Lew and Di in the Moonlight

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This is a continuation of the Lew and Di characters – so you might want to read the “Old Friends, New Lovers” and “Lew in the Morning” and “Lew and Di in the Sunlight”. Thank you for reading!!


My chair bumped against the weathered, wooden planks of the deck as I pushed away from the table. Lew reached for my hand as I stood. I felt the calluses on his hands as I grasped his fingers against mine. He pulled me to him. The night was almost perfect. The moon was full, shining its light on the sleeping sand. Wisps of clouds passed through the soft illumination, causing shadows to play in the darkening night.

We had just finished a delicious dinner outside on the deck. It had been my turn to cook for him. My mind had been restless all day; just moving from one thing to another and not able concentrate on my book or a nap or anything for more than a few minutes. Not sure how to spend my last hours here, not wanting this week to end.

My eyes looked into his, searching for my truth. I had been here for almost a week and this was my final night on the coast. This was my last night of no responsibilities; my last night with Lew until I decided where the next path of my life was going to take me. A job was waiting for me to start in a few days — a job a thousand miles away.

I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my face into his chest. His heartbeat was a gentle sound beneath my ear; the ocean beating another tune against the shore as we began to dance slowly under the moon. I tilted my face toward him as his lips brushed mine. He pushed my hair out of my eyes.

Our eyes locked and held, the music from the cd player floated through the open kitchen window. We moved together so easily. As we turned in our slow circles I noticed the soft light emanating through the door and window. His profile in the half light made me sure of my decision to give it a try with him, and wanting to do that here — not long distance.

His lips on mine, tasting the mix of red wine and seafood. Running my hands up his back, feeling the contours of his shoulders and muscles beneath, wanting to touch every part of him. He had become an elixir I could not drink enough of.

We moved slowly together for the next several songs. Quietly lost in each other and the moment, we held on to each other and kissed like we had never tasted one another before.

“Di, this has been a great week.” Lew said quietly into my hair.

I stopped swaying. “Can we walk?”

I kicked off my shoes and descended the rough wooden steps. My feet sunk in the loose, cool sand at the bottom of the steps as I paused in the night to look at the moon skimming the surface of the water in front of me. I heard Lew descending them behind me. The wind had picked up and my hair blew around my face.

As I walked fast towards the water, tears had trickled from my eyes and streaked down my cheeks. My emotions were crazy illegal bahis and I didn’t know what my deal was. How could one week be this incredible? My sun dress tangled around my legs and I stumbled and sat at the edge where the wet and dry sand met. I pulled my knees up and wrapped my arms around them.

“Di?” I heard Lew question. He molded easily into me as I felt him sit behind me, his legs straddled my body and his arms wrapped around me.

I turned and curled into his lap, my trickle of tears became a steady river and I sobbed into his arm. “Sorry.” Was all I could utter between gasping breathes. “I love spending time here, time with you. This week went by so fast.”

“Shhhh. Its ok Di.” Lew stroked my hair and held me against him.

As if to prove that point, the sky lit up far out over the ocean with a spider web of brilliant light. We both jumped and watched in awe as the storm moved closer to the land. Lew kissed the top of my head and stood, lifting me with him as the wind really picked up and big, fat rain drops began to fall. Lew grabbed my hand and we ran back to the house, getting completely drenched on the way. Lew went through the kitchen door and I turned and let the rain wash the tears from my face. I watched another flash of bright light over the angry water.

Still mixed up and unsure of everything except wanting to feel Lew’s skin on mine and his arms around me, I faced the churning ocean. I let the rain wash my tears away as the droplets ran together down my face. The change in weather did not calm me, it churned my feelings into a vortex that was not of my control. I turned and entered the kitchen.

Lew had peeled his t-shirt off his wet skin and was facing away from me as I walked behind him and kissed the glistening water drops from his skin. I ran my hands along his ribs and around to his chest. Kissing his back with little kisses along his spine, I made my way down to the waistband of his shorts. I ran my fingers down his stomach and lightly brushed the front of his shorts, feeling him there.

He turned and brushed the water from my face. I opened my mouth to speak and he placed his fingers on my lips. “Shhhhh.” His lips replaced his fingers and he kissed me gently. His tongue parted my lips and I opened my mouth to him. My hands moved up his neck and tangled in his hair, pulling his mouth deeper into mine.

His hands moved swiftly up and down my body, my dress clung wetly to my body. Goosebumps made me tingle as I grasped the hem of my dress and began to pull it over my head. Lew tugged it free of my arms and I stood before him in my satin sky blue bra and panties. He ran his finger between my breasts, lightly tracing the edge of lace along the swell of my milky skin.

I sucked in my breath as he kissed the wet droplets off my collar bone. I shivered as his lips touched my skin. Tilting my head towards the ceiling he kissed his way up my neck and along my jaw bone. illegal bahis siteleri Slowly making his way back to my mouth; feeling like I couldn’t kiss him enough my kisses became more hurried and hungry.

