How Not to Cuckold Your Husband!

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How Not to Cuckold Your Husband!
Melanie Edwards was not happy! To the outside world she would appear to have it all together. She owned a successful business. She had more money than she knew what to do with. She was fit and sexy which was confirmed every time she walked into the room and the heads of men and women turned to look her over. She was married to a handsome man who truly loved her. It would appear to anyone who knew her that she had everything that was needed to be happy.

What only she understood was the contempt that had been growing toward her husband, Mike. There were many things that just irritated her the longer they had been married. First was his attitude about money. There were days that he acted like it meant nothing to him. His own business was reasonably successful, but he seemed to put a priority on treating people well even when it did not benefit him financially. In Melanie’s opinion, Mike paid his workers too much and charged his customers too little. His attitude seemed to be just too relaxed. Then there was their relationship! Melanie considered his constant attention to her needs a sign of being a wimp. She felt like she was always the one wearing the pants.

She had given serious thought to divorcing Mike but when she talked to her attorney, she was informed that Mike would likely get half of everything she had and under the wrong circumstances she might have to pay him spousal support! The one thing that Melanie loved more than herself was her money. She quickly dropped the idea but still she wanted him to leave!

One day she had enough and decided to confide in her best friend, Diana. Diana and she had been friends since they were in high school together. Diana listened carefully as Melanie vented.

“Truthfully, I have no idea what to do but I have nothing but contempt for that asshole! I need a real man.” Melanie said as she finished her triad.

“Well, I do have an idea on what you could do. Do you know what cuckold is?” Diana said with a mischievous smirk.

“Isn’t that man who is humiliated by his wife’s infidelity?” Melanie replied as she tried to see where her friend was going.

“That’s right! Mike really adores you and would do anything you want. I think you should turn him into a cuck. He will either leave you or become a pitiful slave to whatever you want. Let me show you some videos of cuckolding.” Diana said as she opened her laptop.

Melanie was excited by the sight of strong dominate women telling wimp husband just how pathetic they were. There were two scenes that excited her! The first was a husband being forced to clean another man’s cum from his wife’s pussy and the second was of man being bound over rail and his wife pushing a large black dildo up his ass while telling him what sissy he was while her lover laughed.

“I love it, but I do not see Mike just agreeing to it.” Melanie said after watching the videos.

“Of course, he will not agree to this right away but if you put a little sugar in the trap, he might want to try something new. Tell him that you would like to spice things up and you want to have a threesome with another woman. I don’t know too many men who have not fantasized about having two women at the same time.” Diana said with a giggle.

“That is one of things he likes when we watch porn. I think he gets off on two women going at it with each other.” Melanie replied and looked thoughtful. “I still do not get how this will make him into my little cuck. Besides where do I find another woman willing to play this little scene out with?”

Diana smiled and pulled Melanie to her and kissed her deeply. Melanie parted her lips and found her best friend’s tongue playing with own as she felt her friend’s hands caressing her body. Melanie was a little shocked as Diana had never indicated any interest in girl sex but the way she worked Melanie’s body there was little doubt that this was not a new experience for the sexy redhead. Then the kiss ended, and Diana stroked Melanie’s cheek as she looked into her eyes with a sexy grin.

“My X was into watching women. I have had some experience, but you don’t have to worry. The plan is to get Mike enticed to be a willing participant. When we have him all worked up, we will get him to let us restrain him like that one guy in the video. Then he will be forced to watch you do what ever you want and with whomever you want. By the end of the night he will do anything to get off. That is when you tell him about his new role. We can even get him one of those cock cages. Then you will make him be a good boy so you will unlock the cage and let him have an occasional orgasm.” Diana said with a grin as her blue eyes sparkled. “One other thing we will do is video Mike being humiliated. I bet you would love to put a big dildo up his ass just like that little bitch boy in the movie.” Diana added with a cruel laugh.

“That will be awesome! As you said he will either be forced to accept it, or we will release the video to his buddies. He would be so humiliated if it got out!” Melanie said excitedly.

“Let me arrange everything for you! All you have to do is get Mike here to my place.” Diana said.

“That will be awesome. I will call you once I get Mike in on our game. You’re a true friend Diana!” Melanie said as she got ready to leave.

A few days later Melanie suggested a threesome with Diana and while Mike seemed hesitant first, he eventually agreed although only reluctantly so. The following Saturday was set as the time for the threesome.

“I’m really looking forward to tonight, baby!” Melanie said as they arrived at Diana’s house.

“I think this will be a real eye opener for both of us.” Mike said as they walked toward the front door.

