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Just for sex
Just for sex

It was my 2nd year at varsity, Jessica and myself had called it a day and broken up although we still remain friends and still saw each other occasionally. Back on the partying scene, there were very few weekends that I spent at home at night. It was easter weekend my parents had gone away and I was home alone for the weekend. A few weeks before while clubbing I met this girl, Gabrielle (Gabby). She wasn’t the sexiest but definitely had a cute face. On the first occasion of meeting her, we just exchanged numbers and allowed our tongues to briefly meet. Gabby and I message each other a few time but no plans were ever made to see each other again.

It was Thursday night as the long weekend started, Marc and myself went out clubbing together. The night went on, drinking, dancing, having fun and then I ran into Gabby again. We danced together, her ass grinding up against my cock, which was aching to get inside a wet cunt. Our lips met once again allowing our tongues to massage each other as we kissed. The night went on and a few more drinks went down. It soon reached the staged of the night for home time and heading outside, the fresh air seemed to have hit Gabby and it was very noticeable that she had a bit too much to drink. Being in her own car I offered to drive her home while Marc followed behind, and off we went.

She stayed in the same direction as me, and as we drove we chatted about random things as drunk people would do. Entering her neighbourhood her hand landed on my upper thigh as we stopped at a robot. I looked over into her eyes as he hand moved onto my cock while she said thank you for driving me home. My cock soon became throbbing hard as she massaged it and as we pulled into her driveway she said while holding my cock, hope to see you soon again over this long weekend so I can give you a proper thank you for getting me home safely. I said I’m sure that can be arranged and she smiled as she leaned over and gave me a kiss goodbye.
I hopped back into my car with Marc and him and I head on home ending the Thursday night out clubbing.

Waking up Friday morning, Marc left to go join his family for easter family lunch, I chilled at home and just after midday my phone became busy with messages from Gabby. We chatted and it was clear that she really wanted to meet up with me. I was rather keen to see her again, in hope that she would help relieve the pressure from my balls and as we I told her that I was home alone for the weekend. It reached 6pm as I was eating when Gabby sent me a message asking for my address or location saying she’s gonna come keep me company for a while. I immediately replied and just after 7 my gate buzzer rang.

Gabby arrived, meeting her in the driveway she got out her car wearing a thigh high black and white skirt with a white top. Look at her, she was definitely a girl with an average body, ok legs and arms but a very pretty cute face and an awesome personality. After greeting her with a kiss, I Inviting her inside, I allowed her to walk first so I could have a look at her legs and ass. After closing the front door too my suprise Gabby pushed me against the wall, she kissed me deep before dropping to her knees. She pulled my pants and jocks down, releasing my throbbing cock and took it into her mouth. I relaxed against the wall as I looked down at her sucking my cock. I placed my hands on her head and helped her deepthroat my cock, forcing her to gag. My balls reached boiling point as she deepthroatted me, and my cock exploded shooting my hot thick cum into her mouth. Gabby sucked me dry before standing up and swallowing my thick load. She then look at me with a naught grin and said thank you for getting me home safe last night. I smiled as kicked güvenilir bahis siteleri off my pants and said you very welcome as we made our way to the kitchen.

Standing pretty much naked in front of Gabby, I made us a cup of whiskey infused hot chocolate before sitting down to chat and get to know each other further. It was about an hour of the great thank you blowjob that my cock went hard again while we were chatting. Gabby asked and now? And I replied I was thinking about the great job you did at sucking my cock that I became horny again. Oh really she replied as she stood up and moved to me. She sat down onto top of me, her lips meeting mine again, my hands lifting up her skirt and positioning onto her ass as she kissed me once again. I soon moved her to sit on the couch and I moved to kneel down in front of her. My head made its way between her legs kissing her inner thighs untill reaching her pink thong. I gave her cunt a teasing kiss over the lace frabbric before standing up and pulling Gabby up as well. I removed her top and bra exposing her rather big tits and big hard nipples that I immediately went to bite and suck, causing her to start moaning. While sucking on her tits, I undid the zip of her skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor, leaving just her thong to cover the final part of her body.

