Keep It in the Family 01

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Keep It in the Family 01
Chapter 1 – My elder son

My name is Susan, and I had been brought up in the deep south, by deeply religious parents, so i****t was something I’d been brought up not even to think about, let alone get involved with. But that all changed in a morning, and i****t took over my life.

I’m married with two sons and twin daughters, which I had early in my life, and over about as short a period as was possible, as I guess that both my husband and I were unusually fertile. My husband is a successful business man, but that success means he is away from home far more often these days than he is here. There’s not much to do on the edge of a mid-West town, and I’d become bored out of my skull. The domesticity of the women’s groups didn’t hold my attention, and increasingly my boredom was overlaid by sexual frustration.

I was pretty sure my husband was fucking around on his travels, but although he probably knew the slang words for making love in many languages, when he came home he always seemed too tired to invite me to make love to him, even in English, and all too often he resisted my advances if I took the initiative. I’d tried drink, but I’d realised that the biggest effect it was having was to make me put on weight, and as I’d always been proud of my body, I forced myself to give up. In its place, I threw myself into the gym and jogging, and although I was bored and frustrated, my body was in as good a shape as before I had the c***dren. I was forty-three, fit, shapely, but frustrated as hell.

So why didn’t I just find someone to fuck while my husband was away? My tits were firm, my body was toned but still curvy, and my cunt as tight and wet as ever, so I’m sure there would have been no shortage of takers. The problem was firstly that I’d seen so many messy divorces, where someone had started an affair and inevitably the partner had found out, making lovers enemies in an instant, and the c***dren and all their friends forced to take sides. I’d thought of going to the city for a one-night stand, or more recently trying a dating site, but I could never bring myself to do it, partly because of my upbringing, but mostly because of my fear of catching some sort of STD. In the end, I made do with ramming a selection of large dildo’s into my vagina, and rubbing my clit so hard you’d think I was trying to wear it away. Just buying them had involved a trip into the city, as the only place that sold such things in the town was run by the town gossip, and had a dismally poor selection.

It turned out , though, that there was another option I hadn’t considered until I was forced into it by my elder son. It was vacation time: the girls, Emma and Chloe, and my younger son, Tony, were at different camps, so as to keep the sexes apart, and my elder son Michael was out enjoying himself, or so I thought, when I went out for my run. When I got back, I needed a shower badly, as I had rivers of sweat running down between my breasts and between my butt cheeks. As I stepped out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around me, I was sure I heard a noise in the house. Shit, who the hell could that be? It was probably stupid, but I tiptoed out of the bedroom, and started looking into the other rooms, never thinking how dangerous it could be if I cornered a burglar in any of them.

I thought I heard another sound from my elder son Michael’s bedroom, and I slowly opened the door, and peered around it. Fuck, there was my son, laid on the bed, wanking his erect cock as hard and fast as he could. That was shock enough, but when I saw just how big his cock was, a shudder went right through me. This was my son, but his cock was bigger than my husband’s!

I persuaded myself that if I tiptoed out, with luck he wouldn’t notice, but as I was about to do it, I was overcome by an overwhelming desire to keep watching, watching until I saw the spunk jet out of him. Having decided, to my shame, to stay and watch, I then noticed that his other hand was tapping his computer, and he was watching a series of pictures sent from the computer to the monster flat-screen TV he’d persuaded us to buy him.

Well, I’d heard that it was easy to get porn from the internet, but I’d never looked myself, so I swear it was simple curiosity that made me look properly at the screen to see what sort of images did it for him. The way his hand was going up and down the shaft of his cock, he certainly seemed to be enjoying them. But God, it was me! Every one of the images he was flipping through were me! I was naked in the bathroom, peeing on the toilet, sniffing my dirty knickers before I put them into the wash. How the fuck had he got hold of these? It was totally horrifying and disgusting.

He was my son, and it was as wrong as anything could be for him to be jerking off to pictures of his naked mother. My first though was to barge in and bawl him out, but shit, it was exciting as well, to think that my son saw me as a sex object more than my husband, and not just a housekeeper. I could feel my cunt getting wet, as my vagina pushed out a wave of cum, and I just couldn’t stop myself reaching down, touching my clit, and starting to play with myself.

He kept changing the pictures, moving on to ones where I was bending over in the bedroom, the ring of my asshole clearly visible, as well as the line of my pussy lips underneath. Then I heard Michael groan as the picture changed to one of me on my bed, with a dildo sticking out of my cunt, one hand squeezing one of my nipples, and the other clearly holding myself open so that my fingers could work my clit.

I knew that was the time I really should back out, while his climax occupied all of his attention, but I simply couldn’t. I looked back towards him, just in time to see a huge stream of spunk shoot out of his cock, and to splatter back over his hand, his cock and his legs. So much spunk! Fuck, I couldn’t stop myself rubbing harder on my clit as I looked at my son’s cock giving its last jerks, sending more white goo running out of it over his hand, and I fucking came. That was my downfall, of course, because when I come I always make a noise, and he heard me.

