Like Brother and Sister Ch. 12

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Melanie and Sarah’s apartment was tucked away behind a larger building in the Lakeview section of Chicago. It used to be a hair salon, but was converted to a two bedroom apartment a few years prior. Walking by, you may never even notice it.

Despite its appearance from the outside, the interior was modern and inviting. The two women made the most of the space they had with a comfortable living room area, kitchen, and back patio. They sat in the kitchen together sipping wine discussing the plans for the evening.

“She’s bringing Ryan, right?”

Melanie nodded as she sipped her wine. “How could I forget that?”

Sarah laughed. “Those two. I tell ya. Not like your typical sibling bond, huh?”

“They certainly are oddly comfortable around one another. I couldn’t even imagine ever doing that with my brother. Gross,” said Melanie as she made a squeamish face.

“But do you think they’ve always been like that? I mean, that time in their basement, Nicole did not look pleased”

“Oh you mean when her brother squirted a friggin huge load of cum on her?” Sarah burst out laughing as they recollected the scene.

Melanie cracked up. “Yes. Oh my God, yes. But then at Nick’s party, she didn’t seem phased at all. I mean, jeez, she was basically begging for it.”

Sarah shrugged. She couldn’t truly comprehend the dynamic between Nicole and Ryan. “To each his own, I guess.”

“We have to see that dick again tonight,” said Melanie. “It’s a must.”

The girls clinked glasses and giggled as they waited to leave for the party.


Ryan wasn’t one for parties. Before going to Nick’s the other day, he couldn’t remember the last party he even been to. He was more content in smaller group settings. But with he and Nicole’s newfound relationship, he couldn’t bear saying ‘no’ when she asked him to tag along that evening.

“I think this is their building,” Nicole said as she stepped back on the sidewalk to check the building number. “Yes, this is it. You ready?” she turned to her brother.

Nicole helped Ryan pick out his outfit earlier that night while their parents were out. She made him try on several different combinations, admiring his bulge every time he changed in and out of them. She found it adorable that he was so clueless as to how to look good. She settled on dark skinny jeans and a button down shirt. “Not bad,” she said to him before they briefly embraced and kissed.

Nicole wore a tight red tank top with a black blazer over it. She also wore dark jeans that accentuated her curves, particularly her shapely bottom. Her bright red lipstick matched her top. Ryan could barely contain his excitement as the two casually groped and teased each other as they walked from the L train to the party. Melanie and Sarah would be there, but he didn’t know anyone else. He was a bit nervous as he normally is in large social settings.

Julie had been missing in action since Nick’s party. Nicole suspected she was giving Nicole and Ryan their space, being the only person who knew what was truly going on. But Melanie and Sarah had been there for the basement incident and then at Nick’s. They saw Ryan cum on Nicole twice and witnessed how comfortable Nicole had been with nudity. It was dangerous what they saw and in the back of Nicole’s mind, she wondered if they told anyone.

Upstairs, the party was packed. At least 50 people crammed into a very modern and spacious apartment. Ryan had no idea who lived there, but there was food, drinks and plenty of good looking women to check out.

As usual, Nicole was the social butterfly cruising around the party chatting it up with all her friends. Ryan didn’t know anyone so he awkwardly hung out in the same spot in the kitchen nodding and smiling, hoping someone would talk to him. He was a little upset with Nicole for leaving him, but at the same time didn’t want to act like some helpless loser who couldn’t socialize on his own.

Just as he was about to go up to a random group and try and meet people, he heard a familiar voice.

“Well if it isn’t the big stud himself.”

Ryan turned to see Melanie and Sarah standing next to him smiling. “Oh hi Melanie. Hi Sarah. I didn’t know you guys were gonna make it.”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Sarah said as she sexily eyed Ryan’s crotch.

“Have you recovered from the other night?” Melanie asked.

Ryan’s heart skipped a beat. At first, he thought she was talking about what happened with him and Nicole. But then realized, the last time he saw them was the dock party.

“Oh, err… yeah. Yeah, I’m doing well. How about you guys?”

“You were the star of the show that night, huh?” Melanie continued.

Ryan blushed. “You think so?”

“Well, if we’re deciding based on size and volume, then yes. I’d have to agree with Melanie,” said Sarah as the two girls cracked up laughing. Ryan blushed.

“Where’s your sister?” Melanie asked, looking around.

“She’s here somewhere. You know her. She knows everyone here.”

“You two are pretty close, huh?” Sarah asked. “I don’t know bahis firmaları if I’ve ever seen a sibling pair do what we all did the other night.”

Ryan grew uncomfortable. He looked around to make sure no one else heard their conversation. “Yeah, that… that was a crazy night. We got carried away.”

