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She heard the doorbell ring inside the house as her finger depressed the button to the left of the door. Birds chirped in the trees around the neighborhood and the air was fragrant with spring flowers. After a few moments the sound of footsteps could be heard from inside. The door opened and there stood a stern looking woman who appeared to be in her late 50’s.

“Mrs. Anderson?”

“No, ma’am. I’m Mrs. Shaw, Mr. Anderson’s housekeeper. You must be with home health?” Said the stern faced lady.

“Yes, ma’am. My name is Courtney Anderson.”

“Very good, come inside.” said Mrs. Shaw bluntly as she stepped aside for the younger lady to enter.

Closing the door behind them, Mrs. Shaw said, “You’ll find Mr. Anderson in the bedroom at the end of the downstairs hallway.”

Courtney’s eyes followed the older woman’s pointed finger and saw the hallway to the entry to the hallway under the stairs.

“Thank you, Mrs. Shaw.” she said.

“Yes, of course.” she replied curtly.

As Courtney made her way to the hallway she took in the house and was somewhat surprised by the immaculate state of the home. Everything was neat and orderly, and there was a pleasant herbal fragrance in the home, not one of the typical shut in’s dwelling where the smell of sweat, piss and decay seemed to permeate every nook and cranny.

Photos and art hung neatly on the walls. The hallway had an ornate hand woven runner over the polished hardwood floor. Sunlight filtered in to the rooms along the hallway filling the house with a warmth also missing from most of her patients homes.

When she reached the door at the end she heard classical music playing softly emanating from the open doorway.

She knocked on the door face and spoke, “Mr. Anderson?”

“Yes?” came a male voice, cracked with disuse from the room.

Courtney stepped into the room and saw him laying prone in the bed with a book in his hand. The bed was much like ones found in any hospital room, but far nicer. It was raised up at the head allowing him to sit rather than lay flat. Candles burned on the dresser along the far wall, wafting their scent into the room.

He was a handsome man. His chart indicated his height at 6’3 and 190 pounds. The salt and pepper hair belied his 68 years and gave the impression of a much younger man.

“You must be the new nurse.” Mr. Anderson stated with a slight slur to his words; very common with stroke victims.

“Actually, I’m a nursing assistant, Mr. Anderson. My name is Courtney Anderson and I’ll be taking care of you for a while.”

“Wonderful.” he said with a broad smile that lit up his face. “It’ll be great having someone new to talk with.”

“Yes, sir.” She said not wanting to contradict him.

Many home heath patients are so starved for human contact that they become very demanding on health staff and create situations where the health care workers dread these visits. Courtney hoped that Mr. Anderson would not be one of these.

“What happened to the other lady that was coming out?” he implored.

“She changed positions recently and is no longer doing house calls.” She replied as she leafed through her paper work on Mr. Anderson.

“Just so I’m up to speed on your condition, Mr. Anderson, you have partial paralysis from a stroke. Is this correct?”

“Yes. I had a stroke two years ago. Doctors said I shouldn’t have survived it, much less be able to talk and think a well as I do.”

“That’s good that you have recovered this well. ” Courtney replied. “Can you tell me how old you are, Mr. Anderson?”

“68” he said

“Great. How often…”

“How old are you, Ms. Anderson?”

She smiled at his attempt to divert the conversation to something other than business.

“I’m old enough Mr Anderson.” she said with a smile.

She continued getting various pieces of information from him as required to gauge his cognitive status. Then she took his wrist to get a pulse and respiration. He sat quietly smiling at her as she did so.

After jotting the information in his file, he spoke again. “May I ask what Andersons you are related to, Ms. Anderson?”

“I’m not related to any from here. My husband’s parents moved here from across the country when he was a child. They’re not related to anyone else here.”

The mention of her marital status often quelled some male patient’s flirting. She wasn’t sure Mr. Anderson was flirting but it never hurts to through out a preemptive strike.

“Ok, that’s great. I wouldn’t admit to being related to any of these fools around here anyway.” He said, and winked teasingly.

There came a knocking from the doorway and they both turned to see Mrs. Shaw standing in doorway.

“Mr. Anderson, I am leaving now. Do you need anything else before I go?”

“No, Mrs. Shaw. Thank you.”

“Yes sir. Have a good day.”

