Lockdown Lust and the Sister-in Law

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The weekly family Zoom! Luckily I have a subscription, so we can Zoom as much as we want. So Monday mornings we all do it. Me and the wife. Her younger sister Cindy and her husband. The kids when they can be bothered. The wife’s brother and his family when they remember. Think we’ve talked more since the virus lockdown than we ever talked before!

So we set it up for 9am. Most come into the zoom pretty early, and generally melt away off to do chores, or shopping.

So this day we had been chatting away, but I thought Cindy looked a bit down, a bit quiet. I liked Cindy. She was quiet, but in her late fifties. She was friendly. She was also still pretty sexy. Her body still looked good. She was still slim. Long hair: it had been black, but was going a bit grey now. You always stay loyal (unless you are me and the wife who enjoy a bit of adventure, and enjoy talking about it to each other after!), but I had often dreamt about what she might be like in bed. I guess every guy wonders about his wife’s sister……..

Gradually people began to melt away. My wife went off to shop. Cindy’s husband had to shop for his aged mother. The kids who had come in were either working from home, or had friends to chat to. In the end it was only me and Cindy left chatting on the zoom. So I thought I would ask her.

“You’re looking a bit miserable today. What’s wrong?” I tried a “light” tone to give her the chance to laugh herself out of the question, which she tried to do, complaining about back aching from raking the garden lawn the day before.

“You don’t look that miserable just from raking the lawn and a bit of back ache!” Thought it was worth asking the question again.

There was a long pause — maybe there was something here. Maybe she might want to talk to someone.

“Oh, it’s just Mike. He’s not being nice. Too cooped up together.”

“You’re right, it is tough. Easy to get on each other’s nerves,” I replied.

“Yeah. Maybe you’re right, but he seems different. Well he is different.” It did sound like Cindy wanted to talk about something.

Suddenly she burst into tears. There was something…………

“Go on, tell your uncle Dave about it!” I hope the slightly flippant tone would help. I’m not even sure she heard me, she just continued.

“I know he was having an affair. Has been for a long time. But it kept him happy, you know, so I tried to turn a blind eye to it. He kept telling me I couldn’t satisfy him. But this lock down — he hasn’t been able to see her. And told me I wasn’t good enough for him.”

Cindy paused for a moment, before continuing. “We had bursa escort a row. He called me an old ugly sexless hag. That no man would ever want to look at me, and he certainly didn’t. That he couldn’t even stand to look at me.” There were more tears, as Cindy said how they hadn’t “done it” for years, and how she loathed herself and knew he was right, and she was nothing to anyone, and it was all her fault.

I was shocked, but it sounded like Mike had done a proper job on her, undermining her self confidence, belittling her. I hate men who do that sort of thing. And was shocked, because I always thought she was hot……………..

“He’s wrong. He is totally wrong,” I asserted.

The conversation went back and forwards for a few minutes. Me asserting that Mike was wrong, and she was nice, Cindy maintaining she was ugly, and sexless. That no-one could ever like her. It was a bit frustrating — trying to convince someone that she is sexy! It’s why I finally burst out with the comment. Which was true, but you never normally tell anyone. “Well I’ve got some pictures of you from your facebook page and I wank over them, imagining what you would be like.”

In her misery Cindy only half heard what I said. Wasn’t sure what I said. “Sorry — what was that.”

In for a penny, in for a pound! “I’ve got some photos of you and I use them when I wank.”

Well, she didn’t run out of the “zoom” room screaming! Her reply was uncertain. “What do you mean?”

This conversation seemed to have legs! So I carried on. “You want me to tell you what I meant?”


I paused, thinking how to phrase it! “Well, I like a good wank, and when I do I like to look at pictures of people I want to, you know……….” I thought it was perhaps too early to use more crude language. “………….and I use pictures of you imagining doing it to you.”

There was a pause as it sank in. Then Cindy responded hesitantly. “You can’t, I’m so ugly, no man could want me………” She was beginning to sound like a record with a scratch………..

Was it the moment to say it? Perhaps it was. “Look, Cindy, what I’m saying is clear. I would love to fuck you. I would love to have my cock in your pussy. I think you would be an amazing slut. I would love to have you as my whore.”

Well, I said it! I wondered what she would do? Say? Would she run?

“Dave, you shouldn’t say things like that. I’m married. It’s wrong……….” Cindy was still hesitant, but there didn’t seem much conviction in her words.

“You’re also a woman who needs a good fucking regularly. And if your husband isn’t doing that, bursa escort bayan then you should get a man who would!” This was turning increasingly strange. I smiled — how many people had conversations like this on zoom? With their sister-in-law?

