GF slave 2 story

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GF slave 2 story
My Master tell me write this – how I become slave. Sorry my English not so good but I try.

My name is Ming, hello everyone. I am Chinese girl. I am small, maybe only 45 kgs and 1.57 m. I have small breast. I am cute. I have no boy friend at the time. I had one before and sexed with him. I like sex very much. Now no boyfriend, I play myself very often and cum many mornings.

I first time see him on my first day at work. I go to HR department to finish some forms, it maybe about ten o’clock. I wait in corridor for HR, I see White man come out of elevator. He handsome man but I think why he come work so late, who he is, why he walk so proud? Later, I find out from colleagues he the boss. I was curious about this man and feel some interest and attraction for him.

I not know why, but I start think of him sometimes when I at work. So handsome, so strong body, so authority and so power. One day, I so think of him and I think maybe I just send him email: “Good morning, Sir, it is a nice day”. He replied “Thanks”, make me so happy that day!!!. After few weeks, again he occupy my mind, distract me from work, so I send email again: “Good morning Sir, have a good day”. “Thanks, let’s have dinner tonight” he replied, I so happy I replied “Yes”, he then email me where and time for dinner.

He booked Japanese restaurant, I go there and waiter show me to private room. I waited for him in room, feel so high class, feel that is life I like. Then Boss come, so handsome and so maleness! He ordered sukiyaki dinner and we talk and soon eat. Dinner finish we drank coffee and then he asked me: “Do you like sex?” I don’t know what happen next, immediately I feel my body burning and I feel I moaning excited, I like suddenly lost. “I see u like sex” he continued. I really not can explain, but just he ask those two questions – I so excited, I continue to hot and moan, groan in front of him like a slut prostitute. I cannot control myself.

Boss stood up, he closed the door and come stand behind me. He not do anything yet but I already so hot. I moan loud and loud and I grind myself on the seat. Though door closed it no lock, I not care. He too not care!! From behind me, he kissed my neck and put his hands on my boobs. My bottom so wet, I cry loud my sex! He play me so I more, more excite.

Then he asked me stand up. My legs so weak. I stand up,. He pushed me forward little bit and I put hands on table for support. His hands carry up my skirt.. He pull down my stockings to knee. I so wet, so excited, so moan, I want! Then I feel his cock near my pussy. Then he go in. güvenilir bahis siteleri His cock I felt so big, felt so good. I so high, I not think that maybe waiter can come in. I not care he is married man! I so high I want cock make me cum. He make his cock in and out, it so big, so exciting, I so wet, I cum, so good, big tide for me!!!

I feel so shame and shy when finish. He pay bill and he drove me home. His car, big BMW, I think it so nice, I want good life like this. When reach home, he kissed me. I feel good, I think in my mind, I want more. I say “Good night”, he said: “You will call me Master from now on”. I not know meaning, I say: “Goodnight, Master”. I really not know why I act so crazy that night, it like this White man is magician and make magic on me!

After, he called me few times at night. He no talk much, everytime he say “What u wear?” and tell me take off be naked. He tell me play myself and cum for him. I play my clit, he tell me “Let me hear u enjoy yourself”. I loud for him, he say move your fingers fast and cum. I make fingers fast, I louder and louder, I shrieked and cum for him! He ask what I must say. I not know, he tell me, I say “Thank you Master”. Then he say me to put finger in my cunt. So wet, I put one. Then he say put two in, I do – so hot. Then he say put three, I do and go mad exciting. I fuck myself three fingers. He say: “Fuck harder, I want hear u louder.” I do, louder, fuck harder! Body so hot, I cum – feel so good cum for him! He asked again what I must say, I say: “Thank you Master”. He said back: “Good slave”, I think what he mean by slave, I not think too much, tired from cum, I sleep. He first man I have phone sex with, it felt so good, I feel so small, so humiliate to cum for man on phone.

After about one month from dinner, he messaged me to meet him at the office car park after work. I go in his car, he already wait for me, he asked what I must call him. I know, I said: “Master”, he smiled, I so happy to see him happy from me. He drive us to Love Motel, Love Motel in my country very nice ones, room very big and very luxury. We reached hotel and as we go to room, I see he carry a big bag. I wonder why he carry a bag and not leave in car.