I saw him leap off the bed, and I imagined he was going to try to slam the door in my face, but I knew I couldn’t just leave it at that. I was horrified that he had pictures of me, but I was still so aroused by watching him wank himself off to them, that I wanted – well, I’m not at all sure what. However, he didn’t push the door closed, but wide open.

“Oh, hi, Mummy darling” he said, smiling, as he grabbed my right hand and sniffed my fingers. “Seems you enjoyed watching me, eh?”

It felt as if every part of me was blushing, as I realised he was referring to the scent of my cum on my fingers. I thought my shame was complete, but then he pulled my hand to his mouth, and he licked the sticky mess from them.

“You not only look lovely, Mommy, but you taste wonderful as well.”

“MICHAEL! Stop this straight away! It’s disgusting. I’m your mother, and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong for you to be looking at naked images of me, let alone wanking off to them.”

The trouble was that whilst my words were saying one thing, my body was saying something else, as even though I’d come, my cunt was still twitching from the thought of him wanking off to my pictures, and the sight of the spunk shooting out of his cock. What made it worse was that although it was now limp, his cock was only inches from me, there were threads of spunk over his hand and body, and even as I was speaking a glob of it fell on to my foot.

“Well, now, Mommy, I don’t believe you are quite as horrified as you say. But anyway, you don’t really have a choice do you? Tony and I rigged up the cameras in your bedroom and bathroom weeks ago, and we’ve enjoyed the pictures many times, believe me. What we couldn’t agree was what to do next. There’s a website called ‘’, where people post pictures of their unsuspecting mothers. There’s a few from the town, but none look anywhere near as good as you. Tony wanted to post them with your face intact, but the girls wanted me to blank it out so you couldn’t be recognised.”

“Fuck, Michael, you mean you’d let all sorts of other people see me naked, including all your buddies?”

“Of course we would have, Mommy. Tony says all the guys in his class think you’re a real sexy MILF, and they keep on at him to get pictures of you naked. Can you imagine how delightful it would be to know our friends were wanking to my dear little Mommy, who spends so much time with the church? But … I think I’ve got a better idea. If you agree to become my sex slave, then we’ll keep the pictures within the family.”

Shit, did Tony’s friends really think I was a sexy MILF? I felt I should feel ashamed, but actually I was proud of the way I’d kept my body, and I knew I could give them at least as good a fuck as any of the girls of their own age.

“No! Michael! Please, you can’t post them, but I can’t be your sex slave either. I’m your mother. You came out of me. It’s just not right, and i****t is i*****l in this state, and pretty much everywhere.”

“But it is right, Mommy, really. I was in you, and must have seen inside you when I was born. I just want to see inside you again, and put some of me back up there. You looked after us when we were babies, and now I want you to look after us again. It’s just our needs are a bit different now.”

I hated what he was saying, but I loved it as well. It was true, as their mother I had pretty much provided for all of their needs except sex, and why not provide that now they were ready? He was part of me, so what was wrong with him using me? I was struggling to reconcile the conflict inside me, when my son took the initiative again.

“Undo your towel and let me see your body, Mommy, else I’ll post those pictures. Let me see if you look as good in the flesh as in the pictures.”

What choice did I have? I reached for the top of the towel, untucked it and let it drop to the floor. Fuck, it felt good, though, seeing his eyes boring into my naked body, recording every little wrinkle of my nipples, which had given me away by stiffening hard as soon as the towel fell away, and the hair between my legs. I just wished I’d trimmed it a bit more, so that he could see the opening of my cunt more clearly.

“You have a wonderful body, Mommy, so much nicer than the silly girls at college, and so much more experienced. From now on it’s mine. You will have to let me look at you, and fuck you whenever I want. For now, though, you can start by cleaning my spunk off my cock and anywhere else you can find it.”

He pushed down on my shoulders, so I had to kneel in front of him. His cock was inches from my face, and I could smell as well as see the spunk all over it. I couldn’t believe he expected me to lick off and swallow all of that sticky white spunk that had just come out of him, and even less that I would do it. But I did.

It had taken me a long time to enjoy the tasted of spunk when I was young, but now I realised just how much I had missed it. I licked his hand and across his legs, and then I caught hold of his limp cock, opened my mouth, and started sucking the sperm off it. Fuck, the taste was wonderful, and there was just so much of it for me to swallow. I looked up at him, and saw him smiling down at me, and I smiled back, at least as much as you can smile with your mouth full of cock.

“That’s a good girl, Mommy” he said, his cock starting to harden in my mouth, as I sucked a bit more enthusiastically than just cleaning required.

I illegal bahis siteleri remembered how tiny it was when he was a baby, and I’d never imagined it would get as big as it was, nor that I would be knelt naked in front of him, with it in my mouth, enjoying the tingling it was sending through my cunt.

