Kerry’s Mom

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Kerry’s Mom
This is a story which although the names have been changed to protect the guilty actually happened .

Back in the eighties i was in the armed forces and home on leave when i met Kerry who had recently returned to the UK from Australia where her parents had been working.

She was a stunner with long curly black hair, deep brown eyes and a rather fine figure.

Soon enough my leave was up and i had to return to my unit in Germany but it wasn’t too bad as we were due embarkation leave as the unit was moving to Cyprus in the next few months and i would be back before the summer.

As it happened our leave was brought forward and i thought i would surprise Kerry by an unannounced visit.

Present in hand i knocked on her door, her mother answered and said that Kerry was with her father visiting her grandma and wouldn’t be back till late evening. Disappointed and thinking that a quick wank back home would have to suffice Kerry’s mum asked me in for a cuppa.

Now Lucy (not her real name) was an older version of her daughter, long black hair the same deep brown eyes and a figure that gets you looking. Her tits were bigger than Kerry’s which were no small things.

She was as tall as me 5′ 10″ and all legs, she liked to dress to show off her figure and she was wearing a short ra ra style skirt and tight blouse through which her bra could clearly be seen (bit of a sexy secretary look going on) we went into the kitchen diner and she said sit down and ill pop the kettle on unless you fancy a beer.
A beer would be fine i replied
She went to the fridge opened the door and bent over to get a can out of the fridge, well her skirt was short as i said and rode up to reveal her ass which was barely covered by her knickers, it seemed as though she stayed bent over just a little too long but i wasn’t bothered as the view was to my liking.

I know she knew i had seen the show and sat closer than usual to me on an adjacent high stool she was continuously crossing her legs and flashing her knickers to me, her hand occasionally touching my thigh as we talked.

She knew exactly what she was doing to me as my shorts were being stretched tight with my now raging bahis siteleri hard on which was causing me to fidget around on the stool.

i finished my beer and said i would call back later when Kerry was home. Lucy asked if i could get something down from the loft before i went as she didn’t like using ladders.

Of course i said no problem.

I followed her upstairs a few steps behind, her ass in full view under her short skirt, the loft hatch was on the landing and Lucy fetched a chair from a bedroom, there’s a box just to the right she explained.
I stood on it and pushed open the loft hatch my head was just inside the loft when i first felt her hand brush my cock over my shorts, my head was spinning, this was so wrong but felt so good.
She brushed it again causing it to twitch, taking this as a green light she full on placed her hand on my boner, i heard her murmur something but couldn’t quite hear what.

Her hand caressed my hard cock through my shorts and i thought i might shoot my load there and then.

I felt her hands undo my belt and undo my zip, my shorts were slowly lowered and my cock sprang free (id gone commando ) a gasp came from her and she said ‘i can see what Kerry sees in you now’ as she placed her elegant fingers around my cock.

she slowly moved her hand up and down on my shaft i was balancing on the chair my head in the loft and my girlfriends mum wanking my cock and all at the age of 19…

i felt her lips touch the head of my cock and nearly fell off the chair
She placed one hand on my bare ass and pulled me nearer so my cock entered her mouth.

Good god i thought this aint going to last long, she was so good her tongue swirling around my cock as she took my entire length in her mouth her other hand was fondling my balls, after a minute length of time i felt my cum rising and as my cock twitched she knew it too her mouth speed increased and as she squeezed my balls hard my cum shot into her mouth she continued to suck me dry as pulse after pulse went through my shaft.

Well she said you were certainly ready for that wasn’t you?

Oh god yeah.

She helped me from the chair as my legs were more than a little bahis şirketleri shaky, took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

Motioning me to lay down on the bed she began to remove her clothes unbuttoning her blouse she reached around and unclipped her bra. wow her tits were awesome large but firm, tiny little button nipple sat on the peaks, she placed her hands under them and jiggled her boobs, you like she asked.

A nod was all i could muster.

Her hands then undid her skirt which fell easily to the floor leaving her stood in just her knickers which soon followed, it was the first time i had seen a shaven pussy (this was the eighties) and i was in awe her pussy lips were already swollen, she placed her knees on the bed and her tits swayed as she crawled up the bed towards me, they brushed my cock as she moved to be over me and she planted a kiss on my mouth now young man i will teach you how to please a woman.

Her pussy was rubbing on my cock which was even now beginning to rise again.

She slid off me and laid on her back, i was on one elbow at the side of her as she took my hand and placed it on her pussy, being young i went to push my fingers straight it, no no she said slowly rub here first she took my fingers and positioned them over her clit now nice and slow, gently does it there’s no rush.
i began to slowly rotate my finger and she closed her eyes, that’s good she murmured that’s fine.

Slipping my finger over her clit into her soaking pussy seemed to get her going even more, and it wasn’t long till she grabbed my hand and rode out her first orgasm whilst pushing my hand harder onto her clit and lips.

My cock was by now fully erect and standing tall, well she said that’s enough learning for you today but i cant leave you with that she said nodding to my erect member.

She raised up and swung her leg over me to straddle my cock, her pussy was shining with wetness as she spread her legs to do so. Sitting back on her legs she took hold of my shaft and rubbed it against her wet opening, her eyes closed and she seemed lost in her pleasure.

Eventually (not that i was moaning about how long it was) she lowered herself onto canlı bahis me, her pussy felt amazing tighter than i thought it would be and boy could she use it.

I could feel her clamping her muscles around my shaft it felt like we were fucking without moving.

She began rocking back and forth sliding my cock in and out of her, i could hear her wetness as she did so, leaning forward she began kissing my neck as she continued to ride me.

Push against me she whispered match my moves.

I began lifting my ass off the bed as she came down onto me her breathing became heavier and her speed increased so i matched her again.

Her wetness increased and i felt her soaking my lower half, i had never felt this before and thought that she had wet herself at first (okay okay i was only 19).

She sat up as my thrusts increased in speed and strength , her tits swaying wildly as she rode my member i was now slamming into her, the sound of pure sex slapping smacking wetness all made for a very horny picture.

Grabbing her tits she almost screamed ‘do it do it now cum with me cum in me’

She was wild now and i knew she was cumming with a vengeance she was gripping my shaft so tight as she bounced up and down.

I felt my cum rising from my balls through my shaft and then shooting out and into her welcoming wet pussy taking my load, she gripped even tighter around my shaft squeezing every last drop from my cock.

As i came she screamed out loud ‘oh my god fuck yes yes,’ I carried on thrusting till my cock once again was empty and began to wilt.

Lucy was slumped on my chest her tits warm and soft against me, her breathing was coming in short pants i could feel her heart pounding in her chest, she was still gripping my slowly softening cock seemingly reluctant to let it go.

She lifted her head and kissed me full on the lips a deep passionate kiss, lifted herself off me and walked out of the bedroom.

i just laid there sweating from all the exertions my cock now laid against my naked flesh dribbles of cum still there.

Lucy came back in to the room dressed in a dressing gown, well she said not bad for a first lesson. Looking at my cock she leant forward and licked the remaining cum drops off my cock making it twitch.

Now hit the shower young man my daughter will be back soon and she will need looking after she said winking.

This was the start of a mad two years in which Lucy taught me so much.

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