Lesbian Love/Doctor’s Wife Collar’s Me

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Lesbian Love/Doctor’s Wife Collar’s Me
I’m Marsha I work as a Nurse for Dr. John Everett, an Ophthalmologist who does a lot of Lasik eye surgery, which is a very lucrative business. The Doctor’s wife Ruth is also a Doctor, and we have been lovers for six months now. Last weekend was a very special weekend for Ruth and me. The “Doc” was at a golf outing all weekend and we spent two days going to social events, shopping and making love. I’m a thirty-seven-year-old divorcee with two k**s. I’m not a complete lesbian by any standards, but I consider myself bi-sexual and I must admit when I see an attractive woman I look at them in a certain way. Attractive men do nothing for me.

I was short of money in college and earned extra money by having several lesbian affairs with older women. I was paid very well for my services by these much older women. I am very petite, 5”2”, with tiny breasts but otherwise I have a perfect thin body and I have to admit, I have a movie stars face. I’ve found that I am most attracted to large “curvy” women with large breasts. Lately, I’ve been attracted only to larger women. When I see a large woman, I get the urge to make love to them and fantasize in my mind about her as she walks by. It’s gotten to a point where only time I ever get sexually aroused is when I see a large woman with big breasts, curvy hips and a nice round ass. They are just a fantastic turn-on for me.

My former lover from a few years ago had this figure. I don’t know why, but when I meet a woman like this my heart pounds faster and my imagination soars as I fantasize about what it would be like to sleep with her.

Right now I’m really attracted to the Doctor John Everett’s wife Ruth who has this kind of figure. When she comes around the office, I can hardly control myself. This tall, big-breasted woman wearing her doctor’s lab coat has the air of authority of a professional Doctor about her. The power she projects just drives me crazy. Both she and her husband owned the practice, although she works somewhere else. Sometimes, Ruth stopped by the office for a few hours going over the books. After being near her for several hours I would go home and spend an hour or more pleasuring myself with my vibrator and dreamed she was making love to me.

Well, I never suspected that Ruth was bi-sexual until we met at a City Wide Health Fair. I was at my booth when suddenly my heart jumped as I saw Ruth all dressed up. Prior to this I had only seen her in white slacks and a lab coat and even that drove me crazy. I almost gasped when I saw her. Ruth was just stunning; she was a dark-haired Greek woman wearing a very expensive low cut business dress which highlighted her large breasts. There must have been six inches of cleavage showing. The rest of her body was stunning. She was “curvy” but had a very sophisticated, elegant air around her. My jaw dropped when she said, “Hi Marsha I was looking for you”. I had gotten dressed up for the fair and was looking good as usual. I was happy when Ruth looked me up and down like a guy would. I thought to myself, God I would make love to this woman in a heartbeat.

Our attraction for to other was obvious, and she showed me all the subtle signs a lesbian woman makes to show they were interested in sleeping with you. That night we went for dinner and drinks and wound up making love in her hotel room. I got to make love to this powerful big woman, and she had the pleasure of going to bed with a much younger petite, attractive, classy young woman. Plus, I am great at eating pussy and that night Ruth enjoyed my special talent. I gave her about three orgasms. Ruth was Greek, and I really enjoyed güvenilir bahis siteleri her unshaven thick dark haired pussy. I knew European women did not shave their pussy and I kind of liked the experience. I spent a lot of time playing with her “bush” and she really liked it. I thought, oh well, it’s just a one-night stand.

Then On Wednesday, Ruth’s stopped by the office and mentioned the “Doc” was leaving town for a golf outing for the whole weekend. Ruth asked me to dinner Friday night and to a play on Saturday. Well, I’m not an idiot I knew “weekend” meant she wanted my young body for the whole weekend. On Friday after work I packed a small suitcase with some of my sexiest lingerie.

Ruth and I spent a magical two days together. We filled the weekend with entertainment, shopping, and hours in bed. The pleasure we learned to give to each other that weekend convinced me I was a lesbian. I never enjoyed eating pussy that much. I hours I spent between Ruth’s legs, pleasuring my older powerful big lover. I could tell from her body that she was older than me, but I didn’t care. Like most powerful people, I knew I would become her lesbian mistress and I would just enjoy the experience while it lasted.

