Lilly – Coming of age Part 5

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Lilly – Coming of age Part 5

March 2007

Lillie sat on Tammy’s bed and listened as her friend stood just out of sight in her bathroom talking about how excited she was about going to the prom in the dress she was trying on. Lillie was kind of glad that she did not have a current boyfriend. She did not like asking her father for money for things like fancy dresses that she was only going to wear once. She had even stated that when she got married she was going to have everyone come in their normal clothes because wedding dresses were just stupid.

At times like this though, she admittedly rethought that position.

Tammy and Lillie had been best friends from the first day of kindergarten when they showed up to school dressed almost the same. Lillie had dark straight hair and Tammy had wavy blonde hair. Lillie was quiet and was just as happy to sit in a corner and read whereas Tammy was the life of every gathering, a born cheerleader and popular both with guys and girls. She was always the life of the party!

Tammy stepped out of the bathroom and Lillie’s jaw dropped. Lillie had developed first, getting boobs and even having sex long before Tammy (in fact, Lillie had not even told Tammy about losing her virginity until 2 years after it happened and that was only a couple of days before Tammy lost her cherry!). Recently, though, Tammy had hit a growth spurt. Not up, she was still just a bit over 5 feet tall and 9 inches shorter than Lillie, but she had caught up and passed Lillie in bra size and in the dress she had bought, she looked positively enormous!!

“Holy shit, Tam! Every guy in the school including the teachers are going to be running into things if you walk in wearing that!” The gown was a simple black halter dress, but Lillie was willing to bet that the top was designed with a B or C cup woman wearing it and not a 16 year old with large D-cups floating around!!! Hell, as Tammy spun around laughing, hands above her head, Lillie was seeing both side boob AND cleavage!

She got up off of the bed and caught her friend and started to dance like they were waltzing all around the room, laughing and Lillie even spun her friend and then dipped her as she came back! As she was holding Tammy up, her friend looked up at her and asked, “So you think it’s hot enough to get Aiden to fuck me?”

Lillie looked up and down her friend’s exquisite body and laughed. “If it doesn’t, I will!” She stood Tammy back up and stepped back to appraise her friend whose face was suddenly much more flush than 30 seconds of dancing should have made her. Tammy turned to the side and moved that leg forward, exposing a slit in the side of the dress that went from nearly halfway up her ass to the last two inches that barely touched the floor. “I don’t think you are going to pass inspection though.” Lillie said.

“Why not?”

Lillie stepped over and slid her hand through the slit and cupped her friends ass as she pretended to pull her to her to dance. “Well, I can see most of your cute little ass! Enough to see you don’t have on any panties, anyway!”

“I do too! It’s just that they are just a g-string and you probably can’t see the strings!”

Letting go of her friends ass, Lillie stepped back and looked down at her friend, trying to appear stern and not burst out laughing. “And what about those young lady?” As her eyes flickered from the green eyes of her friend to the soft contours of her cleavage. Lillie then reached up and grabbed her friends big breasts and roughly bounced them in her hands adding, “You have an excessive amount of EBA!!!”


“Easy Boob Access!” Lillie proclaimed and then, as a joke, quickly crossed her hands and slid them inside Tammy’s top and popped both tits out squeezed together in the middle of the halter and into her hands! To Lillie’s surprise and delight, both of her friend’s nipples were pointing hard and tight into her hands! She started to say something else but before she could, Tammy rose up on her toes and put her mouth on Lillie’s!

It was Lillie’s turn to be stunned!! At first she tried to pull back but Tammy was having none of that and then she felt her friend’s tongue slip out and run across her lips. They had kissed a lot back in middle school as they giggled and tried to practice before they got a boyfriend, but… this was different. And still Lillie felt her lips part and the pink tip of Tammy’s tongue entered between her lips.

Lille was suddenly very conscious of the fact that not only were her hands still on her friends breasts, they were also gently kneading the soft round flesh. Tammy’s hand was pulling her face down to her as her other hand was on the top part of her ass pulling their bodies together. Or was Tammy squeezing her ass?!?!?

