Husband’s Mistake Ch. 04

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I reached his house and Shamss opened the door for me. He reached his hand out to me, and I took it. He pulled me to him, until my hard nipples bumped against his chest. His touch was light and careful, as though I was fragile glass. He kissed me gently and said, “We have a lot of time, honey. And I want this to be a new experience for you.”

I knew what he saying as we were doing things with each other that we never did with our spouses, and we were always eager to try more. So when Shamss suggested we try anal sex, I was interested, but a little nervous, though i had an experience with that Adnan. It was something my husband had never even mentioned with me, and I know spouse don’t try it, and all these fantasies become in lovers.

I knew Shamss always got what he wanted, however he had to. As first I refused, but eventually I decided to let him do it. I was so grateful to Shamss I wanted to repay him by handing over what i had, because he had given me a lot of money, jewelry and other things like expensive garments etc. That had now become my weakness and I couldn’t think about living without these things. And above all of these I had become addicted to his huge cock, and style of fucking.

He yanked the hem of my qameez up and lifted it over my head, throwing it onto the floor, and then he untied my shilwar, which fell on the floor. I was naked underneath.

I was rubbing his dick through his pants, and he was getting so hard the stitches were straining. So I unzipped him and knelt down to kiss it. Shamss rid himself of the rest of his clothes. I was stroking his cock, paying attention to his balls the way I knew he liked.

Shamss grinned wickedly and urged me to roll over on the floor. I lay on my tummy and he caressed my back, my hips, and my thighs. “You’re so beautiful,” he told me. He always said things like that.

When he spread my ass cheeks, I took a deep breath, reminding myself to relax and it would be better. Then I felt his tongue. He pressed his wet tongue to my tight asshole and began to lick me, wriggling his tongue around until the very tip of it was inside. It felt hot and slick in there, and I liked it. I raised up on my knees to give him better access back there, and he responded by slowly forcing his long tongue deep into my ass, making me moan.

“Baby, that’s so good. I want you, Shamss,” I said hotly. “I want you to take my ass. I want that big cock to rip me open!” Shamss slid a finger through my pussy juice and rubbed my asshole until it was really lubed, then he pushed one finger up my ass. I was shocked at how tight it felt, bahis firmaları and when he began to fuck his finger in and out I thought I was going to cum!

“That’s what I want, Shamss, that’s it, honey, it feels so good!” I pushed back on his hand, almost frantic for his meat now. Shamss pulled his finger out and I looked back when Shamss pulled his fingers out. I watched him pull a little bottle from the table and open it, spreading lube on his fingers. My pussy twitched in anticipation. I pushed my butt up higher for him, and he spread the lube on my ass.

He spread lube on his cock. He was rock hard and thick. I spread my legs wide for him, offering my virgin ass. “Please be gentile, Shamss.” I begged.

I moaned when he pressed his thick head to my ass, his hands spreading my cheeks wide so he could watch his cock impale me. I felt his cock push harder and my ass started to open up a little. I started to rub my clit harder. His cock was slick with lube.

I cried out when he pushed his cock all the way up my ass. It burned for a minute; I pushed back a little and it hurt. Sharp little stabs of pain shot through my belly. I tried to hold still and let him push in, but it only hurt worse. So I begged him to pull it out because I was feeling too much pain.

“Let me in. Let me put this cock in you.” Shamss held my hips and thrust forward, slowly, and I felt my sphincter muscle give a little under the pressure. “It will only hurt for a minute, I promise,” he said and pushed harder. My ass burned, and it felt like my tender virgin skin was ripping a little around him.

I grabbed the couch cushions in front of me and braced myself and pushed back, it felt little better.

I felt him thrust hard and steady, and my ass stretched to take him in. It burned like fire when he pushed in, and then I felt his head pop across my muscle ring, and he was through. Little knives of pain slashed through my thighs and belly, and I screamed a little as he drove deep, finally stopping with his huge cock embedded to the root in my asshole. He waited there, filling my ass with his huge throbbing rod, and groaned.

He whispered in my ear, “You feel so good, so good. You’re so tight, hot and sweet. You’re tight all the way up, I knew your ass would be tight like that because your pussy is also very tight compared to other women your age.” He was really in heaven.

Then he pulled out a little, almost all the way. His cock made my ass throb with friction as he slid out, then slammed home. It still hurt, and I screamed before I could help myself.

