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Big Tits


By Blueheatt

…..When my wife Linda was little, she slept with her older sister. Her older sister had a girlfriend over to spend the night. Three in their big bed was not a problem.

During the night my wife woke up to movement in the bed and soft moaning. She opened her eyes and saw her older sister and friend turned opposite to each other and doing something. She pretended to be asleep but watched. The two girl were fingering each other.

They were breathing hard and little moans came from them. Their fingers were in each others pussy’s and moving in and out. My wife had never seen this before and it made her really turned on in her own pussy. It was her first sexual thrill. My wife reached slowly down and did what the other girls were doing. She put her finger in her pussy and found her clit was the best place to get a good feeling from.

…. The two girls got real excited as the tension got stronger and they fingered faster and deeper. They gave each other hot orgasms. Hearing them breath hard and jerk their hips, made my wife have her very first orgasm by rubbing her clit and putting a finger inside her pussy. She turned over and pretended to be asleep. She said her heart was beating fast and her pussy had never felt that good before and continued to tingle with a new good feeling.

….My wife is kind of shy, and never talked to her sister about that night. The vision of that night was a pleasant memory and used that to think about as she soon fingered herself often. She never had a girlfriend to do that with, and was too shy to ever even bring it up to another girl. She began to fantasize about fingering another girl escort kocaeli like her sister did.

….I did not know any of this about her past youth.

…..Her fantasy surfaced when she would snuggled up beside me and we would watch a porn video.

If it had two girls fingering their pussy’s, I noticed the wife’s breathing and heart beat would speed up. I knew this was turning her on. One night we watch a good one with two girls really going all out masturbating each other. The wife got turned on by it. I stopped the video and backed it up, played it in slow motion. The wife started to squirm.

I took her hand and placed it on her pussy and guided her fingers to feel her own pussy. She slumped down and spread her legs wide. She began to finger herself right there. This was a first for her in front of me.

I watch her and it was a turn on for me just watching her masturbate live beside me. She really squirmed now and began to moan. She got both of her hands going, one hand with her fingers going in and out and the other rubbing her clit. She put on a very sexy show for me. I watched her work herself up to a moaning orgasm. I laid her down on the couch and we had the best sex we could remember.

….I told her how great that was and she was all embarrassed like she had done something naughty and bad. I corrected her fast and now we planned doing that more.

….This is when she told me all the background story about watching her sister and girlfriend. She now admitted she had a desire to finger another women and have the women finger her. I immediately thought about my horny sister Gina. She would have no problem fingering my wife and being fingered kocaeli anal yapan escort herself….but…knowing my sister, she would want lick my wife’s pussy. This would be a big leap for my shy wife.

….I talked to sis and she was all excited to plan a night to do it. Now the wife took a little more persuasion to go for the idea. I told her the offer and then just let the idea sit in her head and let her think about it. One day did it. Now her and sis both were all excited about planning a night to have a ’finger fest’. Sis came over and they talked privately about it. The wife was all hot about it now.

Sis said she got her real hot talking about it and they even did a little ’free preview’ right in the bathroom. What the wife or anyone didn’t know was that sis and I had been doing ’mutual masturbation’ on each other for years.

It started when we were little and I felt her pussy as a curious little boy, and she felt me. From there it went to fingering and jack offs. Now all of us were going to have our first 3 some.

The wife’s excited thoughts….

…..Finally I was going to get to finger another woman and her finger me…just the thought takes my breath away. I still remember seeing my older sister fingering her girlfriend and watching them have a thrilling orgasm. That’s what I want to do. With husband Mike there with us, is almost over the top for me. All three of us…oh…my…god. I don’t feel shy with them and now I can really enjoy it. I keep going over and over it in my mind. I want to lay 69 just like my sister did and have my face right there and watch her orgasm with my fingers in her. My sister izmit yabancı escort got to….now it’s my turn.

…..This is exciting for me, I’ve always wanted to have a girl to play with. I went over to there house to see Linda late one night. She had on a sheer black nightie….we talked about it and she wanted to try it out first….she was pretty and sexy and was breathing very deeply….I had to break the ice. I volunteered to massage her neck…she said ‘ok’…we talked some more and she closed her eyes. She told me the story of her older sister….and how it felt so very good to finger herself. I laid her down and kissed her…she kissed back and with us feeling all my tits and pussy…..we were breathing hard…I said: (…”..shall we try it?”).

___I reversed and took off my clothes, she did the same….we both started be kissing around the pussy….we both lifted one leg….I felt her finger go inside as I did to her….. It had been so long since I had a climax I began to shake. The temperature is steadily raising…..soon she is using both hands, one on my clit and one inside on my ‘g’ spot…..(..”ooohhhhh that feels wonderful”…) She right where to go. I could feel her breath on my pubic hair….then her tongue took over where her finger was on my clit and that hand came around to massage butt. All working together in a pumping motion….I did everything she did….we felt grandeur increasing by the second…..she moaned…she started shaking and going deeper and deeper.

She had three fingers buried and going fast as she can…. She had short little moans increasing by the second…when….

convolutions happened!!….….moaning to the ultimate!…shaking….we shook together
….I just about passed out…..


I woke up….. all covered up but on top of Linda…we were both naked…we both smiled and said:

…… ‘we need more practice’…..

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