“When you’ve cleaned me off, I want to look at your body properly, and then you are going to let me fuck you.”

I was about to protest that watching and even sucking him off was one thing, but letting him into my vagina was something else altogether, when there was a knock at the door.

“Hi Susan, it’s Elizabeth come to pick you up for the prayer meeting.”

Fuck, I’d forgotten all about that, and for the first time ever I didn’t want to go to the prayer meeting with many of the other mothers in the town, as I realised that I’d already made up my mind that I was not only going to let my son fuck me, but I was desperate to feel his cock inside me. I grabbed my towel, and pushed Michael back into his room, closing the door.

“Oh, hi Elizabeth. I’m here on my own, and I guess I must have just lost track of time, as I was just finishing my shower. Give me a couple of minutes, and I’ll be with you” I said, holding my towel up as I stood by the living room door.

One thing was clear: I needed to start locking the door, so that no one could come in and catch my son fucking me. I grabbed the first clothes I could find, hating the restrictive feel of my panties on my moist pussy, and I picked up my handbag and prayer book and let Elizabeth drive me over to the pastor’s house. I don’t know how I got through the next two hours. Somehow I seemed to find answers to things I was asked, but I have no idea what the reading was, nor who we prayed for. My whole body was itching, almost like a mild version of Poison Ivy, as I couldn’t stop thinking about having my son’s cock up in my cunt, and getting a good hard fucking, which I hadn’t had for such a long time.

I could barely wait for the meeting to finish, and to get back home and let my son have his way with my body. Eventually it did, but when I stood up I was ashamed to see a darker patch on the chair seat where my pussy must have been leaking cum, as I imagined what my son would do to me. I’m sure Elizabeth must have thought me rude, as when she got me home, I not only didn’t invite her in as I normally would have, but I just dashed from the car to the house with a bit of a wave of my hand.

Thank goodness I hadn’t invited Elizabeth in, though, because Michael was stood naked in the living area, gently stroking his massively erect cock.

“Welcome home, Mommy darling” he said, walking towards me.

He put his hand up under my skirt, and my cheating body let my legs open so he could feel my pussy.

“Oh, yes, Mommy. You’re so wet down there, I can see you must have been missing me as well. Now, where were we? First, take all of your clothes off, right here.”

It’s silly, but maybe it would tell you how conservative I’d become that as I let my clothes fall off me, I realised I had never been naked in this part of the house before. I must have put my hand down to start stroking my pussy as I got a thrill from that realisation, but my son, my naked wanking son, stopped me.

“I didn’t say you could touch yourself, Mommy, did I? Remember you are my slave, so if you want to touch yourself, you have to ask me for permission first.”

The trouble was that the forceful way he said this aroused me even more than I was already.

“Alright, son, I’m you Mommy slut, and you are in complete control of me.”

“I loved the pictures of you Mommy, but I want to see more of you, and for you to display yourself to me the way women do on porno sites. Come into the bedroom, and I’ll show you. No touching, either you or me until I say you can.”

When we got to the bedroom, he made me sit up next to him on the bed. The picture of me with the dildo in me was still on the screen, but then he touched the trackpad of his laptop and it was replaced by a series of pictures which were far more explicit. I was old enough that I’d missed out on the availability of every kind of pornography on the internet, much of it free. In my day, if you wanted anything like that it involved buying a magazine from a dodgy store in a bad area, and although I’d seen some, my parents told me how wicked they were, and when I got married, I forgot all about them. I’d heard of girls sending nude pictures to their boyfriends, and the other way as well, and how easy it was to download porn, but fucking hell, I’d never imagined anything like the things my son was now showing me.

The images he scrolled through were mainly women, some young, some it seemed older than me, holding their cunts wide open for the camera. How could so many women be prepared to live with the shame of exposing their private parts to anyone with an internet link? But then what struck me was the amazing diversity in the shapes, sizes and colours of all of those cunts. I suppose I knew that not everyone was quite the same as me, but glimpses of other girls at school and college, and slightly longer looks at my sister when we were teenagers hadn’t prepared me for the reality.

Another shameful thought went through my brain, as I wondered what my daughters’ pussies were like now. I’d seen plenty of them when they were young, of course, but like most girls, when their breasts and hair started to grow they started to keep themselves private, even from their mother. Fuck, I must have become a real slut, because I was determined to get a close look at my daughters’ cunts, and the deep levels of my brain started working on how I could make it happen.

They weren’t all just women with their cunts open, though. There were women squirting, tied up with ropes, pregnant women and lots of women with things in their holes, some of them even bigger than my biggest dildo. Some women, even pregnant women had cocks in one or both of their holes, spunk dripping out of them or over their faces, and there were women squeezing milk in jets out of their engorged breasts.