He began to fuck kaçak iddaa me then, fucking my ass with long and slow strokes, until the pain almost disappeared and I started to enjoy it. I reached between my legs to squeeze his balls. Then I reached into my pussy with two fingers and felt his pumping dick through the thin wall of my cunt. I couldn’t believe it! I had a cock up my ass! And the thickest one I had ever seen.

“Does it hurt, sweetheart?”

“Oh, no! Please fuck me hard, harder. It feels a lot better now!”

I screamed when I came right then, with his cock deep in my ass. I could feel my ass muscles clench so tight around him that he had to stop fucking me, his dick held prisoner deep in my body. Shamss shouted when my asshole clamped down on him, holding him tight inside. His cock head was deep in my ass, all the way up in my intestines, and I could feel him throbbing in there.

“Oh, I’m coming!” he said, his fingers digging into my hips as he pushed as hard as he could. I felt my skin tear a little around his cock, and I screamed again. Then I felt him cum, his pumping machine spurting loads of thick cum up into my ass, and I could feel it all sliding around in there. My tight ass muscles locked up his cock, and all he could do was cum, again and again, as my ass clenched his shaft.

I finally had to move…I couldn’t hold myself up on my knees anymore. I fell on my tummy, and Shamss lay on top of me, his dick still deep in my ass. I tensed my muscles to hold him there; I wanted to feel him get hard again and fuck me.

We lay this way for a long time – Shamss over my hip and I on my belly. After awhile Shamss stood up, sliding his cock out of my ass. We were now too eager, so we went to the kitchen and had some sandwiches. After that we went to bed and lay there in each other’s arms. We talked for a long while playing each other. I was stroking Shamss’s cock, which was now fully erect.

“Hi, you made it readyagain.”

“Yes! You did what you wanted and now this is my turn” I teased him.

“Ok! Honey as you want. I am your slave.”

I climbed on him while he was lying on his back and, grabbing his cock and pointing it at my pussy hole, I sat on him and his cock slid into me.

I slid up and down, fast and deep, the way Shamss liked it. His cock was shiny and wet every time I let him slide out of me before impaling myself again; taking him in until his head bumped my womb. I was riding up and down on Shamss’s big cock.

“You’re so wet and tight,” he moaned under me. His hands were clenched on the headboard above him, his knuckles kaçak bahis white. I slammed myself down a little harder and watched him arch his head back in ecstasy. I almost laughed with power…I could get used to this!

I didn’t want him to come yet, so I slowed down, rocking back and forth on his dick. He groaned in protest and lifted his head up to look at me, to watch my breasts bounce as I fucked him. Then he grinned and grabbed my waist with his broad hands, pinning me on his cock.

“That’s enough of that nonsense, pretty woman,” he warned, and rolled me over so he could drive into me, hard and deep. I opened my legs wide for him, lifting my feet up to his shoulders so he could pump deeper.

I squeezed my pussy muscles around Shamss’s cock. Suddenly he rammed forward, sending my head bouncing against the headboard and his cock pounding inside me, hurting me and making me cum at the Shamsse time. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of me and then slammed back into me with no gentleness, his cock hot and punishing. I cried out with his thrusts. I came a second time on his dick. I was getting the fuck of my life!

He rammed in and out, his meaty shaft reaching to my very depths, bruising my cervix with the force. My breasts bounced in time with his hips.

“Your pussy is really eating my cock.” Shamss looked at me and moaned.

“Oh, yeah, it’s fuckin’ good… Shamss, oh, please don’t stop…yes…fuck me! Do it, teach me a lesson, Shamss,” I begged.

I bit my lip to keep from screaming when he ground against me, his cock bruising my already sore pussy.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum, sweet.”

“Shamss!” I hollered as he thrust one final time. He threw his head back and screamed his release as his cock emptied ounce after ounce of boiling cream into my abused pussy. To my utter amazement, I came again, my pussy throbbing as it sucked in every drop of what his balls shot up through his dick. “Oh, Shamss…” I moaned as the last of the orgasm rolled through my body.

Shamss fucked me until his cock went soft and slipped out. He lay on me for a while and then he whispered, “you are great, you’re one of the pretty ones on the earth, You have not grown fat like many women your age; you still have the figure of a girl. You’ve got a great body, and above all this you are still so hot like a young girl in bed.”

“And you have used this body very much, but I have decided that I am done with this. Anyhow, thank you, that’s a lovely compliment,” I said with a chuckle.

“Don’t talk like that, promise me you won’t leave me darling. You are my life now – I can’t let you go,” he added. “I want you from the core of my heart, I want to fuck you like that anytime day and night.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.

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