In Through the Out Door

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In Through the Out Door

By: crimson175

Author’s Note: This is a work of fantasy, and depicts explicit consensual, if somewhat kinky, sex between monogamous adults. If this subject matter offends you in any way, please stop reading now. Any resemblance to actual persons is entirely coincidental.

Part 1

Having children can take its toll on a couple’s sex life. When the kids were younger, they could be put to bed at a decent hour and usually got to sleep soon enough to leave their parents at least some time for nighttime adventures. As they got older, they started staying up much later in the evening, leaving far less time for my wife and I to spend alone.

We don’t get to set aside time for ourselves nearly often enough – generally a couple of times a month, at best. By the time the house settles down and we can sneak off to bed, it is usually quite late, and my performance sometimes suffers from exhaustion.

On a recent weekend, my wife arranged for the kids to spend the night at friends’ houses so we could have some rare time alone together.

After dinner, she suggested I take a hot bath and relax, hinting I might need the energy for later. On my way out of the room she told me not to forget to shave and gave me a sly wink.

On the rare nights when I take a bath rather than showering, I often take the time to carefully shave my balls, leaving them completely smooth and hairless, especially if I think I may get lucky that night. This leaves my scrotum extremely sensitive to the slightest feather touches and makes my slightly below average sized dick look a little larger.

Obviously, she had picked up on my habit and its timing, and was giving me a not-so-subtle hint that tonight was my lucky night.

I washed up and carefully shaved my scrotum, taking care not to nick the sensitive skin, and laid back to soak, feeling the tension melt out of my muscles in the hot bath water.

I began to really relax, luxuriating in the hot soak. My penis was partially engorged from handling it during the shave and I reveled in its feeling of heaviness while looking forward to the workout I hoped it would soon get. I heard the door slowly swing open and reflexively covered myself as I shifted to face away from the door.

“Relax, silly,” my wife said as she slipped in. “We’re all alone in the house tonight, remember?”

I relaxed and let my hands fall back to my sides in the water as I said “Sorry, force of habit. You know how the kids are about walking in without knocking.”

“I just came to check on you,” she said. “Are you all cleaned up?”

I nodded in the affirmative and she asked “how about your shave? Are you nice and smooth?”

I told her I was and she said “Let’s make sure. Stand up and let me check.”

I steadied myself and stood up in the tub, facing out toward her. I love being naked with my wife, but I felt strangely uncomfortable standing before her nude and wet, as if for inspection, while she remained fully clothed.

“That looks so cute all hairless like that,” she said. She reached forward and cupped my balls in her hand. “Nice and smooth,” she continued. “Now turn around.”

I turned to face the wall, placing my hands against the tile to steady myself. I felt her hands part my ass cheeks and she said “Naughty boy. You forgot to shave your bottom.”

I occasionally shave around my asshole, but not often, since it’s very difficult to manage without cutting myself.

“Well, kneel down so I can take care of that for you, since you can’t seem to do it yourself,” she said.

I got on my hands and knees in the tub and she spread shaving cream liberally into the crack of my ass. She pulled a cheek aside with one hand while she carefully maneuvered the razor around my puckered hole with the other. Her deft movements left a delicious tingle through my loins. When she finished, she splashed some water over my ass to rinse away the shaving cream and said “There, smooth as a baby,” and gave my butt a playful slap before drying her hands with a towel.

She handed me a towel and left the bathroom without another word.

I dried myself thoroughly, brushed my hair and teeth, and put on my underwear before turning out the light and slipping into the bedroom.

When I entered the bedroom, I found the dresser light on and my wife under the bedsheet up to her neck. “I wondered if you were coming to bed,” she smirked.

I went to my side of the bed and slipped under the sheet and scooted over next to her. When I reached to put my arm around her, I was surprised to find nothing but bare skin. My wife almost always goes to bed in either pajamas or sweats, so this was a rare treat.

I snuggled up close and gave her a deep kiss as I started running my right hand over her bare skin. I took my time squeezing and stroking her legs, thighs, butt and tummy as I kissed her ears, neck, face and lips.