Being throbbing hard and extremely horny, Gabbies body definitely was good enough to fuck. Big tits with a few tummy rolls, medium thick thighs and let’s call it a cushioned bum, and as she stood in front of me I once again dropped to my knees and this time I removed her thong exposing her clean shaven cunt to me. I pushed her down onto the couch, her legs wrapped around my head as I started to eat her wet tastey cunt. She really did taste good for some reason, very different to my ex Jessica and I really enjoyed my time eating Gabby’s tastey cunt. Her moans soon became louder as her legs tightened around my neck,  her cunt released more of her juices as she reached climax and orgasmed while I ate her. Her legs released my head as she relaxed after cumming. I stood up and took her hand, escorting her to my room.

Putting her on her hands and knees, while I grabbed a condom from my bedside draw. I put the condom on and moved behind this naughty girl. Shoving my cock into her wet cunt and immediately pounded hard and rough in and out. I fucked her with force in doggy style listening to the sweet sound of her moaning from the pleasure of cock. Running out of breath of the pounding I was giving her, I pulled out and moved to lay on my back. Gabby instantly moved onto top of me, lowering her horny wet cunt onto my throbbing hard cock and started fucking me. She road me rough up and down, allowing her tits to bounce for me to enjoy the view. As I groaned she fucked me harder, riding my cock as I shot my hot cum into the condom. As I finished, Gabby laid down and kissed me once more. Once our lips aparted she said that was amazing. I smiled at het while she slowly lifted herself off my cock. As I laid back relaxing catching my breath she removed the condom and threw it away before joining me on the bed to cuddle after a good rough fuck.
We chatted as we cuddled, exchanging a few kisses, before getting up. Gabby got dressed as she had to go back home to her parents. Walking her to her car I invited her to join me tomorrow afternoon for a braai with myself and a few friends. She smiled as she said see you tomorrow, giving me a kiss goodbye ending off our Friday evening.

After locking up, off to bed I went being rather satisfied after having fun with Gabby. Waking up Saturday morning, I was pretty relaxed after the good Friday fucking. The day went rather quick and soon my friends started tipobet to arrive. Gabby arrived a little later on, bringing a over night bag so that she could have a few drinks and not worry about driving, which also got me happy knowing I’ll have a chance to fuck her once everyone heads home. The drinks sure went down as we all braaid and had a good time. After eating we continued talking and having a few more drinks. The friends then slowly started to leave and just on midnight it was Just Gabby myself and Marc left.

With it being extremely hot, we were all sweaty and decided to have a swim to cool off.  Gabby not having a costume her and I went to my room to get her a shirt of mine while Marc topped our drinks up. Off came her clothes and I immediately moved to her grabbing her body pulling it into me to exchange a kiss, before giving her one of my shirts to swim in. Back outside Gabby and I went, her in her pink g string and a shirt of mine that just reached to under her ass. Marc had poured the drink and was standing outside in his jocks having a smoke as he waited for us to join. Off came my pants and shirt and while also just in my jocks a tackled Gabby into the pool. The water was lovely and refreshing and just before Marc got in, he hand us our drinks.

As we moved around the pool Gabby soon was in my arms. Her back against my chest as I held her while drinking and talking to Marc. It got to a stage where my cock became hard as I held her and I was dying to punish her little cunt. As we all continued talking, my right hand moved lower down Gabby’s body, onto her groin where I started to tease. Marc then made a comment, ” that wet shirt shows off your hard nipples perfectly.” Gabby blushed as I laughed and I whispered into her ear why don’t we just remove the top. She replied that would be more comfortable as it is heave now that it’s wet. I lifted my top off her body, revealing her big tits and hard nipples to Marc and he immediately commented, nice tits, are you guys really trying to get me horny. As Gabby said thank you I replied as well saying to Marc that I’m sure he knows I don’t mind sharing….

Oh really Gabby replied as Marc said yea I know and moved towards Gabby and myself. Holding Gabby I started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear lobe, Marc arrived and his lips met hers and she opened up allowing him to kiss her. My hand now rubbing her cunt and I could feel Marc’s hard cock through his jocks. He soon moved his head lower, taking Gabby’s hard nipples into his mouth as he started to suck. My fingers rubbed her cunt and I felt her body tense up. Her moans became louder as she reached climax and orgasmed from Marc and I pleasuring her with a bit of foreplay. After she finished her orgasm, I picked her up while looking over to Marc and said let’s move this to a bedroom. Out the pool we got and made our way up to my bedroom wet.