She turned and walked out. Her footfalls could be heard down the hall and then the front door closing. Mr. Anderson picked up a small remote control device from his bedside table and casino oyna pressed one of the buttons.

Courtney looked curiously at the device.

“That is the controller for my home automation system. I can lock doors and turn on and off lights throughout the house with it. I just locked the front door after Mrs. Shaw.”

“Oh, ok. That’s pretty neat.” , Courtney said.

He reached over and bumped a computer mouse sitting beside his bed and the monitor came to life. On it were several windows showing video feeds from the outside of the house. On one, Mrs. Shaw could be seen getting into her car. The brake lights came on followed by the reverse lights. Then she began rolling out of the drive. Once she was on the street driving out of the frame he spoke again.

“I’m glad she’s gone.”

He looked at Courtney and smiled.

This concerned her slightly, not knowing what was going through his mind.

“She’s so stuffy.” he said and laughed. “I can’t so much as scratch my nose without her telling my daughter all about it. Don’t get me wrong, she keeps a clean house but she walks around like she has a stick up her butt and tells on me for everything. So I’m always glad to see her leave.”

“Well, that’s too bad. I’m sorry. ” Courtney replied not really knowing what else to say.

“Oh, it’s not your fault dear. Don’t apologize.” , he said smiling warmly.

“May I call you Courtney rather than Mrs. Anderson?”

“Yes sir, that is fine.” She said, feeling more relaxed around him.

“Then please call me Robert.”

“I don’t know; that’s rather personal sir.”

“I insist.” he added.

“OK. ” she said. “I see that you like a bath every day.”

“Yes” he said. Adding, “I hate to feel dirty.”

“Yes sir, I understand.” she agreed. “Are you able to shower?”

“Some days I can make it in there, but its a challenge to be honest.”

“Ok then, I’ll draw some water for a sponge bath.”

She went to the adjoining bathroom and found the basin and wash cloths and began running some warm water.

When she returned, she found Mr. Anderson attempting to remove his shirt. His struggles were saddening to her and she began helping him.

“I am so sorry that you have to do this for me Courtney. I really hate being so dependent on others for everything.”

“It’s ok, Mr. Anderson. That’s why I’m here. “

She removed his shirt and began working down his pajama bottoms.

“Robert. ” he said.

She looked up somewhat puzzled at this.

“Please call me Robert.” he clarified.

“Oh, yes. That’s right.” She said.

She began working down his underwear. Once they were off she went to throw a blanket over his legs as waist but he stopped her.

“If its ok, don’t cover me up please. It’s nice to feel a breeze on my skin.”

“Sure. ” she said, leaving him uncovered head to toe.

She began wiping him up starting at his head and face then working down. She manipulate his left arm that was left paralyzed by his stroke and let him move his right arm as necessary. When she got to his waist, she noticed his flaccid penis for the first time. It was her experience that most men this age, especially white men, had much less to see here. Most have shrunk up inside themselves and resemble a bellybutton more than a penis. But his was about 5 inches flaccid. As she began washing his penis and scrotum and working under to his back side, he began to get an erection. Before she knew it, he was fully erect and over 8″ long.

Apparently she had a look of shock on her face and spoke up. “I’m so sorry Courtney. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“No, Mr. Anderson, that’s alright. Not the first time that’s happened.” She said.

“Robert” he said. “And I’ll bet it’s not the first time.”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Robert.” She said and smiled up at him from her position bathing his legs.

When she was done, she dried him off and helped him with some deodorant and into his clothes.

After making sure that he had everything he needed to hold him until the following day, Courtney left. She noted the door lock behind her as she left and knew that she was most likely being watched as she walked to her car.

The next day she showed up and again rang the doorbell. This time an intercom speaker rang out with Mr. Anderson’s voice.

“Door’s open Courtney.”

She let herself in and walked to his room. He was again sitting in his bed, but this time watching a show on his PC rather than reading.

“Good morning Courtney, how are you today?” He greeted her.

“I’m fine Mr. Anderson. ” she replied, then amended, “Robert, I mean.”

He smiled widened, “That’s right.”

As she approached the bed to make her assessment, he spoke up again.

“You certainly look nice today. I really like that color on you.” he indicated at her scrubs.

“Thank you.”

“But why do all your nurses wear those baggy clothes?” He asked.

“They’re just comfortable.” She said.