I took one corner of the sheet and pulled it down, baring bahis firmaları her to the waist. I drank in the sight of her lovely, mature breasts. Her light pink nipples and half dollar-sized aureoles contrasted beautifully with her milky skin. Her 34C mounds no longer defy gravity, but I still find them as arousing as when we were insatiable teen lovers. The breeze from the ceiling fan caused her aureoles to crinkle slightly.

I rubbed my hand across her breasts and her nipples hardened against my palm. I lowered my head to her right breast, flicked my tongue over her nipple and drew it between my lips as I squeezed her left breast in my hand. She leaned her head back and moaned softly as I stuck my tongue out flat and licked from the crease at the bottom of her breast until my tongue flicked off her nipple at the top of the stroke, enjoying the clean, slightly salty taste of her skin.

I alternated kneading and sucking on her breasts with stroking her thighs and tummy. She started squirming impatiently as I slowly moved my wandering hand closer to her sex. When I finally slid my hand between her thighs and rubbed my palm lightly across her mound, she parted her knees to give me unfettered access and tilted her hips to press her mons into the palm of my hand.

I took my time, keeping my touch feather light on her mound, and stroking into the creases where her thighs meet her groin. I paid close attention to her squirming and soft cooing to guide my actions.

When I finally let a finger slide up her slit, she parted her legs farther and I felt the dampness of her outer lips. I continued to tease her slit and mound lightly with my fingers as I nuzzled her neck and nibbled on her ear.

After a lengthy tease, when I placed one finger at the bottom of her slit and pressed lightly, it slipped in to her steamy wetness easily. At this point, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face forcefully toward hers. She planted her lips on mine and forced her tongue into my mouth in a passionate french kiss. I felt a delicious tingling sensation as her tongue slid across my lips and I sucked it hungrily until we both had to pull back, panting breathlessly.

I teased her opening with just the first inch or so of one finger, swirling it around her lips and lightly rubbing the top of her open channel. Her natural lubrication felt like warm oil, and allowed the rough pad of my fingertip to slide smoothly over the inside of her tight pussy.

Soon her hips started moving almost imperceptibly and her pussy lips started clutching at my finger. She nibbled on my ear and breathlessly whispered “Eat my pussy – now!”

Despite her desperate need, I wanted to maintain my slow, teasing pace. I started kissing and licking my way down her body, savoring her milky skin and raising goosebumps along the way, but I must not have been moving fast enough for her, because she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me toward her damp center.

When I got there I looked up along her body to see she had her head back and her eyes closed, breathlessly waiting for my oral attention. She shuddered and moaned softly as I stuck out my tongue and pressed it flat against her mound, licking across her slit and all over her outer lips.

I avoided diving for her center and lavished attention on the outside of her mound, licking from the junctures of her thighs and mons to her labia and kissing all over her mound. After no more than a minute of this treatment, she growled “What are you waiting for? Eat me!”

I parted her lips with my fingers and dipped my tongue into her hot pussy, repeatedly licking from the bottom to the top of her slit, pulling back just before I reached her clit. I then stuck out my tongue and pushed it as far into her channel as I could, and started thrusting it in and out rhythmically.

As she got more and more into my oral stimulation, she placed both hands on my head, pulling it tightly into her crotch while her hips ground her pussy into my mouth. When I finally let my tongue flick over her clit, she twitched as though she had been hit with an electric shock and hissed “Yessss,” and pressed my mouth even harder into her mound.

I repeatedly flicked my tongue lightly over her clit as she tensed more and more, climbing rapidly toward her first climax. As my tongue started to tire of the rapid movements and slowed slightly, she breathlessly whispered “Suck it.”

I wrapped my lips around the hard nub of her clit and drew it in, engorging it even more than it already was. I sucked hard, flicking across it occasionally with the tip of my tongue, causing her to jerk convulsively.

While I sucked on her clit, I placed the tip of my index finger against her slit and pressed it in deep with one stroke, eliciting a deep sigh. I started rhythmically pumping it in and out while I kept up the suction and flicking on her nub. At the same time, I put light pressure against her puckered anus with the tip of another finger, kaçak iddaa but didn’t press it in.