Sarah stared into Ryan’s eyes as if she was deeply figuring him out. She leaned in and lowered her voice. “You’re a little dirty boy, Ryan. You know that?”

Ryan awkwardly sipped his beer and looked around, unsure how to respond.

“He is!” Melanie agreed. “I think Ryan’s got a secret little nasty side to him!”

Ryan again didn’t respond. The two girls were putting on the full court press.

“You know what I think?” Sarah asked.

“What’s that?” Ryan responded.

She leaned in closer. Melanie did as well. “I think you like swinging that big dick of yours around and you enjoy it when girls like us want to see it.”

Ryan leaned back and shrugged. He looked around once more and spotted Nicole laughing and joking with two boys across the room. He turned back at Melanie and Sarah who were smiling, amused greatly by making him so uncomfortable. “So are we going to see it again tonight?” Sarah asked, nodding towards his crotch.

“What? No! Here?”

Melanie cracked up. “You don’t seem to mind where you whip it out, Ryan.”

“I don’t think this is that type of party,” said Ryan sipping his beer.

The conversation ultimately faded as Melanie and Sarah moved on. “We’re not done with you,” Sarah teasingly whispered as she pinched his cheek before walking away. Her large breasts packed into her blouse looked delicious. Her flirting caused Ryan’s crotch to stir with excitement.

He was left alone again as the party went on. He decided to seek out Nicole. He realized he sort of missed her. Especially after his conversation with Melanie and Sarah.

He found Nicole outside on the deck, chatting with a girl from Ryan’s grade. He recognized her, but couldn’t remember her name. She was one of the popular girls.

“Ryan!” Nicole called out when she saw him. “Come here!”

Ryan smiled and waved as he snaked his way over towards Nicole. “Hey,” he said. “Having fun?”

“Your sister is,” said the girl sounding slightly annoyed.

“This is Jamie. But you know her. Sheesh in your graaade,” said Nicole, slurring. Ryan studied his sister’s eyes. She wasn’t drunk, but seemed to be getting there.

“Umm hi. I’m Ryan. We were in Applied Mathematics last year together,” Ryan said holding his hand out.

“Ohh right. I remember you. You were the quiet kid in the back.”

“Yeah you could say that.” Ryan always hated how he was known as shy.

“However, I hear you’re not so quiet anymore.” Jamie’s eyes lit up as she smiled at Ryan.

“No?” asked Ryan.

“I heard that you went to Nick’s party the other day. I also heard some stuff went down.”

Ryan blushed bright red. How many people know about this? he thought to himself. “Oh I don’t know. It wasn’t that crazy,” he said.

“We’re gonn get drinkss,” said Nicole as she abruptly grabbed Ryan’s arm and led him back inside.

“Ok you two!” said Jamie, laughing to herself as she watched them scramble away.

“What the fuck was that?” asked Ryan.

“She knows,” said Nicole as she ushered him towards the kitchen. “She has to know.”

They stopped in front of the fridge where Ryan had chatted with the girls earlier. After a group of people near them moved on, Nicole leaned in. “We’re gonna be in trouble!” she teased in a sing-song voice. Her breath smelled of vodka.

“It’s not funny, Nicole! How many people know about what happened?”

Nicole took a healthy swig of her drink. “I don’t want thunk bout it,” she muttered. She then leaned in and whispered in Ryan’s ear. “I just want your penis again,” she said as she stepped back, smiling. She stumbled a bit. Ryan determined she was in no shape to fully understand the gravity of what just happened.

“There they are!” said Sarah as she and Melanie emerged once again. “The all-star siblings!”

Ryan didn’t have time to react to what Nicole just said. He stared at her as she smiled back at him. Her eyes were heavy.

“We’re leaving. We want to get pizza. You guys want to come back to our house?” Sarah asked.

“I think we’re gonna head back-“

“Yes!! Let’s go! After-party!” Nicole interrupted Ryan, much to the enjoyment of the others. Nicole darted towards the door while Melanie skipped after her. Sarah turned to Ryan and grabbed his arm. “She gonna be ok?”

“She’s had a few,” he said.

“What about you? You got any partying left in you?”

Ryan laughed. “I could go for some pizza.”

Sarah pulled him towards the door as the four of them left and grabbed a cab to their apartment.


Unsurprisingly, Nicole passed out immediately. She didn’t last five minutes at Sarah and Melanie’s before she was asleep, snoring on their living room couch. The other three decided to hang out on the patio so as kaçak iddaa not to wake up Nicole. Ryan wrapped a blanket around his sister before heading outside. He checked to see if the others could see him before leaning in and kissing her on the cheek.

