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It started when Aunt Louise lost her husband. I was 14 at the time. Uncle David died in a workplace explosion. When you work in a warehouse that stores LNG, that’s always a risk. My mom and dad moved her in with us: she didn’t want to live in the house she had been residing in with David.

Louise was only in her mid-40’s. After selling the house she had lived in with David and getting some financial compensation from his employer, she didn’t need to work for a living. So she decided, since Mom and Dad both worked for a living, to supervise me and make sure I didn’t get into trouble. “Not that I don’t trust you, Nick. But you’re a teenager, and teenagers often make bad judgments.”

I wasn’t thrilled, to say the least. Louise was everywhere I went, watching me like a damned hawk. She was about 5-foot-4 and perhaps 220 pounds. Having a short, chubby older woman around made it hard for me to have a social life. I hit a growth spurt and by my 16th birthday I was 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds of beefcake – no fat anywhere, just toned muscle.

Needless to say, that caught the attention of girls my own age. But every time I went out on a date (in high school, that usually means going to the local McFastFood or to some local event), Louise was there as chaperone. The most I was able to do was the occasional good-night kiss.

By the time my 18th birthday rolled around, midway through my senior year, I was getting a bit frustrated. Forget getting laid: I couldn’t even get a girl’s top off. Not because they didn’t want to, but because Louise was ALWAYS freaking there. Well, at least Louise let me have my room and my magazines to myself. I went through plenty of tissues.

And then the life-altering event happened. About 2 weeks after I finished high school, my parents went out for a lovely dinner two towns over at a restaurant they adored. Apparently they both had a few too many cocktails.

The police report said that when the truck flattened Dad’s car, killing him and Mom instantly, Dad was on the wrong side of the road going 80 in a 55 zone. The truck, unable to stop anywhere near in time, hit him head on. Dad had a BAC of 0.25: the definition of legally drunk in our state is 0.08. Mom’s was 0.23, so giving the keys to her wouldn’t have been much help.

The house passed to me. But I didn’t give a flying fuck about that. I was absolutely crushed at the sudden loss of both my parents. Aunt Louise wasn’t in much better shape emotionally: her brother and her sister-in-law had just been killed.

Louise plopped down on the couch with a sigh. I settled next to her. Neither of us said a word, we just cried. I ended up closing my eyes after crying myself out. When I regained consciousness, I had toppled sideways and my head was resting on Louise’s chest. She had her arms around me and was asleep.

I lay still, not having the emotional energy to move, and kept my eyes closed. Eventually, Louise stirred merter escort to life.


My voice sounded faint and ragged. “Yes, Louise?”

“It’s 11 p.m. Time for bed.”

I wearily levered myself off the sofa, and Louise did the same. We went to separate washrooms to wash up, brush our teeth, and put on our nightclothes (pajamas for me, a nightgown for her.)



“Can you do me a favor?”

“What favor?”

“Come sleep in my bed with me. I need the company. You probably do too.”

She was right about that. We huddled together, holding each other, trying to come to grips with what had happened. Having her next to me eased things a bit.

When we woke, neither of us had the oomph to do anything other than eat some food and do our morning routine. We curled back up in the bed and spent the whole day huddled under the blankets, one if not both of us sniffling and crying. We eventually ate more food, only because our stomachs were demanding we do so. When nightfall came we fell asleep nestled together.

The next day, we summoned the emotional energy to take showers (separately) before drying off and getting back in our nightclothes. That and only eating when we were starving was all we could manage for the day, other than curl up and huddle under the blankets.

Another day passed like that, and another, and another. Louise didn’t have the energy to actually go shopping, so she ordered some groceries online and had them delivered. Our mutual depression only seemed to deepen.

My grandfather took charge of arranging for the wake, funeral, etc. It took every ounce of energy I had to make it there. Louise and I had renewed bursts of tears, were unable to say a thing, and left as soon as we could to retreat to the bed and huddle under the covers.

We continued this pattern for a month before there was a change. Louise was holding me from behind and clinging to me like a life preserver, when I felt her lips press against the back of my neck.


“What is it, Nick?”

“Are you kissing me?”



“Because I’m sad and lonely and trying to overcome depression and you’re in my arms and very handsome and I haven’t had sex since David was still alive.”

I rotated my body, still within her arms, so I could look her in the eyes. “I’m sad and lonely too, Louise, but I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready yet for sex. My depression may need to lift a bit more.”

“Well, no need to rush it.” She held me close and brushed her lips against the side of my neck. I nestled closer to her and half-closed my eyes.

Louise respected the boundary I had set. She made no effort to do anything other than hold me close and nuzzle my neck. I put my arms around her and we fell asleep like that.

I realized when I woke up how comforting it nişantaşı escort was to be held by Louise. And how nice it was to have her soft, round body next to mine. She was actually pretty good looking. When we spent the day in bed. I kissed her cheek. And when we went to sleep, we shared a soft kiss on the lips.

