How I Learned to Love My Ass

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I vividly remember touching myself in the shower. I was making sure I washed well because I have always been a bit of a clean freak, and as I rubbed my hands through my pussy lips I got that feeling, that “oh my god what was that feeling.” Needless to say, like most all girls I began constantly touching myself in the shower, using the hot water and the shower head to send me to climax after climax! Months later, again in the shower I ran my finger a little harder than normal across my tight little asshole. The pressure was a shock but not near as much as my surprise that it made my pussy as wet as it had ever been. So I began slowly rubbing my finger around the outer rim of my little asshole while I gently rubbed my clit. Soon I was shaking in the shower and had to stop for fear of falling down.

Fast forward a few years to my 3rd year of college. Me and some girlfriends were drinking at a local pub. We were talking about this and that and a few drinks and a couple of shots into it we got onto talking about our blokes. It seems in my observation that every group has an alpha and our packs alpha was Angela. Angela always led the discussions and she was always talking about sex! She was a striking red headed women, tall and lean with pasty skin and massive breasts that men drooled all over. She loved every minute of it and took full advantage of God’s gift to her. Angela began to talk about her latest bloke and mentioned that he had eaten out her bum while fingering her during drunken sex the night before and she told us about how it pushed her to a natural high unlike anything she had had done to her before.

Later that night while showering I revisited my old friend’s clitty and asshole! While rubbing the both of them as I had always done I got a striking image of Angela on all fours with her lovers tongue buried into her bum while he feverishly stroked her cunny with his fingers. The thought of my friend in this lovely tryst gave me added nerve to slowly push the tip of my finger into my tight asshole (something I had never done). Standing there, hot water running down my breasts, head pushed back into the corner of the shower stall with a finger in my bum and another going to town on my clit I had an amazing orgasm. An orgasm that would forever change my sex life!

After drying off and putting my night clothes on I went to my lap top and began search all things anal. I am not much into watching porno on my own but the images I saw of girl after girl having amazing sex with huge cocks in their tight asses had me literally aching all over for more. One video in particular had a tight young woman with a butt plug in her while playing with her pussy. Since this is basically what I just got done doing it intrigued me from the get go. So I searched for butt plugs on the net and found a huge array of sex shops with things I had never even thought of!

Many of the things I saw actually scared me and I had no desire to buy them but I ran across a website with a woman’s reviews of several products. After nearly a half hour of reading I choose several of her recommendations. A bottle of lube big enough for a small army! An enema kit (because like I said, I am a clean freak). A steel but plug and a pyrex butt plug. A skinny vibe and a dildo that sticks to my floor or chair so that I could get used to the feeling of a full sized cock in my tightest of holes (because lets face it, even then I was thinking about what it would be like to have a man in my backside)!

I was giddy as a school girl when my package arrived and I literally skipped school to head home and get an canlı bahis şirketleri early start on the evening. I tore into the box of goodies and ripped open the packages like a kid at Christmas. Lining the toys all up on my bedside I decided to start myself off with the tiny vibe. So I took the enema kit and the vibe into my bathroom and took my clothes off. After a hot shower I sat on the side of my tub and slowly stroked my already swelling clit. I was on the verge of cumming but held back. Reaching back I rubbed some lube on my asshole and got even closer to cumming! Man looking back on it I was so horny for this! I slowly inserted the enema tube and began the process. At first it felt really weird to have things going into my ass but then again the same can be said for the first time I put things inside of my pussy! As my ass filled with the enema I felt awkward and full like I needed to go in the worst way, but I also enjoyed the warm full feeling growing inside me. I sat on the stool and finished the job and jumped right back into the shower to rinse off.

