HIS P.E.T. 6

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HIS P.E.T. 6


It was frankly still shocking to me. Only four weeks ago, I was that frustrated woman seeking thrills by privately separating my sexual life and my professional life. Then, in seemingly a blink of an eye, I awoke this morning to the insistent demands of a huge dog wanting to again fuck me. Never mind that during the night I had been double penetrated by Hein and Chris, then spent the night in the kennel and mounted by both dogs two times before.

Then I found myself naked before the rest of the household as they finish their breakfast. Hein had pulled me into his lap and fondled my breast in front of them. Not that my nudity was any longer new for me or them. It had only just happened. Their discussion was a sort of evaluation of me joining their group in the house to fill that unique position he craved. He had pinched my nipple, causing me to flinch slightly, but I held his eyes, letting a spontaneous smile cross my face. “What decision did you come to, Laura? You’ve heard from the others who want you to join us. What do you want?”

I had smiled back at him, sending smiles to all of them. “I want to stay here. I want the position.”

He boosted me off his lap and patted my naked butt. “Okay, then. Go upstairs and use your shower. Primp a little bit and you’ll find the clothes on your bed I want you to put on. Then, meet me in my office in the south wing and we will discuss this further.”

I had found the suite I had been using cleaned out. None of the few personal items I had with me were in the suite. I had turned around in wonder and noticed a pair of high heels at the door to the master bedroom. And that was where I found the clothes, such as they were, on the bed in the master bedroom. The implication was immediately clear to me: I wasn’t just going to fill a sexual role but also be his companion and would share his private space.

I picked up the black lace choker from on top of the plastic package containing the sheer, black stockings and examined the silver medallion. As I reread the three letters, I ran my thumb over the engraving. The lace felt exquisite, luxurious. The diamond-shaped, silver medallion shone in the light. I noticed that it wasn’t three letters, but three letters each with a period after it, “P.E.T.”, although it was the letters that were seen. Holding the choker made me tingle throughout my body, but mostly in my pussy and nipples. He promised me he could give the sexual excitement I desired and the fulfillment of meaningful work. He made the decision, even before hearing my reaction.

I carefully placed the choker back on the package and rushed into the master bathroom. He had said to go to my shower and referred to my bed for the clothes he selected. As I rushed into the bathroom to shower before joining him in his home office, I smiled at the realization that this was my bedroom and bathroom. The master bedroom! I really was his, now. And, I tingled more.

I looked at myself in the floor-length mirror on the wall. My body cleaned, light makeup, my naturally wavy hair flowing over my shoulders. The black choker and medallion around my neck, black thigh-high stockings, and the black, single-strap 4 ½ inch heels. My entire outfit to meet him in his home office. I felt pretty and naughty. My old 3-inch heels were gone. He apparently wanted me in these higher heels. I would need to be careful as I got used to them, especially on the marble steps going downstairs. But, that only seemed to put an exclamation point on this, marking the significant change occurring in my life. The more I looked at myself and the more I thought about it, the more I tingled. I thought I should probably get moving, to see what he had for us to discuss. The more I delayed, the hornier I got. Would it be appropriate to show up in front of him with the insides of my thighs glistening with my arousal?

I grabbed my copy of the contract and chuckled as I exited the bedroom, walked through the sitting room, and exited the suite into the hall. I chuckled as I carefully descended the stairs, my heels making a clearly heard ‘click, clack’. Yes, I suspect glistening thighs might not be inappropriate.

I managed to somewhat gracefully descend the stairs without breaking an ankle and was surprised by my confident attitude as I turned to the left at the bottom to the south wing of the house. I told myself not to nervously look to see if anyone might see me like this. This was now between Hein and me. The others seemed to be fully aware and accepting of what Hein was intending. That didn’t mean I didn’t feel vulnerable and exposed, though. Before now, I might have found myself casually naked from being in the pool or nearly so with only a long tee-shirt. Now, this was blatant and intentional. The few items I did wear seemed to only intensify and amplify my nakedness.

I made my way down the short hallway and noticed how the higher heels affected my walk. To strike the ground without putting too much pressure on just the heel meant a slight exaggeration, which had a similar effect on the movement of my hips. Of course, they also made my calf muscles pop out.