She gasped “Bite it.” As I bit down lightly on her clit, her whole body tensed, raising her hips off the bed. Her eyes were shut tight, and there was an almost pained expression on her face as she allowed her climax to take over and her whole body began to shudder. I held the suction and kept flicking my tongue lightly across her clit until she began to relax, then lightened my contact as she came down from her climax.

I kissed and licked lightly over her outer lips and the tops of her thighs as she caught her breath. When my tongue came near her clit, she pushed my head back and said “stop, too sensitive.” I went back to kissing her mound lightly while she recovered.

I kept up my light kissing to keep her excitement up until her breathing returned to normal, then she handed me a pillow and raised her hips for me to slip it under her ass.

With her butt propped up off the mattress, she drew her knees up to her chest, gave me a wicked grin and demanded “eat my ass.”

I’ve rimmed her before, and judging by her body’s reactions she liked it, but usually I have to either prod her into it, or just go for it. This was the first time she had told me to do it without me suggesting it first.

I grabbed a cheek in each hand with my thumbs together at the edge of her crack and pulled them apart to expose her puckered anus. It is a light pink color with just a few soft hairs around it. As I held her cheeks apart, the soft pink opening twitched slightly, giving the impression it was winking at me. I finally lowered my mouth and and licked the length of her crack. When I flicked my tongue across her asshole, she let out a sigh and said “Mmmmm.”

I worked her the rubbery flesh of her hole with my tongue until it started twitching open and closed, then forced the tip of my tongue into the tight opening.” I couldn’t reach more than a half inch or so into the tight ring, but I kept up the rhythmic tongue-fucking until my jaw tired, then lapped at the outside until she relaxed. I knew she didn’t come from the rimming, but I hoped it had at least notched up her excitement for the fucking I was about to get.

I slid back up her body and pressed my chest against her soft tits as I nuzzled into her neck. I knew she wouldn’t want my tongue in her mouth when it had just left her asshole.

She ran her hands over my back and ass as we cuddled, cooing and mmming while she calmed down. After a couple of minutes, she rolled me off of her and said “I need to go to the bathroom, don’t go anywhere.” As if I would even consider it.

I laid back and caught my breath to get ready for the action yet to come. I listened idly to the sounds coming from the bathroom while I lightly rubbed my package over my underwear to “fluff” it up, enjoying the feeling of heaviness in my semi-hard member. I heard the trickling sound of her peeing, followed by the toilet flushing and the sink running as she washed her hands.

When the sink turned off, I waited expectantly for her to come back so we could get back to the serious fucking I knew was to come, but she didn’t come out right away.

Part 2

A few minutes later when the bathroom door fully opened, I looked up with a smile to see her silhouetted in the doorway. She doesn’t have the body of a supermodel. In my opinion, she’s much more desirable. Bearing a few children has given her fuller curves in all the right places. She reminds me more of a fertility goddess than the Venus de Milo. The soft halo created by the backlight in the doorway completed the goddess-like effect of her appearance. As she stepped out of the backlight of the bathroom door and started toward the bed, I caught a sight that took my breath away. Hanging between her legs was a thick, eight-inch rubber cock suspended from a black leather harness fastened around her rounded hips.

She walked up to the bedside and reached for my hands, pulling me to a sitting position and cradled my face in her soft breasts.

I nuzzled in her abundant tits, tonguing and kissing her mounds and stiff nipples as she hugged me tightly to her body. In this position, both of my hands were free to roam over her back, shoulders and backside as I nursed at her breast. After a couple of minutes, she took me by the hands and pulled me to my feet beside her. She pressed her hardness against my thigh and kissed me deeply, nibbling and tonguing my lower lip as she cupped my underwear-encased balls in her hand.

She finally broke the kiss and said “Pull down your underpants.”

I pulled my bikini briefs over my hips, dropped them to my ankles and stepped out of them, and she took my partially-engorged member in her hand, stroking it to life. As she rubbed my engorged organ, she moved my right hand to her hard rubber appendage, and moved it up and down the shaft, encouraging me to stroke it just as she was doing mine.

As we stroked each other, I kaçak bahis closed my eyes and luxuriated in the sensation of her talented fingers working their magic on my organ. At the same time, there was a strange excitement to stroking another dick. I had, of course, fisted my own many times over the years, but this felt different and somehow taboo.