Outside, they all sat in three chairs facing each other. “When did she get so drunk?” Sarah asked as she took a bite out of her pizza.

“I don’t know! We split up almost immediately. I think she may have been doing shots on the deck,” said Ryan.

“You guys do everything together, huh?” Sarah asked. “I never hang with my brother.”

“We only really started hanging out a lot in the past few weeks,” Ryan said. “But we’ve always been close.”

“Since you came on her?” Melanie asked as she and Sarah burst out laughing. “Was that what brought you two closer?”

“I didn’t cum on her. She just sort of… got in the way,” Ryan argued.

“Yeah.. got in the way of your freaking water canon,” Sarah joked.

“With the amount you shoot, is it possible to not get hit?” Melanie asked.

Ryan cracked up laughing. “Not my proudest moment, you guys.”

“Are you two just naked at home all the time? Do you walk around with a huge boner all day or something?”

Images of Ryan bringing Nicole to an orgasm on her bed flashed through his mind before he answered. “No. Nothing like that. Like I said, we got carried away that one time.”

“And the other time,” Melanie added, smiling.

“Are you going to get carried away tonight?” Sarah asked. She had a look of desire in her eyes. Ryan sensed this would happen. He had batted 1000 around these two so far. He decided to play along.

“Maybe. Maybe not?” he shrugged and smiled as he took a bite of pizza.

“Are you forgetting who bought that pizza for you?” Melanie asked. “I think he has to eat with his dick out or no pizza for him. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds like a great deal,” said Sarah nodding.

“Wait, wait, wait a minute. What about you guys? You have to show me something too!”

Melanie giggled. “Maybe, big boy. But we want to see you first. Get over here!”

Ryan stood up and started to approach Melanie, but stopped. “Can I bring my pizza.”

Melanie and Sarah laughed. “Yes, you can bring your pizza, dork.” Ryan grabbed a slice and walked up to Melanie. She put her drink down and sat forward in her chair, eagerly grabbing at Ryan’s belt buckle as she bit her lower lip. “I’m, like, so excited for this you guys.”

She unzipped his pants as Ryan munched on some pizza looking down at her. He quickly looked back inside the apartment. He could see Nicole’s feet, unmoved on the end of the couch.

“She’s passed out,” said Sarah, realizing what he was looking at. “Don’t worry.”

Melanie lowered his jeans, revealing a fat bulge tucked in his underwear. The outline of his cock ran down his leg.

“How do you walk?” Sarah asked as she burst out laughing. “I’m serious, look! How do you walk around with that?”

“Do you think it’s the biggest penis in the world?” Melanie asked as she squeezed it over his underwear.

Ryan laughed. “Umm, I don’t think so?”

Melanie laughed so hard, she closed her eyes. “I’m serious guys! I think we need to submit Ryan to the Guinness Book of Records!” She then used two hands to squeeze his hardening cock. “I’m so impressed. I wanna see it. Ok, here we go.”

Ryan casually ate his pizza as he watched the unveiling. Sarah joined Melanie as they kneeled before him. His penis flopped out once they pulled his boxers down. He was about halfway to a full erection.

Both girls eagerly began stroking him simultaneously.”Hey! Share!” Sarah teased playfully as they each put their hands all over Ryan. He remained smiling, eating his pizza, getting jerked off. Not a care in the world.

“Aren’t you a lucky boy? Melanie asked as she looked up at him. “Just getting your huge cock rubbed by two hot girls.”

Ryan couldn’t deny it. He nodded as he finished his pizza and licked his fingers. “Indeed.”

“Your penis is the size of my arm, look!” Melanie rested her forearm across its length. Sarah did the same with hers so that Ryan’s cock was sandwiched between them. “I’m so amazed by this. And turned on.”

“How is this fair to other guys? I mean, look at this thing!” Sarah couldn’t get over how big and thick Ryan’s penis was. She marveled at it over and over as they jerked him off.

“This is really turning me on,” Melanie said again.

“I wanna see him cum again,” said Sarah as she looked up. “Remember when you came in the beer glass for me?”

“I do. That was pretty funny,” Ryan admitted.

“What was funny was how much you cum. I can’t wait to see it again.”

The girls continued jerking Ryan off, commenting on his size the whole time. They openly praised his length, girth and the size of his hanging balls. Melanie cupped them while Sarah stroked his shaft. Ryan was now sitting in Sarah’s chair as the two girls knelt in front of him. “Does this feel good?” she asked, sexily.

Ryan was kaçak bahis at a loss for words. Overcome by pleasure as he was now having his second threesome in just a few weeks. “He’s being such a good boy letting us have fun,” said Sarah. “Let’s give him a little eye candy.” Both girls removed their shirts revealing their beautiful breasts. Although Sarah was the more well-endowed one, Melanie’s were still cute and perky. They looked down, admiring each other’s breasts while holding them up to see. “I wanna put his dick between mine,” said Sarah. “Can I do that?” she asked Ryan. He nodded eagerly.

