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I’d been single for quite some time, I worked pretty long hours and hated the whole bar and club scene so most nights I’d be online, looking at porn or playing video games. My previous girlfriend had been with me since college but she got a pretty prestigious job offer across the country and knowing neither of us would do well with long distance we had a pretty amicable break up.

After a while, regular porn got boring to me, I found myself addicted to the site that let women post pics and the excitement it gave me, following the pretty girls on regular social media then getting to see them naked and sometimes playing with themselves with or without toys was great.

I made myself an obscure screen name and signed up, I tried to find local girls too, hoping to maybe see someone I knew and enjoy the excitement of knowing something nobody else did. I had a type, was thankful for the search engine and its recommendations, I found one girl I liked but she didn’t really post much so I needed more and after a few pages of clicking I froze on the one profile.

Tall, blonde, great breasts, amazing ass, really awesome smile and was a complete dork in company. Yes, I was still on the site, the aesthetics I got from it, the rest, well, I knew my own sister when I saw her. My heart was pounding, what was I to do? She had quite a few alluring preview pictures, none of them nude but yoga pants and tight fitting t-shirts showed enough and well, my moral compass was about to get crushed. Her bio line intrigued me too, dirty, kinky, not afraid of the taboo. I had to know more.

It had been a while since I saw her, when we left home we didn’t keep in touch as much as we expected, I dove straight into my apprenticeship at the tech firm and Clara, my sister, was offered a pretty good job at some marketing company in the city. We weren’t super close growing up, Dad had left when we were very young but we got on okay, with her being a couple of years older than me we didn’t have too many friends in common but would hang out after class when we were briefly at the same community college. She’d look out for me and was always happy to give me advice when it came to girlfriends and until finding her on the site, I can honestly say I never looked at her in ‘that way’. Of course, looking back I kicked myself, there I was about to shell out $50+ a month for views I could have sneaked in our parents house but I couldn’t change that.

I opted for her premium package, $50 only got pictures, $75 got me videos, personalized photographs and the opportunity to ask her questions anonymously, well, behind my screen name at least. ‘Screw it’ I thought to myself, I didn’t go out, I could build up a collection of pictures then just quit after a month or so. That, however, proved to be harder than I thought.

Once my payment for the first month went through I was given my access. My heart was still pounding but the first picture of her naked had my cock as hard as steel and I was addicted. She was beautiful, laid out on a bed with a sheen of baby oil covering her skin, her nipples hard and pointing, and her pussy, hairless and smooth, just visible in the shadow of her leg. I scrolled further and found one with her legs open, a look of lust on her face as she held the toy that was half way inside her, her pussy glistening with her juices and I had to have release. I made the picture full screen and think I only lasted four or five strokes before I was groaning and spraying my cum over my shirt. I cleaned myself up and scrolled more, ignoring the guilt over jerking off to pictures of my older sister and found a video.

It was a solo video, she was looking into the camera and masturbating with a small vibrator and I played with my cock at the same time. When she climaxed, moaning in pleasure as her fingers became a blur on her clit, I came again too, this time being prepared with a towel over me. When she was done, she spoke into the camera, ‘tip me using the button below and I’ll make you a video like this where I moan your name’. I thought about it, nope, too risky.

Weeks went by and Clara became my addiction. I hated smartphones so my home computer was my only line to her but I’d spend hours every night watching her videos, jerking off to her at least twice every night and I couldn’t get enough. I became one of her top 10 fans, tipping all I could afford to get access to the more exclusive videos and a seat in her private chat room where we could ask her questions. One of those I got brave and actually asked something, it was just her and I in the room and I asked “What’s the dirtiest sexual thing you’ve ever done?” her answer shocked me and I sat open mouthed just staring at her naked body.

“Well, one night I got home from a really shitty date and watched my brother jerk off, it got me so wet and I came so hard when he did..” she said to the webcam.

“Did he know?” I typed back.

“Oh no way, not sure he’d have liked that.”

“I should get some sleep, work tomorrow,” I typed.

I bahis firmaları didn’t go in the chat room again after that, I almost typed that it was me but I couldn’t give her up. A few more weeks went by, I tipped her a lot, even paid for a personalized picture shoot where I got to choose the poses, that set I climaxed over a lot and didn’t think twice about subscribing again. I was sitting reading one afternoon though and about jumped out my skin when my phone rang, it was Clara. We tried to call each other once in a while, I was due a call to her but struggled what to say, “Hey sis, fucking love your nudes and videos, how’s things?” but really, I didn’t have anything else going on in my world.

