In Love With My Best Friend Ch. 03.5

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DISCLAIMER: There is FFM action here, as well as copious amounts of squirting. Do with that as you will.

On another note, this story is really meant for those who have followed the story so far, or at least read chapter three. If you want more explanatory fluff, I leave those in the integer chapters 😉

All characters are over 18, and it is a purely fictional story. Also, ENJOY!!

Two weeks after Ch. 3…

“It’s a rut, Holly. I’m in a rut, and it’s so frustrating!” Ashley groaned.

“Ash, you’re a girl, you’re smoking hot, I’m not gonna sit here and listen to you complain about not being able to get some.” Holly smirked at her friend as they sat on Danny and Holly’s bed.

“No, but you know what I mean! I don’t just wanna fuck someone, I wanna have sex. Even if it’s just a casual relationship, I want to actually feel something out of it…”

“I’m teasing, Ash, I know what you mean.” Holly playfully pushed her friend. “If you’re that desperate, why don’t I see if Danny will let you join us sometime? I’m open to it, I doubt he’ll say no!”

“Wait… what? You’d be ok with me joining you and Danny? Even after the… moving incident?”

“Ashley, Danny’s not mad about that, I know that. And I’d bet he’s more turned on by it than anything.” Holly grinned.

“But… I mean we’ve fooled around, but I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with actually… you know…”

“Well it’s up to you, I think I’d like being in bed with you and Danny but I’m… well you know how I am.” Holly said, sheepishly, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah I guess… I mean it’s basically my only option right now aside from a one-nighter, right?” Ashley responded. “How do you think you’re gonna get Danny to go for it though?”

“What do you mean? I’m sure he’d jump at an opportunity like this!”

“Yeah but he’ll probably take it as some kind of test. He’ll probably refuse over and over again, thinking you’ll be pissed if he accepts.”

“Ash, Danny and I have a bit of a different relationship than that…”

“I know, I know, I’ve seen you guys around each other.” Ashley grinned. “But look, I have an idea…”

Three days later…

“Go on upstairs Danny, I’ll be right up.” Holly winked.

Danny smiled and gave her a kiss as he walked upstairs. Holly waited for him enter their room, before sneaking over to the basement door and opening it to let Ashley out, completely nude like Holly.

“You ready?” Holly asked.

“I dunno… do you think I can pull it off?”

“Of course! Just act like me and he’ll be none the wiser. I’ve made sure he turns off all the lights, closes all the blinds, as long as you focus he’ll never know it’s you.”

“Until you bust in.” Ashley smiled.

“Trust me, this is gonna be one of the best fucks of your life.” Holly winked. She leaned in to give her friend a kiss. Ashley reciprocated, albeit with some hesitation.

“Ash, you’re sure you’re comfortable with us? I know I said that I’m open to experimenting with you, but if you’re really not then that’s okay, we can call this off.”

“No, no, I wanna do it, I’m sorry I just… just need to get my head around it.” Ashley smiled at her friend. It looked genuine to Holly, so she smiled back.

“Go get ‘im!” She whispered.

Ashley giggled as she climbed the stairs. As promised, the room was completely dark when she entered. She remembered where the bed was, and was very careful not to bump into it on her way in. She and Holly had very similar voices, but she was pretty sure that if she started jumping around and cursing that Danny might know the difference.

Ashley slowly crept into bed to meet Danny’s naked form.

“Hey babe,” He whispered. He reached up and fondled one of her tits as she groaned, finding his hard cock. Holly had told Ashley rather reluctantly that she talks a lot during sex, and really dirty stuff, too. It meant that Holly would have to intervene before things got too serious, otherwise he’d be suspicious.

As she stroked him and he felt her up, they began kissing, with Ashley eventually lying down on top of Danny, his cock pulsating, pressed up against her leg. Things were really starting to heat up, and Danny’s cock had now moved so it was positioned directly in front of her pussy. As much as that was the end goal, it would spoil things if it happened too quickly, and Ashley nearly sighed with relief when Holly opened the door and turned on the lights.

“What the…!” Holly exclaimed.

Ashley rolled off Danny to his side, trying to hide a smile. Danny meanwhile sat bolt canlı bahis şirketleri upright, his face frozen in horror as he whipped is head between Holly and Ashley.