The door was open so I knocked on the jam. He was at his desk, two laptops open and papers in front of him. Hearing my knock, he looked up and rose, coming around the desk. He came up to me, put his index finger under the medallion and looked at it, despite him knowing exactly what it said. He smiled and looked into my eyes. He leaned forward and I eagerly leaned into him to accept his kiss. His hands were on my bare butt and back. He stepped back and looked at me.

“If you were an employee in your boss’s office, how would you be feeling?”

“Wicked and wanton.”

He smiled. “Perfect. In just a moment, you can be my employee and this is my office.” I returned the smile.

He went back to his desk and chair, indicating the chair on the opposite side. It wasn’t until then that I noticed the change in the room. The desk was a large glass oval with double pedestal bases of carved oak. I suppose it could have been used as a dining room table, too. Both chairs were identical executive office chairs. Guest chairs were on either side. A credenza with shelves and cabinets were behind him. A sofa and two more sitting chairs were behind the opposite side surrounding a heavy oak coffee table. The carpeting was lush and soft. The walls were covered with shelves or original art.

I stood next to the opposite chair and looked at him. He smiled. “This is not only my office but your office.” He looked up and down my body, not making any effort to hide the fact. “This might be a bit distracting initially, but I can’t think of a better way for us to work together than on opposite sides of the same desk.” He paused for a moment while I pulled the other chair out and sat down, sliding it up to the desk. “I openly confess as to the obvious selection of a glass top desk.”

I laughed. “I don’t think you will want for seeing my body.” He nodded.

We signed the contracts, each having an original. He would make my hire official through the corporate channels. I gave him the account number for direct depositing. He, in turn, spun one of the laptops around and pushed it to me. I would be signing into the laptop as though I was Hein. Any modifications and revisions I made to documents would then show up as from him. My email would be from a separate server from the corporate one. I would not have an office located at either headquarters. When I joined him at one of those offices, I would remain with him. He indicated several short-cuts on the computer desktop for the location of documents, presentations, and papers he was currently working on. Those would get me started.

Then, he leaned back. I caught his eyes drifting down to my breasts several times. He smiled at the recognition that I knew he was doing it. “Questions? You must have a hundred.”

I bahis şirketleri chuckled, “Some, yes. PET.” I fingered the medallion at my throat. “What is this about?”

He smiled. “It might seem dismissive, but it is not. Well, not entirely. I struggled for something that would be meaningful in a double entendre sort of way for us. Calling you Pet can be endearing or demeaning. The things we are going to do, with your acceptance, might give the term one sense when I mean it in the other. But, it is also an acronym based on our understanding of what you are with me. P E T would stand for Professional advisor & Erotic Toy.”

“Professional … Erotic Toy … How long did that take?” I was teasing him.

He smiled, “Yes, trying too hard, perhaps. But, that being said, as my advisor, you’ll provide a sounding board for interpersonal relationships and the motivations of others; advise me on management and client conflicts; provide written document and publication review, editing, and recommendations; and provide any other support and advice as needed.”

“And your Toy …”

“Hmmmm … yes … besides being my personal and profession advisor, you’ll be my personal sexual partner and the bitch for Max and Axel.” He watched me but I didn’t react. It was what I expected. “And … as the Toy, provide sexual and personal behavior in the manner identified by me, and perform sexual services and acts when, how, and where I might decide.” I raised an eyebrow at him, but there was a smile on my face. “I know, it sounds different than how I said it before. It’s not, though. What I mean is that I will ask for you to do certain sexual things but you always will have the freedom to reject them. We agreed that I didn’t want a sex slave or submissive. I found the strong woman who wants to discover and try increasing sexual thrills and excitement. I worded it the way I did because I think you will be excited and thrilled by the opportunities I bring to you.”

I smiled at him but the smile belied something else under the surface. “I completely agree.” I paused and pushed my chair back. “Is there anything else?” He shook his head, puzzled by my change in attitude. “Good.” I rose from the chair, bent over the end of the desk with my legs spread wide, and looked up at him. “Because I need to be fucked.”

After all the cock I had last night, I ended up proving to him and myself what I needed. I didn’t question that I would willingly and excitedly do whatever he suggested. He stood and walked to me, d****d over the end of the desk, unzipping the fly of his dress pants as he approached. And he did fuck me. Rather unceremoniously, too, I might add. And, just what I needed. After which, he sent me back out to the dogs. I swung my hips saucily at him as I left. I could see that I was going to go through a lot of stockings.