“Wouldn’t a blouse and skirt be just as comfortable?”

“Maybe, canlı casino but this is what everyone wears now. ”

“Well, I think nurses should go back to the old fashioned skirt uniforms and high heeled shoes personally.”

“I bet you do.” She said with a trace of a smile. “But I couldn’t stand all day in those shoes.”

“I do. ” he added. “I know the shoes could be troublesome, but I think it looks more professional. Not to mention more attractive.”

“Well, we’re not here to attract people at work.”

“I know, but you are just so pretty and you’re hiding your form under those shapeless clothes.” he stated matter of factly. “I don’t mean to be too forward.”

“Thank you. But again, I’m not here to attract men, much less, my patients.”

“This is true.” He admitted. “But I just never get out anymore. It’s been difficult on me the past two years only seeing the occasional family member, Mrs. Shaw and the nurses that come here. I’m sorry if I come across strong, but I just miss seeing attractive ladies.”

“I can see where you’re coming from, but I can’t really help you.” She said.

“Oh, but you do. I’ve already come to look forward to seeing you.” He said.

“Well, thank you Robert. But we’d better keep that kind of talk to a minimum. Somebody might talk.” she said conspiratorially, hoping he’d take the hint and drop it.

“But who’s to talk? Mrs. Shaw is only here on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings. It’s just us the rest of the time.” He said defensively.

“Yes, but I’m your health care worker and not some random woman in a bar. And besides that, I’m married.” She said holding up her left hand a wriggling her ring finger with her wedding band upon it.

“I know, Courtney. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“No offense. I just want to keep it professional. “

“Very well.” He said, almost pouting.

After completing all of the necessary tasks that day she asked if he wanted a bath again. Again he said yes and prepared everything she would need. Upon removing his clothes she noticed that as soon as she started bathing him, he got an erection. As she bathed she stole glances at it time to time. When she got to his crotch, she washed it as normal, but noticed his breathing change when she washed his erect penis and scrotum. He seemed to revel in her touch. She finished, dried him off and helped him dress again.

After all was said and done she made sure he didn’t need anything and gathered up her supplies and left.

That night as she lay next to her husband in bed, she thought of Roberts penis and how excited he had gotten at her touch. She reached over and ran her hands into her husbands boxers and began rubbing his cock. He stirred in his sleep and she felt him becoming erect. Before long she was stroking him and he was breathing rapidly moving his hips in time with her hand. She sat up and uncovered him to the knees. Pulling his cock out of the hole in his boxers, she took it into her mouth and began sucking him. As she sucked, she thought of Robert’s cock and compared it in her head to her husband. Robert was nearly twice the length of him and thicker. Later she felt some shame, but she thought of what Robert’s cock would be like in her mouth. She sucked her husband and stroked him faster and faster, thinking of Robert’s cock as she did. Finally, her husband started to cum, filling her mouth with his warm salty seed. She wondered if Robert’s would taste the same. She pulled her husbands boxers back up around his cock and tried to snuggle to him. He held her close and was almost asleep seconds later.

She thought of this and of Robert laying alone across town. She felt shame for thinking of the old man like that. Her husband deserves better. But he didn’t even take notice of her doing that for him. He didn’t offer to do anything for her like that or even to fuck her. He just fell asleep again. No, it wasn’t right, but she didn’t feel so bad about thinking of another man after that. She fell asleep soon after to a dreamless sleep.

The next day, when he showed up, Mrs. Shaw let her and she went to Roberts room. They talked a few minutes as she checked him out. Taking care of all the necessary tasks quickly she asked again if he wanted a bath and again he said yes.

This time she noticed he was erect before she even got his clothes off. She washed him as she had the previous days and worked her way to his crotch. This time however, she lingered a little longer here noticing his reaction to her touches. She even went so far as to wrap her fingers around his penis and stroke it up and down once as she washed it. She lingered on his balls a little longer as well, taking care to massage them a bit while she washed.

She finished up his bath and dried him well. After helping him dress she asked if he needed anything before she left.

“Yes.” he said. “Why don’t you wear something pretty for me tomorrow?”

“Robert, that’s not appropriate.”

“But that was?” he asked, gesturing at his crotch.

She blushed crimson and said, “I don’t kaçak casino know what you’re talking about.”

