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First Time Gay
My summer between middle school and freshman year was quite eventful. However, Let me back up to a couple of years before freshman year when I first discovered masturbation. It took me a couple of months of masturbating to actually climax. I accomplished my first orgasm after masturbating for 45 minutes one evening. I was probably so loud everyone in the house knew what I was doing. That was it. I was completely fascinated and addicted to masturbation. Growing up there were woods and fields behind my house. I would whack off in my woods completely nude all the time. I would sneak out of my house at night and run around my neighborhood and the fields butt naked with my hard on bouncing around. I loved running around naked and I loved being an exhibitionist.

Fast forward to my eventful summer. Some friends of mine and I decided to take our motorcycles to the woods where there was a quarry. After riding around the trails for a while we parked are bikes at the quarry. Andy, one of the guys said “Let’s go swimming”. No one had any swim gear and one of the guys said to skinny dip. They started dropping their clothes. I thought “Uh oh”. I knew what was going to happen to me. By the time my clothes were off my cock was pointing straight out. Not completely erect though. I walked toward the water and one of my buddies pointed out my mostly hairless hard cock and the fellas seemed to get a laugh out of it as did I. I had a previous naked experience with a friend of mine where we rambled around his house naked for a couple of hours and he admired the size of my cock the whole time. So, I said “Screw it” to myself and started stroking my cock slowly for the guys and of course my erection went full blast instantly. I walked into the water and then we goofed off for a while. Every once in a while I would yell at them to “Look” and I would jump out of the water and expose my cock to them. After a while we headed home.

A couple of weeks later Andy came by the house and asked if I wanted to take the minibikes to the quarry. We headed to the quarry and cruised around the trails for a while. Then Andy said “Let’s go swimming” again. I pointed out we did not have trunks and he said “Who cares”. He stripped off his clothes and started walking towards the water. As I watched his tight ass he looked over his shoulder and said “C’mon”. Andy is a nice looking guy with shoulder length blonde hair parted in the middle and a little bit shorter than me. I took my clothes off and once again my cock started getting hard as I felt the warm sun on my skin. I walked in the water and Andy saw my cock and said “Dude, that’s cool”. I got in the water and we started goofing off. Pretty soon Andy started to jump on my back. As he straddled me I could feel his erection. My cock was already hard. I threw him off and dived toward him and inadvertently grabbed his cock and ass and we started wrestling around again with him grabbing my dick. At first I did not realize this was sexual. However, as we kept at it our grabbing turned into rubbing and then soft stroking. I pulled him toward me and we started rubbing our dicks together. As I looked at him I realized how attractive he was. I had experience with some girls and I loved making out. I leaned in and started making out with him as we ground our cocks together. I grabbed his ass and started grinding and humping into him. Suddenly he threw his head back and started bucking against me as he orgasmed. Even in the water I could feel his cum hitting my cock. After he calmed down, he looked at me and said “Follow me”. We swam to the other side and I followed his beautiful ass on shore. He turned toward me and got on his knees and started blowing me right there. This side was supposed to be a little more private but we were still completely exposed. I looked down at him and could see his lips on my cock and his hard on sticking out between his legs. He looked up and told me to lay down. He got between my legs and started devouring my dick again. He stopped and I looked and he started eating my ass. I just went with it and then I could feel his finger entering my ass. He started fucking me with his finger and I was grinding on it as he stuck my cock back in his mouth. I started to cum and he lifted off my dick. My cum started flying everywhere as rope after rope landed on my chin and chest. Andy started licking the cum up my body. As his face approached mine. He stopped and said “Did you like that. I planned it”. Then he bent down and kissed me.

He soon straddled me and started whacking his cock. He was moaning and grinding on my dick and cum began shooting out of his cock. I had never seen anyone else cum before. Stream after stream landed on my face and chest and mixed with my own cum. He leaned down and started kissing me again as he gently licked his cum off my face. Then he said “We have to go”. I stood up with cum all over me and my pronounced erection. I said “Dude?”. He looked and said “Sorry, we gotta go”. We swam back across the quarry. Of course I still had my erection and just put my shorts on.

