Little Lies Ch. 03

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Please go back and read parts one and two, it will help you understand what brought us to this point in the story. MV

Looking into Chad’s eyes she paused to tell him, “Cum in my mouth stud, nobody has ever done that.”

Chad gasped as he heard her reveal this little secret and as he felt her lips encircle him again he let his orgasm explode. Christy felt the cum spurt and hit the back of her throat and pulling some of his cock out of her mouth she bobbed up and down on his prick and swallowed each mouthful he gave her. As soon as he stopped shooting she pulled him from her mouth and smiled wickedly at him. “We are going to do that again before I leave tomorrow evening.”

Chad sat there recovering amazed that his prick hadn’t lost it’s erect state and began to run his hands down the front of Christy’s blouse. As his fingers slid inside the bra he could feel her nipples hard and ready to be tasted and nibbled. He slowly pushed Christy back as she watched him intently and then taking her by the hand lead her upstairs to his bedroom.

Christy felt her own arousal inside her pussy, she hadn’t felt this wet in a long time. She knew it was probably just the excitement of the situation intensifying the hormones and rush but she was giving herself to it completely. She felt herself being nudged toward the bed and as she sat down she began to unbutton and open her blouse.

“That’s a good girl Christy, strip for me,” Chad commanded with a hungry look in his eye.

A shiver raced up Christy’s spine as she heard the command, no one had ever commanded her to do anything besides her parents during her life. Not one of the few sexual partners she had bedded would have had the nerve to stand there and tell her what to do and she probably would have yelled at them if they had she thought now. But something about Chad and the look in his eye turned her on and frightened her at the same time. She could see the raw lust and the power he held within himself as she looked up and down his well toned body. She suddenly had the desire to be his little slut completely tonight. Whatever he was going to ask her to do no matter how kinky or revolting she was going to try, she knew this because even as she thought of a few things she had always refused to do before tonight she felt a different approach like maybe they weren’t nasty. Maybe she just needed the right person to not accept her denial and to command her to let them be done or force her to do them.

Chad stood there watching Christy as she unbuttoned her blouse, she had paused when he gave the command and gotten a far away look in her eye. He thought perhaps this was knew to her, being given commands and taking them. He also watched her body and as she had paused to think for a moment her legs had splayed open and he doubted she even realized it. He was going to test his theory about this pretty girl and see if she responded just as he expected. “Now, take off the bra Christy and do it quickly.”

Smiling up at him and knowing that he had seen the change come over her, sensed that she liked to be told what to do by him, Christy complied and unhooked her bra and tossed it to the floor. Watching and listening for his next command she began to run her hands over her body seeing that this pleased him from the smile that came over his lips.

“That’s a good little one Christy,” Chad began, “before we go any farther bursa escort tonight and I fuck you I want to know exactly what it is you desire. Tell me of your deepest fantasy, if this is the last time you have sex with a man other than your boyfriend and you the only other besides my wife then I want to know exactly what it is that will have you arching your back and cumming and never be able to forget this night.”

Christy knew she was blushing and she felt her heartbeat begin to race, why had no man ever asked her this before or commanded her to reveal her lustful ideas that roamed inside her head she wondered. “Chad…I, well I haven’t been asked this before. I do know that I like the way you command me and I’m open to trying anything tonight, anywhere you want your cock to go. I’ve never allowed anyone to put anything up my butt, nor have I allowed myself to give over control.”

Chad watched her as the color in her cheeks grew crimson she was turned on and embarrassed in equal parts now and he knew that this would be a long fun night for the both of them. “So let me get two things straight right now Christy. You’ve never allowed anyone to fuck your tight little ass, and you want to be submissive to me and my whims tonight. Is this correct?”

“Yes! I mean yes, sir,” she exclaimed excitedly.

This was all Chad needed to hear and slowly he pushed her back on the bed as he sat next to her. “I want to watch you finger yourself as I suck and bite on these hard little nipples Christy. Do not pull your fingers away from your sweet pussy until I tell you and you may not cum without permission. If you find yourself close to cumming slow down or beg for permission.”

With that Chad began to squeeze each of her breasts and rub his thumbs over the nipples and bending his head forward he caught one of her nipples as he rolled the other with his fingers and sucked hard on the little erect bud. He looked down and watched as she opened her labia and began to run her fingers over her clit and with her other hand she began to insert her fingers into herself. He was amazed at how quickly she had shed her normally mousy side and was suddenly this hot little slut waiting for his commands. He soon switched his attention to her other nipple and reached down to meld his fingers with hers as she slid the juice coated digits in and out of her tight snatch.

“Oh god Chad, I’m so close already, please let me cum…or just fuck me now.”

Chad had other plans though and as he slid up the bed his and reached beneath the headboard his cock grazed her lips. Immediately he felt her envelope his cock inside the warm, wet confines of her mouth as she sucked on him. Finding the little straps that were still attached to the bed Chad pulled them up and took one of her hands. Pulling it up to him he began to slide her wrist through the strap and then as he tightened it and secured her he grabbed the other wrist.

“Damn girl I love how your mouth feels around my cock and I’ll bet your little pussy is going to feel just as good if not better. After I have fucked you good and hard then we’ll see about introducing you into anal sex.”

