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The sun dawned beautifully this morning in Key West. As I walked along the streets of this beautiful Island town, I was amazed at the small numbers of people out and about enjoying the fantastic morning. As I walked past Anna Marie resort on the southern end of the island, I couldn’t help but think about the $500 a night rooms and some of the people who were staying there, and how much I wished they could see the island like I do, staying in my little house just off Olivia.

My thoughts occupied me and as I snapped out of them, I couldn’t help but notice you standing on the balcony just above my eye level and just down the block. You captured my eye right away as I noticed the sheer pink robe you had on. If I had any doubts of your statuesque beauty, they were assuaged the second you looked right in my eyes and pulled the robe open to show me your ample breasts and just a little hint of your sweet garden. Not wanting to be rude, I slowed and looked up, smiling, and asked how your morning was going.

“Actually a little boring.”

“How in the world can your morning be boring?”

“Well, there’s nothing to do this early in the morning.”

“Darling, I can think of several things just off the top of my head, and looking at you, I know they would be fun.”

“Give me a minute and maybe you can get rid of my boredom.”

You turned and went back into the expensive suite. I really didn’t know what was going to happen, but I know what my body wanted to happen, for sure! You came bouncing down the sidewalk to me and we introduced ourselves. You took my arm and we began strolling up Southard Street toward the heart of Old Towne. Our conversation was light and I was enjoying every time you saw something interesting and leaned towards me while your wonderful breast pressed against my arm. We strolled on, talking about the island and how beautiful it was. The fun part of the town had become a little boring to you, so you had gotten a long nights rest and were ready to find out a little more about the place during the day. I was more than thrilled to be your tour guide.

As we got closer to 5 Brothers, I asked if you’d like some Cuban Coffee before breakfast. We stopped inside and got the small cup of steaming coffee. As we sipped and walked on, you became a little more animated due to the strong drink and the more you talked and laughed, the more enamored I became. The gentle sway of your hips, your lovely legs and the short skirt you wore were very enticing. The top you had slipped into was loose and breezy, but afforded me a glance at your hard nipples on occasion as we walked on.

Coming down Petronia, I steered you into Blue Heaven. We sat and drank Bloody Marys as we waited on breakfast. The meal arrived and you were unabashed in your praise for the eggs Benedict and especially the taste of the limejuice based hollandaise sauce combined with the lobster tail on top. We finished our meal and drinks, and as we left, I asked if you wanted to cool off after our walk and breakfast. You agreed and we walked, hand in hand, down Petronia and through a small lane to Hutchinson Lane. I opened the gate and welcomed bahis firmaları you into my home.

We walked in the door to the small Conch cottage set in the lush tropical landscaping surrounding it. I invited you to get comfortable as I whipped up a couple of drinks for us. While I was pouring, you noticed the Jacuzzi on the back porch. You walked out onto the deck and were quite surprised that the water was cool.

“I keep the water temperature down, it’s too hot this time of the year to use it as a hot tub.”

“That’s interesting, I’ve never thought of doing that before.”

“It’s very refreshing, but not as much so as the pool.”

We took our drinks over to the swimming pool just out the front door of my place. You stuck a toe in and squealed as you felt the cold water. In a moment, you had slid off the skirt and your top and were walking down the steps into the water. I sat our drinks on the side of the pool and skinned off my shorts and shirt to join you. As I dunked my head under water, I saw you swimming toward me. Your breasts swaying with your stroke, I simply stayed there, under water, until you got to me and reached out. I stood up in your arms and felt your hard nipples pressed against my chest. Our first kiss was electric! The attraction was quite mutual and I felt your legs circle my waist as you pressed your lips to mine. Kissing you was fantastic, right up until I heard someone clear his throat. Pulling back from you, I noticed that we had a spectator on the second floor of the house next door. We laughed and gathered our drinks and clothes before we left the audience grew.

Retiring to the privacy of my back deck and the Jacuzzi, we slipped into the bubbling water. You laughed as the bubbles surrounded your body and when you found the vertical jets, you giggled as the water was forced across the front of your sweet garden! I moved over behind you and started kissing your neck while my hands found your amazing breasts. The water swirled around us as you turned to me. The water floated your nipples up to my mouth as I kissed and licked them. Wanting to give you as much pleasure as possible, I moved you up to the edge of the Jacuzzi. You sat on the edge as I stood up and kissed your beautiful mouth. Moving down your body, I suckled your nipples one at a time, my fingers gently exploring your pussy. I kissed down the curve of your breasts, your breathing getting a little deeper as my finger started stroking inside of you slowly.

My face moved between your legs and I was rewarded with a sweet and hardening clit. My hand moved in time with my mouth, as I tasted the juices flowing from you. I could not stand the desire any more, and had to be inside you. I stood up and your hands grabbed my throbbing cock. Lowering me into the water, you sat on my lap, sliding me inside your hot, tight pussy. We moved slowly together, your sexy ass in my hands as you ground your hips against mine. My mouth found your wonderful breasts as your first orgasm exploded around me. The sudden rush of heat warmed the base of my cock as you slowed to feel the intense pleasure. Your whisper in my ears drove me to stand kaçak iddaa and lift you to the side of the Jacuzzi.

