Friends, Sexcapades and Love Affairs Ch. 17

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Chapter Seventeen – Dangerous Waters

Adrian didn’t make a move to pick up the object inside the case. “What’s this?”

“I am certain you know well what it is,” Edward replied. He kept his hands in the pockets of his pants, and he looked just as cool and collected as before. Right now, there was a half-mocking smile on his face, an expression Adrian couldn’t quite make sense of.

“And you know that’s not what I meant. What do you want me to do with it?”

Edward cocked his head. “It’s proof of trust, Adrian.”

“It’s not proof of trust. It’s a fucking buttplug.” Adrian had a mind to throw the case back at Edward.

A small arrogant tsk was the immediate answer to his righteous annoyance. “And? Don’t tell me you’ve never touched one.”

“No need to play the smartass with me. Just tell me. What do you want me to do with it?”

Edward walked closer. Adrian knew it wasn’t a good idea to feel intimidated, but there was something about Edward that made his skin go all goosebumps with anticipated pleasure, even when he did the most mundane things. Right now, there wasn’t anything mundane about how Edward grabbed one of his buttocks, squeezing, and kissed his neck. “I obviously want you to put it inside.”

“Are you trying to play me? This type of thing is like a gateway drug to anal, right?”

Edward’s laugh was clinking crystal. It sent eddies of arousal down his back. Adrian shifted, trying to make Edward move his hand from his ass. No chance of that, it seemed. “I thought you were in control, Adrian. It’s just a little thing I’m asking. I want you to feel pleasure in all possible ways when you’re with me. And, since you don’t allow me to fuck you, this is the best next thing. Just to make it clear, I want you to wear it while you’re inside me. What do you say?”

Adrian exhaled, trying to control the new wave of arousal threatening to take over his rational mind. “You just want to move things along,” he argued.

“What things?” Edward kept his lips close to his skin on purpose. Each breath, each word, was temporarily imprinted on Adrian’s neck, like a small promise of future pleasures.

“I didn’t forget about our arrangement. You top me, it’s over,” Adrian said, trying hard not to sound like a little kid who was promised a bike on Christmas, but only if he was good and brought home good grades.

“Why should we think about the end?” There was no denial whatsoever.

Edward’s fingers caressed his ass. With his soaring horniness, Adrian’s heart sank a little. It was fitting that they were out at sea while having this conversation. The salty air tickled his nose, and Adrian pretended it was because of that that his eyes got moist for a second. “I don’t,” he protested, albeit meekly. “You do.”

Edward pushed himself away. He took the case from Adrian’s hand and walked back into the cabin. When he walked out again, it looked like he was in sailing mode. Adrian watched him for a while, as the land in the distance began to grow in size and clarity.

“Are we going back?”

“There’s nothing more to do here. You refuse to play,” Edward said airily.

Adrian wanted to know what really was happening under that tall, aristocratic forehead. Ignoring that he was still as naked as before, he walked behind Edward and embraced him. “Does that mean that much to you? Me putting inside your little gift?”

“Of course, it means a lot.”

“Then let’s just do it,” Adrian said simply. “It’s not like you’re going to jump my ass, right?”

Finally, Edward moved his head and looked at him. “I don’t see how that would be possible. While I do think I can hold my own reasonably well, you are superior in size and strength.”

Adrian laughed. “You know, it would serve if you weren’t so damned analytical all the time. And, seriously, what is it all about? Let’s get round to it again.”

Edward switched the yacht back to automatic and turned to face Adrian. “It’s about trust. If you trust me, I see no reason why you would feel threatened by such a thing. Anal pleasure, Adrian, is -“

“All right, don’t give me another lecture,” Adrian moaned. “Let’s get inside and try this. But if I lose my erection because something is stabbing my behind, it’s all on you.”

“Then I will do my best to make sure that you don’t lose your erection.” Edward grabbed his cock and guided him inside the cabin.

Yeah, he was led by the dick, all right. Even in his mind, Adrian had no witty comeback to that.


Adrian moaned and grabbed the sheets as Edward worked him with his mouth while he was stuffing his ass with that thing. Yeah, it wasn’t unpleasant, and if all was about pleasure and pleasure only, he got the kink. He couldn’t still shake off entirely the sensation that he was a step behind, and that Edward was running in front, leaving him in the dust.

It was only a little thing, he tried to convince himself. His kinky lover was just that, kinky. And he wanted Adrian to get into that, too.

