Long Before We Were Married Ch. 02

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My wife, my friend, and I worked on updating this story. We also took in some of the remarks other have made.


My wife (Cheryl) and I have been married for 15 years and dated for 10 years before that. We were both in the 11th grade when we started dating. Even at that age, we loved to play with others. The first time Cheryl and I played around with someone else was only a few months after we started dating. It took place during summer break before our senior year. We had both just turned 18 a few weeks earlier.

We were in the middle of some heavy petting in her parent’s pool, just as any horny teenage couple would do. We were kissing and I was playing with her nipples with one hand. She has her legs wrapped around me and I had my cock pressed into her pussy and was using my other hand to move her up and down on my cock. My friend Russ came over with a case of beer and several 2 liters of California coolers he got from his older sister. When Cheryl sees him come around the corner, we quickly split apart before he could tell what we were doing. I was so close to cumming in my shorts and I really wanted to finish but had to wait.

I had been friends with Russ for years. He had been Cheryl’s only other boyfriend before the two of us started to date. He used to tell me how she had great tits and how she would let him play with them anytime they were alone, but would never let him go any farther than sucking on them. He told me that he tried to get her to play with his cock but she always told him that he would have to wait. When they stop dating (my guess is due to the limited amount of physical activity he was getting), I asked him if it was ok if I asked her out and he told me no problem. I had wanted to have a chance to feel and play with her tits for a long time. She easily had the best tits of anyone at our school.

We all started to drink. Russ and I drank several beers and Cheryl had finished off the first 2 liter of the wine coolers and was working on the second. All of us were starting to feel the effect of the alcohol. The sun had set and it was now dark enough that her parent’s would not be able to see what we were doing in the pool. We had been playing around and things were getting more physical as we played and continued to drink.

I was behind her and holding her tight to me so that my cock was rubbing into her ass checks, I was rock hard again and close to cumming. I start to play around with her tits, which were above the water and visible to Russ. I ran my fingers over and around her hard nipples. After a few times of doing this, she tells me to behave, that we are not alone. I ask her if she really wanted me to stop plays with her nipple. I say, I know that Russ has played with and suck on your tits long before I did. I also tell her I think she is getting turned on knowing that Russ is watching me play with her nipples in front of him. I ask Russ if he ever seen her nipple as hard and sticking out as far as they are now.

That is when Russ moves closer to us and he reaches up, pinches both of her nipples, and says that he thinks I am right, she is very turned on. He continues to pinch and rub her nipples and she does not try to stop him. Russ is directly in front of her and she lifts her legs, wraps them around him, and pulls him in close to her so that his cock is pushing into her pussy. Russ and I both started to rub up against her. I am rubbing my cock into her ass and he is rubbing his cock into her pussy. I am squeezing both of her tits to make her nipple poke out and Russ is pulling and pinching her nipples through her top.

This was the first time any of us ever did anything sexual in public. I could tell Cheryl was getting turned on by how hard her nipples were and she had titled her head back against me and was breathing very hard. I also could tell that she did not really know how to handle situation. She has her current and ex-boyfriend playing with her tits and each of us are rubbing our cocks into her. She is horny, drunk, and willing to let us do what every Russ and I want. By this time, she had finished the second 2 liter and her resistance was just about gone. We moved her around and I had one hand on her ass holding her up, my other hand was down the front of her bikini bottoms, and I was working my fingers over her clit. Russ has one hand on her back holding her up and his other hand inside her bikini top playing with her tits.

She stops us and tells us she has to go to the bathroom. She tells us when she gets back we better start behaving ourselves before she gets in trouble. We both watch her get out of the pool, straightens up her bikini to make sure all her parts are covered, and walks to the house. When she gone, my friend asks me if I am all right with what is going on. I tell him hell yes and I am sure Cheryl is fully enjoying it also. I then tell Russ it is time to turning up the fun. We both remove our shorts and drink another beer while we wait. When Cheryl bayrampaşa escort comes back, she opens the third 2 liter and downs about half of it. She then jumps back into the pool and Russ and I move up to either side of her. She is totally blowing away when she feels are bare cocks rubbing against her.