“I. Wait. No! Holly I… I can explain? Wait no I can’t…”

Ashley finally cracked a smile, and as his face was darting between them, he eventually caught it. It took him a second to register but after that he turned to Holly, his face set in an unimpressed grin. Holly was also smiling now too, on the verge of giggling.

“Ok. What?”

Holly composed herself. “Danny, Ashley hasn’t had a proper boyfriend in a few months now, and she’s… a little restless. I told her we’d help her out!”

Danny just stared at her, perplexed. “You could have just asked!”

Holly tried very hard to stifle a giggle. It didn’t work. “This was just so much more fun.”

Danny just sighed and rolled his eyes as the two girls started laughing. “So what now?”

“Now,” Holly replied, sauntering over to the bed, her gorgeous body on full display to both of them. “Now we give Ashley what she needs.” She licked her lips at her friend. Ashley came a little. So did Danny.

With both of them a little stunned at Holly’s sheer openness, they just watched as Holly climbed into bed and went for Ashley, locking her in a passionate embrace. Danny literally couldn’t move or speak, and Ashley was almost the same, save for the ability to respond to Holly’s loving. After a few minutes of making out, Holly finally broke their embrace, smiling at Ashley who was grinning ear to ear, and gave Ashley’s nose a tiny little lick before turning to Danny.

“She’s gonna sit on your face while I suck your dick, then you’re gonna pound that sweet little pussy.”

Ashley moved her gorgeous round ass over Danny’s face, who promptly started to fondle her puffy little cunt with his tongue. Holly got behind her, and started sucking Danny’s cock, making sure it was nice and wet for her friend.

Even Holly was a little surprised at just how turned on she was by this. She knew she was slutty and a bit of a nymphomaniac, but the thought of fucking her best friend and her… other best friend who was also her boyfriend, really turned her on. She had never considered herself bisexual, but now, with the moment approaching where she planned on eating pussy for the first time, it excited her that she was forced to admit to herself that she didn’t feel scared or nervous. Just wet.

Holly decided Danny’s dick was slippery enough, so she stopped.

“He’s good for you, Ash!” She giggled. Holly shuffled up to Ashley who was moaning away on Danny’s face. She reached around to cup friends’ tits and, looking over Ashley’s shoulder, she could see Danny’s eye’s smiling. She winked at him and licked her lips, before kissing her way up her friends’ neck. Ashley turned toward her and their lips locked, their long brown hair creating a narrow window where Danny could watch the two cutest girls he knew make out.

When they broke apart, Holly slowly moved Ashley off Danny’s face, and down toward his cock. She bent Ashley over, who began to make out with Danny, enjoying the taste of her pussy on his lips immensely. Holly stared at her friend’s gorgeous pussy for a second or two before giddily diving in. Ashley groaned loud and lewd, relishing the joy she was feeling with her friend’s tongue making love to her. Holly, meanwhile, grinned and groaned as she ate out her friend, finding herself pushing deeper into that juicy little hole in search of Ashley’s tasty cum. With Ashley moaning loudly on top of her boyfriend, Holly finally pried herself from her first ever pussy, and guided Danny’s diamond-hard dick toward her friends’ entrance.

“You ready?” Holly asked as Ashley sat up.

“Oh god please.” Ashley groaned with a desperate look in her eyes.

Holly grinned wide and got back down, her face inches from both their crotches. Holly pressed Danny’s throbbing head against Ashley’s wet pussy, before putting a hand on Ashley’s ass and slowly pushing her down on it. She watched in sheer awe at the close-up of her boyfriend’s dick slowly sliding up her friend’s slick tunnel, the shaft disappearing inch by inch. It occurred to her just then that she had never actually watched this happen before, besides once or twice in the occasional porn film. Realizing it really turned Holly on. She reached down to finger herself just as Ashley bottomed out inside Danny. She squealed as she did so, and after a quick adjustment, started bouncing up and down at an ever-increasing rhythm. Holly moved herself around slightly so she could watch canlı kaçak iddaa both of them as they fucked.

