Lonely Hitch Hiker

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Lonely Hitch Hiker
One day I was driving home, it was pouring rain out, I seen a young girl huddled under a tree trying to stay dry with a sign and a backpack trying to get to South Carolina, any help appreciate. I drove by then turned around, I pulled into the parking lot. And walked over to her.

Meet me over at that hotel im getting you a room for the night.
no you don’t have to …
your gonna freeze to death c’mon.

I met met her at the hotel and set her up with a room, handed her my business card and told her anything you need give me a call, then I gave her $50 to eat.

I went home felling good I helped her. The next morning I woke up to 8” snow. No work. My phone rang it was molly the young girl, thanking me for the room, I said have you been outside?

yeah I’m on the corner trying to get a ride!
what? To where?
Anywhere she laughed
stay there I’ll come get you.

i pulled up, the snow was up over her shoes and she was freezing. I put her in my car and took her to my place. She ran to the fireplace huddle up to it.

molly how old are you? 18
why South Carolina? It’s warm

I sat next to her wanting to know her story. First molly was 5’5 maybe 120 lbs she had green hair to her ears shaved on one side, medium gauges in her ears and a bull ring nose ring. After she took her jacket off I noticed her a cup tits with piercings. Her arms had hand print bruises also hand bruise around her throat. She had a fat ass and nice thighs. güvenilir bahis siteleri

My master was arrested and thrown in jail for 5 years so I had to leave.
For beating you?
no she laughed oh these are from sex. I’m a pain queen.
I looked at her confused.
I only like rough sex. You gotta hurt me to make me cum!
still confused
Slap me! She shouted
choke me!
i put my hand around her throat and squeeze. She started moaning harder!
i squeeze harder she grabbed my hand motions me to slap her.
i figure what the hell. So I slapped her. She moaned like she just came. I had a erection like no ever.
I released my grip. And she gasped for air, that was hot she said.

we continue talking she said you live alone? Yes
want a live in sex slave ?she laughed
curious I asked what that entails.

Well if your interested, you get to use me whenever wherever however you want! You. Have a bad day come home and take it out on me. I’m a pain slut so if you beat me I’ll cum. I’ll suck your cock anytime . My pussy and asshole are open for business 24/7. I worship the ground you walk on! You keep me clothed (maybe) fed and a roof over my head . That’s it…

i unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, without hesitation she started sucking. I grabbed her head and started fucking her throat. Gagging but not fighting it. I pulled her off stood up and bent her over the table, I ripped her pants down and shoved my cock güvenilir bahis in her pussy, getting my cock nice and wet with her pussy juice I spit on her asshole, pulled my cock out and rammed her in the ass! She screamed I grabbed the back of her head and slammed it down on the table as I dry fucked her ass. She was squirting all over the floor with each thrust. Reaching up grabbing her throat I pulled her back to me, ripping her shirt open, her tits were free. I grabbed both of them firmly ,squeeezing them roughly, holding her back tight to my chest. Her feet dangling as my cock plowed deep into her asshole. I started pulling her nipple ring on her left tit hard she cried out. My right hand holding her mound with my middle finger inside her. I bit her neck hard breaking her skin, again she was squirting all over my hand, I pulled my dripping hand from her crotch and wiped it all over her face. She started licking my fingers, I grabbed her tongue and started pulling out. Then I slapped her face hard and shoved her back down on the table. I pulled my cock out, her asshole staying open I waited for it to close. Once it did I slammed back in. She squeals each time I do it. Finally leaving it in ramming her hard, she begged for my cum.
Cum in me!
My cock erupted filling her asshole. I pulled her to the floor and shoved my ass soaked cock in her mouth , she sucked me with the best eye contact. I could hear my cum leaking bahis siteleri from her asshole onto my hardwood floors. I pulled my dick out and smacked her hard across the face. She squirts a bit.

Clean my fucking floor !
She lays on the floor looking up at me, licking up the cum that just dripped from her worn asshole , she slurped every thing up.
i thought to myself this little freak is amazing and I was hard again. I sat on the couch and told her to ride me. She jumped up and her pussy slammed down on my cock she started riding hard.

You like my pussy daddy? She hopped off and slammed her asshole around my cock!
or you like my asshole better?
I love them both…

she was switcing back and forth. Ass, pussy, ass, pussy.
Finally stayed in her ass a while so I spit in her face and slapped her hard. Her cum dripping on my stomach.
I grabbed her hips and threw her on the couch . Put her feet over her head and rammed my cock in her pussy. My balls slapping her asshole I fucked her with every muscle in my body. I pulled my cock out and slammed it in her ass, started open palm spanking her red mound, over and over. She begged in between her cry’s for harder .

Looking into her eyes. I smacked her face over and over , she was crying like a baby, then I jammed 3 fingers in her bald snatch. All while pounding her brown eye. She didn’t look sad she looked pleased. I pulled my cock from her asshole and rammed it in her pussy filling her gash, pulled my Dick out and her up to clean it off. After I was done I laid back. She ate her cream pie. And sat up and kissed me.

So I can stay daddy?

I got up and pulled all of her clothes out of her bag and threw them in the fire.

Your not going anywhere!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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