I was shocked but fascinated, especially by the individuality of the women’s cunts on display. I was sure that it would be possible to recognise the women by them just as well as their faces. I was horrified that I wanted to see more of them, including even my daughters’, but I just didn’t seem to be able to control myself.

“It’s your turn now, Mommy. I want to see you copy these women, so I can see every detail of those bits of you that you are never supposed to show to your c***dren.”

“But Michael, son, why? These women all looked amazing. Wouldn’t you rather I helped you masturbate looking at them than me? Surely you could have lots of girls of your own age?”

“I don’t want them, I just want you. Just open your cunt, Mommy. I want to see so far into your vagina that I can see your cervix, just like this woman in this picture.”

Shit, she was pulling her vagina open so wide, and the light was angled at the right angle, so it really was possible to see her cervix. I wasn’t sure I could open myself that wide, but it was so wonderful to know that my son wanted to see mine more than hers, so I gave it my best shot, putting my fingers inside me, and stretching myself open until it hurt.

“Fucking hell, Mom, I can see how I could have come out through your vagina, but your cervix is so small, surely I couldn’t have gotten through it. But knowing that was where I came from makes me want to push my cock in, and spray my spunk as close to that tiny hole as I can.”

That did it. Only my gynaecologist had ever seen that far up me, and what my son had said excited me so much that I couldn’t control my lust.

“Come on then, son, fuck me deep, and fuck me hard. Who knows, even though I’m on the pill, perhaps you’ll manage to give me a new baby.”

I couldn’t believe I heard myself say that. I knew that there was a good reason for i****t being i*****l, as the chance of genetic abnormality in any offspring was so much higher, but something inside me desperately wanted to get pregnant and carry my son’s c***d inside me. Fortunately, the thought didn’t last very long, as everything in my brain was wiped out by the feeling of Michael’s cock ramming in to me, making me gasp as it hit the top of my vagina. He grabbed one of my breasts in his hand, and his kissed me on the mouth, forcing his tongue between my teeth, and exploring the inside of me.

I put one of my own hands down to play with my clit, which was wet and slippery, and as I touched it, it felt as if explosions were going out right through my body. Then I felt one of my son’s hands come and join me.

“Fuck Mommy hard, son. Make my cunt ache from your cock stretching it, and make me come as you pump your spunk in me.”

“Oh, Mommy, I’ve wanted this so badly for so long. Your cunt is so slippery and warm, and your tits are better than any I’ve ever seen.”

I put my other hand around his butt, and helped him ram in me harder with each thrust. I was a fucking sinner, a slut. I was betraying my husband, but yet I was delighting my elder son, and I was fucking loving it. I wanted it to continue for ever, but being the first time we’d fucked each other, the excitement overcame us. All too soon I felt his strokes change, and I knew his spunk was leaving his balls on its way into my vagina. We both rubbed harder on my clit, and I came at the same time.

“Aaagh! Mommy! You beautiful cunt!”

Ooohh, Michael, son! Squirt that spunk in me, make me pregnant, please!”

We rolled around as our climaxes washed over us, and I couldn’t remember ever coming as violently or enjoyably. I looked between my legs, and I saw my son’s white jism leaking out of me. How could anyone say this was wrong? It was my own flesh and blood inside me again, and I knew it wasn’t going to be the last time, that was for sure. When we calmed down, Michael pulled out, and I wondered what he was planning next. Something awful but delightful, I hoped, and it was.

“Put your hand in your cunt and pull out my spunk, Mommy.”

I did that willingly, and I expected, no hoped, that he’d tell me to lick my hand, and swallow the spunk I’d pulled out. He did, but with a thrilling twist.

“Now hold it up, and we’ll both clean it off. Don’t swallow more than you need to though.”

He made me repeat the action several times, until he was satisfied that I had got all of the spunk out that I could. Then he leaned over and kissed me again, and we swapped his spunk between our mouths. I’d heard of women doing this after one or both had been fucked, but never a man and woman, and certainly not a mother and son.

“I love you, son. I’m so pleased you forced me to become your sex slave.”

“And I love you, Mommy. I’ve wanted you for so long, and this has been the best day of my life.

“It could be better yet son. Why don’t you lay back and let me straddle your face, so you can clean me out properly.”

“Oh, Mommy, I hadn’t realised you were going to be such a slutty bitch.”

But of course, he did what I’d suggested, and I started to think how good it would be if he were my sex slave rather than the other way around. God, his tongue felt so good. It pushed between my pussy lips to find my clit, and then he licked along my slimy cleft, pushing as far as he could inside my vagina, and then he licked all the way back to lick and nibble my clit.

“That’s right, Michael. What a wonderful son you are. Lick out your Mommy’s cunt and make her come again, and Mommy will try to fill your mouth with her cum.”

