Lost In The Arms Of My Love Ch. 05

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Hoping that you folks did read the previous four parts and hoping that you all did enjoy them, I’m continuing with sharing my fantasy but not before I’m done saying a few words first! The lady in question in these stories, Angel was someone I liked a lot. Yeah yeah, she was one of those NICKNAMES I fell in love with the very first time I engaged chatting with her on Yahoo. I felt that she was just the perfect one for me… the person I’ve longed for all my life. Somehow, she always preferred being a little secretive about herself. She was always very particular to turn down my millions of pleas asking her to call me up on the telephone. She preferred being anonymous. We were good online friends for over six months before I began to realize that I needed her – in all ways possible. I needed to have her with me, under me, over me, around me… everywhere, every single second!

When that thought came to me, only then did I begin talking to her about sex! She never really was comfortable doing the same, but I knew for sure that deep down – she was dying for a special someone and though she knew me inside out, she never really wanted to put her faith and trust on a virtual NICKNAME. Finally after a whole year, she did decide to call me and the moment we spoke I invited her over to my place and by miracle – my words did convince her that I was no liar and that I was crazily mad about her. Though she never accepted my invitation knowing how much I cared about her, this fantasy of mine that I’m sharing with you people is what COULD have happened… if only she came over to my place.

I’m yet again adding the last paragraph from my chapter number 4, for new readers to get an idea as to what lead to this chapter.

After what seems like eternity, she reaches behind (still straddled over my abdomen as I’m sitting over the floor), gently caresses my cock between her fingers as I caress her pussy lips too. She asks me to stop it and I obey her order (thinking that she must be truly tired by now). But to my surprise, she gently lowers her hips down and gently makes contact with my cock. She doesn’t force her weight over it but just feel the tender skin of my cock with the tender petals of her cunny by just grinding in circular movements over the tip of my cock. As she’s doing this she gets really turned on again and complements me with countless kisses. I’m awestruck at how such a tender lady… my Angel could have so much of stamina hidden inside her. My lower body acts on it’s own and keeps moving up trying to get into her love hole. The sensuous kisses of my Angel don’t help me in any way as it only worsens my cocks waiting. I keep searching for an opening but is always disappointed only in finding the outer lips or her clit. This surely excites her further, but my poor member needs more of her. That’s when I’m reminded of my own resolution of letting her be the one in control of this particular show.

She keeps moving her cunny lips closer and closer as her kisses become more prolonged. She wants this moment to last forever and she’s trying her best to keep her own desires under control, yet not really disappointing either of us. I so much wish to see how my cock spreads her pussy lips as it’s slowly entering and leaving her pussy, but since she was sensuously kissing me all along, almost eating my lips and biting the same, my view is blocked by her soft, beautiful breasts and the protruding nipples that are smashed to my chest. She slowly begins to moan soft tender moans into my mouth and I can actually hear her breathing with excitement. The smell in the whole room has changed a lot tuzla escort in the past hour and now I feel like the temperature in the room too has slowly risen. I always wished her to take charge but the was her pussy lips were teasing me, I just didn’t know how long I could really keep up to her teasing without bursting out. After a while, when I could hold it not longer, I reached my hands behind her, slowly pulled her towards me as I felt the whole soft flesh of her bosom jammed to my chest. My fingers slowly trace a line behind her spine and with that she begins to grind her hips making my penis enter a little deeper into her love nest. My hands now have reached to the place where a lot of teasing has been going on all this time. I trace my hands down her thigh and then when I reach her pussy, I slowly part both of those petals, her pussy lips wider and my cock voluntarily tries to reach deeper into her.