“Hey, I’m coming to town to see my friend Kelly tomorrow, can I come and see you after, catch up?” she said, she sounded happy.

“Uh, sure, go out to lunch or something?” I replied.

“Oh screw that, everywhere to eat out there sucks, you know that. How about I bring some stuff and you make me one of your amazing stir fries?”

“Sure, will be nice to cook for more than just myself again.”

“Well have a light lunch and I’ll see you around 4 okay?”

“Sounds great, see you then.”

I spent the rest of the day cleaning my apartment, I was no slob but wanted it to be pristine. I changed my desktop picture on my computer away from my favorite nude of hers, I hid the shortcut I had to my log in to her site and put the pictures I’d printed away in a drawer. After one last sweep to make sure everywhere was perfect I decided to log in, spill one more load to her body then put the towel in the laundry.

Clara was right on time, she greeted me with a tight hug once she was inside and kissed me on the cheek. She had a bag full of groceries, she looked so sexy in just a short skirt and tight fitting t-shirt.

“You look great honey, hope you’ve not been working too hard,” she said, putting the food on my counter.

“No, work is kind of slow right now, I’ve been reading a lot, getting ready to take another class,” I replied.

“Still tragically single?” she said with a grin.

“Tragically, what does that mean?”

“Still can’t take a teasing. You don’t go out anywhere, how are you supposed to meet anyone? That’s what I mean.”

“How do you know I’m not out socializing every weekend?”

“Because Mom tells me you call her every Saturday and tell her all about work and how bars and clubs don’t interest you. I am just teasing my love. Can I help you cook?”

“Sure, if you want to chop those vegetables, I’ll prep the chicken.”

I made us both a wonderful plate of food then we sat together on the couch.

“That was so good, I don’t know how you manage to give so much flavor without a bunch of packet sauces.”

“It’s about getting the seasoning right, with the right ingredients you just need to enhance the flavors and you can’t go wrong,” I replied.

“Well, you sure take after Mom in that regard, I can’t cook to save myself.”

“So how is the marketing job going?”

“Oh I’m doing something else now, what I learned there sure helped but they were shitty to work for. Speaking of which, I have something for you, can you bring me my bag?”

I handed her purse to her. Clara took out an envelope, put her bag on the floor and leaned forward to me and kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t a friendly, sisterly peck, it was a sensual kiss.

“Whoa, what was that for?” I said, a little stunned.

“For a great dinner. This is for you,” she said, handing me the envelope.

I opened it up as she watched me, it was full of $20 bills.

“What’s this for? I didn’t loan you any money or anything.”

“My love, I make enough money with my other subscribers to pay you through Harvard, I don’t want to take your money too.”

“Sub.. what do you mean?”

“You don’t have to play innocent, I’m not upset, I’m really happy actually.”

“I don’t understand.”

Clara just smiled then pulled off her t-shirt and the sports bra she was wearing under it in one smooth move, her breasts spilled out less than a foot from me. I could only stare and I was instantly hard, my sweatpants doing nothing to hide that.

“I giggled when I saw your screen name, thinking ‘oh how sweet, my little brother’s first hamster was called that’ then you actually signed your own name on a few of the questions you asked me. You like these don’t you, you didn’t quit when you knew it was me.”

I could feel my face getting red, I tried to keep eye contact but the perfect 36c breasts that I’d masturbated to on a screen were right in front of me.

“I… I’m sorry, I, you’re so beautiful and sexy and I couldn’t stop,” I stammered.

Clara took the envelope and put it on my coffee table then took my hand and put it on her breast and smiled at me.

