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Forced suck 10
Forced black suck Chapter X

Life just kept getting better and better for me!

Daddy gave his crew at work permission to use me when they wanted, even if he wasn’t there. I now had this very active “after work” life that included Daddy, the Black Stud that turned me out and who would always be my number one and master always. Tanisha, who loved to use me as her Barbie doll and dress me up and use her strap-on on me and have me eat her pussy after sex with her men, Tommy who loved for me to be all dressed up for him and make love to me like I was his sexy slutty gurl friend.

I was able to dress up and go clubbing with Tommy and Tanisha or either of them separately.

I loved going out to the club all dressed up and getting the attention of the guys. I got more and more confident as “Jamie” and even learned how to flirt with a guy and tease him a bit while they hit on me. Tommy and Tanisha thought it was funny and sometimes I showed off for them.

But I also enjoyed getting picked up by a guy and having him take me into the bathroom stall for a quick fuck or out to their car for a blow job and then go back to the club and party. I preferred the parking lot because it was dark and not a lot of activity and it was hot to kneel between the cars to blow a guy or to be bent over the hood of a car to have my skirt lifted and my thong pulled over to fuck me.

Sometimes Tommy would be at the bar for a while and leave me and Tanisha in the booth alone and then he would come over and introduce me to a guy he would be talking to at the bar and whisper in my ear to make sure I was nice to him and the guy would thank Tommy and give him some money to buy him and me drinks. When that happened I usually ended up in the bathroom or the parking lot with the guy.

Most of the time they would leave after that. I liked when Tommy introduced me to those hot studly guys. Tommy seemed to know a lot of guys at the club because sometimes he would introduce me to 2 or three hot guys in a night! I felt soooo hot and slutty! I loved it.

Once or twice when I really wasn’t attracted to the guy Tommy would get mad and stern with me and even raise his hand like he was gonna slap me but then he would get a all nice and call me his baby gurl and give me kisses and say something like – come on baby do this for Tommy, he’s a nice guy and I want him to be happy, so I would do it for Tommy.

Even my work day heated up now that the guys had permission to use me. The little taps on the ass that I got from the guys when no one was looking got more frequent and more out in the open and even became outright squeezes!

I started wearing tight jeans that I got from the women’s department, they seemed to highlight my bunns and when I walked around with my clipboard I found myself holding it close to my chest like a girl would. Even the way I walked became more sissy-like.

I would walk by one of the guys and look over my shoulder to see if he was checking my ass out and smile when I saw them looking and even give it a little shake now and then. They would just laugh and shake their heads. Every now and then one of them would say to me – tease – and reach out and squeeze my bunns and I would giggle like a school girl and after giving him a nice feel scoot away form him saying how bad he was.

It wasn’t unusual for me to be followed into an empty corridor and be spun around facing the wall and feel his big manly hands groping my ass and grinding his cock into it. I would be taken into the basement bathroom to suck a cock now and then and at break-times sometimes into the woods behind the loading docks to get a quick fuck.

I LOVED the attention they were giving me not to mention their beautiful cocks.

Then things turned around for the worse. Daddy got fired.

Daddy had an argument with one of the big bosses and he fired him. It didn’t matter much at first but he was having a hard time finding a job and he was having a hard time paying his rent. One night when Tommy was cuddling with me after we made love I told Tommy I was worried about him and I wished that I could help him.

Tommy told me that I could and when I asked how he said all I needed to do was turn a few tricks every week and I could help pay his rent until he was up on his feet again. I said, OMG Tommy I can’t do that! I know you guys call me a whore and everything but I’m really not a prostitute!

He just laughed at me, kissed me on the neck and said, you stupid little sissy, what do you think is going on at the club? I was confused and said, what do you mean? Then he told me what was going on at the club, how he would start talking to guys at the bar and tell them what a great cock sucker and fuck I was and tell them he could set them up with me if they were generous to buy a few drinks for us. He told me that if they gave him 50$ he would set it up. Tommy said it was only drink money but the bottom line was they were paying to have sex with you.

I almost cried and asked him if that meant I was a real whore? A prostitute?

He said I guess so, he told me that after a while guys would come up to him and say that a buddy had told them about me and ask how much and I would set it up. It became well known that you were a “working gurl”. I guess that made me your pimp.

I literally broke down and cried. I was hurt and angry at Tommy for doing that to me. I felt so degraded to find out I was nothing more than a $50 whore to all those guys.

Tommy held me and let me cry it out, when I had stopped crying and just lay there sobbing, Tommy pulled me close and said to me, it’s ok baby, I thought you realized but I should have known how naive you are. We can’t change the past and the bottom line is you worked the club for me whether you knew it or not and it turned out that you were kaçak iddaa a good earner.

