Long Lost Sister Ch. 01

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities – are of legal age!

Authors note. Thanks for the support I am sorry about the errors within the text I know how bad it is when you are pulled out of the story by spelling and grammatical errors, I have not been able to find a reliable editor. I can’t blame them because none of them are being paid for the work they do, and life gets in the way. I have put it through Word and Grammarly and read it through many times, I’m just not proficient enough to catch all the mistakes I make. I am just going to give you what a non-writer can do and hope for your forgiveness.


I was going through my parent’s belongings, they had passed away within a few months of each other in their eighties when I came across a photo in between the pages of one of mom’s books. The writing was hers, but it was not one of us, it was a baby photo a name on the back said Joanne, a date 12-10-1961 in mom’s fancy handwriting, that kind of script seems to have disappeared in modern times. I don’t have any family with that name, all of mom’s sisters and brothers have passed away. So I asked Dad’s brother uncle Rob, he didn’t know anyone by that name, but as we talked he told me about how Mom had gone to Sydney for a time and Dad had gone to the city to bring Mom back because he couldn’t live without her. Sixty years of marriage later he must have been spot on, he hadn’t lasted long after her, his heart gave out, I think he died of a broken heart.

I started to do some digging in my spare time, my business had been good to me, and when my children had left home, I sold it and brought the RV and started to travel, my wife and I had not divorced, but we no longer lived together. Our marriage had changed over the years, the sex had slowed because of work pressure and children pressure. By our forties, it had stopped altogether. I started to travel, and she stayed at home, of course, the children chose to ignore the fact that we were never together other than Christmas and the odd special occasion.

I started to put together a picture of the time Mom was in the city, she was at the church home, and she had a baby. The baby was given up for adoption, but the adopted mother had died a few years later, and the father could not cope, and Joanne had ended up in foster care where she stayed until she was eighteen then she seemed to disappear. I drove to the church and started to enquire about her, and they could not give me any more information. I began to do searches on the internet, starting with the name of the parents that had adopted her. The first thing I found out was that the father had died only 3 years ago, I was devastated, I had missed my chance. Then as a last resort, I looked up the funeral notice in the paper archives in the town he died in. It revealed his wife and daughter had posted the notice.

I headed the RV in that direction and hoped that I would not destroy the family’s image of their husband and father. Pulling into town a few days later and looked up the daughter hoping she might be able to shelter her mother from the truth if she didn’t already know it.

“Hi Mary, my name is David, and I am looking for information on Joanne who might be my sister, would you or your mother know anything about her whereabouts,” I said, anxious she might hang up on me, or think its a prank call.

“I think we need to talk, come around at 5:30 and I will be home, and I will go through what I know,” Mary said, giving me more hope than I have ever had.

I sat in the RV just up the road from the address she had given me for an hour and finally it was 5:30, and I walked up to the door. Mary opened it before I had a chance to knock, and when I came in, I could see another older lady that must be her mother sitting in a chair with a tube running under her nose and hooked up to a cylinder.

“Hi David, this is my mother Rose, and I am Mary,” Mary said, taking my hand and waving to her mother with the other.

She leads me to the couch, and we sat together, facing Rose.

“I am looking for anything you can tell me about Joanne, she was adopted by your father and his first wife. I think well before you were born,” I said, looking at Mary.

“I only found out about this when Dad was about to die. He said he had given her up and when he tried to get her back a few years later they would not have a bar of it, Dad was crushed, but family services would not even talk to him, he said it was his biggest regret,” Marry said, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Is there anything you can tell me a name she could have used, anything could help,” I said, looking at Rose.

“She only used Jo, and she got married at eighteen,” Rose said, in a very shaky voice.

I stood and gave Rose a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek and turned to Mary and did the same.

“I am sorry about Robert I would like to have had a beer with him,” I said, to Mary and Rose.

“He would have liked that too,” Rose said, as I left the room.

