the next week, but I did my best not to text him every time I thought about it, I didn’t want to freak him out and never get the opportunity to continue exploring with him.

After about a week though I finally got the courage to text him. I asked him if he felt weird about what had happened or anything like that. He told me that he hadn’t really thought too much about it, but said that it did feel really good. That made me feel better, at least he wasn’t freaked out by the ordeal. We started texting about normal stuff for a little bit and then he asked me if what I said about fantasizing about him was true. I of course told him it was. He went on to tell me that he has fantasized about men too, but never thought about me in that way because he just never thought I would be into something like that. I went on to tell him that I play with my wife’s dildo quite frequently and always fantasize that it’s him inside of me. He said that it was super hot and it turned him on to know that I think about him like that.

He asked if I ever fantasized about fucking him in his ass or if I just fantasize about taking his cock. I told him that I didn’t really, I’m always more of a bottom in my fantasies. I did tell him though that sometimes when I’m fucking my wife I imagine it’s him that I’m fucking instead of her. Especially when I have her bent over. They have similar builds, both on the chubby to fat side. I told him that while I don’t really fantasize about fucking him when I’m alone, I would still be open to fucking him if he ever wanted me to. He said he might if we ever went that far.

God this conversation was so fucking hot and I couldn’t wait to see what it led to. I never would have thought in a million years anything like this would ever actually happen. I was so giddy and turned on I couldn’t help but stroke my cock as we texted occasionally looking at pictures of him with his shirt off that I have snuck while swimming. We eventually ended the conversation saying that we would need to get together sometime soon to do some exploring.

A few days later while I’m at work I get a text from him asking if I want to come smoke a bowl on my lunch break. I agree and tell him I’d like to smoke on something else while I’m over there. He tells me he was hoping I would want to. When I get there he’s just chilling in the living room in some gym shorts and a white tee watching tv. I go sit next to him on the couch and he sparks up a bowl and passes it to me. We didn’t really talk much while smoking but as soon as we finished I decided to make the first move. I put my hand on his thigh right below the bottom of his shorts to where I was touching his bare skin. I start rubbing his leg higher and higher while keeping my eyes glued to the tv.

My hand eventually reaches his boxers and my hand is now up his shorts. I reach inside and grab his already swollen güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cock. I stroke it a few times before moving my hand to his hairy balls. I start rubbing and playing with them how I like mine played with and I could tell he was enjoying it as much as I was. It was then that I finally turned to him and we looked each other in the eyes with lust and smiled. I couldn’t help myself anymore and went in for a kiss. He returned the favor by fiercely kissing me back. I took my hand out of his shorts and mounted him as we continued to make out passionately.

I grinded on his hard cock as we continued making out. It felt so good to have his cock pressed up against my ass as I was grinding on him. One problem though, I was still fully dressed in my work clothes. So I got off of him for a moment as I got down to my boxers. He did the same, removing his shirt and gym shorts. I could now see his cock poking out of his boxers and he could see mine poking out of mine. I got back on top of him and started grinding on him again. Only now we weren’t kissing but just staring at each other as I moved around on his cock. My hard cock was bouncing around as I was grinding on him and he reached up and grabbed my cock and started stroking me. This was the first time my cock had ever been touched by a man and it felt so good to have him stroke me as I was grinding on his cock through my boxers.

I leaned in and started kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear as I continued to grind on him. I start kissing lower and lower until I have to slide off of his lap so I can start kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. His chest is hairy and I can’t get enough of the way it feels against my face and my lips. As I’m kissing and sucking on one of his nipples, I’m rubbing and squeezing his other boob. I can hear his moans letting me know how much he is enjoying what I was doing to him.

I make my way down to his belly and I start kissing all over his hairy stomach, making circles around his belling button. As I’m loving on his belly with my mouth, my hands explore his abdomen and sides, letting him know how much I love feeling the curves of his body squeezing ever so lightly on his soft hairy torso. I slide my hands into the waistband of his boxers and start to slowly pull them down while still loving on his belly. As I slide them off his legs, I get on my knees between his legs so that I am now eye level with his stiff cock.

I take my boxers off because I can no longer take the straining of my cock against them. I take his dick in my hand and start stroking it while looking up into his eyes. I then lean in and start kissing his inner thighs, making my way up to his balls. I start making circles around each of his testicles, and he moans out in pleasure. I then suck each one into my mouth and give them some flicks with my tongue while sucking on them. I then lift up his legs so that I can get better access under his nutsack. I start going back and forth between licking on his taint and the underside of his balls. The smell and taste is intoxicating, and my dick is so hard now that it almost hurts.

I then lift up his legs some more so I can get to his asshole. güvenilir bahis şirketleri It looks so amazing and can’t believe this is all actually happening. His hole is clean and very hairy, just how I was hoping it would be. He told me he washed extra good back there hoping I would want to eat him out. I sure as fuck did too. I lean in and start swirling my tongue around his sweet hole, his moans again telling me how much he loves the feeling. I start trying to really get my tongue into him now using some force with my tongue. The more I lick and suck, the more I feel his hole loosening up and with each lick and probe of my tongue I am able to get it deeper and deeper into him. I eat his ass for a good 5-10 minutes until my tongue starts to get tired. But god I fucking loved every minute of it and could have spent the whole day eating his ass if my tongue and mouth didn’t get tired.