Mommy canlı bahis siteleri was also intending to fill her mouth with her son’s come as well, though she expected it would take a while before he was ready. However when I bent forward to take my son’s cock in my mouth, I was delighted when I felt it start to stiffen again. It was a long time ago, but like many young girls of my generation, a blow job was a great way to keep your boyfriend happy without much risk of pregnancy, and I’d become a champion.

As soon as my son’s cock was hard enough, I forced my head down on it, pushing it down my throat until it blocked my breathing. It had taken me a long time to learn how not to gag, but it was still messy, as my saliva spilled out of my mouth as I made it as close to my vagina as I could. From the way my son was reacting, I got the impression that he’d not found anyone who could, or would, blow him like this. In the days before I went on the pill, my boyfriends all loved me doing this. I knew my throat was tighter than my cunt, so even though my baby little son had recent come in it, I expected him to come again easily as I forced his cock down my throat as far as I could.

He may have had limited experience, but I was impressed at the way my son’s mouth and tongue was working on my pussy. I could feel huge amounts of cum flowing out of my vagina and over his face, in the way that it always does when I’m really excited. Then he started to hum, adding a gorgeous level of vibration to the massaging his tongue was giving me. The bastard, I thought, what he was humming was the old Paul Robeson song, Mammy. I bet Paul Robeson’s Mammy didn’t do what I was doing, as I pumped my mouth up and down on my son’s cock, forcing myself not to gag, but making groaning noises and letting my saliva pour over his belly.

Neither of us could keep it up as long as we’d have like. I knew I was close to the edge, so when I felt him jerking his hips, working his cock further into my mouth, I let myself go. My own hips were pumping up and down on his face, spreading my cum even further over it. When I felt his spunk hit the back of my throat, I struggled to swallow it without choking. I hadn’t been a champion for nothing though, and I managed it, then started sucking hard, pulling the last of his sperm from his cock.

I kept some in my mouth, though, and after we pulled apart, I turned around and kissed my wonderful son. His face seemed to have even more of my cum on it than I’d expected. He absolutely stank and tasted of me, that wonderful fishy, musky, acrid taste that not all men liked, including unfortunately my husband, Charlie. From the look of it, though, my son loved it, and I opened my own mouth, and added the taste of his spunk to the powerful flavours in our mouths.

“Fuck it, Mom, you’re wonderful. I knew I loved you, and wanted to fuck you more than I could bear, but I never expected it to be this good. I never want another woman, you’re the only girl for me Mommy.”

“I love you too, son. I’m your slut, and you can have me whenever you want.”

I could have added the rider, though, that he wasn’t my only c***d, and as he knew, my younger son also wanted to fuck me. After what was less than a day, but felt like forever, I really wanted him to as well. And yes, there was the first tingling in my cunt which told me that, having started down the road of i****t, I was going to end up fucking my daughters as well.

That night, my son slept in my bed alongside me, usurping my husband’s place while he was away. I don’t think either of us could believe just what a big change had swept over us, nor that it was only just starting. We went to sleep cuddling like husband and wife, not like a mother and her son, and it felt more wonderful than I can find words to convey.

As it happened, both Michael and I were busy the next day. Our church was being visited by a group of people from a church in Africa that we had been supporting, and as usual, I had been co-opted to help with the catering and to organise the arrangements around transport and the various services. Michael had arranged to go fishing with some friends, and this required him to leave early, leaving me in bed still.

“Bye, Mommy dearest. I loved fucking those two holes yesterday, but tonight, you’re going to let me fuck you in the ass. Enjoy your day at the church, thinking about your son putting his cock into your ass when you get back home, won’t you?”

Enjoy wasn’t really the right word, as I struggled the whole day to turn my mind to anything but my son coming in my mouth and my cunt, and the anticipation of him coming in my other hole that night. I’d never let my husband fuck me in the ass, as the church always made a big thing about sodomy being a sin, yet here I was almost unable to wait to compound the sin by letting my son sodomize me.

Elizabeth commented that I seemed a bit distracted, as I had the day before, and she asked me if everything was alright at home. I reassured her that it couldn’t possibly be better, which left her a bit puzzled, and I confess I thought some uncharitable thoughts, which unworthy of me, as to whether anyone’s son, let alone her own, would want to put his cock in any of her holes. I couldn’t wait to get back home, and when I did, I found Michael was there before me.

“Hi Mommy, you look so hot in that smart church dress” he said, coming over to kiss me as I came through the door.

He’d done this many times before, of course, but this time one hand grabbed one of my tits, and the other went up under my skirt, and stroked my cunt lips through my panties.

“I’ve booked us a slap up meal at Donahue’s to celebrate what we did yesterday, and what I plan for us to do tonight. Let’s go straight out, but take off those panties first, Mommy.”