“Do you think I’d be here if I was upset with you? I’m going to confess something that none of my other subscribers will know, when I was 18 I lost my virginity to Uncle kaçak iddaa Carl. I was staying with him and Aunt Heather for the week and I accidentally walked in on them having sex. Well, having sex is a bit of an over simplification, he was fucking our cousin Gina from behind while she ate Heather’s pussy and I was stunned. He slowed down a little and said to me, ‘If you’re staying, get those clothes off, if you don’t want to, just don’t tell anyone’ and well, I stayed. When I told them I was a virgin they all stopped and made it the most magical moment of my life, Heather and Gina took my clothes off, kissed me all over and when I laid on the bed, they took turns licking me until I came the first time then Uncle Carl made love to me. He was gentle until I was ready then he was passionate until I exploded with pleasure and I spent the rest of that week in their bed exploring all the pleasures a human body can and I’ve never looked back. I go see them at least 3 times a year, when people wonder why Gina still lives at home, well, it’s because she wouldn’t get the sex she gets at home anywhere else.”

I hadn’t moved my hand, my cock was throbbing but I was still too nervous to move.

“Wh… why are you telling me this?”

“Oh little brother, you’re the smartest boy I know but you have zero clue about women. Stand up.”

I nervously did as she asked, Clara stood up and pulled my t-shirt off, pulled my sweatpants and boxer briefs down in one move then gently pushed me back down onto my ass. My cock was still standing hard, she hiked up her skirt and straddled me, held my cock in place then took me inside herself in one thrust. Her pussy felt amazing and tight, as the warmth enveloped my cock I groaned out loud and just gazed up at her, stunned at where I was.

“Your cock feels so good,” she said, slowly grinding on my cock.

“I… I.. this is, we sh.. shouldn’t..” I tried to say, she held my face and kissed me with a passion I’d never felt before.

“I’d rather you made love to me the first time but I can tell you’re conflicted. Once you’ve cum in me we’ll talk but this is happening little brother, I know you want this.”

“I, oh fuck that feels good, I was trying to say this couch is a bitch to clean, can we take it to my room.”

Clara grinned and got off me, helped me to my feet and led me by the hand to my room. She took off her skirt while I took my socks off then laid on her back.

“Foreplay can be next time, fuck me,” she said after laying on her back with her legs open.

I climbed on top of her and with her help, pushed my cock back inside her, after savoring the feeling for a second or two I began to thrust, hard enough to watch her breasts jiggle but not so hard I’d cum too soon.

“This feels so good, feels like a dream,” I said, breathlessly.

“You should cum in me, I fingered myself twice on the drive over here just thinking about this, I’m safe baby, fill me with your seed,” she replied.

I increased my pace at her insistence and as expected I didn’t last, I pushed deep inside her and erupted, cumming so hard I almost blacked out, my climax setting Clara off too. When I was finally spent I rolled off her and laid on my back to catch my breath, Clara rolled over, draped one leg over mine and snuggled into me.

“That was better than I imagined it would be,” she said after a while.

“I have jerked off to your pictures but I never imagined I’d have this.”

“Well, you can have this as much as you want, how are you with a camera?”

“Uhm, pretty good, I still have that old 35mm Mom taught me with.”

“Well I’m upgrading you with a digital SLR, I have a few shoots in mind that I’ve had requests for, you won’t be in them but I’ve had 3 requests for close ups with cum dribbling from me and I can’t think of a better man to put it in me.”

“That sounds like fun.”

“Well if you happen to get excited taking pictures of the mess you made we can make another mess afterwards, maybe test the market for incest porn, most people think it’s all fake anyways. Mmm, speaking of which, can you grab my phone from my bag, you’ve left my legs quite weak my love.”

I handed Clara her phone after getting it from the lounge.

“Thank you, doing stuff for me is rewarded you know, lay back down,” said Clara, her phone forgotten about.

Clara took my softening cock into her mouth and began to suck me, her mouth felt amazing and she soon had me hard again. She took a selfie with my cock in her mouth too then sent it to someone, I didn’t know who at first. When her phone chimed with a reply she got up onto all fours.

“Take me from behind, nice and slow, I want to feel this cock deep in me,” she said, looking back at me.

I did as she asked, when I was deep inside her, my balls soaked with our combined juices still leaking from her, she held the phone up and answered her video call.

“N.. Now do you believe me, I told you I knew it was him,” she said, a grinning Gina was on the phone.

“Hey kaçak bahis cousin, I hope you’re coming with your sexy sister next month, my Dad will sure be relieved he’ll have help to please all 3 of us,” said Gina.

“Uhm, Hi Gina,” I replied.