At this point in our relationship, Cheryl had given me a few blowjobs and had let me finger her down her pants, but would not go any further than that. She is an 18-year-old virgin with two naked young men rubbing, pinching, licking, and kissing her in her parent’s pool. She was so horny, that she did not even try to stop us from removing her bikini top and throwing it out of the pool so we could play with her tits better. If her parent’s or brother had come out to the pool at this point, we were totally busted.

We each put an arm around her back, take a one of her legs, and lift her up so that her tits and bikini-covered pussy are above the water. Russ and I each take a nipple and start to suck on it. I move my hand holding her leg up and pull her bikini aside so I can finger her pussy. Russ has moved his hand down the back of her bikini. He has starts to fingering her asshole. Several times, we were both fingering her pussy at the same time. She is moaning and telling me to rub her clit harder.

We move over to the side of the pool and Russ gets out of the pool and sits on the edge. I move Cheryl over so she is directly in front of Russ and between his legs. She starts to work her hand up and down on his cock. He is playing with her great tits at the same time. I was standing behind her with one hand down the front of her bikini and fingering her pussy. My other hand was down the back of her bikini and had my middle finger inside her asshole and fucking her with it.

She leans down and slides Russ’s cock into her mouth. As she is giving Russ a blowjob, I take this as a sign she is willing to go further than she has been in the past. So with my hands down both sides of her bikini bottoms I push them down and pull them completely off. I then move my cock up to her pussy lips and slowly started slide it into her pussy. I manage to get a few inches in before I feel something stopping me from pushing my cock the whole way in. I realize I am about to break her cherry. I hold her tight and with one final push, my cock slides the whole way in and I hear her give a little squeal. I stop moving to give her a chance to recover.

Once I feel her clam down, I grab her hips and start to move her up and down on my cock. This has the effect of pushing my cock deeper into her pussy. I then push her away from my cock, this makes her take more of Russ’s cock into her mouth. Everything we have been doing to her puts her over the top quickly. She starts to cum almost at once. I can feel her shaking and her pussy is contracting on my cock. Her legs give out and I have to hold her up to keep her standing.

I am slamming my cock into her pussy as hard as I can. I feel myself start to cum, so I pull her into me so my cock is as deep into her pussy as it can go. I just hold her tight against body and let several long shots of cum dump into her pussy. After months of wanting to fuck her and finally getting to do so in such an erotic way, I did not even think about protection. I found out the next day that she had been on the pill for years to help her with some female issues.

As I am holding her tight to me and loving the feeling of forcing my cum into her hot pussy, Russ grabs her hair and pulls her mouth off of his cock. He starts to pump his own cock with his other hand as fast as he can. He starts to cum and he holds her head direct in front of him so he can cum on her face. After the first few shots land on her nose and lips, he pulls her head back down on his cock and holds her there while he finished cumming in her mouth. I can still remember how great it felt to cum deep in Cheryl’s pussy while my best friend was shooting cum on her face and down her throat. He told me that he had wanted to fuck her face for so long but that she would never let him do anything like that when they were dating.

Russ and I drank another beer and she downed most of the 3rd two liter of coolers. We were all joking about what we just did. She warns us that we had better not tell anyone about this or that was the last time either of us would do anything with her. I tell her that she might want to reconsider that, just think of the fun our senior year would be if all of the guys at school know how much fun she is when she drinks. Russ and I both laugh but she hits me and tell us again that she needs to know that we would be there to protect her. We both tell her that we would never do anything to hurt her and that this was our secrete.

Cheryl is so drunk now that she is sitting on the side of the pool completely naked not caring if anyone could she her or not. Russ is holding his beer beşiktaş escort in one hand and is using the other to play with her pussy. I am on the other side of her and I am playing with her tits. She is so drunk that she is leaning on me to hold herself upright.