Diana opened the door just after they knocked, and Mike inhaled sharply as she stood there in front of him and Melanie. She was wearing a corset that held her large freckled tits up. The support of her tit accentuated her hour glass figure. She was wearing fishnet stockings that were held up by a garter belt. Her pussy was covered by a thong that was made of black lace. Her lips were covered with a deep red lipstick that looked model perfect.

Melanie was stunned by the way Diana looked. Frankly she did find herself sexually aroused by the erotic look of her friend. “You look so sexy! I wish I would have known so I could have done some shopping too!” She said as she hugged Diana to her.

“I have an outfit all picked out for you. Follow me but Mike you should wait here. Help yourself to a drink.” Diana said as she led Melanie into a bedroom.

Again, Melanie was stunned by the room that she was taken to. There were cameras everywhere. There was a bed but there was also what appeared to be a table standing up. Melanie noticed illegal bahis that the table had various arms that could be positioned and locked. There were leather restraints that would hold a person in place.

“Here is your outfit.” Diana smiled as she held out what could best be described as a series of leather straps.

Diana helped Melanie get into the outfit. When she was done her tits were sticking out through leather loops that were connect to a collar that went around her neck. Then there were leather straps that went down her sides to another leather loop that went around her waist. This loop was further connected to loops that went around each of her thighs. Diana pulled Melanie’s blonde hair into a pony tail. She then took great care to make up her lips, eye lids and mascara.

“Now take a look at yourself in the mirror!” Diana said and seemed excited to see her reaction.

Melanie was stunned as she looked at the perfect dominate bitch looking back at her. In her mind she looked sexy but cold. Then she smiled as she imagined just what she was about to do to her husband.

“So, when is that black stud going to be here? I can’t wait to make Mike into a sissy bitch!” Melanie said as she continued to admire herself in the mirror.

“Soon enough but first we must get Mike into the restraints. I think he might not be willing to cooperate so the best thing would be to start with you in the restraints and I could play with you a little until he is really turned on and then I will suggest that he try being teased while restrained. Of course, that is when his real training will begin.” Diana said with a sadistic lilt in her voice. “Now, come along and we will get Mike into his outfit as well.” Diana laughed as she held up a cock ring and a set of leather chaps.

Mike stood there stunned as the sexy women returned to the room.

“Take off your clothes honey. We need you to dress as well.” Melanie said as she watched her husband’s reaction and was pleased to see that he was quite willing to join them in their kinky attire.

Mike stripped off his clothes and Diana looked at his rather impressive nine inch hard as steel erection. Melanie watched as her best friend helped her husband into the chaps and then she put the cock ring on his shaft.

“This will help you to not cum too soon. I think you are going to find the rest of the evening extremely entertaining!” Diana said with a giggle.

Mike was then escorted by the two women into the spare bedroom. He found himself looking at various sex toys and the cameras.

“What are all of these cameras for?” He asked and sounded suddenly apprehensive.

“I have found that watching the sex that one has just experienced is the best way to get reinvigorated for the next round. We will then erase the videos when we are done. I am certain that none of us would want our little three way to be viewed by others.” Diana said as she walked up to Melanie and kissed her on the neck as her finger pulled on the other woman’s erect nipples. Melanie moaned as her friend toyed with her nipple.

Mike continued to walk around the room, but his eyes watched as his wife and her sexy best friend began to kiss and caress each other. It was then that he found himself standing by the erect table. “What is this for?” He asked.

“I think you and Melanie will find that vary interesting. Have either of you ever been bound during sex?” She asked and the husband and wife both remained silent. “You see when a person is restrained and their partner is, how should I put this, creative in how they are stimulated the resulting orgasms can be life changing.” Diana said with her eyes aglow, but Mike continued to seem unconvinced. “Perhaps we should pass on that little kink until you are more comfortable.” Diana said but gave Melanie a knowing look that now was the time to volunteer her own time on the table.

“I think it sounds like fun. Remember baby that we are here to experience new things. I’ll go first.” Melanie said as she walked to the table.

Diana demonstrated for Mike how to adjust the straps that secured her wrist, ankles and torso to the table. Then Diana secured strap across her throat so that Melanie was totally held to the table. Melanie felt a shudder run through her body as she realized that she unable to move at all.

“We will start with the nipples.” Diana said as if she was an instructor to Mike.

Mike watched as the sexy redhead extended her long fingers showing her exquisite finger nails. Diana lightly traced her finger nail over Melanie’s left nipple. The touch was so light that Melanie only slightly felt the touch, but her nipple hardened as Mike watched. Then Diana pinched the nipple between two of her nails. Melanie groaned loudly.