Christy could only moan around his cock as free hand was being secured. She had always wanted to be ravaged and tied down but the most any of her other lovers had done had been to handcuff her and she had still be able to use her hands. Now as she tugged bursa escort bayan at the restraints she found that no matter how hard she struggled there was no breaking free. Chad stood up and walked to the stereo in the bedroom and flicked on the cd player. Sean Paul began to play and he slowly began to move to the rhythm of the music as she watched him. Slowly he stripped off his shirt and revealed his muscular chest, she smiled as she saw the rings through his nipples unobstructed by a shirt and no time limit in which she had to look away as usual when he had flashed the rings in the office after being teased about them.

Grabbing each of Christy’s ankles he spread her legs and crawled slowly between them. He held each one in ankle in his hand and began to lick and kiss his way up her body. He could see the shivers ripple through her body as he made his way to her wet center. Chad was determined to make her want him even more than she already did at this moment. He needed to hear her plead with him to take her. Something in him craved this to an almost obsessive compulsion at that exact time. He slid his mouth down her other leg never coming more than an inch or two near her pussy. He began his ascent once more and as he reached the tops of her thighs he lightly kissed her clit as it protruded just enough from within it’s hood to let him taste it. He played with her clit rolling his tongue over it and cupping her ass in his palms for about thirty seconds before he slipped away and began kissing up her stomach and her sides.

Christy was going out of her mind with anticipation and desire and she now knew that Chad truly deserved the title of sexiest man in the company. If he could go this slow while his cock was hanging hard between his legs she knew that the rest of the ladies in the office would be amazed at his restraint and passion. Her orgasms had come close each time he touched her and yet he denied her that explosive release she craved. While she desired and needed it and soon at that she was trying to wait him out. She didn’t want to beg him to fuck her, that might be a little too much she thought.

And then it happened he kissed and nibbled on her nipples and as he left them his tongue slid around her neck followed by his lips and then he lightly bit her neck and came to her lips and kissed her hard and with fierce intensity. She could feel his hard shaft rubbing up and down her wet slit and she tried to arch and capture him between her legs but he would moan into her and pull his hips a little more airborne so that she couldn’t get him inside her. He laid down over her and began to thrust his hips letting the head of his cock rub up and down against her clit. Finally breaking the kiss his mouth went to her ear.

“Beg me slut, beg me to fuck you right here and now and acknowledge that you desire me.”

Christy’s breath was taken away by his words and she bit her lip as he pulled up to look into her eyes. She knew if she were to describe the look in his eyes it could only have been explained as a feral lust that was only going to be sated by her own verbal desires. She felt his hands on her pussy as he lifted up and his fingers began to rub her clit faster and faster as she panted. She knew that he would take her to the edge of orgasm again and deny her unless she gave in. So throwing all her caution to the wind Christy cried out, “Chad, sir, please fuck escort bursa me now. Stick that hard delicious cock inside my tight wet pussy…please Chad fuck me now dammit.”

Chad continued to rub her clit and as she began to buck her hips against his hand he told her to cum as he thrust the full length of his cock deep inside her. The wait had been well worth it for both of them. Christy began to cum hard and as she did Chad told her to hold her breath until she had to gasp for air again. Ready to comply with his any wish now she did as he asked and as he fucked her hard her orgasm intensified nearly three times the strongest orgasm she had ever felt prior to that night.

“Uh…oh my good lord….oh Chad that was amazing,” she whimpered.

Chad held her with his palms under her ass and began to fuck her in hard strokes. He would alternate between short and long thrusts. Ten short, one long, nine short, two long and so on. As he pounded her on the tenth long stroke she burst again having another orgasm that this time as soon as she felt it she held her breath of her own accord and without prompting. She wanted to see if she could make this orgasm as strong as the first.

Christy felt the heavy balls of Chad slapping against her ass as she twisted her hips while he fucked her, she still wasn’t sure what to expect after this but she was ready for more. She caught Chad’s lips as he leaned down and began to kiss her again and his hands teased her nipples while his cock still slid in and out of her. His previous orgasm from the blowjob must have helped him remain his stamina and she was now ready for another position if he would allow it.

“Chad turn me over and fuck me doggiestyle please.” she requested.

Chad undid her wrist restraints and quickly flipped her over, as soon as her ass was in the air and she was backing up to him he leaned over her and thrust his manhood deep inside her open pussy. “Oh damn Christy, you’re so tight and wet I don’t know how much longer I can last before I cum.”

Christy upon hearing this reached back between her legs and began to run her nails over his balls. She wanted to feel him cum inside her. She was on the pill and had always made her boyfriend wear a condom but somehow tonight she hadn’t even thought to ask Chad to put one on. She wanted to feel him shoot his hot cum deep inside her and fill her up. She began to push her ass back against him harder and she then knew what might get him off. “Spank me Chad, please spank my slutty ass.”

Chad couldn’t believe his ears but he complied, seeing as how spanking was one of his favorite activities he began to spank her hard and fast as he fucked her. Christy’s moans began to fill the room and she suddenly began to shake as she came again. This was the final straw Chad needed he began to thrust his hips wildly and slamming his cock into her and in seconds he was shooting his spunk inside her. Christy felt his shaft swell and began to pulse inside her as he shot his load and she moaned again while rolling his balls in her hand.

“That’s it stud cum deep inside me,” she cooed.

Chad couldn’t speak only grunts unintelligibly as he came inside her with his hands holding her hips. He knew he still wanted to fuck her gorgeous ass but that may have to wait for just a bit he thought.

As if she had read his mind Christy began to speak, “You can fuck my ass in a few minutes big boy but let’s take a quick break and go get a drink sir,” she said as she rolled over and looked into his eyes with a playful smile.

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