How I Became a Daddy Ch. 02

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Later that afternoon I took a long nap trying to cure my hangover. Waking up I found text messages from Maddie and Ali, Ali’s name came up in my phone which was surprising because I don’t remember ever getting her number.

Maddies text said “Hope you had fun hun ;)” and Ali’s texts said “Hey can we talk?” “What r u up to?”

Reading these texts I was thinking through what happened the night before, but I just couldn’t piece it all together. While part of me just chalked it up as a fun night out, I was also a bit uncomfortable facing this situation head on with Ali.

Did she want to hook up again, or was she asking to meet up to let me down softly?

Really I didn’t care either way, just some good college fun.

I texted Ali back. “Did you want to meet up and talk?”

She immediately replied “yasss”

Thinking it over I replied back “coffee tomorrow?”

A message popped up instantly, “cool, I’ll come by your dorm in the morning- see you then hun!”

I decided not to reply back to her text, but this was all too easy to set up, something was up. I was a naive college student, but not that naive!


The next morning around 9 a.m. Ali texting me that she was outside my dorm. A bit early for a Sunday but nothing too crazy.

I asked her to come in for a minute while I finishing putting on my shoes.

Letting her in through the side door, Ali’s face lite up as soon as she saw me.

“Hey honey!”

I responded with a “hey.”

She even gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek as we entered the building.

Her outfit was a bit more tame this morning. She wore a super baggy sweatshirt, and black yoga pants. This combo definitely highlighted her famous bubble butt and amazing thighs.

When she wasn’t showing so much boobage, you could properly take in Ali’s other features. She was super thick below the waist, the type of thick bahis firmaları that is so athletic that women have trouble walking normally.

Ali had that strut that moved her hips up and down, making her ass shake like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Well guess what, this was not a normal every day sight, this was something special and the guys in my dorm definitely noticed.

I heard “damn that’s Ali Wallingford” once or twice as we walked toward my room.

Fortunately my roommate was out having breakfast, so we had my room to ourselves for a bit.

As I motioned toward my door and opened it with the key Ali gave me the sexiest look and a little sway of her body.

When we entered Ali pushed the door closed and brought me in for a kiss on her plush lips. She practically bit my bottom lip off. Reaching over the waistband of my gym shorts Ali started stroking my dick.

Releasing from the kiss Ali continue to stroke by cock. The sensation was overwhelming, I just continued to look at her face and wicked smile.

“This body is all yours, I want you to dominate and own me!”

At that moment Ali removed the baggy sweatshirt, revealing a lacy bra highlighting acreage of cleavage.

I started to shudder and moan, I came only after a few seconds of staring into her cleavage.

“That’s it baby, enjoy because you own these big tities”

I nodded my head and sat down on my bed.

Ali didn’t skip a beat, she removed her shoes and yoga pants. At this point she was totally naked sitting next to me, continuing to give me that wicked smile.

In my post cum clarity and elevated heart rate I asked the most basic question.

“Thank you, that was amazing. Ali what is going on here, with us? I just don’t get it, and even worse i can’t remember much from last night.”

Ali quickly replied “Don’t worry babe, i’ll take care of you when you get it back kaçak iddaa up.”

“No.No. What do you mean I own you, your my property?”

“I’m just really into being dominated, I want to be a fuck toy for a guy, look at my body” she made a dramatic motion to her boobs and thick thighs.

“I have the body to be a fuck toy bimbo, that is my fantasy, and I want you to be my daddy.”

Just staring at her, Ali continued.

“I’ve always wanted to be a trophy for a guy, I just want to be your fuck toy, when you want sex, a blow job, like whatever – you get it cuz I’m your property.”

Ali was pouting her lips in an exaggerated motion during her explanation.

She even leaned into to give a better view of tits as I was awestruck by what she just said and the view in front of me.

“Like, Jonny you gotta say something.”

“Well, this doesn’t really make sense, this is happening kinda fast for me, you are really hot and it’s not like I’m going to say no to you, but why?”

“Why don’t we grab coffee and talk about everything, but first I think we need to relieve some pressure!”

Ali was staring at my rigid red cock literally throbbing from the conversation of her being my property.

During our conversation I don’t think I looked at her face once. My eyes glued to her tiny tummy, thick thighs, and huge tits. I was trying to understand how such a thin frame could have tits that large with zero sag.

The longer I looked, I started to think they were fake, only working to make my cock harder.

Breaking my trance I heard Ali spit, spitting on my dick she started stroking me with both hands, and then she did it, her plump lips made contact with the head of my dick.

It was like slow motion when she went for it and lowered her head to my dick.

Her large cock pads for lips pursed in a way that emphasized their size and surface area.

Folding open as they kaçak bahis made contact with the head of my dick, her huge bottom lip closed the seal quickly, the feeling of her tongue moving in a swirling motion was indescribable.

I had gone to heaven and back.

Seeing her tits dangling as she worked me over was unbelievable, even as they swayed there was no sign off sagging.

As I started to play with her tits Ali started moaning loudly.


Returning out of the trance that her visuals provided, I quickly remembered she was sucking me down.

Removing her head again, she spat into her hand and started to play with my head, again bringing her lips to my cock she really started bob up and down.

Ali’s Cupid bow lips never looked more amazing, she just kept bobbing up and down, up and down, she was on a mission. The size of her lips caused them to push out as they worked over my shaft. Every once in a while Ali would make eye contact to make sure I was happy.

The look she gave me with my dick in her mouth was one of pure obedience and devotion.

At that moment it started to happen, I was ready to cum. Ali quickly knew and brought her mouth to the head on my cock. I came and started to unload into her mouth, after five nice spurts and few smaller ones Ali swallowed putting on a nice display of her swallowing my cum.

Just sitting there Ali got up, put on her yoga pants in a swift motion making sure to wiggle her ass at me while she did it, that smile never leaving her face.

Ali then said “You did such a good job honey, let’s get coffee!”

Stunned, Ali for her credit gave me a few minutes to rebalance and even grabbed a new pair of underwear and pants for me while I recovered.

Finally, right as we were going to leave Ali lifted her sweatshirt and moved in close. Grasping my hands, she brought them up to her boobs.

“This is all yours I was serious about what I meant, what you say is law, you own me, you’re my daddy”

I proceeded to feel her up for a few seconds, take in her amazing smell, and reluctantly said…

“Let’s grab that coffee.”

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