Their tongues were now suddenly playing and chasing, tasting and touching each other. Lillie breathed in the familiar taste of her friend and realized that they were now in full on make out mode. She pulled back and they were each breathing hard; almost as if they had been running and Lillie bahis siteleri shook her head a little to clear away the sudden fog of passion.

“Did you mean what you said?” Tammy quietly asked. She bent he head down as she held onto Lillie so that her forehead rested on the taller girl’s chin.

“Mean what?”

“Mean that you would fuck me?”

Lillie was glad her friend was not looking up at her as she knew the shock had to have registered on her face! Suddenly her mind was flying. She was not so much thinking about how to answer the question as whether or not she would have sex with Tammy! What did that even mean?!?! The bare flesh of her friend’s breasts suddenly felt very warm and Lillie was very aware of how smooth and soft they were. “I… I don’t … know. Probably. I mean… what about Aiden?”

“You know I don’t love him. I told you before that the only reason I am dating him is to get over Juan and to get someone else to pay for my movies!” They both giggled and Tammy relaxed her hold on Lillie just a little. “I have always thought you were beautiful and when we used to kiss….. No guy has ever been as good of a kisser as you!”

They both laughed as they began to sway back and forth a little. “I guess I should admit then that, you are also the best kisser I have ever kissed.” Lillie looked straight down into Tammy’s eyes before adding, “and yes, I meant what I said. I would fuck you in a heartbeat.”

“Really? I mean, you aren’t just saying that because… you know… I kissed you?”

Lillie smiled and realized for the first time that she did mean her words. “Yes. I mean every word of it. I would love to run my fingers through your pussy lips and suck on your tits. I’d love to tie you up and give you an orgasm better than even Juan gave you! One that left you breathless for more than an hour!”

This time the kiss began slowly. Lillie bent slowly down toward the upturned chin of her c***dhood friend and realized that in the next moments they would leave that all in the past and together become more than just adults. Images of women in the magazines, tied up, using strapon harnesses and dildos all came racing into her mind and she realized as her lips touched those of Tammy that she was growing wet. Her nipples were rubbing the inside of her bra and longed to be free, like Tammy’s.

Her hands came up with that thought and cupped her friend’s bare full tits once again as she accepted the tongue of the shorter girl. Tammy had always been the aggressor when they had kissed and now it all felt so right. The warm breath tasted so familiar and the way she flicked her tongue in and out and then withdrew. She slowly traced the inside of her friend’s lips and earned a moan. She felt Tammy press her body into her own and she could tell this was about to get real very quickly!

Tammy’s hand went up Lillie’s back as they continued to breathe one another in and taste the warm sensual desire that each of them were building. When Lillie felt the clasp of her bra snap open her eyes flew open. Tammy’s green eyes glistened with lust as the pulled back to see one another better. “It’s not fair for me to be completely on display and you not share!” Tammy said in a voice that had gone husky and think with lust. Tammy held Lillie’s dark brown eyes as she slowly ran her fingers down the back of her friend and then slowly ran her hands up Lillie’s torso this time raising her shirt as she did. The touch of finger tips and fingernails slowly crossing her flesh and exposing it caused Lillie to shudder and goose-flesh to pop up on her arms and across the back of her neck. She could also feel her nipples tightening from their relaxed, nearly flat state into tight nubs. She wondered how long they would be by the time Tammy ran her fingers inside of her cups. That thought caused her to shiver spontaneously again!

The way Tammy touched her was so different than the way anyone else had ever touched her that Lillie felt almost light-headed from it all. The fingers slid beneath her bra with such a light touch that it was almost as if the cool air in the room was raising up her shirt and bra and nothing else! And yet, there was more! There was so much more!!! Her friend lightly ran her perfectly manicured fingernail over her nipple and Lillie thought she might faint! She closed her eyes and let the groan escape from some dark place deep within her passions slip out unbidden! Sex always felt good and having guys squeeze and fondle her breasts never failed to make her wet, but this was a completely different level of arousal than Lillie had ever experienced and she wanted to give her whole self to it!