A week later, we parted our lips for the first time and did an open-mouth kiss. Louise was a good kisser. I told her as much, and she smiled. “Plenty of experience.”

Another week, and Louise came to bed naked. No nightgown.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”


I held her close and kissed her neck. She let out a soft purr.

“You are very sexy, Louise.”

“So, is my attempt to seduce you working?”


Two weeks more, and I found Louise guiding my head downwards from her neck. My lips traversed her upper chest and then proceeded through her cleavage.

“Kiss your way up to my nipple.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I did indeed kiss my way up her breast, from the base, to her nipple. She placed my lips over it and had me suckle gently.

“Good. Now use the tip of your tongue to circle around it.”

I did so, drawing soft sounds from her.

“I have two of them.”

I got the hint and kissed my way up her other breast, then gently suckled on that one. Louise held me very close.

“Good boy, Nick.”

I switched back and forth for a few minutes. Louise was quivering with pleasure.

“Tomorrow, come to bed naked, and we’ll do more.”

I did feel ready now to do more. The next morning, after my usual routine and some food, I removed my pajamas and joined a naked Louise in the bed.

“Start by doing what we did yesterday.”

I kissed her deeply, we twined tongues, and I worked my lips down to her breasts and suckled on them.

“Now kiss down my belly. Slowly.”

I did. Louise really enjoyed having her big belly kissed. She spread her legs a bit apart.

“Position yourself between my legs.” She opened them wide enough for me to do so.

“Kiss my thighs.”

I kissed the inside of one of her thighs, then turned my head the other way and kissed her other thigh.

“Lick along my slit.”

I ran my tongue up and down along her slit, tasting her juices. She shivered appreciatively.

“Now slide your tongue inside me and don’t stop licking.”

I did. Her scent was intoxicating. I tongued her with enthusiasm. I felt her move my hand to a spot between her legs. She guided my fingertip to a little nub. I brushed it gently. Louise’s moans increased in intensity and her legs wrapped around my head. I continued to rub and lick, and a torrent of warm, sticky fluid gushed into my open mouth and onto my face. Her body thrashed wildly and her legs squeezed my head so tightly I thought I would black out. I kept licking and rubbing, ortaköy escort and a few minutes later came another gusher.

Louise unlocked her legs from my face and boosted me back up the bed. “Your technique needs refining, but your enthusiasm is top-notch. That was great.”

I gave her a smile. “Glad you liked it.”

She started kissing her way down to my chest. “My turn to pleasure you.”

When her tongue reached my nipples and she kissed and nibbled at them, darts of pleasure started shooting all through my skin and I moaned gently. She then kissed down to my groin and I spread my legs.

Louise kissed my thighs and gently wrapped a hand around my cock, which was already fully hard. She gave my balls a lick while she stroked up and down slowly, then popped her head up and wrapped her lips around my pole.

Moving a hand to my balls, she tongued the tip of my rod teasingly, then took more of it in her mouth. My hips bucked spontaneously. Louise slid down a little farther on me and began licking along the shaft. Cum started boiling up quickly. It had been a while since I’d had a release.

Louise took the whole length of my dick into her mouth then, opening her throat a bit to accommodate it. Between her fingers on my balls and her tongue slithering along the length, I couldn’t hold back. I blasted my cum into her throat and she swallowed all of it. She kept licking me for a moment, then popped her mouth off me. My cock was still hard as iron.

“That was just the appetizer. Now I’m going to ride you. I had a hysterectomy years ago, so I want you to go ahead and fill me up.”

Louise shifted her body and lowered her still dripping pussy onto my pole.


I nodded. “Yes.”

Louise placed her hands on my chest to help brace herself as she began sliding up and down, then lowered them and leaned forward. My hands came up and found themselves on her hips.

“That’s right, Nick. Guide me up and down.”

She steadily bounced on my cock, squeezing it with her internal muscles on every downstroke. She leaned over even more, pressing her breasts into my face. I took a nipple in my mouth and suckled. Louise purred and shivered.

“You can move your hips.”

I began moving my hips in time with Louise’s movements, thrusting upward into her. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she squeezed my cock harder, as if she was trying to milk the cum out of it with her pussy.


Louise’s body shuddered and her pussy spasmed wildly around my pole. I felt my body tense and my rod throb and pulse.

“That’s it…”

I fired jets of sperm into Louise’s thirsting box. She kept her legs locked around me until every drop was extracted and my cock began to soften. Then she slid off me and lay next to me. We both were still, our bodies momentarily spent as we recovered from our climaxes.

When I was able to speak again, I gave Louise a smile. “That was… amazing.”

“I’d like to do it several times a day. We have enough money that neither of us needs to work.”

She meant that she had the money. But I wasn’t going to complain.

“Sounds good to me.”

We shared a kiss.

“How about a shower… together?”

“I like how you think.”

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