Now, if you now small mid-west towns, you’ll know that the closest you can get to fine dining is a hunk of steak or salmon, a pork chop and for any wimpy vegetarians, some sort of pasta without meat. Oh, and on special occasions perhaps a burrito or southern fried chicken. That was Donahue’s, but its main claim to fame wasn’t the food, but the fact it had semi-circular booths rather than tables, giving some degree of privacy, and seats were far too low for the height of the table, giving everyone the opportunity to take advantage of it with their hands. And clearly my son intended to take this advantage.

It felt strange going out without panties. To start with I was worried that a gust of wind would come along and I’d have a far more revealing Marilyn Monroe moment, but when I got out of the car after Michael had driven us to the restaurant, I started to enjoy the freedom, and the sensations of the breeze blowing over my pussy. Of course, he chose the most remote booth, getting an odd look from the waitress, who normally expected only lovers to seek it out. Little did she realise that was what we were.

I ordered a steak with a Jack Daniel’s sauce, what passes for the height of sophistication in Donahue’s, and Michael went for the pork chop. I’d hardly started my salad before I felt my son’s fingers inching up my thigh, and I opened my legs wide to give him easy access to my cunt under the table. He pushed my lips open, and started working on my clit. I decided that I wanted in the game as well, so I unzipped his fly, and after I’d discovered he had gone commando as well, I pulled out his cock and started stroking my hand up and down it.

Foreigners often ask me why Americans only eat with one hand. I’ve heard various stories, but the one I find most convincing is that it allows you to masturbate under the table, either yourself or your partner, while still eating. By the time my steak came, my cunt was as wet and sticky as the Jack Daniels sauce on it, and I bet it would have been at least as tasty. I don’t know quite who started it, but somehow we moved from gentle titillation to serious sex, without either of us saying anything.

I was close to coming when waitress came back to collect our empty plates, but I managed to gasp out an order for two coffees, and she didn’t seem to notice. Michael looked at me and whispered “I love you Mommy” and I came as his spunk shot up and hit the underside of the table.

“Hi there, Susan, Michael. Out on your own tonight?”

Shit it was the pastor. My heart started pounding as I thought I was going to be caught in i****t, and my life in the church would be over. I wondered if masturbation really counted as i****t, though it was surely some sort of sin, but he didn’t seem to notice anything. I explained that Tony and the girls were still away at their summer camps, so Michael and I had decided to give ourselves a bit of a treat. Fucking under the table – if only he’d known!

“It’s so nice to see a mother and son still able to go out together. In many families the c***dren seem to fall out with their parents. Well, I’ll leave you to it … no don’t get up” the pastor said, which was just as well as Michael’s limp cock covered in spunk would have become pretty obvious. “Just let me shake your hands.”

I almost burst out laughing, as Michael put out his hand, and I saw my cum glistening on his fingers, as he shook hands with the pastor. I then shook his hand with mine which was still sticky with my son’s sperm after I’d only had time to wipe it quickly on the seat. If only the pastor knew that his hand was now wet with both our sex juices, and just how close this mother and son had become! i****t in his parish, and he had practically touched it as it happened.

“I hope his wife doesn’t have a good sense of smell” Michael said after the pastor had gone, and this time we both did burst out laughing.

I really wasn’t yet ready to ‘come out’ as it were, but luckily Michael had a handkerchief in his pocket, so he was able to wipe himself off without using the serviette or the table cloth, which I suspected even our waitress would spot for what it was.

“Well Mommy, darling, are you ready to get your ass fucked now?” my son asked as we drove back home.

“I just hope your cock is strong enough son, because it’ll take some forcing to get it through Mommy’s tight asshole.”

As soon as we got indoors, we rushed upstairs, both of us excited as k**s at their first Christmas, at the prospect of our first back-door fuck. As it happened, though, we got a bit diverted.

“Take your clothes off, Mom, and kneel up on the bed and spread your butt” my son ordered.

“Hang on, son, Mommy needs a pee first, so I’ll just go to the bathroom and be right back.”

I headed into the bathroom, and had started to close the door when I felt it being pushed back against my hand.

“You’re going to let your little boy watch you pee, Mommy. Take your clothes off, then let me watch.”

I was getting pretty desperate by this time, and was sure I could feel a trickle of pee running down my leg, but I’d never even let my husband watch me like this. I started to feel degraded having to perform in front of someone, let alone my son, but then I decided, what the hell, I had already let my son fuck me, so why not let him see everything? I stood over the toilet, and peed into the bowl, making sure he could see the stream of yellow coming out of my pussy.

“Gee, Mom, that looks so gorgeous. You’re so fucking sexy, did you know?”

I could see his cock was stiff in his trousers again, and he ripped his clothes off and started massaging my tits as he watched the last of my pee drip into the bowl. I reached for some tissue to wipe myself, but my son grabbed my hand and bahis firmaları stopped me.

“Let me wipe you off, Mommy”

He pulled me to him, and pushed himself against me, so his cock went between my open legs, and was baptised with my last drops of pee.