Tammy bent her head down and automatically Lillie put her hands on the back of the shorter girl’s head and pulled her face toward her breast. She felt her breathe, warm and soft flow over her skin and then the soft lips, gently sucking her into the moist perfection of her mouth. The flickering tongue was like lightning flashing continually across the tapestry of Lillie’s mind and the rumbling bahis şirketleri that was building brought the promise of a thunderous orgasm!!! Tammy cooed and hummed her appreciation and the vibrations were magnified within the soft flesh to the point that it caused earth shattering tremors to shake every dirty thought Lillie had ever had loose to float in the motes of her conscious thought.

Tammy pushed her shirt and bra up and over Lillie’s head and Lillie let them fall to the ground in a pile. Tammy let go of her friend and stepped back. Lillie opened her eyes, afraid that there was something wrong. Tammy looked from face, to breasts, to flat belly to points even lower and smiled. It was enough to make Lillie blush as she felt her own eyes wandering and exploring the wonderful curves of her new found lover. “Lillie, you have to stop hiding this body! You were one of the first girls in our class to have boobs and yours are still some of the most sexy in the school and yet, I think that even I haven’t seen these more than a half-dozen times. I damn well better get to see them a lot more from now on!!!

The both laughed and Tammy dropped her hands from the firm proud breasts as they moved together to kiss, this time without near the tentativeness of before. Lillie was so focused upon tasting her friend’s lips and chasing her tongue with her own that her brain failed to register the fingers at her waist undoing her button, unzipping and then opening the front of her pants. It was not until a hand, flat against her own flat stomach, began sliding down and beneath the elastic of her panties that the alarms were raised that more of her barriers were being breached! She tried to step backwards but her calves were up against the bed and the movement made her unsteady. Tammy closed the gap and Lille felt the world tip as she landed on her back in the bed.

With a wicked smile on her face Tammy looked down at Lillie as if she was a victorious queen about to take the spoils of battle from the vanquished. As they locked eyes Tammy reached behind her own neck and undid the halter top, allowing the cloth to fall and fully set free her breasts. She watched as Lillie’s eyes drank in the sway of her breasts and smiled as she reached behind her and undid the portion of the dress that conformed to her shapely waist and hips. The fact that Lillie bit her lower lip as she watched only served to make Tammy wetter! She took a steadying breath and then let the dress fall into a pool around her feet, revealing the black sequined panties she had put on under the dress just for Lillie!

It was a choice that was well appreciated as she saw the look of astonishment and then desire animate the features of the taller girl on the bed! She stepped out of the dress and to the side and then mounted the bed and crawled up perpendicular to Lillie almost as if to give her mouth to mouth. She leaned down and they once again began to enjoy the loving kisses, nibbles and oral loving of two intimate lovers.

Before Tammy had even stretched her hand down the torso of her friend, she was stunned to suddenly feel the touch of fingers on her sequined shrouded quim. She moaned into the mouth beneath her and rocked her hips forward, arching her back high to invite the tentative fingers to explore more deeply her hidden grotto. Her own fingers caused her friend to rise up and wriggle her ass as she pushed her jeans over her hips in order to allow Tammy fuller access to her own sex. Tammy took the non-verbal queue and slid her fingers under the panties of her friend, through the soft, sparse pubic hair that covered her pubic mound before curling down and in toward the hot wet indentation of her goal.

Lillie wondered if she might die right there on Tammy’s bed! It was hard to breathe and her heart was pounding so hard it felt as if her chest might explode! But more than that, as Tammy’s fingers hooked beneath her, they split to either side of her throbbing clit and were now rubbing it from both sides in a way that was both foreign and beyond the definition of the word ‘pleasure’ in the sensations that were racing through her body. It was only a very small fragment of thought that made her aware that her own middle finger was slowly circling the special flesh button of her friend causing her to pant with unadulterated lust into their embrace! The trembling to either side of her hand caused by the quaking of Tammy’s thighs as she fought to prolong a building orgasm made Lillie smile. She slipped her fingers up and deep into the wet vagina that rotated to bring her in deeply and with her thumb she slowly flicked Tammy’s clit side to side.

Tammy had been on the verge emotionally of an orgasm since she slipped her dress on knowing what she wanted to happen. This was far exceeding what she had hoped for! Lillie’s touch was perfect and her fingers, deep inside the tight tunnel of her inner sanctum was pushing her past any desire to hold back. She clamped her thighs together, trapping the illegal bahis wriggling fingers inside of her and yet she was the one that felt trapped. She could do nothing to free herself as her lecherous needs enslaved her and kept her needing the touch more than she needed anything else in life.

