Yorum yok Helen

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Chapter 1

I’d only just finished washing the bike and rolled it back into the garage, setting it on the center stand as the rain started.

In the last hour and half I’d hooked up the vent trunking to the exhausts and run the bike so the engine was hot again. Done an oil change, checked the chain and changed a bulb in the in brake light. The rain had come down hard enough at one point for me to go pull the door so it was almost closed.

It was still raining heavily outside I noted as I began to put my tools away.
“Hello”. A voice called from outside.
I pushed the screwdriver drawer shut on the tool chest.
“Mr Henderson”.
I crossed to the nearly shut garage door and poke my head out.
“Hi ya.” The voice came from the other side of the tall metal gate.
I dashed down the path and unlatched it. Pulling it open, Helen stood in a thin top and short denim skirt. Her brown hair clung to her face and small rivers of rain ran down the smooth skin dripping off her chin.

I motioned for her to come into the garden. Re latched the gate and we both dashed for the open garage door.
“Hey, not seen you for a few months” I said gazing at her dark erect nipples and areolas visible through both the soaking wet strapped top and the t shirt supposedly covering everything.
“Yeah. Been busy with this n that” she said pushing wet hair from her face.
“I just thought I’d catch up with Carol as I’m on holiday.”
“She not told you. She’s at university.”
I reached for some kitchen roll and pulled a canlı bahis şirketleri few sheet off and gave it to Helen.
“Oh, which one, she never said. But to be honest we haven’t spoke much since last May”.
She dried her face and started to pat down her arms then began on her legs, bending slightly over.

“She’s back in town tomorrow though. Jane is driving down to pick her up. She should be well on her way now.”
She stopped patting herself dry and passed me back the wet tissues. I turned, tossed them into the bin.
“You not going with her.”
“No, I should have had a late meeting but they cancelled this afternoon. And it was too late to reorganize things as she is staying the night.”
“So you are all on your lonesome.” Helen said this time tugging down on the wet shirts. Her nipples seemed to poke even further through.
I nodded my head. Half turned and reaching for the ignition keys for my old Yamaha, her hand shot on top of mine.
“You know I’ve never sat on a big bike before. Mind if I have a go.” She moved closer to me.
“Its going to be hard in that skirt to…” I paused a second.
“Get your leg over”
“We’ll see. I’m pretty flexible you know” She moved to the bike and put her left-hand on the left grip and left foot on the peg and began to cock her right leg in the air. The wet denim clung and stopped her lifting the leg high enough.

She stood back on the concrete floor the puddle of water dripping from her young body getting bigger.
Gripping the hem sides canlı casino siteleri of the skirt she pulled it up to her waist.
There nestled between her smooth legs a small patch of see through pale blue cloth of her panties.
She got hold of the handle bar once more , foot back on the peg and once more swung her right leg into the air.
The pale damp skin of each bare cheek and slim blue strap like cloth between them, moved over and on to the seat.
“So how do you start it.” She said over her shoulder.
“Like this.” I said as I again reached for the key. Once more a soft wet hand stopped me.
“No. As if you are riding the bike” Helen spoke softly.
I looked deep into her eyes for a few seconds. Was I sure I wanted this to happen. I moved a little closer to her face. And flipped the rear foot peg back up. I really needed to fix it’s spring.

I swung my right leg, bending it slightly at the knee, up and over the rear of the bike and sat down. Our combined weight sat the rear wheel on the floor.

“So you start it like this. Slide a little further forward. She pulled herself and gasped as her thighs touched the cold metal of the fuel tank.
I put my head on her left shoulder and reached round her.
“We won’t need the choke” I took hold of her left hand and moved the choke shut with her thumb.
Then moved the hand to the keys hung in the ignition barrel. And twisted them to ‘start’.
Bringing her hand back to the left grip user my head on her right shoulder, but moved the kaçak casino wet hair from it first.
I slid my right hand down along her right arm then motioned her thumb over the start button.

As Helen’s thumb pressed the button the bike turned over then burst into life. Again she let out a gasp but this was for the vibrations from the bike’s rumbling engine as they transferred themselves into her body.
I let both my hands rest on her thighs.
“How’s that “. I said above the engine. “Let’s not run it for long , I’ve not got the vent pipes connected. This place will fill with fumes pretty quick.”
She nodded. And gave the throttle a quick twist. The engine responded and I felt her pelvis move suddenly backwards then relaxed.
Again Helen twisted the throttle and let it go. This time her body didn’t move.
“It.. it… it’s vibrating against my pussy.”
“Really..” I said “I don’t get any vibration between my legs.”
Once more she quickly twisted the throttle but this time she held it open then closed it slowly. Her pelvis began twitching.
“Oh.. right there.” She moaned again.
Slowly I moved my left hand up her thigh and then onto the tank. Then turned my Palm towards her and pressed my fingers down between the tank and the pale blue cloth covering her the opening beneath
Once more her pelvis began to twitch and she threw her head back slightly.
“Oh. Ooooh!” She exclaimed. “Yes. Ye..” Her body shook slightly. And she slumped forward.
“Oh.. I just came.” She said breathing heavily. “I… I… Oh God…” She continued.

I shut off the bike with my right hand and slowly removed my left from the now wet cloth that covered her vagina.

Let’s go inside and get you properly dry shall we”. I whispered into an ear. She said nothing, just nodded.

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