On Friday night, we were in bed together and began making love. As usual, I was pleasuring her with my mouth and I noticed Ruth had an incredible large pussy like a lot of bigger women have, that I have slept with. I have a special talent where I take advantage of an anatomical irregularity that I have. Being petite as I am, I have a tiny thin face. I took my delicate tongue and began licking the very bottom of my Ruth’s vagina. I started at the very bottom and lightly sucked on it drawing her pussy lips into my mouth. My small tongue moved upwards slowly kissing and licking her huge slit. Then I reached her vaginal opening and started inserting my tongue inside her. Usually, eating pussy this way is the most a woman can do for their lover; but not me.

My former madam told me I had the unusual ability to “face fuck” a woman. Ruth was about to get her first “face fuck”. You see my head and mouth were so small I could suck and entire pussy into my mouth and use my nose to rub a woman’s clitoris. I knew how to suck a whole pussy into my small mouth until I gently sucked most of my lover’s vaginal opening into my mouth. I would literally suck almost all of Ruth’s hole into my mouth. As I did this, I twirled my tongue around the inside of my lover’s pussy giving her unbelievable pleasure. I started sucking Ruth real hard so that almost of her entire inner vagina was inside my mouth. This allowed my tongue to go deeper and deeper inside her. By this time Ruth was writhing on the bed screaming “Marsha, Marsha, suck it suck it, god don’t stop, this is incredible”.

Well, it was about to get even more incredible for my lovely Ruth. I saw the top of her swollen clitoris and positioned my face so that my nose was hitting her clitoris as I sucked her pussy. Ruth asked me what are you doing? I replied, “I’m face fucking you, I’m one of the very few woman you’ll ever meet that can do this”. I just kept sucking most of the inside of her pussy into my mouth. Then I positioned my nose so it was directing rubbing her clitoris as my head went up and down between her big legs. My nose was literally going back and forth over her clitoris as I sucked her entire inflamed vagina.

After five minutes of seeing Ruth writhing in the bed she let out a horrendous scream as her full vaginal orgasm hit her. Her whole body writhed underneath. She was squirming around so much from me eating her out I had to put my arm perabet giriş across her large stomach to hold her down. I sucked her pussy until she begged me to stop. I kept going for a little while longer just to tease her. Then we both fell on the bed exhausted.

Ruth exclaimed “My god, where did you learn to do that”. I don’t know why I said this, but I did, maybe just to impress Ruth. I said, “I was a lesbian prostitute in Nursing School and my Madam saw my thin face and taught me how to do it”. It surprised me when Ruth laughed and said “you must have made a ton of money honey with that trick honey”. I said, I did, those rich women paid a fortune for a nineteen-year-old baby doll to eat their pussy. Ruth laughed and said “In my case didn’t have a dime and I had to fucking fat old bald old guys to work my way through med school”. We both laughed. I turned and kissed her and said well I can’t eat your pussy like this all the time, it’s exhausting.

But things changed a little after these intimate disclosures about our past. We were both naked in bed after a night of lovemaking at her house. Maybe because I was a former prostitute every now and then Ruth got a little rough with me and fucked me in the ass with her large strap-on. That night she really pounded me hard, and I had to yell for her to stop. She loved taking me anally; it was her way of telling me she was in control and could do anything she wanted to my body. It seemed her favorite dominant behavior was to fuck me in the ass. I always felt like I was the submissive slave when Ruth took that dildo and rammed it forcefully into my ass. She was subtly telling me I was her “bitch” and she could do whatever she wanted to do to my body any time she wanted. And the thing about it is that it was true. My whole body was hers and I didn’t care. All I wanted was her.

Well, I went to work one day Dr. John Everett called me into his office. On his desk was a pair of my pink panties from one of my negligees. I thought to myself “I’m fired”. He said “you know I will expand the practice and you are the only person who is qualified to help me do very delicate eye surgery, It will be a lot of extra surgical work” My wife runs the money side of the business and she suggested I give you a ten dollar an hour raise. So Marsha your salary will go from $20.00 to $30.00 an hour. You’re making $38,000.00 a year now and with the raise you’ll be making $57,000. How does that sound, do you mind the extra hours? I said, no I’ll be glad to do the extra work. I knew this big a raise was a gift from my lesbian lover.