Mary lead me out and wished beyoğlu escort me good luck, and I did the same nodding in her mother’s direction, and the sad look on her face told me the same story that my parents had been through. I headed to the van park and sat with my laptop and a beer, armed with the new information I started looking for Jo, that was married the year she turned eighteen, using mom’s maiden name and bingo I got a hit in Sydney. I checked for a death certificate and nothing still not enough because she could have been married again, there was no record of divorce either that had to be my Jo.

The next morning I turned the RV towards the big smoke, and as I travelled, I wondered if Jo would be pleased to see me, or would she want to have nothing to do with her half brother turning up out of the blue. When I pulled up to the van park in one of the better parts of town. I locked up the van and took a cab to the apartment building that I had as her last known address. I stood outside the door for ten minutes trying to work up the courage to knock, and when I did, I stood back, nothing happened. I tried again still nothing, there was no one home, so I sat down across from her door for a few hours, yet nothing.

I came back the next day, and when I knocked, I was expecting to get nothing, but an older man answered the door.

“Hi, I am looking for Jo,” I said, holding out my hand.

“Who is asking,” the man said, not shaking my hand.

“I am David, I am Jo’s half brother, I said still with my hand out.

“I am sorry I thought you might be someone looking for Jo’s rent or something, I am Jim a neighbour of Jo’s, Jim said, taking my hand this time.

“Can you tell me where I might find Jo,” I asked, Jim.

“Jo is in the memorial hospital she is very ill, I am looking after her apartment,” Jim said, holding up her key with a fluffy pink keyring, that was obviously not his.

“Thanks, Jim, call me if anyone comes looking for money, and I will take care of it,” I said, giving Jim my card with my cell on it.

I caught a cab to the hospital, and as I was standing at the nurse’s station on the third floor, a grumpy older nurse was telling me she could only release information to family.

“I am Jo’s brother, and I have to see her,” I said, much louder than I would normally.

“I don’t have any family on her list,” the old bag stated.

“Do you want me to search each room, or do you want to show me where she is,” I said, standing my ground.

She huffed and lead me to a room where Jo lay on the bed with a drip in one arm and wires going to her chest and a monitor showing her heartbeat. She looked pale, but she looked like us, we all looked a bit the same in our family and so did Jo. I sat with her for a long time and eventually, a doctor came into her room to check the three other patients and Jo.

“What’s going on with Jo, doc,” I asked, he was not looking at Jo just her chart.

“She has kidney failure, and we are getting near the end,” He said, in a cold, distant tone.

“What about a donor,” I asked, really worried now.

“She asked not to any further intervention after we could not get a matching donor,” He said, again quite coldly.

I let it go, and when he left, I walked to a stairwell and got onto my phone to a lawyer. I asked him to get me a power of attorney and work out how to get her to the best kidney specialist in the city. I went back to her room. I was worried she would crash before I had a chance to change the “no not resuscitate” order and I would have to watch her die before even meeting her. That night the grumpy old nurses came to chase me away after visiting hours were over.

“I have waited fifty-five years to see my sister, and you want me to leave now, you better get security if that’s your plan,” I said, looking her straight in the eye.

She huffed and backed off, I don’t think she gave enough of a shit to make a scene. The next day my lawyer rang to tell me he had an emergency hearing in front of a judge to hear our argument about the power of attorney. He wanted me to come, too; it might be the difference. I was worried if I left she may die alone in that shithole surrounded by no one that cares, but I needed to go to have a chance of saving her.

I arrived at the courthouse just as Don was about to go in. I was surprised that Jo’s doctor was there and wanted to defend Jo’s original choices. The judge looked like he was going to agree until Don asked for Jo’s brother to be heard.

“Jo was making decisions based on what she knew at the time, things have changed. She did not know I existed, still doesn’t. I am her brother, and Jo didn’t know she had a chance at the time she made the DNS order. Now I can give her a chance, a chance at life, you can’t let her die without her knowing she has a family, that has been looking for her all over the country,” I said, hoping the judge might sway my way a little.

“What chance would she have,” the bostancı escort judge said, looking at Jo’s doctor.

“Minimal a half-brother is less than two hundred to one to match,” He said, I could not work out why he was working against her living, was it his reputation or something.

“He is a perfect match, I would say he is a full brother if the odds are right,” Dr James said, as he came through the door just in time.