Sarah sat up and squeezed her boobs around his cock. It was so big, there was still room for Melanie to jerk him off near the top. “Oh my God. Look at that,” said Melanie.

“Your dick looks so good like this, huh?” Sarah asked.

“It looks amazing,” said Ryan. “It feels amazing in there too.”

Sarah rocked up and down as his cock slid between her tits. Melanie continued to caress him near his cock head. She even licked her hand for extra lubrication. After several long and pleasurable minutes, Melanie couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and began unbuckling her jeans. Ryan watched excitedly.

“I can’t take it anymore, you guys. I need it,” she said as she lowered her jeans revealing the fact that she had no underwear on. “Yes!” Sarah exclaimed as she stood up and joined Melanie, also unbuttoning her jeans.

“Are we… are we gonna have sex?” Ryan asked, clutching his aching cock.

“Yes. We’re going to have sex,” said Melanie as she held out her hand and guided Ryan over to the love seat couch they had on the patio.

Sarah and Melanie sat down and each spread their legs. Ryan stood in front of them jerking himself off. “I’m guessing condoms don’t fit you?” she said as she reached out and grabbed his thick cock.

“No. I’m nine inches,” said Ryan confidently as he stared hungrily at Sarah’s exposed snatch.

“Go slow with us. And whatever you do, don’t cum inside,” said Melanie.

Sarah stared at his throbbing cock. “Think you can hold out?” she asked, sensing Ryan’s heightened arousal. He nodded. “Who should I… umm… who wants to go first?”

Melanie raised her hand as if she was in class. “Me please!”

Ryan positioned himself in front of her. Her legs were spread wide. Her pussy was dripping wet, ready to take him in. He stared at her engorged clitoris. It was much bigger and more pronounced than Sarah’s or even Nicole’s. Melanie licked her hand and spread her saliva on his cock head. “Slow,” she reminded him.

Ryan crouched down and inserted his cock inside her. Melanie winced and closed her eyes. “Oh my gosh,” she said. “Oh my gosh, you’re big.”

“He’s so big,” said Sarah watching as she fingered herself.

“I don’t think this is gonna fit!” Melanie said as she watched Ryan’s cock push its way inside. “Look at that! Fuck, you’re huge!”

“That’s so hot,” said Sarah. She had three fingers buried deep inside her. Ryan looked down at her and noticed one of her fingers was a little further down. He wondered if that was in her ass.

“Oh my God. Oh fuck, Ryan. You feel so good. You’re going so deep! How are you this deep?!?” Melanie said as she peered as far forward as she could, just to get a glimpse. She held onto her inner thighs with a tight grip as Ryan plunged his cock deeper.

By this point, Ryan had only gotten half of his hard cock inside and it felt as if that was all he’d be able to do. Melanie didn’t seem to mind as she was moaning loudly, especially being on the patio. “Keep going. Yes! Yes! Right there. Please keep going!” she pleaded as she neared orgasm. Ryan thrusted as hard and deep as he could.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cum! Holy shit that feels so good I’m gonna cum!” Melanie’s eyes rolled back in her head as she came. She made no noise, but it was clear to everyone she was experiencing immense pleasure.

“Fuck, it’s so tight,” said Ryan as his voice began to tremble. Sensing he was going to cum soon, Sarah interjected. “I want a turn before he cums.”

Ryan slowly and carefully pulled his cock out, leaving Melanie’s gaping vagina behind. Fluid dripped out from deep inside her, spilling down to her asshole. Ryan’s cock was so hard, he felt it would go numb. Sarah grabbed him by the penis head and pulled him closer. She got comfortable on the loveseat, staring at his cock as he lowered down to her.

Ryan made contact with her vagina with his cock and started to push it in. But Sarah reached out and pushed him further down. “Further down,” she instructed. She wanted his cock in her ass like nothing else.

“Huh?” Ryan asked. “Umm… in your butt?”

Sarah giggled and nodded as she stroked his cock. “Just do it,” she said. She turned to Melanie who was back to fingering herself as she watched them.

“But… what if… is it dirty?” Ryan asked, unsure what to say. Sarah rolled her eyes. “You poor boy. Just trust me on this. You’re gonna like it. Now put your nine inch cock in my ass please.”

Nervously, Ryan lowered his cock further down. He wasn’t sure how to approach this as it was the first time he’s ever done it. He thought about how Nicole asked him to put a finger in her ass the other day and then how that made her feel.

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