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It had been 105 the whole week. The heat, even for a former self-proclaimed heat lover, had become too much. Today my wife left the house for work, thanks to my recent investments I know longer worked, so I cranked up the air conditioning and lost the clothes.

I sat naked in my living room absentmindedly playing with my cock and watching MTV. Although they no longer play good music videos anymore, MTV still puts on some decent T & A. In my living room there is a big glass window that overlooks my land and my neighbors yard. It is a modest plot of land (1 acre), and is well kept.

My neighbor Jim, he doesn’t have all the time in the world to work on his land so it is a little dingy. I feel for him, he works too jobs because his Ex-wife Mona had a really good lawyer and that was that for Jim and his life. However, his two offspring are extremely good looking. Jim Jr. is now a grad student at UC-Berkley and his daughter Laura is a Sophomore at Yale.

Being it the summer, Laura was home. Jim Jr decided on not coming home. Instead he decided to be with his new found love Margaret who lived in Nova Scotia.

MYV got boring so I started flipping channels. After what seemed like an eternity I finally found some good porn on one of the cable channels.

After working my penis for a while I began to get in the rhythm of my masturbation the door bell rang.

“Coming,” I yelled.

I ran around the house looking for some clothes and went to the door. Opening the door cautiosuly to shield my wood I was shocked to see Laura standing before me. Her white tank top was soaked with sweat and her wonderful nipples were saluting me at full staff. To make it worse on my straining cock, she had on a pair of those fuzzy short shorts that drive me absolute nuts. I swear I could see her lips bulging against the felt fabric.

“Hey Rob,” she said. “Can you do me a favor?”

She shot me one of those puppy dog looks and her brown eyes nearly made me come right there and then.

“Sure,” I said. “Shoot.”

“My lawnmower is broken, and I need help. I wanted to surprise daddy and well-its just not going as planned.”

I bahis firmaları looked out the window and checked on their lawn. She was right. The lawn looked like shit, as if a blind guy went in there with a machete and cut whatever he could. I knew I had to help her, after all that is the neighborly thing to do.

“Lets go out and I’ll see what I can do.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and with those B-cup breasts moving I felt my cock lurch. Down boy, I thought, its going to be a long afternoon.

She turned around and I watched her sculpted bottom sway with the beat of the land as we made our way to the lawnmower.

When we got there I was already hot. Droplets of sweat slowly dripped down my back and my face.

“What’s wrong?”

“It won’t start.”

She shot me another pout, and I became concious of my hard-on. Did she notice? Probably not, I did pick a pretty baggy pair of shorts, but still this was Jim’s daughter.

“Ok, why don’t you show me what you do with it.”

I went behind her to ‘observe’ what she was doing wrong. I watched with glee as her butt clenched when she bent over to grab the starter and give it a pull. After three pulls and me salivating over her perfect ass I told her to stop. I moved up right behind her and let my cock lightly graze her buttocks. A little moan came from her and I felt a surge of electricity shoot up my spine from my cock.

I told her to grab the starter again and give it a forceful pull. When she bent over this time her globes separated and ground up against my hard-on. The pleasure was immense but short lived as the lawn mower sputtered once again and she moved away in frustration.

She had to have known the game was on by now.

I slid up to her and said, “Why don’t you grab me a beer from your dad’s fridge and yourself a pop. I’ll take care of this.”

She slowly nodded and went off to the house. I admired her the whole way. I imagined the possibilities. Her ass spread open as I slowly pushed my huge cock in and out of her virgin pussy. It would be amazing. The simple idea of her presumed tightness caused me to give my member a hard pull and kaçak iddaa take a deep breath. I knew I could do this.

The problem with the lawnmower was simple, no gas. I shook my head in disbelief and ran to my house to get some. Within minutes, when I got back, she was there waiting for me. Instead of a pop she had gotten herself a glass of wine in her left hand. In her right, an ice cold Miller for me.

I looked at the valley of sweat between her breasts. I wanted to stick my tongue there and lick all the way up to her sexy lips. With her light-brown hair all disheveled and sweaty she looked so good. I needed to fuck her, it no longer was a want.

“Thanks for the beer, but aren’t you a little too young for that.”

She smiled.

“No.” she said. “I’m a big girl now.”

With that phrase she slipped her slight tongue out and slid across her faintly glossed lips. My lizard lurched again. This girl was a cock tease to the max and I was going to show her a whirl of a time.

I told her that I would enjoy the hard work and that it really wasn’t that much. An hour or two, to be honest. We would have plenty of time to exercise after I was done.

The brutal sun did a number on me and my erection subsided gradually as the work went on. I took me two and a half hours and a lot of sweat. The lawn, however, looked the best I had seen it since moving here, and little Laura was pleased. She invited me in to her house for another beer.

I slowly made my way up the lawn and into the house. Sweat dripped off me like Niagara Falls. Opening the door to the house I called her name.

No one answered. Weird, I thought. I moved a little bit further into the house that on the inside seemed oddly similar to mine.

Somewhere in the house I heard moaning. I followed the sound, and crept toward the back of the house.

Soft whimpers were coming from the third room on the left and the door was ajar. I made my way over to peek in and moved the door ever so slightly. Inside the room, Laura’s bedroom, was Laura strewn out on the bed with a large dildo barely penetrating her outer lips. Was she gun shy, I thought. Regardless, kaçak bahis my woody returned and soon I was lightly stroking my engorged member. After ten minutes or so, her breathing increased and I decided that now was my time to make my move.

I pushed open the door and announced my presence.

“You need some help?”

She smiled back at me and gave me a little nod. God she was fucakble. Tight pussy, with perky tits that had perfect little brown nubs. Her brown hair lay behind her head, with her lips pursed just a bit.

“Don’t you think you should be naked as well?”

I noticed a little pre-cum on my head as my drawers dropped lightning quick.

I glided over to her pussy pulled by a magnetic force for sweet cunt and removed the excessive dildo. My mouth replaced it and her shrieks of passion echoed in the empty house. At first I though she shaved but then I realized she naturally was without hair.

Her hands gripped the back of my head as I licked her inner thighs and then her labia. Soon I was munching on her clit as her juices splashed my face. Screaming, bucking, and writhing she came to multiple orgasms.

“Oh my god.” She said. “How did you do that?”

I grabbed her arms and pulled her up. She looked dazed and immensely satisfied.

“Suck me.”

And she did. Her red lips enveloped my cock with expert precision. Her little tongue darted out and licked the underside of my shaft. I thought that I would have to explain it to her, but she was no rookie in the biz. Her head bobbed and right hand stroked my ball sack. With her left hand she gripped my penis and pulled up and down.

Occasionally I reached down and grabbed one of those soft tennis ball sized tits of hers. We were working up quite a sweat and although I didn’t want to cum right there, I needed some release.

I pushed her off of me with some force and leaned over her. Jacking off like a maniac my juice rocketed out of my cock and on to her chest, face, and her mound. Everything became clear and I collapsed onto the bed resting for round 2. Just then a car pulled into her driveway.

“Shit,” she said, “its dad!”

I looked over at her and she showed me the back way out. Before she closed the door I kissed her on the lips for the first time. She tasted like cherries.

“Next time,” she said. “You can have the whole cow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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