I let him put his legs back down as I’m sure he was tired of holding them up for me. I looked up at him lustfully before shoving his cock in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob the best I could with my tired mouth. After sucking his cock for a few minutes, I ask him how bad he wants to fuck me. He says he wants me so fucking bad and it’s all he’s thought about since I gave him the first blowjob, and I reply by telling him that I want him to fuck me like a whore and fill me up with his seed. This seemed to really turn him on and excited him as his cock was twitching and he had a devilish grin on his face. I ask him if he has any lube, and he says he does up in his bedroom and that we should go up there.

Once in his bedroom, we get into his bed and start making out again touching and feeling all over each other. He then pulls away and reaches over into the drawer by his bed and gets out some lube. He asks me how I want to start because he knows I need to get warmed up before he can really start fucking me good. I tell him to get on his back and I will lube his cock up and slowly lower myself onto him. He does as told and gets on his back as I start lubing him up and getting my assed lubed as much as I can. I then guide myself over him and start lowering myself onto his cock. I was so excited and giddy as his the tip of his cock pressed up against my entrance. I slowly lower myself little by little as I allow myself to adjust to his cock inch by inch. Once he was all the way inside of me I just sat there for a moment before leaning in to kiss him. It hurts a little at first but the more we kiss, the more it helps turn that pain into pleasure.

I start rocking up and down creating some friction for his enjoyment, and my own. Still adjusting to him inside of me, I move slowly so I don’t hurt either of us. It starts to feel really good and I pick up my pace a little bit. I start to really ride him at a decent pace and I can tell he really likes it. My cock is now rock hard with his dick sliding in and out of me. He’s grabbing my hips and telling me how good it feels. I reciprocate by telling him how good he feels inside of me. I slow my pace a little bit because I don’t want this ending anytime soon, and lean in to start making out with him again as his hands scratch my back and make canlı bahis şirketleri their way down to my ass. He’s pulling me in closer and tighter as his cock glides in and out.

I stop rocking back and forth on his cock for a moment and he starts thrusting himself in me as I kind of hover over him. He tells me he wants to fuck me doggy style so I get off of his cock and bend over in front of him. Before sticking his dick back inside me he puts some more lube on it and my ass. He then slides his dick back into me just as easily as it slid out. He wastes no time picking up his pace and really fucking me. My cock, still rock hard, is flopping around underneath me and the friction it is creating against the sheets feels amazing. As he is fucking me from behind he grabs onto my hips as he forcefully goes in and out at a rapid speed. It feels so fucking good and I can tell he feels really good too. As good as it felt I really didn’t want either of us to cum in this position. I really wanted to be on my back when we both came because I wanted to watch him as he fucked me. I was also hopeful that when I came some of my cum would hit me in my face, or at least on my belly so he could feed me my cum. I for sure wanted him to cum inside of me and I wanted to watch his face while he did.

I asked him if we could switch positions again and he obliged. He pulled his cock out of me and I rolled over onto my back. He positioned himself between my legs, and lubed us up again. As he slides his cock back inside of me, he leans over and kisses me. I really liked making out as he was sliding back into me. He started picking his pace up again before really starting to fuck me in this position. It felt so good and I loved the sound of his balls smacking against my ass. My cock was rock hard and leaking precum all over my belly as he fucked me hard.

We fucked like this for another 10 minutes or so before I don’t think either of us could take it anymore. I told him I was about to cum and this seemed to drive him wild as he somehow started fucking me even harder as I screamed and moaned in pleasure. Not being able to hold back my cum any longer I exploded all over myself with some splatters hitting me in the face. The rest pooled on my chest and as he was getting ready to cum scooped up my cum and fed it to me. The sight must have been too much for him as he then grunted and yelled as he pumped his seed deep inside of me. I could feel the warmth of his cum fill me up. It was an indescribable feeling and it almost brought me to tears it felt so good. With some of my cum still in my mouth he leaned in and began to make out with me again as we swapped my seed back and forth between out mouths.

Once we began to come down from our orgasms, he slowly pulled out of me and I could feel some of his seed leaking out of me. It made me feel so good and like such a whore to feel his cum leaking out of my ass. It was such a fantastic almost magical feeling. I wanted to keep the rest of his seed inside of me so I could feel it leaking out later reminding me of what a whore I had been. We laid and cuddled for awhile talking about what we had just done and what we wanted to do in the future. We made out a little bit before deciding to wrap things up. I needed to get back to work so I got dressed and gave him a loving kiss goodbye. I texted him when I got to work thanking him for the fantastic fucking and to tell him that I could feel his cum leaking out of me. He texted back saying he couldn’t wait for next time. I couldn’t either.

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