Lisa: Story 01

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Public Sex

The following is a work of fiction, and all of the people, places, vehicles and clothing contained within are also totally fictitious. Mostly.


Lisa stepped from the shower, taking the plush red towel from the hook next to the door. She toweled her long black hair vigorously then dried herself slowly and wrapped the towel around her. Using a washcloth, she wiped the steam from the circular mirror above the sink and brushed out then blow-dried her hair.

She walked out into her spacious bedroom and began removing clothes from her closet, laying them out carefully on the bed. Next she took stockings, underwear, and accessories and laid them out on the corresponding outfits. Settling on the white skirt/jacket combo, she returned everything else to their proper places.

Lisa went back to the bathroom and carefully shaved her legs and underarms, then delicately shaved her pussy smooth. She walked into her salon and let the towel drop to the floor. She posed in front of the mirror, turning this way and that to make sure everything still looked as good as this morning. Her pedicured toes were painted dark red, matching her manicured nails. She had lovely, shapely legs without a ripple of cellulite and just enough muscle to give them better shape and definition. Her hips were full, 35 inches, and turning, she had to smile to herself at the perfect shape of her ass — not a bit of droop or sag. Turning again, she ran her hands over her flat stomach, up to her ribs, then over the roundness of her full breasts. She had been a perfect 36C ever since her surgery over a year before, and the constant dieting and body sculpting since then had also rewarded her with her goal of a 23-inch waist. She brought her hands to rest on each side of her long, slender neck, and looked closely at her face.

It was naturally heart-shaped, her lips were full and pouty — also natural. Her nose was thin and straight, with a perfect little button at the tip (her nose had cost $10,000). Her eyes were the purest ice blue, large and almond-shaped, with full thick lashes. Her face showed no lines or creases, and her complexion — and that of her entire body for that matter — was flawless and smooth. Lisa looked like a girl of 20, a full seven years younger than she actually was.

Lisa went back to the bedroom and put her arms through the straps of her black lace bra, pulling it taught and fastening it in the front. She then sat on the bed, and slipped her feet and legs into her sheer, black body stocking. She stood and pulled it up her body, putting her arms through the sleeves. She sat again and straightened and smoothed the silk/nylon material, making certain that the intricate patterns ran exactly where they were supposed. Next she stepped into her white skirt and pulled it up to her waist, zipped and buttoned it, then pulled it back down to rest on her hips. She put on the matching white belt, then slipped her arms into the white bolero jacket and shrugged it onto her shoulders.

Back in the salon, Lisa sat and applied her makeup, a little dark red lipstick and liner, delicate blue eye shadow, slight rouge for her cheeks. Then, after putting on two gold bracelets, a diamond pendant necklace, and diamond earrings, Lisa put the finishing touches on her hair, slipped on her knee-length black leather boots with the 3½” stiletto heels, grabbed her little white clutch purse and headed out for the evening.

Lisa pulled into the pendik escort parking area of the little neighborhood auto repair shop and turned off the engine. Stretching in the leather interior of her midnight blue Alfa Romeo, she turned the mirror and took one last look at her makeup. She stepped out of her car and closed the door, then set the alarm. She looked around for the entrance, and then walked into the grungy little office, closing the door behind her.

Sitting behind the grease and oil-stained counter, was a short, fat man in his fifties, covered in grease. He wore a badly stained blue shirt (with a name tag reading “Al” in cursive), blue work pants and old worn shoes. His face was piggish and his cheeks were covered in rough black bristles. He had thick, wild eyebrows over his little round black eyes. His hair was short and black, and would have been non existent on the top save for the badly applied comb-over. Between his thick, fat fingers smoldered a cheap cigar.

“Whatchoo wan’? We cloosed,” he said in a thickly accented, gravely voice. His eyes crawled over every inch of Lisa’s body, and his lips parted to expose yellow and brown teeth. Tiny beads of sweat appeared suddenly on his forehead.

