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We’ve been married for nearly twenty years. Callum wasn’t my first lover, of course, but I soon knew that he was my life partner. We are now in our late 40s and, although we have thickened in several places, Callum has lost hair, my breasts hang lower, we are still very attracted to each other.

In that time, sex has been varied and satisfying. One of the results is that different sex acts have different significance for us. For example, straight missionary sex is our comfort zone – it is our standard and we both get a satisfying orgasm out of it. When we’re a bit tipsy, especially if I’ve been teasing him, Callum will do me doggy while I talk dirty. Also guaranteed cums – especially if he slaps my flanks and paddles my butt as he rides me. Oral sex is mostly for foreplay, and Callum usually takes me all the way (once I’ve had that initial orgasm, I’ll have at least a couple more while we fuck). But sometimes oral sex is for quickie fun. I love it when Callum flirts with me as I’m dressing for work or we’re getting ready to go out, then pushes me onto my back on the bed, tugs down my panties and mercilessly tongues me to a hot cum. Guaranteed to send me on my way with a grin!

Fellatio is a different story. Of course I suck him to get him hard when we’re going to fuck. And sometimes our foreplay involves me giving that fat log a long teasing suck, along with his heavy low hanging balls. I really love this, especially in a 69 situation, but Callum nearly always swings round and fucks me – also good, even when I’ve been wanting the hot gush of his jizz along my tongue.

Fellatio has grown on me over the years. I have always liked the hot satiny texture of a penis between my lips, but what I’ve come to really love is Callum’s reactions – the groans, the shudders, the loss of control – and especially that urgent pulsing of the underside of the shaft as the semen jets forth. As for the taste, well, I don’t much like it but I always savour it because it seems to vary – sometimes stronger and more bleachy, other times almost sweet; sometimes lumpy, other times watery; sometimes copious, other times not. I try and guess why – is it because of what we ate that day, the time since we last had sex, and so on. And then I swallow it – at first because I didn’t want to break the intimacy of the moment, then because Callum gets a charge from seeing me do it. Anyway, the taste grows on you…..

But mostly, fellatio is restricted to foreplay. Callum just loves to bury that rod in my snatch! However, there are two types of sex where I do get to taste his semen. The first is the quick and nasty blow jobs I give him in semi-public places – a restaurant loo, in the car on the way home from a party, on the edge of the swimming pool in the backyard. Usually it is preceded by lots of flirting and touching and his cock is usually hard by the time I free it from his clothing and wrap it in my lips. Alcohol is always a factor on these occasions and, even though I try and draw them out, Callum usually comes like a train. In a way this too is foreplay ‘cos we always have sex – nice lusty energetic fucking – as soon after as we can.

The other time where he comes in my mouth is after anal sex. In the last three years this has become a special loving act for us. Sure we had anal sex before, especially at the beginning of our relationship. It was first an exciting pushing back of the boundaries, then an occasional variation. I never got much from it and, once we had a baby and got into that exhausting family routine, it kind bahis firmaları of dropped off the agenda. On our tenth anniversary Callum said he wanted to do it again, but I said no because I was satisfied with our sex life and thought our days of experimentation were over. Over the next couple of years, Callum brought up the subject several times and I always denied him. However, I began to see that he was fixating on it and, worried that he would go elsewhere for it, finally succumbed.

Well! The way his face lit up and he got all animated, I realised I should have done so earlier. He promised he would make it real good for me and I said he’d need to get me in the mood with a massage and a bit of licking. He arranged candles and warm oil, gave me a long massage – including lots of attention to my buttocks, finishing with some gentle probing and stretching of my anus that was quite pleasant. Then, without taking his finger from my butt, he rolled me over and lapped at my puss. It was a wonderful combination – tongue and lips working at my labia and clit, oily finger moving in my rectum. I came pretty hard and Callum gave me a huge grin before dipping his face back to my steamy twat and bringing me off again – this time with two fingers pushing back and forth through my ring.