Hein arranged for Chris to take me back to Phoenix on the private jet for me to quit my job at the bank and to oversee the movers who would meet us at the apartment. The only things he suggested to me was: I should follow Chris’ lead as if he was him; and, to seriously consider what I wanted to bring to Miami on the plane, what should go into storage, and what might be donated to Goodwill.

I was more concerned with the resigning without notice, but he assured me that would be covered by the time I met with my old boss. In the end, though, old boss versus new boss, I didn’t ultimately care how mad the old one might become because of who my new one was. So, I had two mysteries, but I had learned with Hein that I would learn things in due time.

With that attitude, I was able to fully relax on the plane and it was nice to not be the only passenger for a change. I read some but Chris and I talked a lot about Hein, his time with him, but not much about his own background.

Chris thought it might be good for me to know and understand about Hein since I would be an inner circle confidant going forward. Hein was a rare combination of being highly successful in diverse and competitive global businesses and heading a conglomerate while also rising up through his career being an introvert and a c***dhood history of stuttering, which still gave him anxiety and a strong reluctance to speak in public. The introversion made it difficult for him to host the gatherings he was forced to handle and was why he had such a strong protection of his private life and residences. He simply required surrounding and trusted people where he was not challenged and he could completely relax and be himself.

He said, “His grandfather and father started and grew the corporation, but Hein took it into the Americas, particularly the US. Because of Hein, KONINGH Group is twice what it was. He takes that pressure for it to succeed very seriously. A kind of debt to the family tree, in a way.” He paused, looked out at the barely visible ground below. “His names are interesting and telling. In Dutch, Koningh means ‘king’ and Hein means ‘ruler of the house’.” He chuckled. “In a way, from birth, he has felt pressure.”

That did explain some things about him. His comment that first night about not sleeping. I will have to make it a routine to administer ‘hot, sweaty, jungle-monkey sex’ on a regular basis.

“He made a comment to me. About not worrying about my resigning without notice. Do you know anything about that?”

He laughed. “He’s probably talking to their CEO right now. Just do whatever they need you to do through HR, there will be no problem with future references if you should ever need it.” He looked at me curiously, “Are you thinking you might need a good reference from them in the future?”

I laughed, “I sure hope not. I plan on being the most excellent PET he’s ever imagined.”

With the resignation taken care of surprisingly ease, we checked into our hotel for the night, then made our way to the apartment where the movers had just arrived. The movers were amazingly efficient in wrapping, boxing, and moving to trucks. Trucks, because there was a small truck for personal things and clothes that would be joining us on the plane tomorrow. Another small truck that would be for the Goodwill and the final truck for going to storage. I eliminated about half of my clothes when Chris reminded me of the life I would be living. We were out of there by 5:00 PM which was good because Chris said we had dinner planned with the pilots at 7:00. That was a surprise, but Hein had said to just roll with Chris.

I was surprised, but not disappointed, that there was one room reserved for Chris and me. I teased him about a reservation mix-up and he let it ride with a sly grin.

I had brought only one nice dress and it was the little black dress I had worn that night Hein. I knew I looked good in it and it made me feel good. Besides, I was in a different city with a very handsome and virile man with whom I would be sharing the bed, as it turned out.

When I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me, I found Chris at the little table with a glass of bourbon in his hand. He indicated to the dresser where there was one waiting for me. He apparently decided to raid the mini-bar before dinner. He was dressed and ready but clearly very comfortable sitting where he could watch me dress. I smiled at him, dropped the towel and walked to the dresser. I picked up the glass and sipped the amber contents, then picked up my thong and slid it up my legs. I did it, though, by bending over with my legs straight and pulling it up before straightening, again. I glanced at him and found I did indeed have a rapt audience. I turned to him in only my thong and sipped more from the glass.

“What do you think? Stockings or not?”

“Stockings”, he said. “I like you in stockings.”

I chuckled. “What you like, dear man, is me naked in stockings.” He smiled and raised his glass to me. I laughed at his honesty and finished dressing.

We were meeting the pilots in the lobby and going to the selected illegal bahis restaurant together. When we reached the ground floor, Chris touched my arm to stop me.

“After dinner, we’ll come back here for a couple of drinks. After a couple of drinks, I want you to do that thing you did with Hein that first night.” I looked at him puzzled. I did a lot of things with Hein that first night. “You know … the thing with your panties …”

I looked to the lobby and the pilots and back to Chris. “You want me to leave and bring back my panties to you? While we are all in the bar?”

