Long Weekend Ch. 05-06

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Chapter 5

Daisy smiled as she left her stepfather’s house. She felt energized from the sex she’d had with Ryan earlier in the morning and then having her father clean her pussy with his tongue. Before she showed up she had thought that getting her stepfather to see her as a sexual woman was going to be difficult. She was happy to have been mistaken.

She wondered about the last time her stepfather had sex. If he had a girlfriend, he never mentioned it. Was he still hung up on Daisy’s mom? Of course he was. He’d even just called Daisy by Helen’s name. Daisy didn’t mind. Her mother was the sexiest woman she knew.

She dialed a phone number on her cell and waited for an answer.

“Hey. Sorry I didn’t call earlier. Been busy. It’s all going according to plan.” Daisy waited a moment, then said, “Yes. I’m sure it’ll work. Trust me. Love you.” She hung up the phone and walked down the block.

Her old neighborhood hadn’t changed too much. She walked by old Mr. Tuttle’s place. He was using a spade to clear some obtrusive grass from the walkway. She stopped and crouched down across from the old man.

“Hey, Mr. Tuttle. Remember me? Daisy?”

He looked at her. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans. She gave him a big smile.

“Daisy!” He said, “I remember you. Look at you. You’re all grown up.” Mr. Tuttle stood.

Daisy thought of the time she was locked out of the house in the rain and Mr. Tuttle had let her stay inside his house until her parents got home. He had an apple tree in the back and he had told her she was welcome to take whatever apples she wanted whenever she wanted. As she grew up she noticed Mr. Tuttle stare at her body when she walked by. He tended to be out on his porch whenever she was walking home from school. Mrs. Tuttle had died years ago.

Daisy stood in front of Mr. Tuttle. She was now a head taller than him. She looked around and saw no traffic or other neighbors around.

“Mr. Tuttle…” Daisy said. And with that she lifted her shirt revealing her 32c boobs and pushed them into his face. She pulled her shirt down over the back of Mr. Tuttle’s head temporarily trapping him between her boobs. She was surprised when he responded by grabbing her ass before moving his head so he could suck one of her young nipples.

Daisy kept looking around. She saw a car approaching and quickly pulled the shirt off of Mr. Tuttle’s head and back on, covering her boobs with now rock hard nipples. Tuttle had a bewildered smile on his face. He had dropped his spade during çağlayan escort the incident.

“Thank you, dear lady.” Mr. Tuttle said, “I think I’m going to go inside for a bit.”

Daisy noticed the bulge in his pants. And smiled. If she went inside with Mr. Tuttle she’d probably end up giving the poor guy a heart attack. Besides, she made a promise to herself last night. The next cock to enter her pussy was going to be her stepfather’s.

David tried to think of something else. The thoughts and feelings he was having about Daisy weren’t right. It was one thing to have those thoughts about her mother even if David hadn’t been with her in over five years. He was even okay with the occasional fantasy of fucking his 21-year-old stepdaughter. But it wasn’t just in his head anymore. His mouth still had the taste of her pussy, even after eating breakfast.

He told himself he needed to stop. He turned on the football game. He hoped the distraction would work, but as soon as there was a shot of cheerleaders, David found his mind wandering to his stepdaughter’s body.

He grabbed his laptop and turned it on, finding a folder he never bothered to delete but hadn’t looked at in some time. Inside the folder were a dozen or so photos he had taken back when Helen and David were younger. Looking at these images of Helen in her twenties made him realize just how alike Daisy and Helen really were.

David had told himself he was going to save himself for tonight, but he couldn’t help it. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down with his boxers. He looked at a photo from the late 1990s showing Helen fucking herself with a vibrator. The next photo showed his cock in her mouth while she still used the vibrator. He remembered that night. He stroked his cock imagining Daisy watching but not as the little girl she was then but as the woman she was now.

He looked at the next photo. Helen grinning with his cum on her face. He remembered grabbing the back of her head by her short black hair and fucking her face until he came. He pulled out knowing Helen didn’t like to swallow. She had laughed and he took a photo.

He stroked his cock harder. He was getting close. And suddenly the front door opened. For a moment he thought he was hallucinating. Standing the front door appeared to be a 21-year-old Helen.

“Hi, Daddy.” She said, “I see you’re having fun. Do you like my haircut?”

Chapter 6

“You look…” David said, staring at his

stepdaughter. çapa escort “Just like your mother.” Daisy giggled, smiled at David and cocked her head to the side just like Helen did back when they were together. He felt like he had gone through some sort of time warp. Suddenly it was the early 1990s again. It took him a moment to realize Daisy was staring at his cock.