“But I’m going to do it with my tongue, not paper. Get on the bed and open your cunt for me, Mommy dearest.”

My eyes widened as I looked into his. Shit, not only was my son fucking me, but he was taking me to forbidden places I’d never been before, not even with my husband. I knew that some women swear that drinking their own pee is good for them, and I confess I’d once tasted mine, but I didn’t believe the benefits, and no one else had ever asked to taste my pee. I was already aroused by the thought of my son’s cock penetrating my ass, which I’d never let anyone else do, but what he was about to do sent new waves of excitement through my body. When you have a baby, you have to do everything for them, and here he was wanting to do the same for me.

I felt as if I was in a dream as I went over to the bed, trying to keep my legs together so that I didn’t lose too many drips, then I laid back and pulled myself open. I could feel the wetness of my pee on my fingers, which made me happy that there would be enough left for my son to take in his mouth.

“That wet cunt looks so inviting, Mom, I just can’t resist it”

He knelt up between my legs, bent his head over, and started licking my lips, my clit and the opening of my vagina where my pee hole was hidden away. I felt as if I was sinking out of control, as I felt an orgasm rushing towards me unexpectedly fast. I knew what we were doing was so wrong, but fuck, it was so enjoyable. As he moved his head up to mine, and he kissed me, letting me taste my own pee as well as my cunt juice in his mouth, and his fingers replaced his tongue on my clit, I came, letting out a massive scream, and jerking around so much it was all my son could do to stay on top of me.

“I love you, Mommy. You’ve got to let me do everything for you, however dirty you think it is.”

“I love you too, son, and you know my body is yours, whenever and however you want it.”

“Turn over then, Mom, and stick your ass in the air ready for my cock.”

I was shaking as I got myself up, and knelt on the bed with my butt sticking up. Shaking partly from excitement, as I so wanted to feel my son’s cock in my ass, but partly from fear of the same thing. It was something I’d never done, another big taboo that I’d be breaking, and I’d heard it could hurt.

“Don’t worry, Mom, I’ve got some lube, sand I’ll be gentle.”

I felt him run his finger over the wrinkled circle of my ass, sending a pulse of electricity right through me. Then I felt the coldness of the lube, which he rubbed in to me, gently pushing his finger inside my ass to make it slippery for him.

“You’re such a good son, Michael, and you look after your Momma so well. But now just ram that huge cock of yours in my ass, and fuck me hard until you come inside me.”

Fuck! He did what I said, and as the head of his cock forced his way past my tight asshole, I got a belt of pain, yet also excitement, as I realised that his cock was inside me, in a place no one had ever been before, breaking all the rules of i****t and sodomy which the church had drummed into me over the years. I loved it, as the pain turned to pleasure and I enjoyed the wickedness of it, and as my hand worked on my clit, taking me back towards another climax.

His cock was now sliding in and out of me smoothly, stretching my asshole wide, and I was determined that I would come as his spunk shot into the last of my holes. It was as well I went at it with energy, as I guess the tightness of my ass compared to my cunt made him come all too soon. As his spunk shot into my ass, he rammed himself right in me, and I felt his pulsating balls hit my hand, and I came again under my fingers.

I truly was a slut, I thought, as I writhed around in ecstasy, as I came with my son’s cock deep in my ass. Was it really only a day ago when I was feeling sexually frustrated, and my son was just someone living back in the house before leaving and probably starting a family of his own? But now he’d fucked me in every hole, something no one else had ever done, and not only could I look forward to him fucking me many more times before he went back to college, I was absolutely determined that I’d fuck my younger son, and my twin daughters within the next few weeks.

“Push it out, Mom. Let me see my spunk coming out of your ass”

The voice brought me back to reality suddenly, and I loved the thought of him watching, so I pushed down, trying to squeeze my son’s spunk out of my ass. That was where my inexperience caught up with me, though. The first thing that happened was I just gave out an enormous fart, and then as I looked between my legs, I could see that what was dripping out of me was as much brown as white. Shit, literally the ultimate humiliation and disgrace, and I went from a feeling exalted to one of shame and degradation.

“I’m sorry, son, I’m just …”

“Oh, Mommy, what a dirty girl you are” he said, but yet he was laughing. “I guess you had to deal with my nappies when I was a baby, so I’m going to love doing the same for you. Go on, fart again, Mom. I remember how you used to tell me and Tony off when we did it as k**s, and there’s a forbidden thrill in watching and hearing you do it now.”

Well, I guess he was right on all counts, and as we were flesh and blood, where was the harm, so I gave him another messy fart, before we showered together, and then cleaned up the bed. It was so good to feel him next to me as we went to sleep together. He was not only a a hunk, and a great lover, but he was my son, and he’d been in and come in all of my holes, and we’d done things I’d never done before, and my friends in the church would never forgive me for if they ever found out. Life had suddenly changed for the better.