Edward caressed the skin around his hole now filled up properly. “How does it feel? cihangir escort Is it too much?”

“It’s like something in my ass. Nothing much,” Adrian said, trying to downplay it casually.

“Then you must be ready for me,” Edward said with a low, sexy chuckle.

Adrian had seen Edward naked plenty, but he didn’t mind the small striptease show, as his lover threw away his clothes. Well, that was what he got for playing out of his league. People would laugh if they heard him talk of himself like that. No one was ever out of his league. That was a wise rule to live by.

But Edward Hastings was, and to himself, Adrian could admit that. Right now, he was biting more than he could chew. He was throwing himself, head first, into something he had no control over. Someone with more romantic inclinations than him could tell him that was the beauty of it all. But Adrian couldn’t repress the sensation that he was diving in dangerous waters, and if he got unscathed to the other side didn’t depend on him at all.

Edward straddled him. There was a new light in his eyes as he descended on Adrian’s cock slowly, only after lubing himself for a little while. He was tight, and that had to hurt, at least a little, but Adrian felt that he was in no position to argue. He was in no position, but on his back, period. As Edward shifted and impaled himself, Adrian’s ass pressed against the bed, and the buttplug pushed against his prostate. If heightened arousal was what Edward was aiming at, mission accomplished. But Adrian still felt a tiny bit anxious about what it meant. He would be happy to leave it as an experiment about how it would feel to fuck and be fucked at the same time. If that was all, he wanted nothing else. He wouldn’t even write to Santa this year.

A small bite on his chest made him jolt. “Are you with me?” Edward asked breathily.

“I am in you, by the looks of things,” Adrian teased back. “You should feel it.”

Another breathless laugh was the answer. “I do feel it. The question is: do you?”

Adrian grabbed Edward’s hips firmly. “I wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t.”

“I’m talking about a certain thing inside your beautiful ass,” Edward said.

“Beautiful ass? I think those are the words to describe yours.”

“Oh, no, you surely have a wonderful behind.” Edward began moving slowly on top of him, while his fingers ran through the hair on Adrian’s chest. Just as Edward had instructed, Adrian had let it grow. It looked like it hadn’t been just a whim. Edward really liked to play with his chest hair.

“I would fuck it,” Edward added.

Adrian gasped as Edward’s fingers turned into claws; although blunt, the nails raked over his chest quite sharply. He could feel them. So Edward wanted a bit of rough, or so it seemed. He was also trying to provoke him, and Adrian had no intention to leave that glove down on the ground. His right hand moved to grab Edward’s by the hair at the back and pull him toward him. The other grabbed his ass and began dictating the rhythm.

Again, it appeared to be the right choice. Edward began thrashing in his arms, but not to free himself. Being held like that clearly stimulated him more than anything. Maybe Adrian was the guy with something stuffed in his ass, but he was still doing the fucking. Edward was getting off on being pushed around. Adrian thought a bit of roughness was a good addition to the dish; it was the right spice to make Edward fall.

He was back in the game. He moved his hips to hammer Edward from that position. His pleasure was growing faster because the buttplug was doing its thing as his ass muscles were squeezing it, but he could still control it. If Edward wanted to put his stamina to the test, that was a great way to do it. Adrian was pretty sure he could rise to the challenge and more.

“Adrian, Adrian,” Edward chanted and panted at the same time.

It was time for the victory lap. Adrian intensified his hold, and then slapped Edward’s ass once, hard. That caused an instant reaction that led to a chain. In less than one minute, Edward was a quivering mess in his arms, and Adrian hadn’t yet come.

He helped Edward climbed out of his lap, but he didn’t allow him too much of a breather. Adrian took his lover in his arms, kissed him sweetly on his moist and limp lips, and then placed him on all fours.

“Adrian?” Edward seemed surprised and slightly alarmed.

“The thing in my ass must make me last longer,” Adrian explained shortly.

He parted Edward’s ass and decided that there was still enough lube for him to get going again. As he entered, he made sure Edward felt him. There was a bit of a struggle in the handsome body lying there, ripe for the taking. Adrian knew he was pushing some limits, but he hadn’t been the one to initiate the challenge.

The sensations in his ass were multiplying. As he pushed himself inside, he could feel his behind reacting. He was sure that even the hair on his head must be standing from the stimulation he felt. Edward moaned loudly as Adrian began esenyurt escort riding him like that.

