Having sex and letting his brother watch

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Having sex and letting his brother watch
It’s evident we live in denial, and I question why? Life begins at birth and memories when events register them. For example, I remember kneeling and peering through the vent on the bottom of the bathroom door, Uncle was having a bath and I wanted to see him, I was curious and only eight years old.
Mother was the one who caught me and took my into the bathroom to let me look at her brother bathing, ‘She’s curious Johnny’, and at that lifted my dress over my head, took off my my knickers and lifted me into the bath and walked out leaving Uncle Johnny to teach me why I was curious.
Now I realise you might be thinking something outrageous was happening, but at eight years old I had no clue what outrageous was and Uncle Johnny was sweet and tender with me, washing me and yes I washed him and it was one of those days imprinted on my young mind that would never go away.
I regarded Uncle Johnny as my father figure, simply because mother would ask him to bed with her and I would hear their exertions as I sat outside again, trying to peer inside to see what it was that made her cry so much.
By twelve I knew and it was to become our family secret, mother’s love was i****tuous by nature and passionate to those who sympathised with her unusual urges, and at twelve my conscious recall, even by today’s standards could still be considered outrageous, I remember it all and if I am to be truthful, I am a better woman for it and by that I mean sexually.

Back then women never wore brassieres, their breasts developed naturally and strengthened with a natural and full swing as she moved, ever conscious of the men’s eyes on her upper body. There were no pills to protect women from sperm, or pills to make men want women like my mother, I never saw my mother wear underwear under her skirt, and sex was a big game of chance, fertility was higher than today’s fertility rates, and fucking usually had a high success rate. Many women married men they never intended, because their eggs were fertilised so easily, and then they watched as their non-intended husbands mounted their friends and their friends knocked on mothers door with the same intention and soon another baby was in her belly and her life was set.
This was why many women and their brothers set up home together, the lack of documentation made it easy and the ignorance of the gene-pool and of genealogy in general, meant that sex was naked and beautiful, no artificial barriers, flesh on flesh and semen like thick milk, doing what semen should do, fertilise our eggs and confine us to our homes and bed, in readiness for our husbands or their friends.

Sex for a girl back then was an essential requirement, show the slightest ignorance and wham, your pregnant. being touched intimately, can, and does disarm a girl and lay her open to sex and insemination. There were no TV’s or hand held devices to educate or titillate, everything was on the table and that included your arse if you were nor prepared.

I turned thirteen and started my periods. I was “Prime Beef”, as mother canlı kaçak iddaa referred to it, my pussy and she and Uncle had discussed her interpretation on how we should all proceed with my sex education, back then there was no schooling let alone something to provide a barrier to a girls pussy.

On the morning in question, I took their morning mugs of tea into their bedroom. I saw easily that mother was naked, as only half the blanket covered her nudity barely and uncle too lay exposed, more so as I moved around their bed to Uncle’s side of the bed and other pulled the blanket from him to reveal his erection and his naked body. I stared at what mother knew was holding my attention, and then she reached out for my hand and told me to take hold of Uncle’s cock.

The atmosphere was relaxed as I learned how to relieve a man with such tension, I watched mother blow him and tease his balls with her tongue and mouth, and then it was my turn, and together we mastered the art of cunnilingus, and now it was my turn, as she ordered my to straddle Uncles face and lower my dirty cunt onto his mouth.

I had never known or dreamt such a thing could be so pleasurable, but even as I wetted and swelled open to uncles tongue, there was another insertion that made me jump.
Uncle held my thighs as I sat on his face, I could feel the powerful grip, as his tongue reamed me open, the insertion of others fingers rubbing behind my pubic bone sent me over the top and my cries were not of pain or torture, but love, a love regarded as weird and unnatural today, but back then when they were no so called experts to cast their narrow minded opposition to the lower classes doing precisely what the rich and famous were doing within their own families, I can honestly attest to experiencing the best of orgasms, I knew now how to cum, and that was all I wanted to do, and so my stories begin.

I was late afternoon and myself and five boys and one of their sisters were on the old wooden bridge that spanned the creek where we swam. We were all in our underwear which was more like woollen vests that had three buttons on top and underpants akin to grandfathers button-up drawers.
These were cotton and showed the outlines of the boys cocks, which myself and Leanna giggled at, being the only girls there, someone passed is a quarter bottle of whiskey, with the intention of us girls taking a swig.

‘Shows us your cunts’, a boy asked, it was Leanna’s brother and I looked at her to see, if she came from a family like my own, but she hesitated, so I demanded them to show us instead, first and took a deep drink from the whiskey bottle and then passed it to Leanna and she did likewise.