As this happens, my cock now has gone fully erect and it succeeds in finding the love hole it so much wants to enter. Finally, the head of my cock just goes into her love hole briefly and she gives out a moan saying “oooooooooohhhhhh… thatz great.” I can sense that she was now totally wet and I can feel that she infact had succeeded in cumming over my cock as I can see it glistening (not with my juice) with her nectar. I then realize that it was my turn to tease her and so, I spread both her lips with my hand that reached it from behind her and slowly move my lower body forward and backward. Her pussy aches in anticipation and with each movement of my cock, along the lines of her lightly spread out pussy, her grip over my head tightens and her kisses grow stronger. She licks my face completely and I do the same to her. I kiss her ears her neck, and also the cleavage of her breasts.

She is one hot and wild animal extremely hungry for some good and strong treatment and her every breath tells the story. She could hold it no more and she knew that I was teasing her beyond what she could take. She knows that I want her to enjoy the love making so much that she never forgets this day her whole life. But her needs immediate needs somehow tell her mind not to prolong it anymore. Her mind says, “DO IT NOW FOR THIS IS THE PERFECT MOMENT”. Unable to wait any longer, she pushes my fingers (that were holding her pussy lips apart) away and instead using one hand (that she freed from holding my head) reaching behind her butt, she finds her pussy hole. In the process she also accidentally touches my penis that is almost inside her, but not entirely as it was and she thinks that I’ve cum already. I assure her that it’s not mine, but her own nectar that’s over it. Satisfied that she hadn’t disappointed me, she uses two fingers to spread her petals and slowly gets down and over my rock hard cock. She spread her pussy lips extremely wide and this was something I was scared to do all this time in fear of hurting her. But she doesn’t feel any pain but just feels ecstasy as she spread her pussy.

As she does this, and since my hands are now free, I squeeze a hand through our bodies and hold my rock hard cock straight at first. Later, I slowly find the opening of her throbbing cunt and gently push it inside. She too helps me out by bringing her pussy closer to my cock and slowly but gently after a few seconds she take off her fingers from her pussy as my cock has now fully entered her love hole. The moment it enters her pussy, she gives out yet another moan and immediately reaches up to kiss me as her moans are yet again muted in a passionate kiss. She just relaxes for a few seconds trying to get a grip over herself and tuzla escort bayan trying to get used to the thickness and the length of this hard object of meat inside her. As she was still getting used to my cock, her lips became rougher and I can sense that she’s building her energy up. She slowly ends the kiss, looks into my eyes, gives out a smile and says, “Bob, I was waiting for this moment for a long time. Now do me… make love to me… Give me all the pleasures you promised me over the phone.” Hearing these words, I feel lost in another world and slowly begin to move my body up and down.

She gets real turned on and though the initial few jerks of mine aren’t all that smooth she got wet in just a few seconds, as the strokes become more constant and continuous. I can feel her getting more and more comfortable. I can feel my cock totally buried inside her love canal. I can now feel my penis touching and making contact with every single flesh that I saw inside the flower earlier in the day. As both our movements begin to get into a proper rhythm, I can feel that her pussy is expanding further. It expands and now I can feel my balls touching the outer of her pussy lips. Along with my thrusts, she too has joined in grinding my cock.

I now yet again let her take the show on. I had myself had quite a few orgasms and I knew that this time, I’m not going to be a victim of my own desire. I make my mind up that I’m her slave. I want her to feel that she can do anything she wants to do. I think that she trusted me so much and got this far, that I let her do whatever she wanted with my cock. I let her ride me to insanity as I begin to concentrate on what’s right in front of me! Her firm, yet soft and tender breasts. As both my hands are free now, I cup both her breasts and begin to squeeze them. With my lips, I find her lips and try and silence every moan, every cry and every scream that’s coming from the pleasure she’s feeling from the whole act of riding me. I squeeze her breasts harder and with that her moaning becomes louder “ahhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhh honeyyy… what’s happening to me… ohhh honey.. This feels so good”. I now close both my hands together and doing this I bring both her breasts to meet each other. All the time, I’m squeezing both of them and am once again amazed at their softness. I can see that the white skin of her breasts too turn a little pink due to my squeezing and also see her nipples became harder. I begin to play with her nipples. I pull her nipples a little and the erect nipples respond immediately by turning red. She’s now jumping up and down my cock and I’m finding it hard to keep her breasts and her nipples in my mouth but each time I get into contact with them, I do give a prolonged kiss to both her nipples. I lick them with my tongue and by now her whole chest is totally wet (as though she’d just had a shower) with my saliva. I can see that she’s reaching her ultimate pleasure riding my cock and at that time, I decide to join her in the show too. I decide that I’ve let her take enough control of the show and decide to join in on the fun too.