When the word got out on how hot you looked and what a tight boi pussy you had and how you loved to suck BBC then I was charging more for you. No less than $100 a trick and guys never complained after they fucked you. That was way more than drink money and Tanisha and I would split the extra cash, we figured you were just having fun getting laid by big black guys.

But like I said that was in the past now and you are what you are, get over it and let me know if you want to help Derrick.

I turned over and looked him in the eye and asked, this will only be until Daddy gets on his feet? And it will only be a few guys a week? Tommy assured me that if I worked the club for him and I earned well then that would be it. He would take care of getting the guys and make sure I was safe and all I had to do was enjoy myself with them.

I said, well ok then. Tommy told me I was a good gurl, kissed me and nudged my head down into his crotch and said here you go baby, here’s a reward for you, I was about to leave but I’ll stay to let you suck on it for a while. Having Tommy’s cock in my mouth and knowing he was pleased with me made it better.

We went to the Club that Friday night and Tanisha helped me look extra sexy. She could tell I was nervous and she said don’t worry baby, everything will be all right, it’s not like you haven’t done this before.

But when we got to the club and we walked to the booth and saw the guys eyeing me up I knew it was for a different reason. I was a whore, merchandise to be purchased, not a sexy gurl that they wanted to hit on.

Tommy went to the bar and a guy approached him and they talked, I saw him motion to me and the guy looked me over. They nodded to each other and the guy gave Tommy money and they came over to the booth. Tommy introduced me to him and normally I would be all flirty and sweet to the guy but this time I was nervous and hardly talked to him. I knew had purchased me and didn’t have any motivation to flirt and tease, I mean what’s the point.

The guy said to Tommy, what’s the matter with her, I thought she was a fun gurl. Tommy said she is, why don’t you take her outside and get some fresh air and talk a little. and then turned to me and glared, and said go outside with him Jamie, he just need to get to know you.

So I got up and went with him and when we got outside lit a cigarette and he tried to be nice and said, what’s wrong darlin’ you ok? I didn’t want to talk so all that would come out was one word answers. I was not having fun and not enjoying this. So I guess he got disgusted with me and threw the cigarette on the ground, took me my the arm and said, ok let’s go over there.

He practically dragged me to a dark spot in the parking lot between two cars, pushed me down to my knees and said angrily, take it out and suck it bitch. I did what I was told and started sucking him hoping to make this quick, but when he was hard he stood me up and spun me around and bent me over the hood of the car, pulled my panties over and fucked me roughly.

I still couldn’t get into it and I just laid there letting him fuck me and he got even madder and slapped my ass hard and told me to move my ass and fuck him back. It hurt so I fucked him back a little but then I would stop and he would slap my ass again and I would fuck him back again. That’s the way it went on for a while, slapping and fucking and slapping and fucking and after a while I think he started to actually like it that way, that he had to slap me like some kind of pony to get me to run.

I felt soooo degraded by this but in a strange way when I let myself go and wallowed in the degradation I started to enjoy it. He was calling me whore and although the guys called me that, this time I knew it was for real, I WAS nothing more that a whore and I started to enjoy it.

He would slap my ass and say come on you fucking whore earn your money and I would say back to him use this whore’s pussy you paid for it so use it! We were both very worked up when he finally pushed deep into me and said – take my cum you cheep little whore and I pushed back on his cock and squeezed my anus around his cock while he fucked his last strokes into me and milked his cum out.

Then when his cock flopped out, without him telling me to I went down on my knees again and sucked him and drained him clean. He was worn out and panting when I stood up and looked up into his eyes and said, with my little golden chained hand purse on my finger over my shoulder, I’m worth it and more ain’t I baby, and turned away slowly and started walking to the Club swaying my ass, when I heard him chuckle and say, oh yeah baby and I’ll be back for more!

I came back to the Club all full of myself not caring about being a prostitute anymore and in fact loving it, knowing that even though I was being paid for, I still had control. I could see Tommy was mad at me for the way I acted and grabbed my by the arm and sat me down in the booth angrily and said, what the fuck do you think your doing! No one is going to pay for you if you take that attitude and you need to earn.

I looked at him like a proud spoiled brat and said, don’t worry Tommy baby, I took real good care of him and he said he’ll be back for more and I bet you can charge him more and kissed Tommy lightly on the lips.

He looked at me crooked and didn’t believe it and Tanisha just went um um um, I think we have created us a monster.

That’s when I said to Tommy, so what are you doing sitting around here, get to your pimping job and get me another trick. They both burst out laughing and Tommy went to the bar and soon enough had another “john” in tow.

This time I was definitely more pleasant and flirty but I felt I perabet güvenilir mi had a air of business about me. This time I wanted my product to be exactly what the man wanted. He got what he wanted all right and for the rest of the night I got better and better about sizing up the man and knowing what would turn him on.