Maybe it was good payback. Maybe Edward truly needed to find out how it felt to have his nerves stretched, and his manhood challenged.

“If you can’t take it, just say the word, and I’ll behave,” Adrian said, offering his lover an easy way out.

“I can take it,” the muffled reply came.

That was the confirmation he needed. He had one redoubtable adversary in front of him. Edward even dared to push his ass into Adrian’s crotch, to have him understand that was more than ready for another round.

It was showtime. Adrian used the right angle, the right pressure, and the right words as he began his rodeo stint. By how Edward writhed under him, cursing, shouting, moaning, and gasping, he was about to make a name for himself.

Whatever book of lovers Edward must have kept hidden in a safe, somewhere, Adrian wanted to be on the cover. No, he wanted Edward to throw that book away, to get rid of all the memories of anyone else who had ever been inside him. Adrian couldn’t recall ever being a possessive lover. With his first love, he had done nothing but reacted, and later, his casual flings amounted to nothing.

Edward made him feel new things. And he did it in such a way that Adrian felt challenged; at the end of their confrontation, he planned to be the victor. He would be a generous one; he would take Edward in his care and stop him from chasing elusive sensations in a long string of lovers. That was the promise he was making to himself right now.

Now, he planned to strip Edward bare of any pretension that he was in charge. Yeah, he had made Adrian wear his little toy. That was nothing. Adrian held Edward’s pleasure in his hand, and he was giving it in waves, drowning his lover in it.

It had to be after Edward had come a third time that his moans and gasps turned into a begging litany. Adrian knew there was no way he could go further than that. He knew, and still, for a couple of minutes, he insisted on going and going. Edward deserved a small lesson, just as he had served one to Adrian, earlier. If it was trust he wanted, he needed to prove himself he could offer the same.

“Adrian, please,” Edward whispered breathily. “Even I cannot -“

“Hush, love, it’s coming now.” The word was dropped casually, but Adrian knew better. Edward needed to know this wasn’t one of his usual encounters with lovers he took and discarded like boring toys.

Adrian almost blacked out when he came. He kept Edward there, using him as a vessel for everything he had felt since they met. It wasn’t only about how aroused Edward made him with just a glance or a feather-like touch, or about the teasing and denial, or the games they played. It was about how Adrian wanted Edward to feel that this was all he needed.


“Thanks,” Adrian murmured as he felt Edward retrieving the buttplug gently from his ass. “It wasn’t all bad.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t have asked you to wear it otherwise.”

Edward’s voice was subdued. What had happened earlier must have gotten to him, at least a bit. Adrian was waiting for him to do something about it. But Edward was silent, and, for a moment, Adrian wondered if he hadn’t played his cards wrong. With a guy like Edward, one could never know.

“That was quite the display of showmanship today,” Edward said softly. “I’m afraid my entire body will hurt tomorrow.”

Adrian smiled. He was acknowledged; he had played his cards right. “I’m sorry about that,” he said, lying on one side, his back to Edward.

There was a playful slap on his butt that made him smile.

“Don’t say you’re sorry if you don’t mean it. And I know you don’t mean it. But I probably deserved it. You wanted to serve me back my own medicine.”

“Yeah, among other things,” Adrian replied, his smile never leaving his lips.

“Other things? What other things?” Despite sounding like a guy who had just come several times from being fucked in the ass by a guy with something to prove, Edward perked up.

It was all going according to plan. “That’s for you to find out,” Adrian offered the only explanation he wanted to him.

“Hmm. You’re intriguing me, Adrian. And I thought you played with all the cards on the table.”

Funny how both seemed to think in the same terms about the evolution of their relationship.

“I’m adjusting my game depending on the adversary.”

“Ah, I see. And what kind of adversary am I?”

“The kind that cannot be beaten -“

A satisfied laugh followed.

“- easily,” Adrian carried on.

“You’re saying that I can be beaten?” Edward wasn’t fast enough to hide his surprise.

“By the right guy.”

“And let me guess, you are that guy.”

“Yeah. As simple as that.”

Edward sighed and dropped on the bed. “Adrian, you really are something. No, I must rectify that. You’re like no one I’ve ever met. When I raise the bar, you just go higher. I’m wondering how far you’re willing to go.”

“As etiler escort far as needed.”

“Needed for what? What’s the prize?” There was puzzlement in Edward’s voice now.

“What’s the prize? Do you really have to ask?”



“You already have me.”