Suddenly all eyes looked across to her older brother who was working the eel creels, he was on the embankment watching us, and I sensed he was watching me in particular, “Come on Emma”, a voice urged me, “let us see your cunt”

There is six of you I mock complained, pointing out the older brother who was nearly twenty years old, six my senior, who was staring intently at me in my cotton canlı kaçak bahis underwear, I knew I was not hiding much, and so I took another drink and simply said, “I want to see all of you and then I will drop my knickers for five minutes”

Leanna suddenly chickened out, “I’m not doing it” she said, and some of the boys including her brother told her to fuck off, “Are you coming” she asked me, and all the boys looked at me, I shook my head, “No, I want to look at the boys” and at that she left and ran up the embankment in the opposite direction from her older brother working the creels.

One of the boys who had also taken a drink, suddenly grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock under his cotton pants. I felt how big and hard he was and let him hold it there, our eyes meeting in a challenging manner.
“Now you have felt mine”, he said thickly he reached out and touched the shaped of my pussy under my pants and I let him feel as his rough poking parted my lips and he wandered into the deep flesh.
After about twenty seconds I slapped him hard across the face, “Don’t ever fucking do that again” I said sternly, he was still too shocked at being allowed to feel my pussy for the first time, to respond to my slap in the face, to notice anything else.

Bolstered by the gulps of whiskey and my sudden aggression, I told the other boys, “Who ever swims the longest underwater, will go with me over there” and I pointed to a hut we all knew was deserted, “The winner shall see everything alone with me”.

I could feel my own sex rising as the heat within me now bolstered having my pussy touched and feeling one their cocks, I just wanted a winner and some time with him. The boys dove and swam and came back to the bridge, the winner clearly excited as I took another swill of hard liquor and mentally prepared myself until all fell silent.

Leanna’s older brother, a man we all considered a simpleton, stood before us, “I can swim” he said and I nodded, “Yes I know you can”, I agreed and watched, open mouthed, as he took his pants off and then, even the boys gasped, he had an erection the likes of which no one ever imagined, I have never seen before or since and it stuck out way to the side of his underwear and all the boys laughed nervously, as he turned and faced me.

I was on my knees when he turned, I had just crudely felt an erection, but this was a monster, even as it stretched the fabric of his underwear, its outline and shape were moulded as my eyes widened, I looked up at his face, and he unashamedly smiled down as if knowing this was what I was wanting all along.

I swallowed hard, the other boys must have saw it in my face, in my eyes, he was huge and what girl in her right mind would not want him to win the bet?

One of the boys complained, he must have known deep down his opportunity was slipping away fast if I agreed to let Leanna’s older brother compete, but I was mesmerised and I simply nodded, before uttering, “Yes you can swim” again, and he dove in and swam for two minutes, only appearing after almost twice the length of bahis siteleri canlı the previous winner.

I sat there on my haunches feeling a knot in my stomach, Leanna’s older brother was not call stupid and dumb for nothing, he was a simpleton and as he swam back one of the boys said, “He is going to tear you wide open”. They had already made the assumption I was going to fuck the winner and I watched as some of them walked away in disgust.

He lighted from the water and there was just myself and his younger brother on the bridge, he had some control over him as both brothers had that sort of bond. I looked at him and asked, “Why are you still here”?
He was once again standing before me, only this time his underwear hung from his body due to its wetness and it looked as if his cock had grown even more, it was truly massive and I looked at the younger brother and had to inwardly laugh, “It’s fucking massive” I murmured.

I looked around as I was suddenly aware how silent everything was around me. It was only the three of us and his older brother just stood completely unawares what the size of his cock was having on us.

“Do you want to do it with him”, he asked me and I retorted, “He is to big, he is too fucking big to fit inside me”, and as if he was suddenly becoming aware of what we were discussing he took it out and gripped it hard around its base, and my mouth just fell further open. if that were even possible to open further than it was.
I never had a measuring tape or anything like that, but one foot long would have been a good guess, I know this, I have never seen one as big, ever since, in forty years.

“What will I do” I pleaded with his younger brother, I was afraid, he was so big and very powerful, he would hurt me and even damage me, but still, there was something inside me that wanted to know, wanted to see.

“You should play with him, love him” his brother said, as if suddenly realising he never had a chance, but as his brother did, he would still enjoy watching me succumb to his brothers cock.

I looked around and as if by magic, we were alone in the middle of the bridge, all the boys had filtered away, and even as I lifted my top up to expose my small breasts to both brothers, the younger one I had just spoken to was no longer there, and I knelt upwards and pushed my drawers down my thighs and then off to be as naked as the elder brother was.

I lay back down as the older brother knelt between my open legs, his eyes on my crotch, and I raised both hands to receive his weight as he lay atop of me and reached in between us to push his cock home.

What a moment ago seemed impossible was happening as I began to sob, with each powerful thrust into my shocked orifice took the breath from my lungs, and I looked to see the younger brother masturbating as he watched me being fucked.

I heard Leanna’s voice, she was chiding the younger of the brothers for wanking and then she knelt beside my head and told me to move with him as he pounded me into the wooden bridge, something she herself had been letting the older brother do for years.

I fell pregnant to the older of the two, but started to copulate with the younger brother whenever we were alone, which was an agreement, as my husbands still insisted in having sex with his sister.

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