“Do you need some help with that, Daddy?” Daisy said, eyes wide. “Here.” Daisy climbed onto the bed and started stroking her stepfather’s cock. She got her face right next to it, then licked from the base of his shaft to the tip.

She looked at him and said, “Does it turn Daddy on that I look like Mommy?”

“Yes.” David said and watch as his stepdaughter’s mouth enveloped his cock. David was overwhelmed with pleasure. He felt he might cum at any moment. He stared at Daisy and saw a young Helen, then he blinked and he saw Daisy greedily sucking his cock. She stopped just short of letting him cum.

Daisy stood up on the bed. She pulled her shirt off, followed by her bra. David stared up at her beautiful tits. They were a good handful, but from his vantage point they looked even bigger. She then let her skirt fall on the bed leaving just her panties.

She got back on her knees and crawled over her stepfather until she was straddling her stepfather’s head. David felt the thin cotton of her panties against his face. He could feel the warm dampness from her pussy. He saw her look down at him.

“Do you wonder how many guys I fucked while I was out?” In truth, David hadn’t thought of it until just then. Daisy grabbed the crotch of her panties and slid them aside giving David’s mouth full access to her soaking pussy.

David began licking her pussy. He wondered if he was going taste cum mixed in with his stepdaughter’s juices. He pushed her clit around with his tongue. Her pussy tasted sweet to David’s tongue. Her pussy was very wet but she had not been recently fucked. He found he had mixed feelings about not getting a cream pie from his stepdaughter. He grabbed her ass with both of his hands and licked the length of her wet slit. He heard her moan.

“Mmmmmmm, I was just kidding, Daddy.” Daisy said, “I’ve been saving my pussy today for you.”

David’s face was soaked with Daisy’s juices. He let one of his hands trace the crack of her ass until it stopped at her asshole. He let his little finger slowly push in and out fucking her tight little asshole while he continued to lick his stepdaughter’s cennet mahallesi escort pussy.

“Ooooh, Daddy!” Daisy exclaimed. She grinded her crotch harder into her stepdad’s face. She couldn’t help but rock a little as she felt his tongue lick around her clit and he inserted a second finger in her ass.

“I can’t take it!” Daisy said. She rolled off of David, letting his fingers slip out of her.

“What?” David said, with his face glistening from her juices.

“Daddy,” Daisy said, almost quietly.

“Yes?” David said.

Daisy took both hands, grabbed the panties she was wearing and tore them off. She laid herself back on the bed. “I need your cock, Daddy. I need you to fuck me right now with your big hard cock.”

David crawled over to her until he hovered over her. He used the headboard for leverage and kissed her knowing she’d taste herself on his tongue.

“You can call me Helen if you like.” Daisy said, looking up at him. “David darling, call me Helen.” ‘David darling’ was something David hadn’t heard since back when Helen and David were first in love. He looked into her eyes as he pushed his cock against her wet pussy lips. She arched her neck as he pushed his cock into her. It fit perfectly. He felt her pussy against every inch of his cock.

He heard her quietly moan, “Ooooooo, Daddy.”

And then he was fucking her. Slow and deep at first. He started talking as he fucked her.

“Helen.” He moaned. “Helen.” Daisy felt her stepfather fuck her while saying her mother’s name. And then he said something she didn’t expect. “Helen, I’m fucking our daughter. Her pussy feels so good around my cock. I love it. I love fucking our daughter.” He looked straight at her and said, “I love it.”

She wrapped her arms around him and spread her legs giving him greater access. He started fucking her harder. “Yes.” She said, “Right there. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me. Make your little girl cum on that big hard cock.” He started fucking her even faster. Daisy started rubbing her clit. In a way her orgasm had been building all day, but it still surprised her with its intensity. Her body shook as he kept fucking her. And then he heard him grunt and felt the warmth of his cum as her stepfather had his own orgasm.

She had made her Daddy cum inside her. She smiled. It had been a dream of hers for so long. Since the very first time she saw her Daddy and Mommy fucking. She wanted to do this.

David continued to fuck her slowly and then pulled out as his cock’s hardness lessened. Daisy smiled at her stepfather.

“Did Mommy ever do this after you fucked her?”

Daisy moved down David’s body to his flaccid, cum covered cock and took it into her mouth. She sucked and stroked his cock until it was totally clean and semi-hard.

“Once or twice, your mother did that,” David said with a smile, “But not that good.”

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