After getting all cleaned out so I would not have that worry in my mind (girls it’s like making sure your clean shaved and smelling good down there for a date so your mate doesn’t get turned off going down on you, same idea, just a little cleaning up.) I went back to my bed where all my toys where lying. I laid down naked on my bed and picked up the smallest of the butt plugs (advertised as medium sized) which was the metal one. Lubing it all up I turned on my favorite sex scene (so sometimes I do watch porno by myself, I’m a new aged woman, sue me!) and started rubbing my clit. As I felt my pussy grow more and more wet I reached back and pressed the metal plug against my backdoor. I remember getting nervous and I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and pushed into my ass. At first my sphincter resisted the intrusion but like all parts of the body she can be trained! I backed off a little and tried again. I could feel my asshole giving way as the small tip entered into me. As the plug grew wider I felt it stretching me open and I grew tight and more nervous. After backing off and starting over I decided to try small thrusts in and out. This did it for me and in less than a minute I felt the “pop” as my asshole got filled up for the very first time!

I felt a hot rush over my entire body and I actually broke into a little sweat. I wasn’t all that into it honrstly. I thought about all the amazing videos I saw and could only think what a bunch of rubbish it all was. No way this could feel as good as those girls made it look! But then I felt an aching in my clit and started rubbing away. It got better and I turned on my small vibe and slid it into my pussy. This was the first time I had both my holes full and although it wasn’t much in terms of size, it felt amazing! My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, my asshole tightened around the steel plug in my ass, my pussy ran juices all down my leg and my clit felt as if it was going to explode it was so hard and pulsing. As I lay there calming down the feeling of my full asshole hit me again and like magic my pussy start asking for more!

Wanting something a little bigger I grabbed the larger pyrex butt plug and worked it into my pussy! It was a challenge getting the thickest part past the plug in my ass but as soon as it slid past and filled up my pussy I got another rush of “oh my god, where has this been my whole life!” It took no time at all for me to literally scream in orgasmic bliss as wave after wave of cumming took over my body. Exhausted I began slowly taking out canlı kaçak iddaa the plugs that were filling me up. The pop on the way out of my ass hurt a little bit but the feeling after was new and erotic! I wrapped up in my blanket and relaxed to a little telly. I must have dozed off because the next thing I know I was waking up naked on my bed with the coolest feeling of satisfaction in my both of my holes!

I realized that I had not showered after I got done because my legs were sticky and I smelled like sweet sex and sweat. So I climbed out of bed headed towards the shower but quickly turned around. In the videos that I watched online I saw a girl in her shower fucking a suction cup dildo that was on the wall. Since I just bought such a dildo, I grabbed it and headed to the shower happy as a school girl in a new dress!

I will say that there is something amazing to me about really hot water running all down my body touching every little inch of me. Add to that the feeling of backing my little bum up into an 8″ prick that was hanging out on my shower wall and you get one great shower! The good thing for me is my shower stall was not all that big so I could put my hands on the wall in front of me while my pussy bounced into and off of the dildo over and over.

Having already cum several times I was slow to get to the apex despite my new toy so I reached back and moved the big fella up a tad to the entrance of my de-virgined asshole. Being a quick study I remembered from the butt plug the easiest way for me to gain access inside my ass and I started slow pulses at the entrance. Water however is not a good lube! Hating that I left the lube in my bedroom I closed my eyes and spit into my hand, then rubbed my own spit onto my rosebud. I felt like a real life porn star doing anything to get my ass fucked! To my amazement it worked as the narrow head of the toy popped into my butt. As I pushed myself into the wall mounted cock I noticed that the butt plug and dildo are totally different sensations as the dildo never gets narrow once it goes in! My butt muscles naturally tightened and I pulled off a little. My ass was gripping the cock so tight I pulled it right off the wall! Frustrated and eager I took it out, put back up on the wall and started again. (with more spit which I used to think was the grossest thing in porn but now it kind of turns me on!) This time I relaxed very well and pushed “out” just a bit to open up. It worked like magic as I took the first couple of inches like a kinky pro. I began rubbing my clit as I slid the cock deeper into my ass. Four inches, then six. At what I would guess was 7 inches I felt a strange pressure deep inside my ass. (I later learned that this was my rectum.) I stopped for a brief moment but driven by lust and curiosity I pushed further. The pressure from my rectum returned but a I pushed into it I felt an amazing fullness. I went very slow at this point and I’m not sure if the dick actually goes into the rectum or just pushes it up into you but either way it was like no other feeling I can describe. The next thing I knew I felt my butt cheeks bump into the wall behind me and I became proud and full of myself I started rubbing on my clit like a mad women until I had a leg shaking orgasm. As I slowly began to pull off of the cock i thought about what I had been doing.