Danny was a little surprised. He’d only been with one other girl before Holly, but with Ashley he could tell her pussy felt distinctly different from either of them. It was almost like it hugged tighter in different areas… but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He returned to reality, focussing on Ashley as she rode him, her head tilted toward the ceiling and a huge grin on her face as she sighed and groaned with each thrust. Ashley’s tits bounced so nicely in front of his face. Her pace wasn’t fast but it was steady, and just seeing how much she was enjoying herself was making Danny hot.

He noticed Holly at the side of them both, just behind Ashley. Her attention was raptly focused on the exact spot where the action was happening, and he stared and watched in lust as Holly casually and methodically fingered herself. He smiled, seeing the looks she was giving Ashley. He’d seen them all before, and he could see that Holly had apparently enjoyed her first foray into the world of women.

Danny could feel an orgasm coming on, so he slowed things down. He stopped fucking Ashley and pulled her in for a kiss while he slid out. She giggled and sighed as his throbbing head popped out of her tight wet snatch. But he hadn’t anticipated how horny Holly had gotten from all this. She immediately was on his dick, sucking Ashley off him. It didn’t last very long; almost immediately after that she dove right into Ashley’s pussy, Danny’s dick pressed up against her cheek while her mouth latched on to her friend’s clit. Ashley squealed as her and Danny kissed.

“Damn, she’s good at thaaat!” Ashley sighed, a huge grin on her face.

“Never would’ve pegged her as a natural pussy-eater,” Danny smiled.

“Ooooh she is though…” Ashley said, her voice shaking. Her eyes fluttered slightly.

Danny and Ashley kissed for the next few minutes while Holly worked fervently on her friend. It didn’t take long for Ashley to announce she was about to cum. Danny looked into her eyes just before she came, and when it hit, she scrunched her face up real tight, like Holly did. But it was then that Danny noticed something splashing on his dick. Incredulously, he looked over Ashley’s shoulder to see Holly, rubbing Ashley’s clit with her wide-open mouth set in a big smile, catching Ashley’s cum as it squirted out of her cunt. Her face was drenched, and the cum poured sloppily out of her mouth as she tried to swallow it before more came. A few seconds later Ashley slumped on top of Danny, and he heard Holly swallow with a loud and satisfied gulp.

“Seriously?” Danny asked, “You squirt too!?”

“Yeah…”Ashley sighed absently.

“Was that part of the roommate interview or something? I mean seriously the odds are like… I don’t know… not good. Not that I’m complaining I guess.”

“Mmmhmhm me neither…” He heard Holly say. He peeked over Ashley’s shoulder again to see Holly, her eyes closed dreamily as she wiped the excess cum into her mouth. She proceeded to push Ashley off Danny and mount her boyfriend.

She paused then for a moment before turning to Ashley. “Ash, you ever try anal?”

Ashley looked like the question caught her off guard.

“No, I haven’t… what are you suggesting…?”

“I think you’ll like it! Please, can we try? It’d be sooo hot! I could eat your pussy while Danny fucks your butt!” Holly bit her lip.

“I guess I could give it a shot, um… you guys have lube…?”

“I’ve got something better!” Holly winked. Just lay in front of me here with your ass in the air. Danny, come fuck me.”

Everybody did as they were told. “Just get your dick wet in my pussy, then you can fuck me proper.” Holly smiled wickedly at him.

Danny did just that, eliciting a few moans from Holly as he made a few hard thrusts into her sloppy cunt, before pulling out and pushing his way inside her ass. Holly sighed in approval as Danny started fucking her tight butt. Holly started moaning and groaning loudly, sweat dripping down her now as she really starting getting into it. That, of course, meant dirty talk.

“Oho, fuck me Danny, fuck me! Fuck my asshole! You’re fucking my ass to make me squirt on my friend’s ass so you can fuck her in the ass! How fucking filthy is that!? Come on, use me! Use my body so you can assfuck my friend! I wanna fucking squirt all over her, the little slut! Look at her, that fucking gorgeous ass in the air, I wanna put my tongue in her and make her scream! You better make her scream, Danny, canlı kaçak bahis I want this bitch to cum so hard her squirts hit the other wall!”

