I knew you were a Fag Gay

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I knew you were a Fag Gay
This is the story of how I sucked my first cock.

It was 7pm, just beginning to get dark, I knelt down and pulled the knot on my laces tight. Standing up I looked left then right before starting my evening jog.

I kept up a leisurely pace towards the park where I liked to jog each evening. These days it’s the only thing that keeps me in shape.

Let me tell you about me quickly. I am 20 years old, athletic/stocky and a student. Until two weeks ago I would have said I was an alpha male straight lad who loved fucking women and was not gay at all! Between drinking, studying and working I don’t have much time left for exercising, so these evening jogs had become a welcome routine and somewhat relaxing.

So as I jogged along the path I thought I saw someone walking the opposite direction as me on the opposite side of the park, its not unusual to see people in the park at this time so I thought nothing of it, and besides I lost sight of them as I rounded a tree.

Deciding to finish my jog with a sprint I looked toward the public toilet 200 feet away and set off at a furious pace.

Panting and out of breath I reached the toilets, deciding to take a leak and fill my water bottle to quench my thirst.

The toilet was pretty dark inside, the light flickering, obviously nobody bothered replacing it. To my surprise I was not alone, there was a rather large older man using one of the two urinals.

Looking up he spoke “Evening boy, been running have you?”

I nervously stepped up next to him, unzipping as I replied, güvenilir bahis trying to keep my eyes on the wall in front of me. “Yeah it’s so warm outside tonight!”

“I’ll bet you’re thirsty boy”

I looked over unsure what he meant, his tone different, more harsh.

“Yeah I-”

I broke off, my eyes had flicked down to his hands, which were shaking off the last few drops of piss from his cock. More than that, he was stroking it. And what a cock it was. It must have been 8 inches, and thick with an angry dark red head.

I was lost for words and forgot completely about my need to piss, stood still with my dick in my hands.

“I’ll bet your thirsty boy, I’ve got something for you to drink from” his tone definitely had some steel in it.

“You little faggot, you’ve been staring at my cock and you’re getting hard!”

I snapped out of my daze, eyes flicking between my hardening dick, 5 inches when fully erect, and his manly cock.

“I’m not gay!” I replied hastily.

“Like fuck you aren’t! Your mouth is watering at the sight of a real mans cock!” He reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling it towards his thick cock.

I could have resisted but I didn’t, allowing myself to be led by him. My fingers wrapped around him as best they could naturally. He felt warm and heavy.

“I knew you were a fag” he stated, “get on your fucking knees”.

There I was holding a cock in my hand, a cock that for the first time in my life, wasn’t my own. A cock to someone who looked more than twice my age, and I was rock solid.

I slid to my knees, unable canlı casino to resist. I wanted this.

My hand began to stroke his cock, feeling it harden and become more firm, heavier.

“Open wide slut” as if they were the magic words my mouth fell open, watering instantly.

I got no warning, nothing could have prepared me. He grabbed my head and rammed his cock into my mouth. This wasn’t to be a blowjob, this wasn’t going to be sexy, like one of the blowjobs my girlfriend gives me. No I was getting facefucked like a slut.

I gagged as his cock hit thr back of my throat, trying to pull away. His hands held my head tight, his cock pulling back only to thrust again.

I could taste the piss from the end of his cock, and the manly taste of a hot warm cock.

All of a sudden he thrust deep into my throat, holding my face tight to his crotch as I struggled weakly against him. My throat convulsing and gagging.

“God that feels amazing you little slut, you were born for this”

My head felt like it was about to explode, his thick cock was stopping any air from getting to my lungs. Finally just before I felt I would pass out he pulled it out, strings of saliva hanging from his cock and my mouth.

“Work it bitch”

I looked up at him, kneeling on a dirty public toilet floor, with a cock in my hand and having just been used. I felt hot. My cock was like diamond.

I bought the cock to my lips, kissing the head before parting them slightly and letting the head slip into my mouth. I wanted to make thiz stranger cum, I wanted to kaçak casino give him a good blowjob. I began bobbing my head, trying to take him further each time, my hand working his shaft while my other cupping his balls.

For a time the only sounds to be heard were my slurping as I messily sucked my first cock, and his grunts and moans.

“Here is comes faggot” his cock growing in my mouth. His hands grabbing my head again as he began thrusting faster.

At this point I panicked. I’m not sure if it was the realisation of what I was doing and the fact a stranger was about to cum in my mouth, or that I realised I would be truly a faggot if I tasted cum.

Either way it was pointless, he grinned down at me while I struggled, holding my head tight. His thrusts became shorter and harder.

Then he exploded in my mouth. Hot gooey and foul tasting. Those are the only words I can think of to describe it. My mouth quickly filled, what with the huge cock and increasing amounts of his cum there wasnt much room! Cum began dribbling out of my mouth and he pulled out, forcing my jaw closed.

“Swallow it faggot.” He ordered as his last few spurts of cum hit my face, painting it like a cheap whore.

The cum slid down the back of my throat, which was sore from the rough use. I coughed as I swallowed, bringing the flavor back into my mouth.

He pulled his softening cock back into his pants and half slapped my face, “thanks bitch, be here the same time tomorrow.”

As he left I thought back on what happened, and why there was a small pool of my cum on the floor between my knees. I wiped my hand across my face, covering it with cum, and didn’t hesitate to lick it clean. Heading home with a belly full of cum I felt liberated, happy that I had finally found my purpose in life.

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