“Ok, Courtney. ” he said as he gave her a wicked smile.

That night she found herself dreaming of Robert. She was bathing him and this time she didn’t stop at a single stroke of his cock. When she wrapped her fingers around it she began stroking and did not stop. She watched in fascination as her small hand moved up as down over his long erect cock. She awoke from this dream and saw that she had been rubbing herself and that her panties were very wet. Sleep was elusive after that and she lay awake until shortly before her husbands alarm went off.

She sensed him getting ready for work and leave quietly without disturbing her. After he left she dozed off and woke reluctantly when her alarm went off 2 hours later. As she showered she found herself remembering the dream and wondered what it would be like to actually live that out. She decided that if nothing else she would give Robert a little treat today. Since it was Mrs. Shaw’s day off and she’d be alone with him, she would wear something besides her scrubs. She picked out a sensible blouse and a skirt that reached her knees. Nothing too provocative but certainly more revealing than her usual scrubs. After fixing her hair, neatly styling it rather than her usual pony tail, she slipped on a pair of low heels. She couldn’t walk all day in them but hopefully it would be an easy day.

Eyeing herself in the mirror, she was pleased with what she saw. Her 5’6 slender frame looked good in this outfit and the blouse was tight in just the right spots to accentuate her perky A cup breasts. The dark brown of her hair set off her amber eyes and sun kissed complexion.

She set off to Roberts house arriving a little earlier than usual. When she reached the door and rang the bell his voice came across the intercom inviting her in. He was all smiles when she entered his room.

“Miss Courtney, you look absolutely amazing!”

“Thank you Robert.” She said grinning under his praise.

“To what do I owe this?”

“Oh, I just though I’d change it up a bit.” she said, trying to sound nonchalant but in fact her heart was racing remembering her dream.

“No matter the reason, I’m in awe. You seriously are far more beautiful than I imagined.” he added.

“Thank you again. But you can’t expect this everyday; it’s really not proper.” she amended.

She went about her normal routine, but Robert was far more observant of her; keeping his eyes on her at all times she was in the room.

When the time came for his bath she didn’t even bother asking if he wanted one. She simply prepped and brought the supplies into his room. Once his clothes were removed she began washing him up as usual and she noticed his cock was already hard. As she moved to his crotch, she noticed a drop of fluid had formed on the tip. She had a flash of her dream and before she knew it, she was lightly rubbing his cock. He moaned in pleasure from the soft caressing. This encouraged her and she began stroking more firmly. His hips began to thrust slightly as she continued. After a few minutes stroking his hard cock, she felt a hand on her ass. She jumped with surprise but didn’t pull away. He gently rubbed her tight, round, skirt covered ass while she stroked him. As her pace increased so did his breathing and she felt his hand sliding down her leg to the hem of her skirt. Once there, it worked under and began sliding up her bare thigh. She found herself instantly desiring his touch and adjusted her stance to allow him easier access. His hand ventured farther up her thigh as she continued to stroke his long, thick cock. His fingers first made contact with her panties right between her pussy and her ass. She let out a sharp little girl’s squeal when he made contact. He probed the edge of her panties and worked his finger under them and up to her, now very wet, hole. Spreading her lips gently, he pressed one finger into her pussy slowly.

She hissed in air and squeezed his cock hard as she stroked him faster. He worked aside her panties and slid his thumb up inside her and began working her clit with his middle finger. This sensation almost drove her over the edge and she let out a cry of pleasure. She kept stroking as he fingered her.

“Courtney?” he asked.

“What?” she said, panting with pleasure.

“You never told me how old you were.”

“Oh god!” she said as his finger worked her sensitive organ. “I’m 27.” , she hissed out with a high pleasurable note to her voice.

“Mhmm.” he said moaning. “You’re so young. “

She kept stroking him, almost lost in the pleasure of his fingers. His pace picked up as did hers. Before long she was on the edge of orgasm and stroking him furiously. All of a sudden his body tightened and his cock began to pulse madly. A hot rope of cum shot forth from his cock, then another. His finger and thumb pressed into her simultaneously and she was over the edge in her own orgasm as his cum flowed out and down her hand. Her knees weakened and she nearly fell as her body was racked with pleasure. His rubbing slowed as she came down from her orgasm. He was still hard but the throbbing had stopped. She looked around at him and was suddenly mortified.

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