Jessica, Anal Bitch

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There was Jessica, dripping in sweat and red from being slapped all over, suspended in a sex sling as three above average cocks forced their way in and out of her stretched asshole from below her while she moaned like a slutty bitch in heat… “How did it comes to this?” she asked herself, moaning like a bitch in heat, while she reeled in ecstasy from another orgasm.

It was early Spring 2020, and Jessica was holed up in her cramped apartment with her loser boyfriend of about one year. He had stopped trying to pull his share of the load, causing Jessica to essentially do all the cooking, cleaning, and looking after his four-year-old daughter when he felt like fucking off, playing video games or whatever.

Being forced to work from home, it had gotten too much trying to juggle work, her boyfriend, and his daughter who was learning that Jessica was good for nothing but a human doormat.

Then one day, she’d had it.

“When I come home tonight, I need you to be gone,” Jessica told Ricky over the phone.

“What do you mean? What did I do?” he replied defensively.

“We’ve talked about this, Babe. You don’t do shit, you make me do all the work, and I’ve had it. I’m not doing it anymore. Just leave,” she exclaimed back.

Sure enough, when she got home around 5pm, Ricky had packed up his belongings and left. At last, she’d be able to live in peace, just Jessica and her cat, cooking for one, television to herself, no asshole to clean up after.

About two weeks later, Jessica started getting that funny feeling.

“If only Ricky were here… He never said no to sex,” she mused to herself. Still, she knew she was better off without him, even without the sex, which was mediocre anyway. And she also knew the last thing she needed was to invite him back just for sex. There’s no telling how awful that would be, the humiliation and the constant I-told-you-so’s…

Jessica decided to go on Tinder and see what was going on. Surely not all people were locking themselves in their homes and masturbating their way through the Cornoavirus pandemic.

Turns out, the Tinder app didn’t really have any guys close to where she lived. She lived in a somewhat more rural area, and most guys on Tinder it seemed were all out in the big city.

It occurred to her to try Craigslist. Sure enough there were more postings of guys being very explicit in what they wanted. Jessica’s main criteria was proximity. She didn’t want to be driving for hours just for sex. The closer the better.

The first ad meeting her criteria that caught her attention read, “Submissive white female wanted (Ellisville).” He described what he was looking for: 18-35, slender, white female, long term arrangement, must have strong desire to serve and submit, submit pics, info about yourself, cell number… That was practically perfect. Ellisville was right down the road, not too close, and not too far.

She emailed him, “Hi, I’m Jessica, see attached pics of me on my couch, I’m 29, slender, white, work full time, newly single, looking for no strings attached situation.”

After about 30 minutes, she got an email back showing a pic of the guy’s cock, a face pic with sunglasses on, and an invitation to come over that evening. It was a Saturday, she had absolutely nothing going on, and she was truly horny. Whatever he was going on about wanting to serve would likely not get in the way of her getting off.

At about 7pm, he texted Jessica the address and asked her to come on over. She got in her Hyundai and drove over. When she arrived, she noticed his home was way out in the country, the closest house about 200 feet away. The house was in decent shape, single floor, Craftsman, built in the 1960s, could use a new paint job, but not completely disorderly.

The door being open, Jessica walked through the front door. “Hello?” she called. “Anyone home?”

The guy walked out of the kitchen into the living room where Jessica was standing.

“Hi, I’m Tom,” the Craigslist gentlemen said, greeting Jessica.

“Hi, Jessica,” she replied.

She noticed that he’d put on a little weight since the photo he provided, but she didn’t care. She came to bang.

He looked about six foot, 200 pounds, mid-50s, stubbly beard with moustache.

“You want a beer?” he asked, while taking a sip of his own.

“Sure, thanks,” she replied. Might as well get comfortable. She had nothing else going on.

After he returned from the kitchen with a beer for Jessica, he beckoned that she sit on the couch across from his easy chair.

“So, how’s it going?” he asked.

“Oh it’s fine. A little lonely these days with the Coronovirus and all,” she replied.

“Tell me about it. For me, it’s not so bad. I spend most of my time out here alone, so it’s practically same old, same old for me,” he said.

“So you’re not married or anything?” she asked.

“Nope, it’s been about five years since the divorce. My ex bornova escort indicated to me that I’m probably not the marrying type. I have a feeling she was right. So, at this point I’m mainly looking for no strings action with a hot young lady who knows how to please a fella,” he said.