“Not the way I want to have you.” Adrian hadn’t wanted to take his confessions this far, but their small verbal sparring that provoked him to let that one go free. Whatever, he didn’t worry. Edward could know his goals; it was the method Adrian used that was supposed to remain hidden from his knowledge. If Adrian had surprised Edward so far, and repeatedly, he only needed to do it enough times for it to make the citadel surrender. He had time, and Edward was an amazing lover in and out of bed, so all was well.

“And what way would that be?” Edward asked, his voice playful and in control again.

Adrian smirked and still didn’t turn. “I’m not going to tell you.”

“I don’t do love and relationships, and walks in the moonlight.”

“Duly noted.”

“Really? If it’s not a romantic relationship you want, then what is it?” Genuine curiosity was back in Edward’s voice.

“If you can’t figure out until the time is up, I’m going to tell you, I promise.”

“Is there a deadline, then?”

“I know you said something about six months when we got our little agreement drawn, but not really. I’m taking my time with you. You’re fun,” Adrian said flippantly, just to get a rise out of Edward.

There was no audible reaction, but silence was an answer, too. Most probably, right now, the gears inside Edward’s head were starting to turn.

Keep him interested. Keep him aroused. And keep him satisfied. There was no way Adrian would lose that kind of game. Edward was older, more sophisticated, and held a cynical view of the world for reasons Adrian had yet to find out, but he was still a human being. Adrian wanted nothing but to find the key for that lock, and find it he would.


Jared threw one last look in the mirror before letting Shane in. He would not make the same mistakes and try to be the one to impress. Plus, there was no one to impress. He and Shane were nothing but pals now, and when he met Mike and Adrian to go dancing and having fun, he didn’t exactly care what he was wearing. Still, he checked if the new jeans were hugging his ass well. It was only natural to do that since he would, maybe, hook up tonight just for the fun of it.

He opened the door to his apartment with a genuine smile on his face, nonetheless. To his surprise, Shane was wearing a dark shirt, opened a couple of buttons, and dark pants, and even the cowboy boots were gone.

“Ah,” Jared said, without hiding his disappointment. “Where’s the hat? The flannel? The boots?”

Shane laughed and ran one hand through his hair. It looked like he had just gotten a haircut, too. “I thought that I shouldn’t embarrass you and Mike tonight. I don’t want people to think you, two, cool kids, are hanging out with a country boy.”

Jared rolled his eyes. “I told you. That cowboy look is a killer. Guaranteed. Okay, so most guys hanging around these places are too young to have watched Brokeback Mountain when it came out and might not care as much about it as I did, but you could have made the entire room sigh.”

“Is it really that bad?” Shane gestured at his clothes. “Too much? Too little? What’s wrong about my clothes?”

Jared took him by the hand and dragged him inside. “Nothing’s wrong. You are a handsome guy, no matter what you wear. And you definitely look great like this.” To make sure that Shane didn’t have real doubts, once they were inside, he moved around him, examining him from all angles, and touching gently an imaginary crease on the shoulder.

“You look positively deflated,” Shane teased him.

Jared waved. “I knew you as a cowboy, and it’s my idea of you. But, of course, you can be whoever you want and how you want. Don’t mind me. And you look great. Sexy, even. Nothing’s changed. You will still have a ton of guys throwing themselves at your feet.” As conscious as he was that he was babbling like an idiot, he couldn’t stop.

“You look great, too. New jeans?”

Jared made a small pirouette. “They’re pretty nice, right?”

“Yeah,” Shane admitted. “Just turn a little.”

“Like this?” Jared turned his back at Shane.

A hand rested on the small of his back. “They’re definitely nice.”

For a moment, Jared considered what to do. He had a pretty good idea about what Shane must have been eyeing with maximum interest right at that moment. But, for the sake of them being friends, he would just pretend that he had no idea. Once Shane would swim in the attention of all the cute guys at the club, he would forget about Jared. He would be nothing more than a blip on the radar, soon to be forgotten. Nothing more. Blip, blip.

He turned with his face to Shane, wearing the same smile. Many times, Mike and Adrian had told him that he was at his most charming when he smiled, and even that his smile could diffuse a bomb or something. And that was precisely what he had on his hands right now. A sex bomb. Quite an accurate description for Shane at the moment. As he looked at Shane, Jared noticed the small scar gracing his chin. Without thinking, he reached for it and traced it with his fingers. “What happened here?”

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