He smiled, “Nooooo … I want you to place them on the table between them. Then, convince them to come upstairs.”

I opened my mouth, then closed it. Then opened it, again. “This is what Hein meant about following your lead …” He nodded. He was watching me closely. I looked back to the pilots and took his arm. After a couple of steps, I quietly responded, “Well, three-on-one … sounds like an interesting evening.” He squeezed my arm.

He formally introduced me to the pilots. Bob Schafer and Steve Adams.

The restaurant was another high-end place specializing in beef, which was fine with me, although I did choose the smallest size they had with no potatoes and extra vegetables. I heard about International travel and some of the interesting places they have been since flying for Hein. They were interested in hearing more about me since they had been flying me around lately. I tried convincing them there wasn’t much to say, but a few looks to Chris and they knew otherwise, I was just not going to talk about what I was now doing for Hein.

The two pilots were Bob Schafer, the senior pilot, and Steve Adams, the co-pilot. Bob has been flying with Hein and others at KONINGH for six years. He’s in his mid-40’s and single which makes it easy for him to fly wherever Hein needs to go. His brown hair is cut short and about 5’-10” and 170 pounds. His partner, Steve, has been with KONINGH for three years, upper-30’s and recently out of the Air Force, finishing his flight training for this jet before coming to KONINGH. He has light brown hair, cut like he was still in the military, a few inches taller and maybe 10 pounds heavier.

After dinner, we returned to the hotel. Chris took Bob and Steve into the bar and I excused myself to use the restroom. Instead, I went up to the room, turned down the bed to expose the bottom sheet and turned on and off lights until I felt it had the right feeling to it. I then did use the bathroom and rushed back to the bar. I stopped just outside the entry, collected myself, and walked deliberately into the room, exaggerating my appearance of trying to find them. I quickly found them, Bob and Steve waving for me.

They found a booth. Chris slid out so I could slide in. After a drink, which was still one behind them, I nudged Chris and nodded. Without a word, I slid out, located the restrooms and walked with a bit more swing than I might normally have, but I knew what was expected. I might not have understood why, but I knew what was expected. And, thinking about the idea of the three of them and little ol’ me … well, I had been excited much of the night. Hein said he could give me opportunities and he wasn’t k**ding. Just three days officially on the job, so to speak, and it was already going beyond the tight group.

I stood at the entry to the area of the restrooms facing out into the bar. I caught Chris’ eye. He was apparently watching for my return. Chris glanced at the other two and they seemed involved in some discussion that Chris was only partly paying any attention to. I walked to the booth and the closer I got, I found Chris’ eyes not on me, but down at the level of my hands. My left hand was relaxed and open. My right hand, though, was balled in a fist.

I had been rehearsing what I might say to them as I laid the tiny thong on the table, but nothing seemed to sound right. The more I worked at it, the less comfortable and realistic it sounded. I decided to wing it and be natural.

I came up to the table and stood at the edge. My left hand went out to keep Chris in position. I put my right hand awkwardly on the table and reach across to take my nearly empty glass. I drained it in one gulp, feeling the welcome burn of Jack Daniels sliding down my throat. I glanced at Chris and focused my gaze on Bob and Steve. I leaned past Steve and placed my right hand between them on the table. When I brought my hand back, it was open and relaxed. I stood there for only a moment as Bob realized what I had done and elbowed Steve. They both looked at it, then to Chris. I noticed a slight shrug from him in my peripheral view.

Steve touch it, then opened it to see that it was a thong. He looked up, “Wha … yours?” I nodded. He glanced at Bob, then Chris, and back to me. “It … it’s wet.” Indeed. The small amount of cloth covering my pussy was quite soaked from my juices.

I stepped back and Chris exited the booth to settle our bill to our room. I watched him for a moment, then turned to Bob and Steve. “Yes, very much so.” I put my hand out, “I was hoping you might help me with that problem …” They were sliding out of the booth immediately.

Chris was waiting for us at the exit of the bar. I walked in the midst of them to the elevator. I stopped in front of it and told Chris we were going to our room. The other two looked at each other with silly grins. Yes, we were sharing a room. I turned and kissed each of the men on the lips. As I was, the elevator ‘dinged’. I looked to find another couple in their 30’s waiting, also. I smiled at them, still hanging onto Steve’s neck, “We’ll catch the next one, thanks.”