When we finish our beers, we both stand up. We pull Cheryl up between us and move her over to the picnic table. We lay her across the table with her head on my side of the table and her ass is pointing at Russ’s side of the table. I am not sure she even knows that we moved her. I take my cock, put it into her mouth, and start slowly fuck her face. She is awake enough to close her mouth and lips over my cock and suck it as I slide it in and out. Russ is behind her and he is working his cock into her pussy. I use a slow pace and enjoying the feeling of her mouth on my cock. Russ is pumping into her quick and hard and I can tell he is not going to last very long. When he cums, he pulls his cock out of her pussy and squirts his cum on her ass and lower back.

Once he moves away from her, I pull my cock out of her mouth and move to the other side of the table. I first start to fuck her in her pussy and get my cock covered in her juices and his cum. I then pull out and try to push my cock into her asshole. I cannot get it in because her asshole is so tight. I stick my thumb into her pussy and get it wet and then I work it into her asshole. I am trying to get it to open up. Once I get it in and move it in and out several times, I do the same thing with my first two fingers. This time I use my fingers to wipe some of Russ’s cum into her asshole, to use as a lubricant. I am fingering her asshole with quick thrust in and out.

I pull my fingers out and I easily slide my cock in. Her ass is so tight on my cock I love the feeling. I then start to pick up my pace and soon I am pulling my cock almost the entire way out and then slamming it back in to her asshole as far as I can. With each thrust, I can hear her grunt. I only last a few minutes before I am cumming deep inside of her asshole.

When I finish cumming, we flip Cheryl onto her back and lay her long ways on the table. We then sat around the table and finished off a few more beers. We both play with her tits or pussy while we talked. We both agree this was the hottest thing either of us have ever done. I tell him that we need to make sure we do this this all summer long. We talk about what else we could do and even talk about getting a few more of our close friend to join in. I tell him we had better be careful when adding in others we do not want to mess up a good thing.

One of us comes up with the idea to fuck her with a bottle of beer. I down the last of my beer and place the top of the bottle at the opening of her pussy. As I work the bottle into her pussy, Russ is holding her pussy lips wide open. We are drinking Miller’s and the first few inches slide in easy. Once I get to where the bottle widens I have a hard time getting more of it in her. We each take a leg and pull her legs up and apart which opens her up and the bottle slides past the neck and several more inches slide into her pussy.

I fuck her with the bottle for a while and then ask Russ if he want to try. He also fucks her a few times with the bottle and then just leaves it in her with only the bottom sticking out. I continue to play with her clit and the bottle.

I keep telling him how tight her asshole was and that he should try fucking her like that. At first, he tells me that he never thought about doing anything like that. I tell him I have wanted to try it after I seen it in a porn flick I saw at my brother’s house. After a while, he got up and tells me now that he thought about it, he really needs to try to fuck her asshole. We flip her back over and move her down the table, so that she is bent over the edge. She still had the bottle in her pussy and he tells me he cannot get his cock into her ass, I tell him I bet the bottle is too big, reach up, and pull it out of her. With the bottle out, he was able to force his cock into her ass. He starts to fuck her with nice slow thrust. We have cummed so many times tonight that it takes a long time before he is able to finally cum in her ass. He just lies down across her back and leaves his cock in her asshole while he recovers. He tells me that I was right that felt great.

By the time he pulls out of her, it was well after 2 am so he picks up the bottles and heads home. I grab Cheryl’s bikini top from the side of the pool and drape it over her shoulder but did not put it back on. I left the bottoms that were at the bottom of the pool, she tells me later her mom wanted to know what her bottoms were doing in the pool. I pick her up; luckily, she only weighed 115 lb. at the time. As I am carrying her through the house naked with cum running out of every one of her holes, I keep hoping that one of her parents does not find us. Her room is beylikdüzü escort right next to theirs and the walls are so thin that we always try to be careful when we are playing around so that they do not hear us. Luckily, her parents were not up. I laid her down on her bed face up. She is on top of her blankets and completely exposed. Her tits looked so good that I had to fuck them.