I strapped my shoes and shirt to the luggage rack bursa escort bayan on my motorcycle and we headed to my house. As I drove home my erection was practically sticking out of my shorts. I loved riding my bike with as little clothes as possible and had mastered shifting with my barefeet. The warm wind on my my body and feet was erotic and did little to reduce the tension in my shorts. When we arrived at my house Andy told me he was heading out of town with his parents for a few days and he would see me when he got back. I parked my motorcycle in the garage, put on my shorts and shoes, opened the door to the house and told my family I would be back in an hour and I went to the woods behind my house. As soon as I was out of view I took off my shirt and shorts and was naked once again in the early evening sun. My buddies and I had built a pretty deluxe tree fort that spanned between two trees. I climbed up there and laid down on the shag rug we put in there. As I started to gently rub my hard on I looked down and I could see some dried cum om my chest. Some of it had not come off even though we had swam across the quarry. I bent my legs as I manipulated my cock and I remembered Andy sticking his fingers in my ass. I lifted my knees to my chest and licked and sucked my fingers and then slowly inserted them in my ass. Pretty soon I was fucking myself pretty good and started shooting jets of cum onto my face and chest. As I recovered I realized I was covered in cum again. I could not use my shorts and shoes to wipe it off so I started cleaning off my face with my fingers and licking my fingers with my tongue. I let the cum dry on my chest and then headed home…..

Over the next few days whenever I was not with my buddies training for the upcoming football season I was in my woods butt naked and running around with my hard on bouncing. After Andy and I had gotten together I was even more insatiable and relentless in my highly aroused state, masturbating up to six times a day. In the evenings I would wait until everyone was asleep and run around my neighborhood naked masturbating.

On the day Andy was to return I was out doing several chores for one of my neighbors. When I came home in the early afternoon I walked into the living room and Andy was there hanging with one of my sisters. He got up and we did an enthusiastic brohug. We chatted for several minutes and Andy said “Let’s go to the tree fort”. I said “Let’s go”. We scrambled out the back door and I followed him to the path in my woods.

As we got to the path he took his shirt off. He looked over his shoulder and gave me a coy smile. After a few more paces he dropped his shorts and turned around and leaned into me and started making out. After several minutes of making out I realized we were still visible from the house. I grabbed Andy’s shirt and shoes and pushed him down the path towards the tree house. I followed that ass in his underwear to the clearing under the tree fort. He turned towards me and once again we started making out while he was aggressively removing my shirt and shorts. I grabbed his ass and pushed his underwear down and he did the same to me. We were grinding our naked cocks against each other and he broke away from me and got on his knees and started swallowing my cock. I stopped him and asked “have you done this before?”. He looked up and me and said “no, when I saw you naked at the quarry with your hard on I knew I had to fuck you”. All I could say was “Wow” and he returned to his ravenous devouring of my cock. I let him know I would be cumming soon and he popped off my cock and stood up and told me to hold on. He went and grabbed his shorts and came back with a bottle of lube. Be brought me over to tree that had fallen over. He turned me around and started kissing the back of my neck while he ground his cock into my ass. I did not occur to me until that moment that I was the one being seduced and not the seducer. I went with it and started humping back into him. He pushed me over and I leaned over the fallen tree with my ass out. He started lubing my ass with his fingers and then working his fingers into me as I humped back at him.. I soon felt his cock pressing on my ass and he slowly started to insert. At first the pain was overwhelming. However, he just kept working on me slowly as I adjusted to his size in my ass. When he was fully in he just gradually worked in and out. As the pain subsided the sensations increased and pretty soon I was fucking him back as he rode me. I was moaning and my hard cock was flapping back and forth with what seemed like an endless supply of precum dripping out. I began to orgasm and I clenched Andy’s cock in my ass and he started shooting into me. I could hear my spurts of cum landing on the leaves beneath me and feel Andy’s cum pulsating into me. The sensations were so intense I momentarily blacked out and slumped over the tree I was leaning on as Andy fell on top of me. As we recovered Andy slid to my right and slumped over the tree next to me. I looked at him and he looked at me and we both said “Wow!” and started cracking up.