When we woke in the morning, we decided to go out for a run together. We met a few folk from the town out jogging, or walking their dogs and it made me smile that they said hi, just as normal, and had no idea that we’d leapt headlong into i****t. Michael was more of a short-distance runner than me, but he managed to keep up for the whole 3.5k. When we got back home we were hot and sweaty, and needed a shower badly, but we both knew there was one thing we needed more.

“I’m going to fuck you while we’re both hot and sweaty, Mom. I’m going to give your cunt as tough a workout the rest of you has had.”

We dashed to the bedroom and tore off our running gear, then dived on to the bed together. We were both damp and smelt of sweat. Michael pushed me down on the bed on my face, and rammed his cock in my cunt. I was pleased this time it wasn’t my ass, as I wanted to find out more about anal sex to avoid the embarrassment of the previous night. Even so, to my delight, as he pumped his cock in and out of me and I played with my clit underneath our bodies, he slipped a finger deep into my ass, and the sensations it gave me as it rubbed against his cock inside my vagina were unbelievable. I had to work hard not to come too much before I felt his spunk squirting into me, but I just about managed it.

As we showered, I mentally added another item to my slut list. I wanted my two sons to fuck me at the same time, one in each hole, and the thought made me come again as I rubbed the soap into my pussy.

“Gee, Mom, you’ve been such a surprise. You’re such a slut, aren’t you?”

I could only agree, as I wanked his cock with my soapy hand, and watched his spunk jet out towards me, only to be washed away under the shower.

“Yes, son, but you love your Mummy slut, don’t you?”

Michael went out to play ball with his mates, and I told him not to be too late as I wanted to play ball with him again later, while I got to work at finding out more about anal sex, on Goggle.

I mean, who knew that the done thing was to have an enema before anal sex, to avoid the issues I’d had. It made sense, I guess, and so did the fact that often air got pushed in with the cock, so massive farting afterwards was pretty common. There was no way I was going to buy an enema kit at the local d**gstore: that Franny Malenkovitch was such a gossip, but to my surprise I found that you can get them with next day delivery on Amazon, so I ordered lots, in anticipation of many more ass fucks.

Over the next couple of days, my son and I settled into a pretty steady rhythm. We’d either run then fuck, or I’d suck him off in the morning. Then I’d join in with my church work and the women’s group in the day, while he went off with his mates. In the evening, he’d take me in both of my holes, the enema kits working a treat, and oddly enough, giving me an enjoyable experience in themselves. Then I realised that my husband, Charlie, was due back.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to notice any change in me, or my relationship with my son, though unusually he did fuck me the first night he was back. If it had been just a week or so earlier, I’d probably have enjoyed it massively. I came, and it brought back memories of how it had been when we first got together, but the truth was that fucking my son had been so much more exciting. I wasn’t sorry, when he got a call and said he had to go away again, as there was some sort of crisis he had to deal with in Argentina.

I was still waving as he drove out of sight, as I felt my son behind me, grabbing one of my tits, and putting his hand up inside my skirt and down the front of my panties.

“I heard Dad fucking you, Mom, but was he as good at it as me?”

I opened my legs a bit more, as part of the answer, and he slipped a finger inside my vagina.

“Hmm, it seems so long ago, darling, that you’re going to have to remind Mommy” I said, reaching around, unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock.

The rest of the day was frantic. I lost track of how many times we fucked, but in between I had to call the pastor and tell him I couldn’t make the prayer meeting that day, as something had come up. My son, of course, coming up inside my cunt, my ass and my mouth, but I wasn’t going to tell him that, was I?

I’d forgotten just how much energy young men have. I think my son’s cock must have been erect for the best part of the day, much of it deep inside me I’m pleased to say, and even if it wasn’t, his hands were massaging my breasts or his fingers were working their magic inside my cunt or my ass, or I was displaying my body to him in the sluttiest ways I could to get him going again. We settled for home delivery pizza, so we didn’t have to spend time cooking or going out to eat, but could concentrate on fucking. He was just coming in my ass again, late in the evening, when I heard a message come in on my phone, with the family sound.

I just had to get it as soon as I could, in case something had happened to Charlie, or Tony or the girls, and I walked over to the dressing cable, leaving a trail of drips of my son’s spunk across the floor. Something had happened, but thankfully nothing bad. There was a wildfire moving close to the campsite Tony was at, so they had decided to shut down early, and he’d be back home tomorrow afternoon.

An electric thrill went through me, as I imagined the impending prospect of fucking my other, younger son, wondering how I’d go about it. I also wondered what Michael would think, when he realised that a mother’s love is big enough for her whole family, and he would have to share my body with his younger brother. I let my first son fuck my cunt again before we went to bed to sleep, but the truth was that I was imagining it was my other son in me, and I spent a long time planning how to make this a reality when he came home. I really had become a son-fucking slut.

to be continued…..

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