“Tease her other nipple. Just lightly play with it.” Diana said as she smiled as Mike.

Melanie was enjoying her nipples being played with and looked intently into the eyes of Diana.

“I think you are finding this exciting Mike. Your cock is jerking with pleasure.” Diana said as she reached out with her other hand and started jerking his cock as Melanie watched with sudden concern.

Then Diana lend forward and kissed Mike. Melanie watched as her friend and husband exchanged a deep and sensual kiss. Melanie was wondering why Diana was deviating from their plan. Diana was to sexually stimulate her until Mike was willing to take a turn on the table. Then Diana turned towards her and smiled but for some reason the smile made Melanie shiver.

“I think we need to give your wife a little more attention.” She said to Mike as she let go of his cock. She then picked up two small vibrators and handed Mike one. “Let me show you how to tease.”

Melanie could not see what was happening but soon she could feel the vibrator being lightly applied just below her naval. She could feel her abdomen convulse while her pussy grew wet. Then a second vibrator doubled the feeling as she heard Diana giggle and the distinctive sound of two people kissing. Then one of the vibrators moved lower to her pubic mound. It was just barely touching skin and then the one by her naval was removed. Melanie desperately wanted to feel the vibrator to be pressed to her clit. She needed to release the building sexual tension.

However, what she wanted and what she got were two different things. Both vibrators moved past her pussy to be lightly placed on her inner thighs just above her knees. Melanie felt absolute frustration as her need for direct sexual stimulation continued to be ignored. Then there was more kissing and moaning.

“I think we need to take this up a notch.” Diana said and soon her and Mike were moving the table back to a standing position. Then Melanie felt the table pulled away from her ass as Mike and Diana bedava bonus veren siteler moved the lower half of the table that had hinge that allowed that half to be dropped to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Melanie asked as her eyes looked at Diana.

Instead of answering her Diana walked over to the assorted sex toys and picked up a gag ball. She then pushed the ball into Melanie’s mouth and the adjusted the straps to hold it in place. Diana then gently ran her finger along Melanie’s face. Mike walked over to stand just behind Diana. He then began to kiss her neck and ear as his hands cupped her large D tits.

“That feels so good lover!” Diana moaned softly as she looked into Melanie’s now questioning eyes.

Mike then walked over to the sex toys and picked up a large black dildo and in fact it was the dildo that Melanie had planned on using on him. He laughed as he wiggled the toy in front of Melanie’s face. “I bet this would hurt it was shoved up your asshole.” He said as he and Diana laughed.

Diana walked over and picked up another toy that was a series of beads that started small and got bigger. “These might a better choice this time.”

Diana disappeared from Melanie’s sight but the she felt her ass cheeks spread. Mike joined Diana and a second latter Melanie felt the first bead pressed into asshole. Her eyes rolled and she screamed into the ball. Mike reappeared in front of her and then her reached forward and grabbed both of her nipples and began to pull. Just as Melanie’s attention moved to that feeling another bead pushed into her ass. Her eyes pleaded with Mike to stop but he just kept pulling and releasing as more and more beads were pushed up her ass. Finally, Diana reappeared and Melanie could feel her ass filled with the anal toy. She then held up a full sized penis shaped vibrator.

Melanie was stunned but at the same time her sexual arousal was higher than anything she had ever know. The vibrator was run over her nipples and down her stomach to pubic mound. She wanted to touch her pussy more than anything in the world. If Diana would only help her release the orgasm that built to the breaking point in her. Then she could feel the vibrator barely touch her swollen pussy lips. Her pleading that came from her mouth was stopped by the ball in her mouth. Then she looked into her husband’s eyes and she was stunned to see that he was amused by what she was going through. The vibrator was then puled away and turned off. Melanie whimpered as she realized that she would not be given her release.

Then Diana turned to Mike and gave him a sensual kiss as only a woman in love would do. Melanie watched as Diana slowly squatted in front of her husband. She then slowly licked and kissed his iron hard cock. Diana looked back up at Melanie and gave a sexy wink before her mouth wrapped around Mike’s cock. Diana’s eyes opened as her mouth worked on his cock and Melanie could see the hot burning lust.

“Oh Fuck Diana that is good. You suck cock so fucking good!” Mike moaned.

Even as he had said that Diana let his cock slip from her lips and she slowly licked the bottom of his cock. “Am I a better cocksucker than that bitch you are married to?” she said as she made a show of licking a large drop of precum from the tip of his cock.