By the time he was ready to ease his cock in my back entrance, I was so full of love for him that I wanted to make it a complete gift. He went gently at first – after all it had been eleven years and he is over nine thick inches fully erect. And was he fully erect! The initial stretching was a bit painful and I gasped a couple of times as my brownie resisted the brunt of his pushing. But I shook my head when he offered to withdraw and use his fingers to stretch me more. I wanted to make this sacrifice to show him how much I would do for our love. Once he was in, he was gentle and patient. I was on my hands and knees and was looking back over my shoulder, seeing the love and pleasure in his eyes. Eventually I bore back and whispered at him that it was OK.

What followed was perhaps the most intense sex of my life. Callum stroked that big cock slowly and steadily into my bowels, touching deep in my gut each time, causing me to groan with the unbelievable fullness. It was as if his cock was becoming part of me and I just wanted it to go on and on – which it did. His hands stroked and squeezed my lower back and reached under me for my breasts. I twisted back and sucked his fingers and told him to fuck me hard. The feeling of that meaty ram relentlessly battering my innards made me feel weak and submissive. When I finally felt him approaching orgasm, I wanted to give him even more and had the sudden inspiration to take his cum in my mouth. I told him to pull out then knelt on the floor and told him to fuck my mouth. He seemed to know what I needed and didn’t hesitate to step forward and ease his thick greasy tool between my lips. I felt a deep thrill as I sucked off the traces of arse butter, the thrill deepening as I tilted my head back and passively accepted that hot meat fully into my mouth. I diddled my clit as Callum thrust steadily, his cockhead touching the back of my throat. He sensed my submissive need and grabbed my tits, using them as leverage to thrust. When his cock pulsed and a huge gush of jizz burst into my mouth, I felt my orgasm begin – a low key but deeply satisfying cum that rolled gently on as the cock in my mouth pumped the last of its sperm and slowly wilted.

I nursed on the flaccid tube until my own climax kaçak iddaa had passed then stood and kissed my lover. He was panting, but his tongue searched my mouth eagerly and I knew he was tasting what I’d tasted. We cuddled on the bed for ages before drifting off to sleep, my love complete.

Even though it had left my anus smarting and insides mashed, we did it again the following night. This time Callum tongued my butt while he fingered my puss to an initial orgasm, his probing tongue and sucking lips sending delicious waves through my nether region. Again the stretching invasion, the deeply plunging rod thicker here than it had ever been in my snatch, and again the overwhelming sense of love and need to be submissive, ending with me kneeling while Callum fed me his rampant tool. The fetid smell and earthy taste only seemed to intensify my desire and the orgasm that flowed through me again had that sense of fulfilment.

And so anal sex has become associated in our life with wifely submission. Last night was a typical occasion. Callum had been away on business for over a week and, although we’d talked most days on the phone, I had keenly missed his physical presence. We had a nice welcome home dinner and after our daughter had gone to her room to watch TV, I poured us each a final glass of wine and, at my husband’s signal, stood by his chair. I inched my skirt up over my hips, revealing a new sexy red satin thong and oohhhed and aahhhed as he nuzzled away and slid a finger up my damp cunny. Then he turned me around, bent me forward and, as I braced my forearms on a chair, tugged aside the thong and buried his face in the creamy crack.

It had been more than a month since he’d last had his mouth down there and we were both ready for it. He slobbered away for long minutes, continuing to finger my cunny, until I came to a shuddering cum, that necessary first one for the evening. Callum withdrew his fingers, but continued to ream my butt. I could feel him probing deep inside and I moaned to let him know how good it felt. Eventually he pulled away and I turned to him for a kiss, feeling the heat and tasting the mustiness. I knelt, shifting into submissive mode, and he stood and allowed me to undo his belt and get his pants and shorts down. His cock was already semi hard and I kissed and licked it, giggling as it twitched and thickened. Callum hissed that it was my turn to show what I could do with my tongue, then turned and bent over the table. He loves having his butt tongued and god knows I enjoy doing it. Last night it was all sweaty and musty – afterall he’d been travelling most of the day – and I spent a while cleaning the salty crack and washing the tight rosebud before pushing my tongue against the pulpy muscle. It opened readily, the rank taste, the pungent smell, his gasps and moans all fuelling my lust. His cock of course was hard as the proverbial nail and I stroked it lightly as I lapped.