“He’s still, oh fuck yes, right there, he’s still getting used to this, I’ll have him ready. Gotta go, no way I’ll be able to hold the phone through this one,” said Clara.

“Bye you two,” said Gina then the phone was put aside.

“You’re hitting my spot so fucking well, harder baby,” she gasped.

It took some convincing, okay, a few blow jobs but a few weeks later I quit my job at the tech firm and became Clara’s personal photographer. Her subscriber count was climbing and she was struggling to take the pictures herself anymore. Our creampie pictures, my cum leaking from her pussy after we fucked, became real popular too and being a premium item, made us quite a bit extra.

A week before we were due to visit Aunt Gina for a week of fun, Mom invited us out to lunch, she met us at a small bistro near her house and was already there when Clara and I arrived. She greeted us both with a loving hug.

“You both look so happy and healthy, it’s good to see you,” she said, smiling.

“Is good to see you too Mom,” said Clara.

“I’ve ordered a giant pizza for us all, hope that’s okay,” said Mom. We both said yes. “So, how’s the new job going Marcus, your sister told me she got you a photographer job, I’m glad I kept and gave you that camera all those years ago.”

“It’s good yea, I just wasn’t happy at that tech place,” I replied.

“Well, I’m just glad it’s not a stranger providing for those premium pictures of yours young lady,” Mom said with a smile.

“Uh, what?” replied Clara.

“I’ll save you both the back and forward, Heather told me about your personal page, I have a subscription that I share with her, mostly to make sure you’re not sharing gang bang pics or something but I’ve noticed your quality improving with Marcus taking the pictures now. Not that I’m against gang bangs, I just think your fan base prefers more class than that.”

Clara and I sat stunned. At that moment our pizza arrived, Mom gave us a slice each and began eating hers.

“So, I can see the look on your faces, your Uncle Carl and I have been fucking since we were 18, I introduced Heather to him and until Gina turned 18, I’d be their 3rd in bed every chance I got. I know about you two and I think it’s wonderful, I know Carl will be relieved you’re finally joining, poor man was worried we were going to break his cock or give him a heart attack but when the men rest we have our tongues. Please eat. Anyway, make sure to bring your camera, I want to test the water for my website, I’m sure with your marketing skills Clara and your photography Marcus, I can retire early and move closer to Carl and Heather.”

“I had no idea,” said Clara with a smile.

“Who do you think taught your cousin how to eat pussy so well, her tongue is amazing isn’t it?” said Mom.

“Oh fuck yes it is, I’d almost give up cock for her. Almost, this one here sure knows how to push my buttons.”

“And by the amount he’s been shifting in his seat I’m sure he could use some relief. Finish that slice and come to the family restroom, I’ll be waiting,” said Mom, she got up and walked inside.

“Oh fuck, here, ask if she’ll tape it, I can’t believe I’ll miss this,” said Clara, handing me her phone.

“What uh, what’s happening?” I said.

“My love, you are about to have sex with Mom for the first time, when we get back to her car I’m going to eat your cum from her in her back seat, now go.”


“Oh don’t you dare, next weekend you’re going to be fucking your Aunt, while your Cousin sits on your face while I’m being plowed by our Uncle a few feet from us and Mom will be licking and sucking all of us after we fuck her. Go.”

I was nervous, any barriers that remained in my mind about how wrong having sex with your family was were long since shattered but I’d never really entertained the notion that Mom would be involved. She was essentially an older version of Clara, same great breasts, same body and now I knew she was just as filthy minded as Clara too. I pushed the door of the bathroom and it opened, Mom was sitting down with her dress bunched round her waist, fingering herself as she waited.

“Lock the door and drop your pants,” she said as she stood.

She leaned over the vanity and shook her ass at me, I briefly gazed at her ass then guided my cock into her pussy.

“Oh fuck that feels nice, I’ll need to remember to be quiet. Don’t hold back, your sister can get me off if you don’t,” she said as I began to thrust.

I didn’t last long, I completely forgot about Clara’s phone but when I came, shuddering as I pushed in deep to fill my own mother with cum, she came too and her pussy was like a vice grip on my cock, almost milking every drop of cum I had. When we were both spent, I pulled out slowly, grinning as I caught my breath. Mom leaned over and sucked our juices off my cock then straightened herself up. As we tried to sneak out of the bathroom together, the waiter was coming out of the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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