Late Night Massage

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I’ve had a long day and I’m tired. You can sense that I need to relax and decide to treat me to a massage.

After a long soak in the bath, I lie on the bed, on my stomach and wait for you. Naked too, you straddle me facing my feet, and begin to massage my foot, working the muscles and aches between your fingers, paying close attention to each toe. Your hands work their magic, relaxing them before you move up my calves, kneading my legs firmly but not painfully, you can feel the warmth from my legs as you massage and caress me.

You move back and I feel your cock resting between my buttocks. This makes me squeeze them together, playing with you and feeling your cock harden and twitch.

You work on my thighs, grabbing and kneading the muscles then releasing them, working them thoroughly, soon they are loosened up and warm. As your fingers near my buttocks I spread my legs slightly allowing them to get closer to me. You tease me by tracing your fingers along my thighs, getting close to my pussy lips but not touching. You lick in little circles from my knees to my thighs, smelling my musky sweetness. Your hands massage my bum as you lick in long strokes along the sides of my pussy, so close but still not touching. What a tease you are, you blow lightly on my pussy and watch as my lips part slightly, already moist in anticipation.

Then with the tip of your tongue you lick me in one long barely noticeable touch up the entire length of my lips, one side then the other, finishing with a quick flick of my clit.

You straddle me again facing the other way and begin to work on my shoulders, neck and arms. As you lean forward your cock rests between my thighs barely brushing my pussy, twitching and caressing me with just the head. You massage and stroke down my back and over my buttocks but still you are careful not to get too close, just enough to make me squirm and get wet.

You roll me over and kiss me gently on the lips, my tongue searching for yours as we kiss güvenilir bahis deeper. your hands roam over my body, caressing my tummy and thighs and then back up to my breasts. you kiss my face, down to my neck then back up to my ear, gently nibbling on it.

You lick down my chest and between my breasts, while your hands trace large circles along the outline of my boobs, gently caressing under each one, then lightly up to my now hard nipples. you take each nipple in your mouth, sucking my breast in and flicking your tongue across them. you lick circles around my nipples and gently bite each one, pulling on them and sucking them again. You love my breasts and I love how you play with them. I’m so sensitive to your touch and as you suck, stroke and nibble them I run my fingers through your hair.

You kiss down a little more, running your tongue round my belly button, still further down you move, over my stomach and you pause to inhale my scent. Your mouth waters as you know you will soon be tasting me again. You place your whole mouth over my pussy and give me one long slow lick between my soft lips, curling your tongue inside me, then you suck me into your mouth, flicking your tongue across my clit. … mmmmmm. … heaven.

You move so that you are knelt between my legs, your cock in your hand and you stroke it slowly as you rub the head of it along my pussy, back and forth and up and down in circles. I reach down, seize your cock and rub it against my clit. You lean forward, your cock still pressed up against my pussy and as you bend to kiss me again, deep and passionately, the head of your cock slips inside me. you kiss back down to my pussy and give me a long slow lick before moving away from me and lying down.

Now I straddle you….. slowly. … taking your cock inside my warm wet pussy inch by inch, your cock stretching my pussy open, penetrating deeper and deeper into me until your balls are pressed between us. You lean forward so that we are both sitting up, my türkçe bahis legs wrapped around you and your cock buried deep in me. My breasts press against your chest as we hold each other tight, kissing and fondling as we rock back and forth, fucking slowly and deliberately.

We each lie back a little and look down between us, watching as your cock disappears into me and then moves in and out glistening with my juices. It’s an incredible sight watching part of you buried so deep inside me, my smooth pussy lips wrapped around you, guiding you deeper and deeper, squeezing you, slow steady but firm fucking, letting the intensity build slowly just savouring the feeling of my pussy wrapped tightly around you. I can feel every inch of your cock as it slowly glides in and out, sliding past my pussy lips then back in, the head engorged and swollen, caressing the walls of my pussy, deeper and deeper, in and out, slow and steady and yet so intense, the feeling of being together, of you being inside me, the incredible sensation of fucking, so sensual, we don’t want it to end. You love the warmth and wetness of my silky smooth pussy.

I push you back then move myself round, lowering my pussy on to your face, right over your mouth, I like to feel you lick my pussy, sucking me in, your hands wrap around my legs and squeeze my bum, pulling me onto your face even more, so you can bury your tongue deep in me.

Meanwhile I wrap my hands around your cock and my tongue swirls around the head, licking off my pussy juice and sucking it like a lollipop. My fingers massage your balls as I take your cock deeper into my mouth, then i lick up one side then the other, teasing the head with my tongue again, sucking you into my mouth, then licking, swirling, sucking, all the while massaging your balls. Harder and faster I pump your cock with one hand, massage your balls with the other and lick and suck on you.

You bury your face as deep in me as you can, your tongue inside me, then licking me, sucking güvenilir bahis siteleri on my clit, making me squirm and moan.

I continue sucking and pumping you faster and harder, sucking you deep into my mouth. Your cock feels bigger and harder than ever and I sense you are about to cum soon. You suck me completely into your mouth, teasing my clit with your tongue. You arch your back and explode into my mouth, hot thick jets pounding against my throat and filling my mouth, you taste so good, I swallow every drop. I cum at the same time and unleash my luscious juices all over your face which you lap up, drinking me in. I lick you clean and then turn round and kiss you, your cum and my juices mingling together on our tongues.

You are still hard so I straddle you again and you roll me over, again slow and firm you pump in and out of me. Grinding against me each time we come together, pumping and thrusting, pushing deeper and deeper into me. you kiss me all over, on the cheek, forehead, nose, neck, ears and of course deeply on the mouth. i love kissing you, feeling your soft lips.

Your hips pump into mine a little faster now but still steady. we change positions, i get on my knees and you kneel behind me, your hands gripping my hips as you watch your cock disappear into me, you are so deep in me now and we fuck till we are out of breath. I am on the points of collapse when you cum again, feeling your hot cum spurt inside me takes me over the edge for what seems like the hundredth time and I cum too, my pussy squeezing every last drop from you.

We flop down on the bed together and we embrace and kiss till we fall asleep. Naked, arm in arm, smiles on our faces.

In the middle of the night, you awaken, your cock is hard again, I have my back to you and you are lying behind me. I sense your hard cock against my bum and I wiggle my hips to rub against you. Slowly you guide your cock into my still warm and wet pussy and start to move in and out of me whilst your hand comes round to caress and cup my breasts and you are kissing the nape of my neck. There is no rush now and we slowly rock together, relaxed and warm, until we both cum and then we drift off to sleep again, your cock still inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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