Once their elevator closed, Chris re-hit the up button. I stepped in front of him and looked over my shoulder at him. “Will you please help me with the zipper?” He did as I had requested, lowering the zipper to the bottom, exposing my bare back to the top of my ass. The elevator came and I stepped inside, standing in the middle of the small space. As the doors closed, I pulled the dress over my head and handed it to Chris. Having already removed my thong, I was naked except for the stocking and my heels.

I turned and kissed each in turn and continued to until we reached the 12th floor. Before very long, though, as I kissed one, other hands were on my body. The elevator ‘dinged’ and the guys parted, giving me room to exit first. There was nobody waiting and nobody in the hallway. As with Hein, I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed. I think a little of both.

I walked ahead of them and stopped at our door. Chris used the keycard. When they entered the room, they could see from the bed that this had been planned in advance. Chris raided the mini-bar, but I didn’t need anything more. Bob and Steve just stood awkwardly, though, staring at me while they tried not to stare.

I put my hands on my hips, jauntily shifted my weight to my right leg, and gave them one command that received an immediate response: get out of your clothes.

Chris actually poured some whiskey into three glasses before following suit, and by the time he caught up I was on my knees in front of Bob and Steve diligently sucking cock. As I moved my head and mouth between the two of them, they each had a hand softly on a shoulder. Chris moved next to me, finally naked himself, and my left hand moved toward him, groping and fumbling for his cock. I stroked him as I continued to devote the attention of my mouth to the other men. We didn’t talk about this specifically, but the intention seemed to be bringing these two more into the inner circle of familiarity.

With two hard cocks in front of me, I stood up, giving each of them a peck on the lips, parted them and crawled onto the bed, laying back well short of the pillows to allow room, bent a knee and dropped it to the side. I stared at the two men, put a hand out to them and didn’t really care which of illegal bahis siteleri them would react first. Steve appeared to feel the most confident in the situation and moved up between my legs. He lowered his face to my thighs and kissed his way to my crotch where he planted kisses on my upper pussy, at which point I bent the other leg and splayed it out, too. I motioned to Bob to come to the side of my head and I retook his cock into my mouth. Chris came to the opposite side and my head rotated back and forth between them as Steve’s eagerness moved him up my body with a single kiss to each nipple.

I felt his cock head probing and moving along my pussy lips, his hand moving it in search of my opening until it slipped inside my ready pussy. I moaned around the cocks as he gasped at the initial penetration. I rotated my pelvis and he pressed further into me, pulled out nearly all the way and thrust deeper in. He quickly established an aggressive stroke fucking me as the two I was sucking moved a hand to my breasts and nipples, fondling, tweaking, and pinching. My mouth would open around the cock and moan or gasp or groan before clamping back around it and sucking furiously.

I groaned my arousal and stimulation as my body rose to an orgasm with the three men diligently attending to erogenous zones on my body. Steve thrust his cock deep into my pussy, jamming his pelvic bone against my clit, which elicited a muffled cry as I felt my orgasm just about to explode when I felt his cock twitch and pulse inside my clamping pussy. As my body and mind exploded with tiny bursts of nerve endings reacting to the jolts coursing through my body, I thanked Hein for his attention and insistence for working on my pussy muscles. Clamping my walls around the cock, increasing the friction and stimulating contact with his hard flesh inside me, told me exactly the moment he was about to cum, to spurt his first seed into my hungry chamber. My orgasm only added to the sensation as my pussy’s efforts changed from intentional to erratic spasms around the straining rod of flesh inside me.

I had turned my head and lost contact with cocks at my mouth as I went through my orgasm, but as Steve raised himself and pulled his body away from mine, his cock pulling sensuously from my gripping pussy, I look up at Bob who I assumed would be the next. With Steve out of the way, I sat up and patted the bed where I had been lying. He took my place and I quickly crawled over his legs until I was straddling his hips. His hard, rigid cock was pressing my pussy lips as I ground against him, my eyes staring into his. His mouth was already open with short gasps and moans escaping.

I moved my pussy to the head of his cock, turned to find Steve and motioned him over. He looked confused, but I insisted. I reached behind me, held Bob’s cock in the air and sat down on it, missing it with my opening, but quickly adjusted and sank down the entire length in one motion. Bob gasped at the sudden feel of his cock buried in my hot, wet pussy.

