Lara Gets More Than a Mouthful Ch. 02

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Jack’s cock was still hard after he’d just blown a massive load all over Lara. He looked over at the huge titted woman bending over with her cum dripping out of her pussy and down her thigh. He knew that she wanted him to put his thick dick back in her ass, but he had another idea in mind. His big and still mostly full balls had goblets of Lara’s cum and spit clinging to them and Jack wanted them clean before he blew his next load. He told her if she wanted his thick mean inside her again then she would have to clean up his cock.

She leapt into sucking his shaft clean of juices, licking the sides and trying to throat its entire length. After a few minutes of this Jack’s big balls were feeling neglected so he gently pushed her head down to them where she licked and sucked his big sack while she slowly wanked his dick. After she’d licked all the cum off his tool she went back to blowing him, rubbing her clit as she did it. Soon she was moaning onto his cock as she sucked, sending vibrations down his shaft and into his body. When he was as hard as he was ever going to be he directed Lara onto all fours on the bed, she kept rubbing her clit the whole time. He put two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and probed them into her. He rubbed along her g spot, explored the rest of the space and kept returning to her spot until she was panting heavily and his hand was coated in her pussy juice.

Taking this hand he replaced it with his other hand and continued the same thing. She was getting hotter with every minute, being teased towards orgasm but not allowed to achieve it. His drenched fingers gently pushed into her tight ass hole, remarkably it still had resistance in it after his wide cock had fucked it thoroughly. Lara was driven to the edge with four fingers inside her, they were touching through the thin wall between them and she was moaning louder and louder until kemalpaşa escort both hands were fucking her two holes so quickly and deeply that she screamed loudly as she came. Lara collapsed forward on the bed, cum dripping freely from her pussy. She was panting and her legs were quivering after her huge orgasm.

Jack’s big cock head slowly entered her dripping snatch from behind and his hands started to gently fondle her huge cum-covered tits as his entire length filled her. His dick was much more gentle than the fucking she’d received before and as Lara was coming to her pussy felt amazing. She could feel Jack’s cock pumping slowly into her, and the cum the was freely flowing out of her hole. Jack turned her over, keeping his dick inside her, and placed her legs on his shoulders. Not only was his shaft buried deep in her, but his hands were free to fondle her massive tits.

Her nipples were hard and sticking up as he pinched and rubbed them with his fingers, Lara was lost in pleasure as he pussy was stretched by Jack’s cock, his balls were gently tapping her ass, and his hands were making her breasts feel amazing. Soon she found herself approaching another, somewhat smaller orgasm than before, it may have been smaller but it felt amazing.

He took his dripping tool and placed the head at her back door. She’d coated his cock so completely with her cum that with the lube remaining from before the head slipped in with little resistance. Lara gasped as he entered her, the thickness and hardness of his dick was still surprising. All she could imagine was the fountain of cum that was going to fill her ass when he came, and knowing that he couldn’t control himself the second time around he would be pounding tight hole when he did.

At this point however Jack was just slowly having sex with her ass, he loved the ring escort kemalpaşa of tightness that swept from his big cock head down to the base of his shaft as he slid his length in and out of her. Even though she had relaxed he loved how it felt different on his big shaft compared to her dripping pussy. Her juices were flowing as she rubbed her clit, coating the entrance to her ass and covering his plum sized balls. Lara’s pussy was twitching as she rubbed her clit, the big cock in her ass was sending her over the edge again and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to control her approaching orgasm. Jack felt the twitching through his cock and grabbed fistfuls of her tits, gradually fucking her harder and harder. His thick cock was pounding her tight ass and within minutes she was screaming out again. He leant back and put two fingers inside her as he pounded her ass and rubbed her g-spot.

Jack could feel his cock pumping her back door as he fingered her pussy and soon he felt her cum. She was squirming on his dick, biting her lip and bucking as he fucked her but he relentlessly kept up his pace, driving deeper inside her and rubbing her harder. Lara kept cumming and cumming, screaming out for more until she just seized up on his dick and went slack with her mouth wide open. She let out a massive sigh and told him she needed her tits fucked again because any longer in her ass and she’d pass out.

Jack mounted her torso, his juice covered cock was pulsing between her massive tits waiting to unleash a torrent of cum. She bobbed up and down on the tip of his big tool while he played with her nipples, letting her suck him off as his balls pressed against her heavy with cum. She wedged his glistening cock between her tits and he started to push it though her huge fleshy boobs.

His balls were dragging along her as his cock head kemalpaşa escort bayan poked out the top of her cleavage to her waiting mouth. She made him harder and harder until he felt his balls were going to explode on her, he drove harder and harder between her breasts, holding back as long as he could. He fucked her tits hard as she told him she wanted him to shove his hard cock deep in her ass and empty his massive balls inside her. He leant forward and fucked her mouth to make his cock wetter. His cock slid down her throat as she took his full length without complaint, balls smacking into her chin. She pushed him off her mouth and down to her waiting ass where he slowly slid his slick tool into her back door.

He started slowly at first, but soon was slamming into her ass. Her legs were over his shoulders and he was busy sucking on her titties as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her. Jack’s dick was balls deep in Lara, and instead of pulling out to pound her he stayed in and rotated his hips so it moved around inside her. Lara cried out, begging for his cum, she gripped the back of his head and begged him to blow his load deep in her ass.

It was too much for him, so he pumped her back passage a few more times before erupting inside of her. His balls twitching as he pumped spurt after spurt of cum into her ass. After ten spurts he could feel his dick still pumping and pulled out telling her to wank him. Lara gripped his cock, cum dripping out of her ass, and stroked his still spurting cock strongly. Jack was moaning louder and louder as spurt after spurt covered her hand, her belly and her tits. He couldn’t stop cumming, his balls were twitching uncontrollably as they expelled their whole contents out onto her.

By the time he was finished Jack’s cock was incredibly sensitive. He’d filled her ass with cum as well as completely coated Lara. She was dumbstuck by the fucking she had received as well as the two monster loads she’d been coated with that session. Together they lay down and with her leaking cum, and him with a super sensitive cock they decided they would sleep for the night, or at least until one of them felt like they could go again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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