Holding her clutch purse in both hands, Lisa smiled and relied. “I am here about the job.”

Turning red in the face, the little man stubbed out the cigar butt and jumped off of his stool and ran around the counter to the worn and grimy door to an inner area. “You follow me,” he grunted.

Lisa followed him to the doorway and paused before entering the dark area beyond. She could hear the little man stumbling around in a large room, and then finally the overhead fluorescent lights flickered on exposing the room as the interior garage.

Lisa walked delicately over to where the little man had perched himself on the hood of a black Rolls Royce convertible. She walked up close to him, and set her purse on the hood next to him. He pushed the jacket open and planted his face firmly between her breasts, rubbing his face back and forth, his arms sliding around her, grabbing her and holding her close. Lisa gently played with his hair and placed tender little kisses on the top of his head.

Al sucked and bit at her breasts through the material of her body stocking and bra, and Lisa slowly removed her jacket and tossed it onto a nearby bench. She slipped the body stocking from her shoulders and carefully pulled the sleeves from her pale arms. As she pushed the material down past Al’s face, he began to fumble with his hands at the strap on the back of her bra. With an understanding smile, Lisa brought her hands to her breasts and unfastened the front closure. She took her hands away, revealing the pale, smooth flesh, the hard pink nipples.

Al attacked her breasts again, but with fervor. He left streaks of saliva wherever his mouth traveled. He lifted her breasts in his hands, he crushed them, he caressed them, and all the while he licked and sucked on them as if taking nourishment. Then Lisa put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him away gently.

Lisa kneeled on the oil-covered cement floor and unbuckled the thick black leather belt. She unsnapped his pants, and slowly pulled down the zipper while looking up into Al’s eyes. She made desire smolder in her eyes as she let his pants fall to his ankles and she slipped her fingers under the waistband of his filthy briefs. She pulled down his underwear slowly, leaving her eyes fixed escort pendik on his, and she held his intense stare as she leaned forward and took the meaty head of his cock into her mouth.

He was uncircumcised, and she played with his foreskin with her tongue and lips, pushing it back and forth as she slid her mouth over his cock. It was at least 6 inches long, but was very thick, probably four inches around. She knew she would ruin the show if she tried to stroke him while she sucked, so she ran her nails over his sweaty ass with her left hand, and massaged his large, meaty balls with her right. She took his entire cock into her mouth and throat and swallowed repeatedly, gagging slightly. Al’s hands tangled instantly in her hair leaving patches of oil and grease. She never took her eyes from his face, and only lost direct eye-to-eye contact when he threw his head back and growled with passion.

Lisa pulled slowly off of his cock after sucking him slowly, as she sensed he might lose control. She let the head pop from her lips with a wet, smacking sound and leaned under to take the hairy scrotum into her mouth. She sucked both of his balls into her mouth, but almost burst out laughing when the image struck her of a chipmunk, and let one slip out through her lips. Stroking his cock gently, she sucked on one then the other until Al seemed to regain his breath.

She stood and slowly writhed her hips as she pushed her skirt down her hips, stopping when the lips of her pussy were visible above the top of the skirt. She then ran her hands over her exposed breasts, down her stomach to where the body stocking was bunched at her waist. Her left hand rose to caress her breast and stroke her hard pink nipple, her right hand continued down over the sheer material to her pussy where it began to work into the crevice there. Lisa rolled her hips, and the skirt dropped to her ankles, then to the floor.

Al stepped forward and pushed her hand away. He grabbed at the material covering her pussy and pulled roughly at the nearly invisible seam until it stretched and ripped. He pulled it apart, tearing a large hole. Grabbing her by the hips, he turned her and pushed her back onto the hood of the Rolls. Lisa laid back and let out a loud moan when he ground his face into the wetness of her pussy. He worked his tongue around in the soft pink folds of her, and bit softly on her lips and clit. He tried several times to stick his stubby little tongue into her, and she rewarded each attempt by thrashing and moaning loudly.