Then Dr. Everett looked at me and handed me the plastic bag with my panties in it. He said “I found these under my bed; you’re the only size 2 woman that I know? But don’t worry, Ruth and I have a very open marriage. I’ve got two girlfriends right now. I’m glad Ruth has found a beautiful, intelligent younger woman like you to keep her happy, but keep it discreet. Nothing in public, but you two can go on vacations together. Oh, and maybe someday you’ll invite me over to watch? Then he smiled and handed me my panties.

Well, for the next two month the Doctor went golfing at out of town tournaments and Ruth and I spent more and more time together. We became close friends both inside and outside the bedroom. Ruth’s car was a regular fixture in my driveway. Well the k**s were coming home from college for the summer and I was in a quandary. Ruth and would be sharing a bed together several days a week and my k**s would be home.

I decided to just have a “family meeting” and discuss the state of affairs. I told my son and daughter that I had fallen perabet güvenilir mi in love with Ruth and that she frequently spent several nights a week at my house on the weekends when her husband was gone. My daughter much to my surprise said “fine Mom a lot of girl’s at college are lesbians. My son was a little more skeptical and said “you’re in love with a woman! I told him I had never been happier in my life so he said OK.

Well that weekend Ruth came over on Friday night for a date and afterwards we came home and went to bed together. Well my house was a lot smaller than Ruth’s and we didn’t realize it, but everyone heard Ruth and I having loud orgasms. In fact that night we had four. Ruth fucked me with her favorite strap-on dildo and of course I gave her one of my “special” oral sex sessions. The next morning my daughter commented at breakfast that perhaps we could “tone it down’ a bit when we were making love. Both Ruth and I busted out laughing and said sure ye’ll be quieter “if we can”. And everyone laughed.

Well we were both naked in bed after a night of lovemaking at her house. Ruth had gotten a little rough with me and fucked me in the ass with her large strap-on until I had to yell for her to stop. She loved taking me anally, it was her way of telling me that she was in control and could do anything she wanted to my young body and one of them was fucking me in the ass. I always felt like I was the submissive slave espically when Ruth took that dildo and rammed it forcefully into my ass. She was subtly telling me that I was her “bitch” and she could do whatever she wanted to do to me. And the truth is she could.

Well, things were really getting serious between Ruth and I. Then she popped the question. Ruth said, Marcie I want to say something to you as she handed me a red velvet case and I opened it. It was a one inch thick 18 caret gold choker necklace. I knew what it meant; I was going to become a “collared” lesbian woman. Ruth said I love you and I want you to become my permanent lifetime mistress. I still have to stay married to Dr. Everett for business purposes because of the millions of dollars involved in our business.

But Ruth said, you’re my lover now. I know there a big age difference between us (I was 34 and she was 53, which is nine-teen years) but I love you, and this choker will show to everyone that you are my “collared woman”. Now I knew what a “collared woman” was. It was a long term commitment to never sleep with another woman. Any gay women who saw that I was wearing this large gold collar would immediately recognize that I was a “collared” woman and was unavailable for sex. In the lesbian community an expensive gold collar like this was even more important symbol of loyalty than a wedding ring. If Ruth and I went to social events everyone who was in the know would realize I was Ruth’s lover, even though she was married.

I could tell Ruth was very nervous about my reaction. After all she was 19 years older than me. I was a little reluctant to make this big commitment, especially with all the available women my age that I could date. But I looked in her beautiful brown eyes and said “yes”, I’m yours, take me right now.

I spread my legs and Ruth’s tongue went right inside my vagina as she licked and sucked my small beautiful blond pussy. Now and forever this fifty-three year old women had a young lover all to herself. She ate my pussy and found the way to my clitoris. She very gently licked it or several minutes until I had a delicate but very small orgasm. Ruth was taking her time as she slowly made love to my small body. I had a second more intense orgasm. We both got up and kissed each other very gently and softly. We were now a committed couple; I was a collared mistress to a wealthy woman. Down deep I knew I was just a bi-sexual woman who fucked lesbian woman for money, just like I did in college. I was a whore and nothing more.

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