“So what do you mainly like to do, in bed I mean?” asked Jessica.

“Well, I like everything, I guess. In fact, I have a room in the back that I’ve fitted with some items like a sex bench and other stuff. I’m into bondage, being in control, that sort of thing,” he replied. “Since you replied to my post, I have to assume you’re either into that as well or are at least open to the idea.”

“To tell the truth, I really just need to get laid. But I’m open to new stuff,” she replied.

“You ever try anal?” Tom boldly asked.

Blushing, Jessica replied, “Only once. It was okay, but not exactly as good as normal sex.”

“That’s fine,” Tom replied. “I tell you what, you seem ready to get down to business, why don’t you go down the hall to the last room on the right, get naked, put on the blindfold I laid out, and get on the sex bench for me?”

Jessica, smiling, set her beer down on the coffee table in front of her, got up, and walked down the hall as he suggested.

On the way down, she noticed a normal house… a couple of bedrooms, a bathroom in relatively clean condition, what was likely a linen closet, and finally the back room with what indeed featured a black sex bench, a rack with different S&M oriented items, and a table with a blindfold among other things such as lube, etc.

Jessica quickly began undressing. She was surprised at how turned on she was becoming. This man was old enough to be her father. In fact he looked a lot like her dad, beer gut and everything. She’d never just hooked up for sex before, but it’s exactly what she needed. With her clothes off and folded neatly in a corner, she put the blindfold over her eyes, and felt for the bench, and upon finding it, slowly climbed on top where her body could rest on the main frame with each knee on a platform, and two slats for her arms to rest upon.

After about three minutes, Tom walked back into the room where Jessica had been obediently waiting, ass up.

“That’s a good little bitch. You look even better naked, Honey,” encouraged Tom.

Jessica could feel the straps tighten around her ankles first followed by her wrists. Next, she could feel a strap being placed around the small of her back, followed by yet another one going around her neck, holding her body and head firmly in place.

“Don’t worry, Darling,” reassured Tom, “I’m not trying to hurt you. I just need you firmly in place for what I have in mind.”

Although she was a little concerned, her horniness overrode any concerns of safety. She needed cock, and she needed it stat!

“Hoo-ee, look at that pussy! You’re dripping, Honey!” called Tom. To be sure, she was so turned on right now. She didn’t know if it was from ovulating, being strapped down, the danger, his resemblance in looks and age to her father, or what. Sure enough, though, her pussy was dripping from anticipation as Tom’s hard cock edged nearer to her body.

“Suck it, Bitch!” Tom exclaimed.

Jessica, not looking to challenge Tom on how she should be treated due to her sexual desire and the knowledge that she agreed to go through with this given his desire for a woman willing to submit to older cock, opened her greedy mouth as commanded.

Without hesitation, Tom proceeded to probe Jessica’s mouth with his above average cut cock. Given her position, he was only able to go in about four inches before making her gag, especially given he was rock hard from having taken a Viagra pill.

Jessica could taste the precum from Tom’s cock as her lips contoured to his shaft, going in and out. She was amazed at how hard his cock was already. She’d longed for some sexual attention and was now getting it just as she wanted.

Tom put his two hands on each of her shoulders as he hoisted his hips higher to get his cock positioned in such a way that he could make it go deeper into her throat. This made Jessica that much hornier as this daddy-type used her for his own sexual desires, made her a fuck toy…an extension of his sex bench.

After about five minutes, disappointed, Jessica could feel Tom’s cock unloading in her mouth and throat.

“Aaaagh! That was fucking hot!” exclaimed Tom as he shot his remaining drops of cum into Jessica’s mouth.

Cum began oozing out of her mouth as she wasn’t really a swallower at this point, and even if she was, his two-week load was way more cum than she would have been able to swallow.

“I was hoping you were going to fuck me,” Jessica stated honestly.

“Don’t worry, Bitch,” replied Tom. “I took a Viagra. I can keep going like this for hours.”

Staying true to his word, Jessica suddenly felt the warm, moist pleasure of Tom’s bearded bornova escort bayan mouth press against her glistening vagina, immediately penetrating her cunt with his warm, wet tongue.

“Oooh!” cooed Jessica passionately. It’d been too long since a man had cared to go down on her, and she was offering her sex up to this stranger who gleefully fed himself on her gash.