Al placed his fingers on her clit and started to rub roughly, making Lisa’s stage- gyrations very real. Her hips jumped as she tried to press harder against his little fat fingers, and her moans became more breathy and real. Al then put a finger against the entrance to her slick pussy and began to slide it in and out quickly. After a moment another finger joined it, then a third, driving Lisa wild. She was truly stretched, and it felt good. His fingers weren’t long enough to get in where it would really hurt, and he wasn’t trying to hurt her anyway.

Al pulled his hands away and jumped up onto the silver bumper of the Rolls. He dropped his body onto her, forcing the wind out of her, and rammed his thick wet cock into her pussy. Grabbing the back of her thighs, Lisa pulled her legs up and screamed with joy. Al’s hips slammed against hers as he stretched her anew with his cock. He pounded in and out of her like a jackrabbit, the sweat running down pendik escort bayan his face to his nose and chin, where it dripped and splashed onto Lisa’s stomach, chest, and face.

“Mmmm, God! Give it all to me, my Stallion!” Lisa screamed, and she arched her back slowly under him, forcing her breasts up into his face. He slapped his face between them, kissing and sucking on them when he could. His hands were gripping her tiny waist, holding her steady against his thrusts, which rocked the car violently. A low keening started coming from Lisa, growing in pitch and volume until she crashed her body down upon the hood of the Rolls, screaming and thrashing wildly.

“Don’t stop, my Stallion, you are killing me! Please don’t ever stop!” Lisa screamed, so loudly that on the street two passersby turned to look, though they couldn’t make out the words. Al continued to pound into the sweet girl’s pussy, gasping and growling as her tight little cunt grabbed and tried to hold his cock inside her. Feeling the rush begin, Al slammed himself tightly inside her, grabbed a full luscious tit in each hand, and came. He roared like a lion as his cum spurted into her, and as the spurts subsided, began to slam into her again, harder and harder each time, until his cock had softened enough to fall free of her.

Al hopped up onto the hood of the Rolls, and lay there panting as Lisa rolled over him and took his soft, sticky cock into her mouth and bathed it with her tongue. Al’s hand ran lovingly over her body, feeling her ass, her back, her thigh.

After their breathing had returned to normal, Al jumped down from the Rolls and yanked his underwear and pants up. He stumbled away and through the door into the office. Lisa sat up, her skin sticking to the finish on the car, and listened to him rummaging around. She stepped down onto the floor and began to dress. She had just put her jacket when Al came waddling back into the garage, and she heard him mumble something about, “wort’ a weeks wort’ of trannies.” He slammed a stack of worn bills bound with a thick rubber band onto the hood of the Rolls, where she noticed several new streaks and stains.

Looking at him, she noticed that he seemed embarrassed, and wouldn’t meet her eyes. She picked up the money and placed it in her purse without looking at it. After an uncomfortable moment, Lisa left Al standing in the garage and walked back to the office.

Standing expectantly at the door, Lisa raised her eyebrows at Al. “Excuse me, but…” Al trundled over and opened the door. Looking out at the darkness, he gently took her arm, escorted her to her car, and stood patiently as she turned off the alarm and opened the door.

Lisa leaned down and kissed Al gently on the lips, softly. When she stood, Al stared at her with emotion filling his eyes. Pride. “T’ank you, Lady,” he said softly, and held her door, closing it after she was inside, seatbelt fastened. Lisa watched him jam his hands into his pockets and walk back into the shop, a sprightly bounce in his step as she drove away into the night.

At the third light, Lisa took the bills from her purse and counted quickly. $1,500! The agreement was for one grand! She put the money back into her purse and drove when the light turned green. She was heading home, to shower, to change, and to go out. Maybe she would go dancing, or maybe she would just go and listen to music somewhere, but she would drink a toast to “Al” wherever she was.

She really hoped he would hire her again.


The writer of this story would like to know if you are interested in more stories about Lisa. If so, or not, please let me know through your feedback. Thanks!

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