“You have always been a better cocksucker than her. You are a better fuck too!” Mike said as he looked into his wife’s eyes.

“I think it is time for us to have a little talk. You see you have been treating me like shit for a while now. A few months ago, I went over to Diana’s to see if she knew what was wrong.” Mike said but then stopped to moan as Diana deep throated him.

Diana sucked hard and the cock slipped from her lips with a loud pop. She then stood up and kissed Mike pushing her tongue into his mouth. Then she looked at Melanie. “I did not know what was wrong but I did know that you were treating the best man I have ever known like a piece of shit. I decided it was just too good of an opportunity to pass. It was not long before I had Mike in my bed giving him the kind of love that he deserved.” Diana said as she continued to kiss Mike’s neck and chest. “Please fuck me, Mike!” She moaned.

Mike laughed as he flipped the table that Melanie was secured to so that her feet were up in the air. A moment later Diana was straddling Melanie’s head. Diana’s pussy was dripping wet. Her clit was poking out of its little hood. The outer lips were clearly swollen with arousal. Then Mike stepped up behind her. She could see the veins pulsing as his cock throbbed with each beat of his heart. His large heavy balls hung inches from her eyes. Then Diana’s long sexy fingers with perfectly manicured nails gripped the large cock and guided it to her pussy. Then Melanie watched as the head popped into her friend’s pussy as Diana grunted happily.

“Fuck that pussy is hot and wet!” Mike moaned as he gripped Diana’s hips.

Melanie watched as her husband’s cock slowly pushed into Diana’s welcoming cunt. Diana was screaming with joy as the cock sank deep into her willing flesh. Then Mike slowly pulled back and Melanie could see the creamy pussy juice coating his cock. Soon drops of pussy juice began to splatter her face.

“Fuck yeah, Diana that is the best pussy ever! That’s right push back on the cock! Show me just how bad you want my fucking dick!” Mike was moaning as he and Diana ground their bodies together.

“You own my pussy baby! Fuck me right baby!” Melanie screamed as started orgasming on his cock.

Then Melanie started to sob as she realized just what a poor fuck she had been. Diana was a superior woman than she could ever hope to be! Even worse was the realization that Mike was the kind of man that women waited their whole life to be with.

“Fuck I need to bust my nut before my balls bust!” Mike groaned as his cock pulled from Diana and to Melanie’s shock Melanie began to spray fluids all over her face. Melanie thought that Diana was peeing but then the smell of the juices being sprayed on her face was clearly pussy juices.

“Oh My God! I have never cum like that!” Melanie screamed in her brain and again realized that if Mike could make Diana cum like that, but she had never had cum like that so clearly, she was the one who was inferior.

Mike pulled the cock ring off his cock and slammed his dick deep into Diana that was moaning and babbling as her body jerked uncontrollably.

“Oh Fuck Cummmmmming!” Mike grunted as he pumped hard and deep into Diana’s orgasming pussy.

“YES! GIVE ME THAT CUM!” Diana screamed.

Melanie watched as her husband cock convulsed and with each sharp contraction, she knew that sperm was being driven into Diana’s dripping pussy. Then she saw there was white yatırımsız deneme bonusu semen starting to drip from the pussy above her face. She was mesmerized by seeing a pussy filled for the first time. Then the two lovers above her just held each other as their orgasms slowly faded. Then Mike reached down and pulled the gag ball and strap from her head.

“Clean her pussy up bitch!” Mike said as he slowly began to pull his cock from the pussy.

“What?” Melanie said stunned, but then the cock left the pussy and a large glob of sperm landed on her lips.

Diana sat back on her face and Melanie could feel her lips, and chin being smeared with sperm. Her eyes looked up at Mike and he said “Eat it!”.

Melanie began to suck on the pussy hole that was being rubbed on her mouth. Then her mouth filled with the combined fuck juices of her husband and best friend. That was when she heard a loud moan which made her stick her tongue up Diana’s fuck passage to get every drop as the moaning continued. It was only as Diana lifted off of her face did Melanie realize that it was herself moaning. Her mouth was filled with the taste of the combined sex juices as her own body screamed for a chance for sexual release.

“Please I need to cum so bad. Oh fuck I will do anything if you will just let me cum!” She pleaded as she sobbed with sexual frustration. Tears were streaming down her face as she just needed to cum or go crazy.

“I’m not sure have been good enough to deserve an opportunity to cum. What do you think, Diana?” Mike asked as he looked into Melanie’s tear filled eyes.