We walked into the back door of my place, dripping and kissing, hugging, stroking and making our way to the bed. Before we piled into the bed, I grabbed a couple of towels and took a moment to dry your fantastic body off. We moved to the bed and before I could climb in beside you, your hands grabbed my cock and pulled me to your wonderful mouth. You lay on your back on the bed and made love to my cock while I watched you pull at your nipples and stroke your clit. I reached into the drawer beside the bed and found a little toy I had stashed there for just this type of occasion. I held the pink dildo up for you to see and dripped some lube on it before I put it in your hand. You sucked and licked me with your fantastic mouth and stroked me with your hand as your other worked the dildo in and out of your wet pussy. As you started grinding your hips against your toy, you redoubled the pleasure you were giving me with your mouth. I couldn’t stand the feelings any more and started to cum. As my orgasm bucked my hips, your pussy squirted all over your hand. You moaned around my cock as you sucked me dry, taking me deep in your throat and draining me fully.

I turned you around on the bed, my still hard cock wanting to give you more. Lifting your legs up while I stood beside the bed, you moved your sexy ass towards me. My cock slid right inside your soaked pussy. With my hands around your ankles, holding your legs straight up, I watched as you moaned and pulled your hard nipples as I fucked you deeply. Feeling every inch of my cock slide in and out of you, I was in heaven. Your body responded to my every touch. Your moans and groans were music to my ears as I spread your legs and lowered them. Driving harder and harder into you, I felt your pussy tighten around me as your orgasm started exploding forth. Your hand flew to your clit as you rubbed it. I fucked you until you started to cum and pulled out. Dropping to my knees, I licked and sucked your pussy, tasting the juices flowing from you until you squirted hard! I swallowed most of your squirted cum and the rest flowed down my face to my chest. I kissed your pussy lips gently and moved to lie beside you in the bed.

We kissed again, the juices of your pussy mingling with the taste of my own cum from your mouth. Hands gently exploring each other, my mouth was drawn again to your lovely nipples. As I started to move to get between your legs again, you pushed me down on my back. Before you could get on top of me, I asked if you would like to make a little movie of our fun. You smiled and agreed instantly. I jumped out of bed and grabbed two of my cameras. Setting one up at the foot of the bed and one beside the head of the bed, I focused in and framed the shot as best I could. I then lay back on the bed and watched as you played to the camera and proceeded to suck my cock with wild abandon! As soon as I was hard as a rock, within minutes, you stroked me and swung your leg over to straddle me. As you rose up your hips, the most erotic sight of my cock sliding slowly into your kaçak bahis wet pussy greeted me. I quickly forgot about taping our fun as you started grinding your hips against mine. I found your breasts with my mouth as you leaned forward, putting your hands on the headboard and starting to ride me.

Hard and fast could only describe how you were, driving your pussy down on my cock and raising your hips up, only to slam them back down again. Your moans were incredible as you cried out “fuck me baby”, and I did. Grabbing you around your waist, I kissed you, pressed deep inside you, and turned us over. My hips slammed into yours as you told me to fuck you deep. Your voice drove me onward as you started to explode again and again. The orgasms were coming very close together as we fucked and fucked. Your breasts heaved as small trickles of sweat flowed between them. We continued to move together, taking and giving pleasure to each other. As I tell you that I’m going to explode, you push me up on my knees and lay below my throbbing cock. Reaching up, you stroke me, your pussy juices allowing your hands to move, stroking my cock, playing with my balls, urging me to explode. Your sweet honey dripped voice urging me to cum all over your beautiful tits. I can’t stand the intense pleasure any more and the hot, white fluid flows from my cock. You stroke me until I am totally spent, droplets of my cum sliding down the curve of your breasts. We collapse together, spent from the hours of passion. As I drifted off to sleep, I saw you roll toward me, your breasts pressed against my chest.

We awoke and it was dark. I helped you gather your clothes and we started walking towards Duval Street. I took you to the Garden of Eden and watched as you grinned at the clothing optional sign. We walked up the stairs and entered the bar. You stripped down to your panties and I doffed my shorts as well. After a couple of drinks, I introduced you to a lovely lady. She invited you to recline and asked if she could paint your lovely body. After 30 minutes, you stood before me, an abstract bikini top painted on your exposed breasts. I took your hand and slipped your top into my pocket. You admired the artwork in the mirror and realized that it was quite good, good enough to actually cover your breasts. We took our leave from the Garden of Eden and strolled up and down Duval Street for over an hour, as people did classic double takes at your naked breasts, or were they?

We walked back towards my place and I stopped to take some pictures for you to remember the artwork. You, standing proudly and topless in front of Captain Tony’s and dancing at Hogs Breath, were immortalized on film, AND in the memories of a few hundred drunken revelers in Key West. We reached my house again and you wanted to watch our “movie”. I plugged the film into the computer and after a few minutes, had made a few changes. We watched the movie and you were quite thankful for the light blue strip I had put across your face where it was shown. As the movie progressed I could tell that watching us fuck on screen was arousing you. Before we got to the part where I flipped us, you were sitting on my lap and grinding your pussy against me. My cock responded quickly and I asked if you wanted to go back to the pool.

You stood, took my hand, and we walked naked into the cool water of the swimming pool…

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