Sitting on the floor, I now use both my hands to raise her butt a little. I raise her so high that my cock almost gets out of her pussy and just when it is about to get out I ram her butt back onto my cock. (From the moment she came to my place, I’ve always wanted to be extremely gentle with my touches. But what happened just before my penis entered her love nest really took me by surprise. I was amazed as I thought about that moment when she couldn’t take anymore of my teasing and roughly spread her pussy lips wide apart and just pushed escort tuzla herself hard over my hard cock the first time). This rough act gives her greater pleasure too. She screams and shouts now and even my kisses are failing to control the cries of pleasure she’s giving out. I begin now to lift her up and slam her down with greater precision. I move her up and bring her down and doing so I can see and feel that her love juices have begun to drip down and I can feel it wet my balls as it drips down to the floor too.

All this time I was very slow in doing it but now since I can see that she’s totally wet and well lubricated in her love hole and that she needed to feel more pleasure, I grab her butt steady I stop my movement of the hands (of pulling and pushing her over my cock) and instead begin to move my lower body up and down and in doing so my cock enters and exits her pussy. With each stroke I get deeper and stronger and with each strong stroke she gives out a wilder sound. Finally, after sometime she gives in and changes her posture. She now hugs me burying her face over my shoulder biting my collarbone to control her own cries from escaping her mouth. I go deeper and deeper as she too has begun to move her ass in rhythm with my strong strokes. I begin to get mad and wild and my breathing too has become very hard and strong. I now have begun to get so deep inside her that I can feel her G-Spot. I slam my cock to it and she literally cries out “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh thatz the right place Bob… go deeper…”.

Hearing this my cock breathes new life as it becomes harder and penetrates deeper and deeper slamming over and over again on her walls. I can see that she’s now constantly cumming. I can feel the wetness grow on and on never wanting to stop and I can hear more of her cries now. She now moves violently and I can see that she’s nearing her climax and with a very massive stroke I let out my semen inside her and she shudder very badly and her breathing suddenly goes ten paces faster as she comes to her climax. Once she’d climaxed she looks at me with that sexy look in her eyes and kisses me but I know she’s not having any breath left in her for a passionate kiss and I just let my lips meet hers. Even after she climaxed this way she don’t stop. Though she was tired she doesn’t stop and just keeps moving over my cock but this time instead of moving up and down my cock her hips move in circles letting my cock feel the entire diameter of her stretched pussy. She keeps doing this until her breath gets back to normal and by this time my hot cock has totally shrunk and has become limp but despite that she made sure that it doesn’t pop out of her pussy. She grinds herself to a halt and just lies there over me still sitting on my cock hugging me closely as though she doesn’t want to let me go at all forever. I enjoy the sight of her in my arms and run my fingers through her hair. I play with my fingers giving tender touches to her ears and she give out a cat like moan “hmmmmmmmm…” I start to kiss her neck and slowly she just totally sinks into me.

We both are now totally exhausted and we just close our eyes and take a brief nap. After sometime my cock too escapes the confines of its prison and pops out with a slurp sound.

Finally, I did make love to her. Hmmm, thinking about it… it was she who actually rode me; so I suppose I should say She made love to me! I’ve now seen with my own eyes that such a tender, soft spoken, lovable, sweet lady could actually have so much of emotions imprisoned inside her. I can’t wait to explore further and find out the other side of this innocent looking Angel.

But then, I’m not gonna let you guys know of it now. Be patient and I’ll let you know what else happened…but in my next chapter. Do vote and share your criticisms or your comments.

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