The judge looked at Jo’s Dr and then me he sat in silence for a long time.

“Motion granted, I will sign the paperwork and get it to the hospital within the hour, good luck David I hope you get to see your sister awake,” the judge said, smiling like he did a good thing today, I don’t know if he gets that every day.

We headed over with the paperwork and the transfer orders for the new hospital. And I was smiling from ear to ear as we passed the old bag on the way out. Jo’s private room and new doctor, Dr James, were much better, but Jo was still very ill. I signed the paperwork for both of us. I set up my lawyer to have the power of attorney while we were both under, just in case something happened to me. That was my last thought as I went to sleep.

I woke up that night, and a nurse was sitting by my side.

“How did it go, how is Jo,” I asked, very weakly.

“It all went well, Jo is fine at the moment, just rest,” She said, checking my side.

I must have dozed off, it was light when I woke up and my lawyer Don, was at my side.

“How is everything,” I asked, looking up at him.

“I am glad you are back with us Dave I don’t have to worry about having to make any medical decisions for both of you now, Jo looks better, her colour is much pinker, and Dr James is smiling, so he must be happy with her,” Don said, Smiling down at me.

“Take me to her room,” I said, sitting up in my bed.

There was a rush of nurses, and then Dr James came in.

“You can’t stand up yet David, hold on, and we’ll move your bed into her room,” Dr James said, Looking worried I might try to stand again. But I wasn’t game to stand again anyway.

They moved me into Jo’s room, and I was glad to see her, she had better colour, but she was fragile, her grey hair made her look older than she was. I would not let them move me back into my old room. I could not leave her, I had to be sure she was alright. The second night after the operation, I was woken by the nurse talking to someone, it took me a second to realise I was hearing my sister’s voice for the first time.

“Who is in that bed,” Jo asked, in a whisper.

“He gave you one of his kidneys,” the nurse said, quietly.

“We were a perfect match,” I said, loud enough for both to hear.

“How they have been looking for years,” Jo said, in a weak voice.

“Perfect match, that’s impossible I am an only child,” Jo said, with surprise in her voice looking over at me with her blue eyes searching for the truth.

“You look like mom, we all do,” I said, looking back at her and seeing a tear starting to roll down her cheek.

“Does she know about this,” Jo asked, her voice breaking as she said it.

“Mom’s gone, Jo, I found your picture in her stuff as I was cleaning up,” I replied, as honestly as I could.

“I was a dirty little secret then?” Jo asked, not looking at me.

“I have been looking for you for almost a year, then when I find you, you were almost gone. I don’t know about any secrets in the past they had nothing to do with me,” I said, upset myself now.

“Nice to see you awake Jo, I am Dr James, I did the surgery on you. The kidney is working well, and the build-up in your body will only get lower over the next few weeks,” the doctor said, checking the monitors.

“So I owe this to my half-brother?” Jo said, looking at Dr James.

“No, he’s your full brother, the kidney was an almost perfect match, the chances of a half-brother being as good a match is a few hundred to one, and a full brother is one in four. We didn’t do a DNA test, but I would bet you are full siblings,” Dr James said, flipping the chart and heading out the door.

“Oh god, dad didn’t know,” I said, sadness flowing over me like a wave.

“She didn’t tell him,” jo said, looking at me crying.

“She must have thought you were someone else’s baby, dad would have never let her give you up,” I said, with full conviction I was right.

The beds were close enough that I reached out my hand. Jo looked at it for a few moments as if trying to decide, then with her hand shaking, she placed it in mine. I could feel the warmth between us building as I looked into her eyes.

“I will have them move me back into my room, and leave you to rest,” I said, worried the emotions might be too much.

“Don’t leave me, I have been alone for so long. We can’t change the past, but we can draw a line in the sand and move on together,” Jo said, not letting go of my hand.

“I like the sound of that, a lot,” I said, a smile büyükçekmece escort on my face that I could not hide.

I could not get over how quickly she recovered when my kidney started to clean all her blood of the toxins that had built up in her body. In three weeks, she was back in her unit, and I was staying on the couch. I cooked for us both, and she regained some weight, and soon we were able to go out shopping together.