Cindy was still hesitant. “No, this is so wrong…………”

She hadn’t walked away, so somehow the conversation must be doing something. So I decided to see if I could push it further “Tell you what, I’ll prove it to you. Take off your t-shirt.” She was wearing a white t-shirt, and I couldn’t see what else.


“Take off your t-shirt!” This was yet another step over a line!

She did, hesitantly!

I could see her bra — white cloth. It suggested the contents would be really good……..

“And now take off the bra. Show me your tits.” It took ages for her to move, so I was surprised when she reached behind her back, undid the clip and let the bra fall away. Sitting embarrassed to be showing herself to me. For me, they were fantastic. Not too big, but nicely round, with dark nipples on top.

“You telling me Mike thinks those are not worth seeing. They are fantastic. You have got amazing tits. Go on — play with them, squeeze them, twirl your fingers around your nipples. Imagine it’s me playing with your gorgeous tits!”

She did, moaning softly as she gently squeezed them and made the nipples go hard. Her eyes closed as she played with her tits.

She looked so hot I almost felt I was bursting out of my jeans! “You telling me Mike doesn’t like those? He is an idiot! I think they are fantastic, wish I could suck on them.”

I watched for a few more moments before speaking again. “Does that feel good? You enjoying me watching you playing with your tits? Has it making your pussy wet? You’re certainly making my cock rock hard.”

It took a moment for my words to sink in. Cindy whispered a simple “yes.”

Cindy had moved away from the camera a bit and I could see she was wearing a pale yellow summer skirt. Would she go further? “Cindy, leave your skirt on but take off your panties and let me see your pussy.”

She hesitated, but she did! She lifted her feet onto her chair, spread them wide and showed me her pussy, glistening with moisture. She had put a hand over her face in embarrassment, but I could see clearly her sweetest treasure.

“Cindy, that is so amazing. Honey — I’ve got to take my trousers off — I’m too tight in these jeans!” Cindy didn’t move, but I removed my jeans and boxers, then sat back to see her again. “Cindy, uncover your eyes and see what you have done escort bursa to my cock.”

She did, gasping as she saw my eight inches hard, as she watched me hold my cock and slowly slide my hand up and down.

“Cindy, do you have a vibrator? Or a dildo?” She nodded. “Honey — go and get it and put it in your pussy. Imagine it is my cock.”

For a few moments Cindy disappeared from the screen — I wondered if she would come back. Why did I doubt?

Cindy sat on her chair again and held up a purple vibrator for me to see. Maybe she had now lost her inhibitions completely. Time to take it even further.

“Okay honey, turn it on and put it in your pussy. Play with your clit. Watch me wanking my cock, lets see if we can cum together!”

She did. I could hear it humming, I could hear her moaning. I could watch her sliding the vibrator in and out. I could watch her fingers playing on her clit. I love watching the face of women turned on, coming to orgasm……………… And I knew she was watching my hand stroking my cock. That she could see the pre-cum glistening at the top. I was sure she could hear me as I spoke out randomly. “Oh Cindy, you are so hot, so gorgeous. Wish I was really fucking your cunt. And fucking you ass. And fucking your mouth. I’d come deep in your throat, make you swallow. You gorgeous amazing whore……………….

My voice drained away as I shot my cum high in the air, then pumped and pumped more, running down over my hand. It was the same moment that I heard Cindy moan out loud, her body shaking and grinding as her orgasm overwhelmed her……………

At last we were both sitting rather coyly looking at each other on the screens, both in the warm glow of the aftermath of orgasms.

I suppose it was time to take control again, but Cindy spoke first.

“Please, we must never do this again. It was all wrong.” Perhaps her heart wasn’t in it, but almost a duty for her to say.

Perhaps I had to take charge. “Cindy, you are so gorgeous and so sexy. Of course we are going to do it again. Regularly. And when these lockdown restrictions are over I’m coming over there and we are going to do it for real. I am going to fuck you hard. You get it?”

Cindy spoke meekly. “Yes please.”

A few moments later we both went to clean up. We did do it on Zoom, and skype over the new few weeks. Then the government announced that the lockdown restrictions were being eased, that in a couple of weeks families could meet each other. We would go see Cindy and Mike. And I wondered if we would, could, me and Cindy, for real.

And as for Mike — he was even more ticked off — his girlfriend had dumped him for the local organic greengrocer who delivered her vegetables. Apparently she thought his vegetables were better than Mike’s. At least they were more accessible……..

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