Marc removed his jocks revealing to Gabby his package. Nice cock she commented as I put her down on the bed. I removed her g string while Marc move to her face letting her take his hard cock into her mouth. I made my way to between her legs and started eating her cunt. She moaned while gagging on Marcs cock as he forced it deep down her throat. Once his cock left her mouth, him and I turned her onto all 4s like a naughty little bitch, and for the first time I shoved my cock into Gabby’s cunt with no condom. Warm moist and tight, felt so good as I pounded her with bareback. Making her scream from the hard fuck as Marc watch on waiting his turn. I soon pulled out and gave way for my mate. I watched as he shoved his cock into her wet cunt, his hand grabbing onto her hip as he started fuck her hard and rough. Her moans got louder as Marc fucked her tipobet güvenilir mi bringing her near to climax and as she started orgasming she fell to the bed and we watched as her tense body twitched from the orgasm.
Marc and I then moved her to lay on her back, on the edge of the bed straight after her orgasm. I wasted no time taking over, lifting her legs over my shoulders and shoving my hard cock back into Gabby’s wet cunt. As I started pounding her, her moans immediately went loud and it wasn’t long till I felt her cunt tighten around my cock as she reach climax and orgasmed again as I fucked her.

Pulling out and swapping again, Marc gave her a minute to catch her breath before shoving his hard cock back in her cunt. I moved to kneel over her face, letting her jerk my cock as I watched my friend fuck her. As her moans got louder, her grip on my cock tightened and she jerked me off harder. As she reached climax I took over my cock from her, Marc pulled out her cunt and we both jerked our cocks as she recovered from another orgasm. Looking at Marc and glancing down at his cock I groaned as I exploded shooting my hot cum onto Gabby’s big tits. Marc too exploded, shoot his cum onto her belly and tits, groaning from the pleasure. As he finished he said see you guys downstairs,  leaving Gabby and myself alone. That was great she said as I moved down and gave her a kiss. Smiling at each other being rather satisfied after having a fun filled 3some, where Marc and I really took advantage double teaming her.

Gabby went to the bathroom to clean up and I could see by the way she was walking Marc and I did a good job pleasuring her horny cunt. Getting downstairs Marc had poured us a drink, giving each other a high five for the good fucking we just had before sitting down to wait for Gabby to come join us. She soon arrived, walking up to Marc, giving him a kiss and then said thank you before making her way to me and doing the same as she sat down on my lap. The three of us finished our drinks before locking up and heading to bed.

The next morning, Marc woke me up just after 9 to ask to be let out as he had to go prepare with his family for easter lunch. Lock up after he left and heading back to my room, I bumped into Gabby coming back from the bathroom. Giving her a morning kiss and then tackling her back into bed. Laying behind her back massaging her big tits as we chatted. My cock grew hard, poking at her bum as the conversation drifted to how she enjoyed getting fucked rough and hard in last night’s 3some with Marc. My hand soon was between her legs as I massaged her cunt, which was soaked already. Onto my back I turned and Gabby moved over me, lowering her wet cunt onto my throbbing hard cock before leaning down and allowing our tongues to massage each other as we fucked passionately.
She moved slowly up and down my cock while we kissed, my hands grabbing on her ass, as I enjoyed having my cock bare in her cunt. I soon took over control, moving so that I could be on top of Gabby. Giving slow deep thrusts in and out of her cunt. I soon neared exploding when I pulled out of her and laid back down on my back. Gabby moved over me in 69 position, taking my cock deep into her mouth as she start sucking. I looked up at her cunt as I pushed my coxics up forcing my cock deeper into her mouth as I exploded. My cum making her choke while she gagged on my cock, while I laid back enjoying every second of my orgasm. She swallowed my load before turning back around and Laying in my arms cuddling.

We chatted and rested for a while before getting up and having breakfast. After breakfast Gabby and I exchanged a kiss goodbye and saying thank you for the fun time together. Agreeing not to see each other on Monday as my parents were gonna be back as well as preperation for varsity again. As she drove off I thought to myself what fun it was with her even though she wasn’t the sexiest girl out there and I was definitely keen to meet up and have some sexual fun with her one day again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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