I closed her door so not to be caught by anyone. I got on top of her, put my cock between her tits, and squeeze then together. I slowly started to fuck her tits. The excitement of fucking her tits for the first time, trying to stay quite so not to wake her parents, and the feeling of moving in and out of her tits was great. When I cum, the little cum I had left, landed on her face and chin.

When I got up and was ready to leave, I had an evil idea. Even now, I am not sure why I did it. I moved her into the center of her bed. I then pulled her arms up over her head, which made her tits stand straight up and I spread her legs apart so that her feet were hanging off the either side of her bed. She was so out of it I was sure she would stay in that position all night. I know that her dad and older brother both leave early in the morning for work. Her room is straight across from the only bathroom in the house and anyone coming out of it would be looking right at her if her door was open. I step out of her room and into the bathroom. When I turn on the bathroom light and look back at her, I have a great view. I can clearly see her tits and I am looking straight into her pussy. The lips of her pussy are wide open after the number of time Russ and I fingered and fucked her, not to mention the bottle of beer we used to fuck her with. I turn off the light and left, leaving her door wide open. I knew that her brother, father, or maybe both were going to have a great view in the morning. I wish I had a movie of what happened.

I did not know whom seen her that morning for many years, but knew someone did. She told me when she woke up the next morning she could not believe that I would leave her like that. She says she was completely nude, uncovered, with a pool of cum in her belly button and both her tits had cum all over them. She figured it was Russ or I that did it. She tells me she licked some of the cum off her nipples and used her finger to wipe some of the cum out of her belly button and licked her fingers clean. I think she was trying to get me turned on by telling me this. That is when I confessed to the first two things but tell her I did not leave the cum on her tits or in her belly button. I tell her by the time I put here to bed I had cummed so many time I had nothing left to leave on her tits and stomach.

I tell her I am not sure who’s cum she was licking that morning but it was not Russ’s or mine. She tells me if that is true how did she end up covered in cum. I ask her if she thinks her brother or dad fucked her while she laid there. I tell her maybe they both did and that is why she had so much cum on her. She hits me and tells me that is sick. At this time, she was too embarrassed to admit that the thought of having her brother or dad do anything like that to her turned her on. I have asked her sense if the thought of her dad fucking her when she was younger got her hot. She tells me that she had fantasized about when she was younger and wished she would have looked at who was playing with her while she pretended to be asleep. To this day, she still does not know if only her brother who played with her in her sleep or if her dad played with her also.

It was not until several years later at a bar, that her bother told me that he had found her the next morning like that. He says he closed her door so that her dad would not find her when he got up. He waited until his dad left for work. He then went back into her room and made sure she was completely passed out. Once he was sure, he tells me that he played with her tits and pussy for a while.

After playing with her tits and pussy for five or ten minutes, he was sure she was passed out and was not going to wake up. He then tells me he strip out of his cloths and get on top of her. He tells me he fucked her twice. He tells me that he came so fast the first time that he wanted to do it again. Each time he made sure to pull out of her pussy. He says he was afraid he would get her pregnant, so even though he would have loved to feel his cum shooting into her pussy, he pulled out. He says he loved the thought that when she woke up she would find his cum on her. He tells me the first time he came, he pulled out and let his cock rest on her stomach and his cum filled her belly button and was running out over her stomach. The second time he fucked her, he made sure not to move her around too much because he wanted her to wake up with her belly button still filled with his com. When he came the second time, he told me he moved up and held the tip of his cock to her nipple and shot the first load on her right nipple and then move over to the left nipple and squirted a few move times on it. He them moved up and slide his cock into her mouth but that he had to leave for work before he could cum a third time in her mouth. He tells me he watch as his cum slowly ran down the side of her tits while he got dressed and left her spread out on her bed.

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