Danny grabbed Holly’s tits and mauled them, a sure-fire way of getting her off. She screamed as she came, her hand on her clit as Danny continued to pound her asshole. She aimed her cum stream right at Ashley’s waiting ass, spraying it right on her butthole and splashing all over her, coating her entire backside in her hot cum. Ashley screamed in delight. When she was done, Holly crawled weakly to Ashley and the two maneuvered so that Holly was underneath her in a 69 position. Danny moved over and put his dick at the entrance to Ashley’s ass.

“You ready?” He asked her.

“Might as well,” she replied.

He pushed in very slowly, although he was surprised by how well Holly’s juice worked as lube. It worked well for them but Danny took Holly’s ass nearly daily at this point, so he figured that’s why they never really needed actual lube.

Danny was about two inches in now, and he could hear that Ashley was struggling a little, but he could also hear that telltale sign of pleasure in her moans.

“Want me to slow down?”

“No no, it’s sooo good keep going!” Ashley groaned back enthusiastically.

Danny hadn’t quite expected the response, but it pleased him. He kept pushing slowly into Ashley’s ass, and it took an impressively short amount of time for him to get in and feel Ashley start to loosen up. Another natural.

“Seriously, are you two like the same person or something?” Danny asked. The girls laughed but didn’t answer, each too busy fixating on their newfound pleasures: pussy and anal.

It was only a few short minutes later that Danny was pumping at a steady pace into Ashley’s ass.

“Oh fuck yeah! Holy shit that’s so fucking good…” Ashley yelled out.

Danny was in heaven, revelling in the feeling of such a tight ass around his cock. He started fucking Ashley harder, feeling her start to really loosen up. He was losing himself in that ass, and he knew he wasn’t going to last too much longer; Ashley needed to cum soon.

He couldn’t have planned it better. Literally at the exact same time, he and Ashley announced they were cumming. Danny could feel it building in his balls, and he could feel the telltale contractions of Ashley’s ass as she neared her orgasm. Ashley was groaning loudly now. She looked back at Danny, her hair stuck to her face and a smile on her lips. Danny gave her a smile right as their orgasms hit.

“Aaaaaahhhh!!” Ashley screamed out. Her face scrunched up and her ass clenched around Danny’s cock as he grunted, spewing jets of his hot load into her. At the same time, Ashley squirted, even harder than last time, which was absolutely amazing considering the power of her first cum. Danny heard a splat behind him and smiled, figuring her cum had probably hit the wall just like Holly had asked.

Then Holly came. Apparently this was too hot a scene for her; Holly’s cum sprayed onto the backboard of the bed, splashing everywhere. The second stream was immediately sucked up by Ashley, whose face had immediately returned to her friend’s cunt when she started to cum. Danny just watched in bewilderment. There was seriously no way in the world that those two girls could be more alike. Ashley gulped down streams of girl cum until Holly was done. The girls collapsed where they were while Danny fell back, his limp, wet cock flopping out of Ashley’s freshly fucked asshole.

“Did you leave any for me?” Holly asked.

“Hm?” Ashley queried.

“My cum, do you have any of it for me?”

“You want to… drink your own cum? Damn, wow, I can’t believe I just did that!”

“There’s a little surprise in her butt for you if you want.” Danny smirked.

“Oh, nice! Ash, sit on my face, put your ass on my face!”

Ashley obliged, sitting her sloppy wet ass all over Holly’s face. Holly starting probing and licking her butthole, making Ashley squeal and giggle with sinful pleasure. Holly moaned in delight at the taste of hot cum seeping into her waiting mouth, an action that made Ashley sigh shakily in pleasure as the vibrations on her ass caused a renewed wetness in her pussy.

“Fuck, I could do this all night…” Ashley sighed happily.

Danny looked down at his cock, which he just realized was already mostly hard again after watching the display in front of him.

“Night’s not over yet!” He grinned.

Ashley sighed in pleasure as Holly laughed. He was right.

All done! Hope everyone enjoyed! Please RATE and COMMENT if you could please, it would be much appreciated. I’ve taken a rather long hiatus on Chapter 4, I do still want to finish it, but I’m not happy with it as it is and I’m waiting for the mood to strike me so I can finish it properly. Stay tuned!

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