“You taste great, Honey.” He continue to lick her folds and her clit, followed by more penetration, and the occasional upward lick of her asshole.

“Thank God I showered first,” Jessica thought silently to herself. She enjoyed the feeling of his tongue against her spread buttocks, enjoying every second of this divorcee’s mouth on her wanting sex.

Then, with almost no warning, he jammed his cock into Jessica’s waiting pussy.

“Ohhhh!” Jessica moaned deeply as Tom plowed his unnaturally hard manhood deeply into her moist, naturally relaxed box.

“Yes, fuck my pussy, Tom!!” she yelled, uninhibited due to the fact that she didn’t even know the man, and he lived far enough from any neighbors to know they were basically alone such that she could be loud.

“You’re good at taking my cock, aren’t you, Bitch?” egged on Tom.

He continued to fuck his cock in and out of Jessica’s hole over and over again at a steady pace, just as Jessica liked it. Jessica was completely stationary as Tom used her vagina as his own private fuck toy. Jessica being blindfolded was forced to use her imagination on what her experience must look like: a 29-year old slender white girl getting fucked by a mildly overweight graying man who looked like her dad, blindfolded and more or less forced to submit to whatever perversions he chose.

It was at this moment, considering the imagery from her imagination, that Jessica achieved her long-awaited orgasm from the steady fucking she was getting from Tom’s fully erect, blood-filled cock.

“Oooooh yeah, I’m cumming!! Aaaahhh!” she let out.

“That’s right slut. Cum on my cock. For that, you deserve a surprise,” he said.

Taking it to the next level, Tom continued to fuck Jessica steadily whilst he spat in his hand, lubed up his left thumb nice and wet, and worked it right into Jessica’s exposed asshole.

“Aaaghh!” Jessica let out as Tom lodged his thumb all the way into her ass while he continued to fuck her pussy doggystyle.

“You like that? You like getting used like Daddy’s fuck doll?” he egged.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck your baby girl! Fuck me just like that!” she replied back.

Tom worked his thumb around until he chose to pull it out, as well as his cock. He put his cock back in again, and then took it out. In, then out. In, then out. The whole time, Jessica gave him cooing noises of encouragement. Until…

Tom aimed the tip of his cock at Jessica’s asshole, pressing ever so gently.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asked, kind of panicky. She’d never tried anal with a larger cock before, and she wasn’t sure she could handle it.

“It’s okay, Baby,” offered Tom. “I’ll take it nice and slow on you. Just relax,” he said calmly in an effort to get her to accept what was inevitable at this point.

He slowly pushed his well-lubed cock forward into her ass.

“Oh, fuck!” Jessica exclaimed, still sounding panicky. “It’s too big! Take it out! Take it out!”

“Ssshhhh,” calmed Tom. “Just relax, breathe out of your mouth,” he recommended.

He paused his inward assault so that Jessica could acclimate further.

He pulled out a little, only to drive forward deeper. After about a minute of this, her asshole relaxed enough to allow his cock to go much deeper until he was basically all the way in.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Jessica. “I can’t believe you fit that thing in my ass!”

“How does it feel, Whore?” asked Tom.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “Dirty, painful, and good, all at the same time.”

“That’s exactly how it’s supposed to feel. You’re doing just fine,” he said.

After about three minutes of the low-impact penetration, Tom ramped it up a little. He pushed in and pulled out more rapidly at this point, ensuring his hips smacked into her ass with each thrust, making her feel it. If she came back after this, she would be ready to take it to the next level.

“Oh, fuck, Tom! Yes! Fuck my ass hard, just like that! Ungh, ungh, ungh!” Jessica groaned as Tom continued his anal assault, pouding harder and harder.

“Oh fuck, oooooh, I’m cumming! Aaaghhhh!” Jessica shouted from the stimulation Tom’s erection in her ass caused.

“That’s a good little slut,” encourage Tom. “Cum on my cock, Whore!”

Tom ultimately pounded into Jessica’s ass for the greater part of ten minutes until his second and final nut of the night was shot deeply into Jessica’s bowels.

“Aaaagh!” he let out as the first wave of cum blasted out of his cock. “Oh yeah, oh, ungh, yeah, that’s a good slut.”

After he finished, he pulled escort bornova out and then pressed his mouth to her gaping ass, licking the cum out and teasing her sore asshole. When he was done, he walked around to her face. Jessica couldn’t believe how nasty this guy was.