In room, he sat down turn TV on. I stand not dare to seat. He say: “Play with yourself”. I not know what to do, I stand there, he say again. I bring up my skirt, put my hands into my panties and play with my clit. He see TV and said me to continue playing until cum. I get excite, playing with myself stand there next to him even though he ignored me and continue perabet giriş see TV. I play myself more, more excite, I make louder sex noise, I hope he see me play for him. It work! He look me and put his hands into the bag and take out a camera. He start taking photos of me play myself. I so surprised he do that! No he cannot do that, so shameful, what he will do with my photos, I must stop him! But I did not, I feel good perform for him, I feel good he wants to take photo of me, I not care what he do with photos. All make me more hot, I faster my hands and soon I hear I say: “Master, Master, Master” and I big big cum!

I still stand there after I cum, wait for him to tell me instructions. Soon he say, “Dance and strip”. I never do this before but I am dancer, so I started dancing for him to imagine music. He take out camera and point to me and start take photos again. I now use to and like it. I danced more sexy for him. “Strip” he said, I start taking out clothes, not thinking like he make magic on me again! I naked but continue dance for me, I smile sexy to attract him. As I danced, I become so hot, so I play with my pussy as I danced. Then he said: “Get on bed”, I was happy, he going to fuck me with his cock!

I lay on bed wait for him, He not take off his clothes. He put camera on table and he press it. He making video of me!!! No, no cannot my mind think but I do nothing! He went to his bag and he took out this long thing that look like a cock, and he said “Fuck yourself”. I moan so disappoint, but I take toy from him and I start fuck myself. I not play with toy before, I try, first put little in, it feel good, then I put more in and more. He took out another camera, and with this one he take pictures of me. Everytime the flash light, I feel like I am a movie star, I feel more excited, I make the toy in and out faster. I go mad, I make pussy tight on toy, I squeezed it, I fuck myself, I louder and louder. I feel high tide coming, I want, and then I scream out my big cum.

I wait for him hoping he will fuck me. He went to his bag again, take out another toy. He showed it to me, he turned it on. This toy too looks like a man’s cock and can vibrate. He spread my legs, and no hesitate pushed the toy into my wet cunt. The vibrate cock felt good. He turn on speed, faster, faster. I scream in pleasure. He take my hand and make me hold the toy. “Fuck yourself” he tell me. I fuck my new toy, it was so good. He then took out first toy cock and put it near my mouth. I automatic open my mouth and start suck it!! I feel so slut and so perabet güvenilir mi hot, my two holes so full. . He continue to take photo of me, make me more excited. Yes, I think, take photo, show your friends, make me slut! I now no longer in control, my body shake much, my hip go up and down, I fuck and suck toy cocks. Scream, scream, scream and cum, cum, cum.

I was sobbing and cry, as I enjoy the after feel of my cum. It was so good, so good cumming for my big boss, so good perform for him, so good obey him. I then see him, back towards me and he was taking off his clothes. Then he naked and he turn to face me. I see his White man cock for the first time. “Oh my god” he is so big! I only see my Chinese bf cock before, but this one is so big, so thick, so long. “Mmmmm, mmmmm” I hear myself, cannot take my eyes away – so heaven his cock, I can’t wait.

He came to me, squeezed my nose, my mouth open, he made his cock into me. I sucked it, I like it, so large, fill my mouth, taste good. He take more photos, I suck like slut so I make good photos for him to show his friends. I want taste his discharge, I work hard on this cock. He sudden, pull his cock from my mouth. I know what next, I excited, my legs open wide. He position himself between my legs, he pushed and his big cock inside me. Like first time, it feel so good, so large, tear my cunt, hurt me, destroy me. He moved, it so good.

I louder and louder maybe too loud! He take my panties and stuff in my mouth. He took more photos, as he fuck me, my excite face, my naked body everything he photo. Yes photo me, shame me, show your friends, post in internet, I not care – show world I am your slave, I am your prostitute.

He fucked, he is very good. He know how to rub his cock in my pussy, he know how fast to move it, he know sometimes just to fuck me near the opening, he knows how hard for each fuck stroke. He got magic cock, really magic!!! I moan into my panties as he make me a mad woman. I opened my legs more wide, I want all his big long cock inside me. He continued his magic movements. I feel my high tide reaching. He wants to hear me again, he pull out panties from my mouth, I give out a loud scream. He continue his magic, I was now mad woman, scream, shriek, cry, beg. “Master, Master, Master” I keep say. Soon he give me cumming, I so loud for him.

Finished, he do again and again, I high over and over whole night. When he enough, he pull out from my flood pussy and he shoot his juice all over my face. I bring out my tongue and licked his White cum and it taste so good. I instinct said: “Thank you Master”.

Master got a magic cock. I always want his magic cock. He make me slave, made me do many things. He punished me. He treat me like dog. He keep me in cage. He made me fuck many men and women. I do it all and I enjoy all so I can have magic cock again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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