We stayed there until closing and I had turned 4 tricks before the night was over. I thought I could earn more but black guys take a long time to cum and that was all the time I had. But I was happy that I had earned $400 for Daddy!

We did this for a few weeks and gave Daddy all the money I earned. I must admit I was loving being a whore, it made me feel great that men were willing to pay for me and I enjoyed the sex with the guys.

Instead of being a submissive wallflower I had become very confident and strutted my stuff around the club. When a guy would come up to me and rub against me or hit on me I would point to Tommy and tell them to speak to him. If they did the transaction I made sure the guy got his money’s worth.

I hadn’t seen Daddy for a while now, he stopped his poker games, and he was always busy looking for work. Then Tommy said Daddy was still having a hard time paying his bills. Tommy said that the 300 or 400 a week at the Club wasn’t cutting it.

I said OMG Tommy what are we going to do! I miss Daddy and I want to see him badly but he is always too busy for me now. Can we help him find a job? Tommy said he has a cousin who lives around 2 hours away who said he would try to help but in the meantime Daddy needs more money.

I said to Tommy I was doing all I could and the there just wasn’t enough time at the Club to make more than I was making now. Tommy just answered, Are you? I said what do you mean? He said, I can get my pretty ass out on the street like the other ‘hos on nights when the Club wasn’t having their Friday TG night.

I was shocked! I mean being a whore at the Club was different than being a common street ho, I said I don’t know Tommy, I don’t want to be on the street with those cheap hookers and I don’t think I could get as much money from those guys.

That’s when Tommy just hauled off and slapped me hard across the face, and said, listen bitch Me and Derrick got no time for your prideful thoughts, you’re our ho and you need to earn and if you don’t you’ll get more of that understand? You’ll get out there and take what they give you and stay out there until you get me at least $300 a night. You’ll try to get 50$ a blow but if they offer 20$ you’ll do it, get him off quick and go back to work. Understand?

There’s lots of white guys that cruise the area looking for a quick blow job and you’re gonna suck what ever guy offers you money. I stared at him unbelievably, Tommy was always so nice and loving to me and never acted this way. I guess I took too long to answer because he slapped me hard again. I said OK OK Tommy please stop hitting me. That’s when he said, and I’m not Tommy anymore bitch, I’m your new Daddy, now you have two.

It was hard to call Tommy Daddy but I said ok Daddy. He told me to get dressed like a cheap whore and when I was ready he would take me to the street. I put on my cutoff jean shorts that showed the bottom of my ass cheeks, a midriff top that showed off my slim stomach and put my makeup on to make me look extra slutty and 5″ spiked heels and Tommy took me down to the corner.

He told me to get out and text him when I had made $350, then he went over to a black guy who was hanging around and I saw Tommy – I mean Daddy – give him some money and he looked over at me and the other gurls and nod his head saying it was ok for me to be there.

Cars were cruising by and when a car would stop and roll down the window and motion to a gurl and she would walk up and lean in and after about 20 or 15 seconds get in the car and drive away. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be pleasant for me if I didn’t get all the money he wanted so I went to work. I walked up and down the street, sometimes leaning on a sign post to show off my buns and soon a guy motioned to me.

I walked over to the car and leaned in. He was a middle aged white guy, overweight and not very attractive driving a late model car he asked me if I was open for a date, I said yes baby that’s what I’m here for, he asked if I was a cop and I told him no and he asked how much for a blow. I told him $50 and he laughed, said he’d give me $20, take it or leave it.

I said ok, and got in. He drove off like he knew where he was going and pulled onto a dark street and parked. There were other cars parked there so maybe this is where the gurls took their tricks. He gave me a 20 and pushed the seat back and said give me a nice blow job baby, I don’t get it at home.

I unzipped him and put my hand in his pants and had a hard time finding it. I never had that problem with the black guys, when they unzipped their cock usually almost exploded out of their pants. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants and pulled them down a bit and pulled this little penis out. He had to hold it with 2 fingers I could hardly see it through his big hairy pubic hairs. He grabbed my head and pushed me down on it.

It was nasty, it just fit between my lips and hardly any went into my mouth and my nose was being tickled by the hair. So I used my lips and tongue on it and it grew just a bit so I could bob up and down on it a little. I fucked his little skinny penis with my mouth like that and in no time he said he was gonna cum and shot a little load into my mouth.

I leaned over and spit it out the window. I couldn’t bring myself to swallowing it, this little dicked fat white guys cum didn’t deserve to be in the same belly that a beautiful black mans sperm goes.

He drove me back and tipobet giriş I thought, this was the first white dick I ever sucked (I couldn’t call it a cock it was so tiny) and wondered if all white guys were like that. And if so how lucky I am to enjoy a real man’s black cock.