“What’s up guys?” We escort bursa stood up hurriedly and turned around. Our friend Kurt was standing there. Apparently he had been watching part of our escapades. I mumbled “nothing”. Andy said. “Hi Kurt” and said he had to leave. It seemed Andy could care a less about Kurt seeing us. I was pretty nervous and this was one of the few times where I was standing outside and I did not have a hard on. Andy left and I had my arms crossed across my body. He asked if we did this often and I started to explain to him what happened and my erection began to grow as usual. He looked at me and my hardon and said “you guys are nuts” and left. After he left,: as nervous as I was about being “caught”, I still was horny as hell and had this erection to deal with. I bent over that log and started fingering my ass and whacking off as I thought about Andy fucking me. I started moaning and grinding on my fingers. I could feel the warm wind on my body and shortly I had another explosive orgasm. As I gathered my clothes it occurred to me that although I love to masturbate and run around naked in my woods. I was always on the lookout in case some one came in the woods or by the treehouse. My house and the treehouse are pretty popular spots and there were always friends stopping by. Andy and I were completely oblivious to Kurt watching us.

Through the next week I did not see Andy or Kurt. Andy’s parents were stricter than most of ours so it was not unusual to not see him for periods of time. However, Kurt was the quarterback of our football team. It was unusual for him to not show up as the fellas and I would get together to practice for the season. My masturbatory habits slowed down substantially for the first few days after being caught but pretty soon I was back in the woods running around naked in the day and sneaking out at night and running around the neighborhood whacking off at night. I loved the feel of warm air on my naked body and I loved being exposed.

I was still kind of nervous about getting caught and I was also horny as hell and wanted to hook up with Andy again. I thought I would take the motorcycle over and check and see how he was doing. I expected he would come out front as usual and we would hang for 15 minutes before he had to go and do whatever his parents had him doing at the time or that no one would be home as Andy is the only c***d.

I knocked on the door and no one answered. I was anxious to see him so I thought I would check around the back by his pool to see if he was there. The pool is pretty isolated as it backs up against the same woods that are behind my house except about a mile away. I stopped as I approached the pool. There was Kurt and Andy standing there naked making out. I could see there erections rubbing against each other. They were beautiful and I was shocked I thought that. I took off my shirt and dropped my shorts and started caressing my erection. While Andy has shoulder length blond hair parted in the middle: Kurt was the quintessential quarterback with a square jaw and short dark hair. I could see Kurt’s dark pubic patch above his erection in contrast to Andy’s lightly haired pubis. I watched them for a few minutes before I approached. Kurt was the first to see me and he pulled away from Andy with a startled look and tried to hide his erection. Andy turned toward me and I put my hand behind his head and pulled him toward me and started kissing him passionately. I reached out and grabbed Kurt’s cock and pulled him toward us. His cock felt magnificent as I made out with Andy. Pretty soon I was grinding my cock against Andy’s while rubbing Kurt’s cock. Kurt grabbed me and pulled my lips toward his. As we made out Andy slid to his knees and started sucking my cock. He was really masterful and It seemed to me he had gotten better at giving head since I last saw him. I was getting close to cumming and was moaning with Kurt’s tongue in my mouth. Andy stood up and grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me into a lustful kiss. He stopped and looked at me and said “Suck our cocks”. He gently pushed me to my knees and I realized I had not sucked a cock yet There they were. Kurt and Andy’s glorious cocks. I grabbed them gently and started looking at them. Andy’s lightly haired erection is about 7 inches long and smooth. Kurt’s dark haired cock was about 8 inches and a little thicker. I put my lips on Andy’s dick. I was amazed as it was warm and soft yet hard. I started engulfing it and bobbing up and down. I could get about 4 inches of it in my mouth. As I worked him over. I felt a tingling at the base of my balls as my erection stood proud between my legs and I was starting to feel I might cum. I felt a hand on the side of my head and it was Kurt pushing my head over to his cock. I put his cock into my mouth and I could feel the difference as his cock stretched my mouth more. I grabbed his balls and put my other hand on his shaft and started bobbing on it and licking his shaft while fondling his balls. I started to work a finger toward his ass and massaging his hole. His moans started getting louder and the tingling bursa escort sensation behind my balls started increasing. He mumbled that he was cumming. I was startled at the force of the first shot. However as the cum filled my mouth and the the salty taste reminded me of the cum makeout session I had with Andy. My own cock started shooting. I inadvertently pulled off Kurt’s cock as I had my own orgasm. Kurt’s cock continued to spurt come and it landed on my face. He kind of half collapsed half sat down in front of me with a dazed look on his face. Andy grabbed my face and stuck his cock in my mouth and started shooting into my mouth. I tried to gobble up as much as I could but much of the torrent of cum dribbled out of my mouth and onto my chest. Andy bent over and stuck his tongue into my mouth and started making out with me again. There was so much cum and as we made out he transferred a bunch of it his mouth and seemed to swallow as much as I had. Andy sat down too and there we were sitting butt naked on the deck of Andy’s pool.