Here I was a young university student who had never had anything inside her ass until very recently and now I had just given myself to many anal orgasms to count and taken a fake, but very real feeling 8″ cock all the way in my ass! I….was a happy girl ?

But canlı kaçak bahis I did not stop there! I was done for the night as I was worn out and a little sore. The following day I had class and was sore sitting down but in a good way as it constantly reminded me of what I did and what else I would be doing to myself! I waited until the weekend for round two and when I came I was so ready from not touching myself for 3 days that I was bursting to get going.

After doing my enema and shower routine I quickly grabbed my lube and rubbed it all over my butt, asshole, inside my asshole, on my pussy and everywhere else that felt good. I took the large sized butt plug and sat down on it slowly to let my ass get used to the thickest thing that had ever gone in any of my holes. It took a while and several attempts at it but once it got in my pussy literally began to throb I was so full. My large plug is a good size and I was not sure if I could manage what I had in mind next but i was damn well going to try!

I got up off of the chair I used to straddle to insert the plug and laid down on my bed. Picking up the suction dildo I rubbed it at the entrance of my pulsing wet pussy. The head is narrow for easy beginning so it started out easy but once I got to the full thickness of it I had to stop. I don’t know why I did what I did next but when your pussy is demanding it and your asshole is full and happy you don’t think straight I guess.

After getting back to the spot I stopped at with the 8″ cock in my pussy I stopped and then in one fast push I rammed the whole fucking thing all the way past the thick part of the butt plug and into the back of my pussy. Without waiting to see exactly how bad it was hurting I started pumping in and out. Each pull out got the cock a little further past the thick plug in me until I was relaxed enough to take it in and out completely! I got faster and fast fucking myself and finally I let out a very loud scream of ecstasy as I came.

As I was cumming I noticed how incredibly wet I was and when I looked down I realized why. I assumed the different feeling orgasm was from the double penetration and the huge size of it but it was also because I was squirting like a water fountain!!!! I had never squirted before but needless to say I was loving every wet second of it!

When I was all done I took the dildo out of my pussy but I decided to let the butt plug stay in for a while. It was awkward at first but as I got used to it was very erotic. Every step I took I felt it. Every time I sat down it drove into me a little deeper, a little fuller. When I coughed my ass flexed around it making my pussy soaking wet. It had me ready and wanting all night long and I pleasured myself with my magic wand and got so horny for more I actually turned it so the big vibrating head was at my pussy and I slowly worked it inside of me! The vibrations from the wand moved into the big butt plug and I was shaking all over and came 3 times, squirting each time! I even took a shower with the plug in and smacked my ass against the wall over and over so I could feel like I was being butt fucked. It was the best Saturday ever!

Since those first few nights I have moved into all kinds of anal play. Bigger butt plugs, vibrating plugs, Inflatable plugs, vibrating suction cup cocks. I have worn my butt plugs around the house and in public several times. In class, at work, on dates and many other places. I have let a couple of close male friends cum deep inside my ass which is an awesome warm feeling! I have been double penetrated by boyfriends and my toys and even girlfriends and my toys!

If you go slow, use tons of lube and really learn what feels good to you, before you know it you will be having the orgasms of your life, fulfilling yours and every mans fantasies and loving life as an anal queen!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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