We were in danger of over heating so I eased back and finished by sucking on his low hanging balls, easily accessible at this angle, making him gasp and grunt afresh. Then he took me by the hand and we headed for the bedroom. We undressed and while Callum searched for the KY gel, I arranged a pile of pillows and got up on my hands and knees. He greased my butt, I brought him back to full attention with my mouth, then he slowly worked the big head into and gently through my date – after all it had been more than a month and he’s a sizeable lad! We both let out long sighs and I shifted a bit to better accommodate kaçak bahis him. Then hands on my hips he asked if I was ready. I told him to fuck me deep, fuck me long and fuck me hard.

God! The feeling as he drove that cock up my pooper! His thighs landed against me with a thud and I felt his full weight behind that girder in my guts. Then he was back and lunging forward again. And again. Then setting up a good rhythm that had me grunting and gasping in quick succession. It was so physical, so powerful. He fucked me like a machine then suddenly pulled out and told me to roll over and sit up. He grabbed me by the hair, tilted my head back and slotted that pulsing monster between my lips. I sucked like a demon and worked his balls with my hands.

He pushed me onto my back on the bed, hoisted my legs onto his shoulders and told me he was going to fuck me till my teeth rattled. Then his cock was plunging back up my shitter and mashing my guts into a different configuration. I pulled his face down onto my hot heavy tits and he worried at the nipples with first lips then teeth as he bucked away. Then, when I didn’t think I could take any more, he stood upright, jagging in yet a different place, and ground his palm over my twat. I lifted up so that my clit was being pressed and that let his cock go in just a fraction deeper. And then I was unexpectedly, overpoweringly cumming. For long moments I was only aware of the physical assault deep inside me and Callum’s fingers between my teeth as I tossed and thrashed. Christ I came hard!

When I came to, Callum was still thrusting away, face gleaming with sweat. I flexed my sphincter and he gave me a lusty smile saying he was close. He pulled back and I struggled up and then knelt on the carpet. He may have been close, but I was in no hurry. Hell! It had been more than a month and I wanted to suck that cock for a good while. He called me a teasing bitch as I licked and kissed it clean before letting it in past my lips. The delaying tactic worked and he had to face fuck me for a good while before I got his load – a nice big scummy week’s worth. He grunted and shuddered as it gushed out and I continued to suck, my cheeks hollowing, until he went all limp. He gasped at me to show him and I stood and opened my mouth so he could see the gooey mess, lightly wanking his wet cock as I did so. As I rolled the spooge over my teeth and blew bubbles, I felt a definite surge in his cock. I knelt down and took that lovely tool in my mouth again and washed it all over with the thick jizz, pulling back so that Callum could see it coated and dripping, then tonguing and slurping it back. Amazing! In less than a couple of minutes he was fully hard again. I continued to play the messy game until Callum pulled me up and kissed me. When he does that, I know he is hot! We shared what remained of the semen, tongues thrusting back and forth, licking teeth; and I kept him hard with gentle wanking.

Now it was my turn to be demanding. It had been some time since Callum had risen to the occasion a second time and I was going to take full advantage of it. I pushed him onto his back and quickly mounted him, my puss stretching deliciously. Then I rode him, hanging my tits in his sweaty face and getting a good boob workout. The wet squishing at our groins was turning me on and I urged him to fuck me harder as I raised and dropped myself on his pole. A few minutes of this and then we rolled over and continued in the missionary position. Very nice long loving, lots of kisses and whispers, slow build up and nice cumming. Just what I needed after the days apart.

We woke late this morning and had to rush to get off to school and work. I would have liked a bit of loving, but I’m sure tonight I’ll get all I need……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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