“Mmmm,” she said. “Look how much bigger and harder my dick is than yours.”

I opened my eyes and looked down at the contrast between my modest 5 1/2″ penis and her much larger rubber tool as we slowly stroked one another.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

“Mmmmm,” was all I could manage in reply.

“Suck it,” she demanded in a hoarse whisper.

“Hmmm?” I responded.

“Come on baby, suck my dick,” she urged breathlessly, as she placed her hands on my shoulders and nudged me to my knees in front of her.

I knelt at her feet and continued to stroke her dildo as I regarded it at eye level. I noticed that the harness had a plug attached that was firmly planted in her pussy, so she would be filled as she wore the harness. “Put it in your mouth,” she urged.

I finally succumbed to her lustful prodding and leaned forward to swirl my tongue tentatively around the head. As I did, she tilted her hips forward with a slight moan and slid her shaft past my lips, filling my mouth. My lips were stretched tightly around the invading tool, allowing them to feel each ridge and vein as the realistic dildo slid in and out of my mouth.

At that point I decided to go with the moment, mimicking the best blowjob I could imagine. I worked over the head with my lips and tongue, paying particular attention to the underside, where I knew it would be most sensitive if it were real, all the while continuing to stroke her length with my hand. Eventually, I bobbed my head down the shaft, taking about half of it in my mouth before returning to the head.

As I repeated my movements, I gradually started to take more and more of her tool into my mouth until I nearly choked. When I needed a break to breathe, I would take it out of my mouth and slide my lips and tongue up and down the bottom and sides of the shaft so she could watch.

As I got used to the size, I was gradually able to fit more of her fake cock in my mouth until the head pressed against the back of my throat and my nose nearly met her stomach. At this point, she placed her hands on the back of my head and began lightly thrusting her tool into my mouth.

She continued the face-fucking motion until her legs started to tremble in an apparent climax. As she shuddered through her orgasm, she buried her dong in my throat until I couldn’t breathe and had to pull back, dizzy.

When I caught my breath, she took my hands and helped me to my feet. “You did such a good job sucking my big hard dick, you deserve a nice reward,” she said. She turned me to face the bed and pressed forward on my back, bending me over the side of the bed until my chest pressed against the mattress.

She took my cheeks in both hands and started kneading them roughly. When she ran her fingers up and down my crack, she set off a delicious tingling up my spine.

“Up on your knees,” she urged. I put my knees up on the edge of the mattress, but kept my head down so I could watch her between my legs.

She reached over to the dresser and picked up a tube of lubricant, squeezing it liberally over the fingers of her right hand and put the tube beside me on the bed. I felt the fingers of her left hand pry my cheeks apart as a finger rubbed the rim of my puckered anus.

“Are you ready?” she asked. Before I could answer, I felt her slide her index finger in smoothly until it was buried to the hilt up my backside. She left it stuffed all the way in, wiggling it slightly for a moment while I adjusted to the intrusion before she started pumping it in and out in a sawing motion, pressing against my prostate. The tingling sensation from my center outward to my balls was exquisite.

After a while, she withdrew her finger and added more lube before pressing a second finger up my butt with the first. “Such a cute little bottom,” she said as she plunged her fingers deep into my core. “Are you enjoying this yet?”

“Mmm hmm,” was all I replied. Not very eloquent, but it was enough to let her know what she was doing felt good so far.

My partially erect member drooled a steady stream of pre-cum on the mattress in front of me as she sawed her fingers in a relentless in-and-out motion. The whole time, I watched the fake dick swinging between her legs.

“I think maybe you’re ready now,” she said as she withdrew the invading fingers from my stretched hole and wiped them off on my cheek. She picked up the tube of lube and I watched anxiously between my legs as she lubed up her fake dick, stroking it’s enormous length obscenely while I watched.

“Did you like sucking my big dick?” she asked as she continued smearing the lube over her shaft.

“Mmm hmm,” I answered.

“Do you want me to put my big, hard dick in your tight little bottom?” she teased.

“Mmmm,” I responded, a little apprehensively.

“Tell me what you want,” she demanded.

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