Steve was standing next to me and I looked at him with my own eyes slightly glazed by the sensation of the second cock grinding inside my pussy. “Come over here closer. Let me clean you off, first.” Steve looked at me, then at Chris who, again, just shrugged. I took Steve’s cock into my mouth and thoroughly sucked and licked him clean of our combined juices.

I bet over and kissed Bob, not giving him the chance to think about my lips and tongue having the combined fluids of his co-pilot with mine. I rose and fell on his cock, alternating with a grinding back and forth, and a circular rotation. All of it intended purely to provide random sensations for him and me. Cowgirl always seems to provide the best penetration and I enjoy the ability to be in full control of the power and speed of the thrusts. But, when I stopped with his cock head just inside me, Bob took over with awkward thrusts up into the air, driving his cock into me. The mix of motions and penetration was thrilling.

Chris, though, was not to be left out of my attention for too long. He crawled on his knees to me, his hard cock in his hand. I leaned into him, kissing him long and hard before dropping down, supporting my body with an arm as I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked vigorously to keep him rigid. I was going to give Chris the option and I was curious what he would choose.

Bob, however, was having his own issues with me. I pressed down onto him, grinding our pelvises together, my clit being massed against his body. Another orgasm was rising within me quickly. I released Chris’ cock and clamped my pussy around Bob’s cock, looking into his eyes to gauge his response. What I saw and felt was a man already rigid in a desperate attempt to hold off his own climax. I smiled down at him, “Don’t … I am there, too. Cum with me, Bob!”

I collapsed on top of Bob, gently moving my pelvis and my pussy on his slowly deflating cock. I sat up, not quite ready to release him from within me. I felt something cold on my upper arm and found Steve holding a glass with ice it. I thanked him and gulped it down, choking and gasping when I swallowed, forgetting they were drinking a whiskey. I coughed and gasped, my body rocking in the process and doing interesting things to my pussy and clit. I was still ready for more and I looked at Chris with new lust.

I swung my leg over Bob and stood at the edge of the bed looking at Chris. I raised my eyebrows at him. I hadn’t really given the other two much of a choice in how they got fucked, but I knew Chris better.

He gave me a sly smile. Without taking his eyes off mine, “Hey, Steve … go out on the balcony and check it out. See if the railing feels solid.”

I laughed, “You know about that!” He just nodded. Steve came back with affirmatives and Chris raised his eyebrows at me. I shrugged and laughed, “Why not.”

He placed his hand on the small of my back and guided me out onto the narrow balcony. We looked in both directions along the side of the hotel before he pressed me up against the railing and bent me over it. He was so quickly inside my pussy that I cried out, causing me to put my hand over my mouth and both of us to laugh. Bob and Steve followed us outside and cheered. I looked to the right and found someone several rooms away leaning out and looking our way. I wouldn’t doubt they might see my naked upper body but wasn’t sure how much more than that they could know for sure. But, either way, the man, followed by a woman shortly after, stayed and watched. My guess was they figured out more than I would have liked. As our moans continued, I decided to not hold back and go with the moment. Then I was sure they knew when they started clapping.

And, as cum soaked as my pussy was, it was going to take Chris some time to reach his climax. That didn’t slow my orgasms down, though. That only brought more noise from the other guys and the people further away.

That was quite a night.

We were back at the airport in time to direct the placement of my personal boxes into the plane’s cargo area. After signing off on the delivery, I walked to the stairs. Chris was alongside me and followed me up, but stopped halfway to say something to Steve. I had been setup on this trip and I was about to discover one more element of that, which might likely follow me on future trips.

As I stepped into the plane, Bob was standing in the doorway to the cockpit. He stopped me as I turned to go into the cabin. I looked over my shoulder at him, surprised that he was being so playful now that we were headed back to Miami. Instead, I felt his fingers at the back of my sundress and the zipper being pulled down. I saw Chris arrive next to us and expected some tension but instead got another surprise.

“Hein thought it would be a nice way for you to travel.”

I heard Bob behind me, “Mr. Koningh is a very smart man.” His fingers were on my shoulders and inching the straps off, “May I hang this up for you, Laura?”

I let the dress fall, catching it by the strap, and handing it to him. “Well, then … glad I didn’t wear any underwear …”

* * CHAPTER 7: PET & HER HOUSEMATES will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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