Yorum yok Juice

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I was literally just scrubbing the juicer out when the phone rang. Of course it was Lamark,

“Yes Danny boy, make me a juice, yeah?”

He always called when I was closing down, but it didn’t bother me cleaning all those little cogs and pieces twice for Lamark. He was too fit. I’d make him his little green juice any time of the day, and he knew it.

But maybe I shouldn’t be such a faggot pushover, I thought. I should ask what’s in it for me sometimes.

“Only if you let me drink the piss you make with it.”

What in the name of God made me say that?

“What!?” he flipped.

Hell, it’s what I wanted.

“I’ll make a juice if you let me drink your piss afterwards…”

“You want to drink my piss?”

“From the tap Lamark,” I gulped, telling myself there was no sense being bashful now.

He hung up.

Why the fuck did I do it? What if he told my Boss? They were mates. Imagine losing your job over something like that.

I started to panic just thinking about it, but the squeak of wet breaks outside told me Lamark was already here. He’d probably been no more than two blocks away when he called. göztepe escort Leaving his engine running he swaggered in through the door.

“What were you saying about my piss?”

I couldn’t lift my gaze, crushed by the manly righteousness of his condemnation.

“Look, sorry Lamark…”

“I didn’t think you were such a dirty faggot.”

“Well now you know.” I shrugged.

Forcing myself to look up I caught sight of his smirk.

“Make me a juice then, faggot.”

I got straight to work, chopping cucumbers and lemons and pushing them into the machine, wondering what the stud stood behind me really meant? Would I actually be getting the piss I’d asked for?

Shakily, I handed him his drink, sweet and green the way he likes it.

“I’ll be back in half an hour,” he hollered over his shoulder, “I’ll need to pee by then.”

Then he got back in his cab and spun away into the night without paying.

What a fucking G.

My heart was racing. Sexy Lamark would be gulping juice in his taxi as he collected and dropped-off his fares, all the while brewing me a steamy gulp of halkalı escort my own.

I couldn’t believe it. Lamark was dead straight. He had a girlfriend. Was Step Dad to her kids. Always talking about women and sucking his teeth at their peachy cheeks. He worked hard in the gym all week to catch their eyes with his broad pecs. How could he want to piss on me?

I closed the shop, switched the lights out and waited. Half an hour came and went. Forty-five minutes. He was punking me. My Boss would hear about what I said tomorrow, and I’d have to leave in a storm of obliterating shame.

Over an hour later and I was locking the shutters down. Of course that’s when Lamark showed up.

“Going somewhere, faggot? Thought we had a deal.”

“We do!” I spluttered, “We definitely do, Lamark!”

My keys jangled as I lifted the shutter again and led the jock through to the back room.

We could have done it anywhere (I fully intended not to let anything spill), but it somehow seemed proper to go in the gents. Felt good crouching by the toilet bowl anyway, and the yummy stink of urinals always makes me happy.

Lamark haramidere escort didn’t wait. Unpacked his massive Blackman dick and spurt his golden drops. I leaned right in, doing my best to keep him from dousing his jade Adidas tracksuit.

Oh Lamark.

His warm nasty pee was so good.

He pissed for ages, making exaggerated sighs of relief as he filled me up.

“You dirty bitch,” he muttered, holding his iphone steady for a video.

When his stream finally faltered, I licked the drops from his meaty bellend.

“You like that, yeah?”

He had semi on, and forced his rubbery dick deeper into mouth.

Soon he was thumping his crotch tight against my face, chocking me with his boner. I pulled away for air, but let him know I was good by jumping straight back on it.

“That’s it, worship my dick, yeah?”

His pubes smelled fucking great.

I let him fuck my face until he shot his load, groaning like a champ and keeping my head down with his big strong hands

“Think I’m going to need another juice tonight, faggot” he ordered, quickly putting his penis away.

Forget my name Lamark and call me faggot always!

Now I’m waiting for him to swing by a second time. Just hanging around after hours at the shop for Lamark to show up and piss in my mouth. Still can’t believe it. Goes to show to gotta take your chances in this life. Be brave, be brash, and you could end up drinking the elixir of the Gods.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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