For years she had known she could have any boy in her class, but none of them had really made her cum the way her own fingers could. In the last six months she had begun wondering if another girl could touch her in THAT way. She had let her mind explore the possibility that maybe another girl would touch her, touch those places in the right way to make her explode….and she could also touch them in a way that left them satisfied. But in all of those months of dreaming she had never dared think it could be like this! Her body enslaved her to the pleasure and shut her ability to choose completely off. She could feel the hot thick juice suddenly spill out of her core and across Lillie’s fingers, hand, down her wrist and arm to the bed and it felt good! Nothing else mattered. If felt so damn good!

Then her legs betrayed her and she fell to her side, her face landing on the taught flat belly of her statuesque friend. She could smell the scent of her own juices, but she also breathed in the foreign scent of her guest. She moved to the side and felt Lillie moving as well. She was moments later resting with the side of her face resting on the inside of her friend’s bare thigh, looking up at the gusset of a very wet panty that had slipped to the side. There was a pussy staring at her. Unlike her own sex that was barely more than a slit with two small petals sometimes peeking out, this sex had a small shiny knot of loose flesh that grew up from the top of her slit. And below were two well defined labia lips that seemed to whisper to her, “Come and taste! Come and drink of my nectar!!” Tammy could not resist their Siren’s song.

With a finger to either side of Lillie’s pussy she spread her fingers apart and pulled open the soft elastic flesh revealing a wet pink wonderland that went deep and dark into the very core of her friend. And at the top of the opening a small round button, pale pink at its base and nearly a cream color at its tip pointed up at Tammy. Her heart was hammering on the anvil of her ribs as she pushed her tongue out and slowly, gently touched the nub with just a light touch of her tongue. Lillie quivered and shook. Tammy touched her again, a little more firmly this time before letting her tongue slide down its slope to the base and then languidly let her tongue circle the base twice before moving back to look at it.

Lillie was now quivering with need. She did not know if it was right or acceptable and frankly she no longer cared. She felt Tammy pull back and she was having none of it. Locking her thighs to either side of Tammy’s face she rolled over on top of the other girl and then released her face as she sank down on her face! She had to have that tongue do more to her and she needed it now! Fortunately, it seemed that Tammy was nearly as hungry as Lilly was needful because she immediately began sucking and nibbling on her flesh as well as shoving her tongue into folds of flesh Lillie had never realized were alive!

Lillie pushed herself up and sat on Tammy’s face. She reached down and grabbed the large, solid round breasts by their hard nipples and shook them a few times and then slapped them. “That’s it. Suck my clit! Oh, god that feels so good! Yes! Just like … oh my god!!!” Lillie fell forward as Tammy had wrapped her lips around Lillie’s clit and was battering the sensitive tip with her tongue. It felt like a jackhammer shaking her to her sexual core!

Lillie slapped a hand sharply onto Tammy’s pussy and nectar splattered as her friend loosed her lock on the clit she had been nursing on. Lillie drew a deep breath that she had nearly forgotten about in her bliss! She shoved her fingers deep into Tammy’s wet cunt and this time roughly finger fucked her squirming friend beneath her. Moments later both of them were rushing the other headlong toward a precipice that they no longer cared whether they survived or not! Their only hope was to launch themselves over an orgasmic grand canyon and explode spectacularly for the first time at the hands of a female lover!

Neither knew which came first. It really did not matter because the moment one shook the other bucked and from that moment forward reality shattered into shards that only vaguely mirrored the fractured reality of them as their minds blew apart trying to hold onto each tremor and every shake! Fingers, moths and faces licked, scratched ground themselves against one another. By the time they were done, they were both exhausted, sweating, smeared dirty with sex and so alive that even a soft breath of air across their naked glistening bodies made their backs arch or bodies groan.

Tammy stood up on sex drunk legs and held her hand down to her friend and they giggled as they stood unsteadily together. They peeled off what clothing they had left and walked hand in hand into the bathroom where they giggled, kissed and soaped one another’s bodies; happy just to have started something that neither had any expectations about.

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