“Ok time to have your hair and nails done, my treat,” I said, standing outside the salon wavering her in.

“I can’t accept that, you already paid for my back rent and medical bills, and I can never repay you,” Jo said, hesitating at the door.

“You’re going to want to look your best when we go and see your sister, so go and wax, pluck and dye to your heart’s content,” I said, to her and the ladies running the salon.

I got a text a few hours later to say she was ready.

“Wow you look beautiful, Jo,” I said, genuinely blown away by the transformation. The grey hair was gone, and nails polished, and the waxing I couldn’t see, but paid for, so it must be done.

“I feel much better looking in the mirror now, I cannot thank you enough,” She said, holding on to my arm.

“Now some clothing to match,” I said, pulling her down the mall.

We picked out some beautiful clothes, and She modelled them for me, and we took all the items I had approved. Then she picked out some lingerie and joked that she would model it for me to approve as well. I waited for her to try them on.

“Pssit come here for a second I need your opinion,” I heard from behind the louvred doors.

I stood just outside the doors and said, “What is it,” and the doors opened enough for me to see Jo in a sheer bra and high cut panties. No hair could be seen, so the wax money was well spent. Her B cup breasts filled the bra to overflowing, and when she turned to the side, her bottom was all showing except the thin G-string in her cleft.

“Well, what do you think,” Jo said, turning slightly from side to side.

“I think you are going to give me a heart attack, you look beautiful,” I said, taking in her body,

She did the same thing a few more times, and when she came out, I took the sets to the counter, and we left with them all.

When we got home to her apartment, she disappeared into the bedroom and emerged in a new sundress. I did wonder what was underneath the dress and could not help getting a little hard thinking about it, as she moves around making dinner. I watched her breasts move underneath the clothing and caught glimpses of her cleavage as she bent over, looking for things in the cupboards.

“Is it a nice view,” she said, pulling the top of her dress out and looking down her top too.

“The bra still looks great, I was just checking,” I said, laughing.

We sat down to eat, and Jo was just pushing her food around and not eating.

“What’s up,” I asked, dropping my knife and fork on the table and looking at her.

“I can’t say without sounding like a weirdo,” Jo said, still pushing her food around and looking at her plate.

“You feel it too,” I said, taking a considerable risk, she might be thinking something totally different.

“Yes, why am I so attracted to you, you’re my brother, we aren’t supposed to feel this way about each other,” she said, looking at me expectedly.

“I have read about this separated family attraction and thought it was bullshit, but now I know different, but I have had a hard-on all afternoon after seeing you in that bra and panties,” I said, looking down at her boobs.

“You can see them any time you like, I have been wet from you seeing my bald pussy through these panties,” she said, pulling out the top to give me a better look at her beautiful big boobs.

“It has been a long time between drinks,” I said, referring to the years without having sex.

“Me as well, but I am not married anymore,” She said, looking at me with the question hanging.

“I am in name only, the marriage petered out many years ago, and we have not slept in the same house for five years and in the same bed for almost ten,” I said, trying to hide my sadness.

“No wonder you are attracted to your older sister,” She said, with a chuckle breaking the tension in the room.

“Mom couldn’t have known you were dad’s baby, she would have told him, I did read in the hospital records something about a virgin birth. I passed it off as her denying she had sex with anyone, but it could have been that they fooled around and dad got some pre-cum or sperm on the outside or just inside her pussy, and they swam the rest of the way. I had read about earlier times when they did not realise that pre-cum had millions of sperm in it. Some girls had births that broke their hymen. Dad would have never let her go if he had known you were his. He might not have known you ever existed. We talked all the time, about everything, and he never even hinted. He was a sop he cried at the drop of a hat, just like me, I think he would have let me know somehow,” I said, looking into her eyes and trying not to glance down at her cleavage but not totally seceding.

“Everyone in my life has left me, our parents, my adopted mum died, and my adopted dad took me back to the orphanage and never looked back,” Joe said, with the same longing my mother always seemed to have.

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