I stepped back and felt the kitchen counter in my lower back as Lew unhooked my wet bra and I shrugged it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Hopping onto the counter I pulled Lew to me and shut the kitchen lights off at the same time. He moved in closer and spread my legs as he moved into me.

We watched and listened to the wind blowing sheets of rain against the windows and the illuminating bolts of fire between the loud claps of thunder. Turning back towards Lew, I held his gaze as I leaned in and kissed him. A slow, sweet lingering kiss. The kiss that led to another kiss, the passion growing with each touch of lips against lips.

Running my hands feverishly over his upper body, I was not able to get close enough. He broke the kiss and pulled back from me slightly. His eyes were on mine, as he trailed his fingers along my wet skin, slowly as he followed the curves of my breasts. My nipples hardened as he rolled them between his fingers. Arching my back and pushing into his hands, my moans lost in the rolling thunder in the sky.

“Lew, kiss me. Kiss me again.” I pleaded – wanting him to touch me everywhere all at once. Wanting his lips to caress every inch of my skin, his tongue to lick every place on my body. Not wanting to wait one more second, yet never wanting this second, right here to ever end.

“I want to kiss you forever, every day I think.” He said as he kissed me again, not waiting to hear my answer, or afraid of what it might be.

His arousal was evident in the hardness of him pressed against my thigh. Heightening my state of passion and longing to be melded with him. Kissing his face, finding his mouth again and those kisses I found there making me hotter and hotter. My ass rose off the counter as I ground into him.

His hands were not sliding smoothly up my legs as the dampness from the rain still lingered there. His fingers eased the satin from my skin. My panties were dampened both from the outside and the inside. With fingers poised at my source of moistness, his other hand on the back of my neck, his lips a breath away from mine, he looked into my eyes and slipped his fingers into me.

Exploding against him immediately, my body racked with a small wave of orgasms as his fingers searched, seeking the place inside me where he could make me cum over and over. Starting slowly, sliding his fingers all the way out of me and then slowly all the way back inside. With his eyes not leaving my face, he let his fingers glide in and out.

“Lew!” I gasped, squirming on the counter, his fingers and his gaze making my face flush and my body want more. He kept his hand on the back of my neck holding my head so I couldn’t lower my gaze. Knowing he would watch the orgasm canlı bahis siteleri as it flowed out of me. Feeling the upside of another, approaching orgasm I squirmed faster. Peaking as he slid several fingers all the way in me and twisted his hand back and forth.

The lightening made the room as bright as day for a minute as I leaned into him. Raising my head and lifting myself off the counter and toward him, I felt the head of his cock pushing against the satin. His hands cradled my face as I kissed him and pulled the crotch of my panties to the side. The thunder clapped as he pressed into the wetness. I bucked against him, wanting more now.

He pulled his mouth and his entire body back, laughing softly at my reaction to his absence. He pulled back out of me. “Awww. I want you now.” I moaned in protest.

“Patience, patience.” He said laughing as he dropped his boxers to the floor and peeled my panties off me.

“I want you completely naked. Skin on skin.” That slight smile on his face as he kissed me. His cock an inch from me, I couldn’t wait. Wrapping my legs around his hips and sliding towards him, partly off the counter; leaning my body back as he grabbed my hips with one hand and guided himself into me with the other.

The thunder crashed as he entered me fully, my heels dug into his butt pushing him deeper into me. My wet hair had fallen across my face and I began to move in rhythm with him. Grasping the edge of the counter gave me more leverage to push onto his entire length.

He pulled out almost all the way and then I would push all the way onto him. Faster and faster, my inside flesh stroking him as I tightened around him. The flashes of light from the storm illuminated the room for seconds, enough to see his muscles flexing as he deftly slid back inside me.

I could feel his hands on my hips, squeezing me then reaching down to feel where we were joined together. His finger began encircling my clit and his other hand moved to up my breast. Lightly pulling on my nipple, causing it to grow and harden even more.

The rain beat against the house as the thunder boomed closer and closer. The storm was passing over us; lightening preceded the thunder claps. As the level of the storm outside intensified; my inner storm was whipped into a frenzy of sensations.

My arms ached as I pushed harder and harder, not wanting to lose the feeling of him moving in and out of me. My moans were lost in the sounds of the storm. Lew grasped both my hips with his hands as he thrust into me one final time and as I felt him cum deep inside me.

The feeling of his orgasm, the glimpse of his face at that moment as the lightening showed it to me pushed me into a strong, powerful orgasm that made my entire body spasm. My energy drained as the orgasm subsided. My back was becoming sore from the edge of the counter.

Unlocking my legs from his waist, I lowered them to the floor and tentatively stood. My legs were shaky from the strength of my orgasm. Silently taking Lew’s hand, I led him to the bed.


Thanks to my readers for their continued reads and votes!! Special thanks to my wonderful editor.

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