“She did a pretty good job of cleaning my pussy. Maybe we should let her finger herself to an orgasm.” Diana said as unstrapped Melanie’s left hand.

“Please can’t one of you help me?” Melanie said as she was stunned that neither Mike or Diana was going to help her orgasm.

“Listen Bitch, you are lucking I just don’t put the gag back in your mouth and leave you here over night! Do what you are told and when you are told!” Mike said as he pulled her pony tail.

Melanie lowered her hand to her pussy. She was sloppy wet and her pussy felt like it was on fire. Mike and Diana watched as she slipped two fingers deep into her own pussy. Her hips jerked hard as she found her enlarged g-spot while her thumb rubbed her hyper sensitive clit.
“That’s it slut! Make that pathetic pussy orgasm if you can!” Diana said as she licked Mike’s cock.

Diana reached behind the table and found the ring at the end of the string of annual beads. Melanie was close to cumming as her face contorted as she was overwhelmed with physical stimulation. Then Diana pulled the beads steadily from Melanie’s asshole.

Melanie felt her orgasm hit her like a freight train! Her orgasm was so strong that her cum blasted three feet across the room. She felt like her pussy was turning inside out while her asshole gapped open. Then she passed out.

Melanie slowly came too to the sound of Mike and Diana fucking on the bed. Her head was now free and she could lift it enough to see them making love in a missionary position as they whispered “I love you” to each other as their bodies slapped together. Melanie wanted to finger her own pussy but she discovered that her hands and feet were still strapped to the table. The next thirty minutes were shear torment but also shear sexual stimulation. Melanie tried to close her eyes but that only made her pussy throb with more desire. It was only when she heard the familiar sound of Mike orgasming that she knew her torment was over for the time being.

A short time later she saw that Mike was looking at her as he held Diana in his strong arms. Melanie remained silent as she sensed that her talking first would not be good thing.

“Maybe now would be a good time to finish our conversation. Diana told me that you planned to turn me into a cuckold. The funny thing is if you had done that before you started treating me like shit, I probably would have fallen into it. I really loved you that much and the only thing I ever wanted was for you to be happy. Today, I am not that man anymore. I still love you, but my happiness comes first.” Mike said as Diana snuggled happily into his embrace. “So, I see two things that we can do. First, I could give you a divorce. Oh, and by the way, I never wanted your fucking money so you can keep it and be on your way!”

Melanie was crying as her body shook thinking of how she had betrayed this man who had loved her so unconditionally. “How will I live without him?” She asked herself. Her mind flashed on the way he had made love to Diana. “Maybe he could train me to be better woman.” She thought but then realized just how much she must disgust him. Then he spoke again.

“The alternative is that I divorce you anyways so that I can marry Diana. If she will have me that is.” Mike said as Diana squealed with joy indicating that she would be his wife.

“The second is not much of an alternative for me.” Melanie said as she sobbed.

“Well I have not quite finished. You can live with us as our servant, at least to the outside world that is what it would appear to be. However, what you will be is my little cuckquean. I bet you did not know that there was a female version of what you wanted me to be. Just think, if you want it, every night could be just like tonight and even better.” Mike and Diana laughed as they looked on Melanie who cried.

Melanie was crying for joy because she now had a chance to still be in Mike’s life and she was certain that with time she would earn his love through her unquestioning loyalty and devotion.

“I’ll stay.” She said as she tried to stop her crying.

“Diana would you get Melanie her new undergarment.” Mike said and Diana leapt out of bed and pulled a strange looking device.

Diana helped her into the strange device that fastened around her waist and the attached to two straps around her upper thighs. Then there was a strap that attached at the back came up and covered her crotch. Melanie was stunned when Diana fasten the device with a small lock.

“You have just been put in a chastity belt. The purpose is to prevent you from have sex without my permission. Mistress Diana will aid you in the regular cleaning, but you must understand that you may only have sexual stimulation with my consent. If this is not acceptable then tell us and we will unlock it and you may leave. Do you wish to remain?” Mike said seriously as Diana returned to his side.

“I want to stay.” Melanie said quietly but with hope for better days ahead.

“Very well, but from now on you will address me as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’.” Mike said.

Melanie looked into his eyes and then lowered her eyes to the floor. “Yes Master.” She said as she felt humiliation flood over her even as her pussy dripped with excitement.

The End

(This story has been simmering in me for a while. The subject of cuckolding is frequently the subject of stories here but what if the roles were reversed. If you enjoyed a thumbs up tells me so. I also enjoy your comments and messages.)

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