As I looked at them in the sun I could feel my cock start to get hard again. I leaned back and opened my legs and exposed my hardening cock to them. They started to recover and I asked Andy how he got Kurt involved in these sexcapades. I was fully hard by now as I looked at Andy with his cum coated lips. Andy explained that Kurt had been looking at him for a couple of years. I could see Kurt sporting a full hard on now as was Andy. He said he went to Kurt’s house a few nights ago with some beers in his backpack and they went and hung out at the park. I was totally turned on and wanted to expose myself some more to them. I laid back on the deck and spread my legs some more. Andy said he was telling Kurt about us at the quarry and suddenly Kurt had gotten to his knees and started blowing Andy. I started licking my fingers and rubbing them in the cum on my chest. I reached down and started fingering my ass with one hand and slowly stroking my cock with the other. Andy said they had been fucking for the past few days. I mumbled “you jerkoffs, I was so scared Kurt was going to tell on us” and I started to moan a little bit from my fingering.

I felt a hand softly push my hand away and grab my cock. I pulled my fingers out of my ass and looked down to see Kurt start to lick my cock. I leaned back and saw Andy walk by. Kurt started to blow me with such enthusiasm and pretty soon he was making more noise than I was as he blew me. He was mewing and moaning and slurping. Andy came back with a some cushions from the lounges by the pool. He stuffed them under me as he gave Kurt some lube. Kurt started to lube up my ass. Andy kneeled down next to me and put his cock to my lips. I started to gently kiss it as Kurt started working his fingers in my ass. Kurt started blowing me while slowly fingering me. I was more kissing and licking Andy’s shaft then blowing him. Pretty soon I was licking his balls and he straddled my head. My tongue started licking and probing his ass and he started squirming and moaning. Kurt pulled his mouth off of my cock and removed his finger from my ass. I could start to feel Kurt’s cock probing my ass. I started wiggling my hips in anticipation and he began inserting his cock. He started a slow back and forth and I spread my legs wide apart. I really wanted my hard cock to be completely exposed to Kurt. Kurt fucking me sidetracked me from eating Andy and he got up and stuck his cock in Kurt’s face. I could really feel the difference of Kurt’s larger cock in my ass. It seemed like I could feel every vein on his shaft. As he was sucking Andy’s dick he started to slow down his pace fucking me. I looked up at Andy and told him to “get over here”. He said “what”. I wanted all of their attention on me and I told him “make out with me” He got on his knees and leaned over me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. We started making out passionately. I could feel Kurt start to pick up his pace. His beautiful cock felt so good as he really started to move in and out. I could feel the tingling and my orgasm start to build up. I put my arms around Andy and pulled him even closer to me as we furiously made out. I was moaning and Kurt was thrusting harder as he yelled “I’m cumming”. His warm cream filled my ass. I began to cum, Kurt started stroking my cock. My cum was landing everywhere and then he bent down and started to suck me. My hips were jerking wildly as Andy lifted off of me and the last of my cum filled Kurt’s mouth. I laid back to recuperate but Kurt was not having it. He jumped on top of me and and put his cummy tongue in my mouth. We were making out slowly. I could feel the wet goo between our bodies. He was rubbing his lubed cock on my cock. He lifted his lips off mine and said “didn’t you ever notice me looking at you”. He started kissing me again and suddenly we heard Andy yell “Hey”. We looked up and he was masturbating furiously. He said “suck me”. We got to our knees and I was first to engulf Andy’s cock. Kurt started licking his balls and he started blasting his cum into my mouth. I was swallowing the cum and Kurt pushed me off and stuck Andy’s cock in his mouth and finished him off. I marveled at Kurt’s passion as he lusted over Andy’s gorgeous hard cock and I thought how lucky I am to have these two as friends…………

That was the beginning of an eventful summer

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