“Now clean it off!” he called, ordering her to suck his cock clean.

“No way, that’s gross,” she protested.

“Whatever,” he replied, and proceeded to wipe his cock off on her lips and face. “If you won’t eat it, you can wear it. If you want to be my slut, you gotta do as I ask.”

He then undid the straps on her head, her back, then her hands, and finally her feet, and said, “You’re free to go. Unless you want another beer?”

She went straight to the bathroom to wash off her face and tend to her used pussy and ass. She ended up taking a shower, assuming it was okay by Tom given that a fresh towel and washcloth had been laid out on the counter by the sink.

When she came out, she got dressed and headed to the living room.

“Beer?” Tom asked, holding an unopened bottle and pointing it at her.

“Sure,” she replied. He’d essentially done as she desired. He fucked her good and made her cum. She wasn’t so sure about the anal part, but she’d soldiered through and could now relax and enjoy the moment. She couldn’t believe that she could cum like that from an anal pounding.

“You did really well in there,” offered Tom. “I can tell you’re going to make a good sub.”

“Sub? What’s that?” asked Jessica.

“You know, a submissive slut. You like to please guys. You’ll do whatever they ask because it excites you,” he said.

“I don’t know about that. I just wanted sex. I needed a good fucking, and you gave it to me,” she replied.

“Yes, but you didn’t have to choose me given that I advertised myself as a dominant type looking for someone who had a desire to serve and submit. And that’s exactly what you did. You blindfolded yourself and got on my sex bench, just as I asked, and then let me bind you and proceed to face fuck you, finishing by ass fucking you,” he said.

“Consider me open-minded. Honestly, it wasn’t exactly my thing. I just love cock, and needed a good fuck. That’s it,” she said matter-of-factly.

“If you say so,” he replied after a chuckle.

Silence. Then…

“So, you ever been gangbanged before?” asked Tom.

Beer spraying from Jessica’s mouth, “What?!” Then a surprised laugh.

“Sure, you know, the center of attention with two or more guys, usually more,” he replied.

“To be 100% honest, I did experiment my senior year in high school when I was 18 years old,” she said.

“And…” suggested Tom.

“And I was with my boyfriend and his best friend, both 18. We’d been drinking at a party close to graduation, and we were in one of the upstairs bedrooms at the party. His friend walked in on us while I was sucking my boyfriend off, one thing led to another, and I found myself between the two of them with my boyfriend in my pussy and his friend in my mouth,” she admitted.

She figured she had nothing to worry about confiding in this guy. After all, everything had been anonymous so far, and even if it weren’t, she wasn’t exactly sharing anything that mattered to most people.

“Nice. Did you like it?” he asked.

“You mean the sex, or the attention? The sex was okay. Honestly, young men aren’t very good at sex. I think I enjoyed the attention more, being desired by multiple guys is a turn on, I guess,” she admitted out loud.

“What if I could get together a group of guys for you? You know, like four guys or so that you could have to yourself one afternoon or evening,” he offered.

“No, I don’t think so. Plus, it was risky enough having unprotected sex with you. Doing it with a bunch of guys just sounds like a big risk,” she countered.

“Nah, these guys are all geeks, Christians, and stuff. They don’t exactly do this kind of thing everyday. They’re all married, and would jump at the chance to fuck a cutie like you. I guarantee you’d have nothing to worry about,” he said.

“But still, there’s a chance I might know one of them or something. I don’t need everybody thinking that I’m a slut,” she replied.

“That’s no problem once again. I have a leather head mask I can fit you with, or we can put some makeup on you to disguise you up a little with the lights really low,” he countered.

“You’re really into it, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Sure, but imagine how hot that would be. And consider all the attention you’d get from these sex-starved guys. It’s not every day a woman is offered anonymous sex with a group of men who are absolutely clean,” he pressed.

“Let me think about it,” she said, drinking a big sip of beer. It did sound exciting. She was getting no sex these days, and even when she had been getting sex, it was never really about her, it was always about the guy, and well more than half of the time, she wouldn’t even climax. This was certain to change that.

“You’re welcome to sleep here tonight, if you like,” offered Tom.

“Thanks, Jessica replied.” She was feeling kind of drowsy, thanks to the sex and now the beer. She let her eyes droop shut while she relaxed her head on the back of the couch and settled into sleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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