It took me hours to make the $350 that Daddy said I needed. They weren’t all like the first guy, most of the white guys had 6″ dicks and a few were larger which made it more enjoyable for me. If a guy had a nice car I held out for the $50 and usually got it and one guy in a BMW gave me 100$ to let him fuck me.

Having short shorts on and trying to get fucked in a car was a pain so I never wore them again, I wore short tight skirts or tiny pleated skirts, the guys seemed to go crazy over that lol.

Some nights it took me longer to get my quota but some night I got it quicker because I found guys who wanted to fuck me.

Daddy Tommy had me out there 3 nights a week, I was sooo tired at work, but I never turned down the guys at work when the wanted a quick fuck or a blow job, it was good to enjoy a big black cock instead of the mostly white ones on the street.

Also, I realized the power black men had over me, they are sooo confident, comfortable with fucking anything with a hole, woman, wife, boi or TG. White men just didn’t have that for me. But they had money. I knew my place with Black men, they were Alpha to subservient me. I never considered any of the white men an Alpha to me.

Well anyway, I was starting to have fun down on the street, it was definitely different from the Club where Daddy Tommy has raised my price and I dressed less slutty, more like classy sexy.

A few of the Club guys who were well off with nice suit and tie jobs even started calling Daddy Tommy and arranging for dates at their places, more like an escort. They even took me to nice dinners sometimes, I was very passable and it just looked like a sugar daddy and his girl out on a date. I loved being treated that way and I always showed my appreciation but going down on them while they drove home before a wild night of sex with them.

Once I was picked up in a Town Car with a driver and all and the guy had a business associate in the back with him. He told me that he just closed a big deal with the second guy and I was his gift of appreciation to the customer. I immediately scooted close to the associate and my hand went into his lap and found his cock and stroked it through what seemed like very expensive slacks while we drove to dinner.

I asked him if he liked his present and he said Hell yea! So I kissed him lightly on the lips, unzipped him slowly to tease him and when it was out I looked him in the eye and lightly kissed his lips, smiled and gently kissed and licked his cock head on the way to dinner.

They treated me to a very nice dinner with expensive wine and after dinner they sat me in between them in the back seat as we drove home and I took turns sucking their cocks as we drove. We went to my place and they both had fun double teaming me and when they were finished they left me glowing from a wonderful night.

Those kinds of nights were great but like I said I started loving getting out on the street. I LOVED looking like a whore now and made friends with the other gurls. They all belonged to the man that Daddy Tommy talked to that first night, Daddy Tommy explained to me that he was an old school friend that pimped gurls and it was “his” corner and the reason I had to earn 350 instead of 300 was because he had to give him the extra 50 for allowing me to work “his” street with the other gurls.

They were all nice gurls but they didn’t have it as good as me. All of them had been turned out by black men who eventually threw them to the street. Roland, the pimp, had taken them in and told them if they wanted to have a place to stay they needed to be workers on the street.

They told me he beat them regularly just to keep them in line and they actually admitted that they understood and accepted it. Of course Roland was fucking all of them. I know they all did d**gs too.

Daddy Tommy never beat me like they got beat but he did punish me sometimes. I always deserved it, I had a tendency to get to comfortable with Daddy Tommy and sometimes acted bratty. He would put me in my place by giving me a real spanking. He would grab me and roughly put me over his knee and spank my bare ass.

This was no play spanking, it was the real thing, he would spank me HARD until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore and even when I cried and begged him to stop he kept going. He would leave me sniffling on the floor and when I was calmed down he would come over and take me in his arms and kiss me and remind me that he did it because he loved me but I need to know my place.

Sometimes when I wanted attention form Daddy Tommy I would do it on purpose, and although the spankings hurt, I loved knowing that he cared enough to spank me. I think he knew it was a little game I played and he played along. But he did tell me that if I ever started messing with d**gs he would beat me seriously enough to put me in the hospital and then not let me back and I could go be one of Roland’s gurls.

I didn’t want that so I didn’t get involved with d**gs and it made Daddy Tommy happy.

The next month Daddy Derrick got a job about 4 hours away so he had to move. One night he came over with Daddy Tommy, Tanisha and he broke the news to me. I cried a little but I knew I couldn’t stop him. He told me he was “giving” me to Daddy Tommy but I could suck his cock and fuck me one last time before he left.

He spread his legs while sitting on the couch and told me to crawl to his cock and suck it. I crawled over to him, took his cock out and began to suck it, soon it was hard and he fucked me over and over that night until he had to leave.

I was sad for a while but I got over it. I still had fun out on the street, at the Club, with Tanisha and with the rest of the gang at work.

I will never forget Daddy Derrick for opening up this world for me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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