Love Always, Mom

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[Son is cruelly kicked to the curb at 18 by father; son waits for day to get even and does, replacing him in mom’s bed, consigning him to ignominy.]

Yes, I know. I couldn’t live at home forever. Still, did I have to be kicked to the curb just because I enjoyed my 18th birthday? Seems to me that a three bedroom home with only one being used would have an opening. Oh well, their house had their rules. I was out on my ear. It might not have hurt so much if he had given me a few bucks to get settled somewhere, or allowed me time to pack. Worst of all, he had this lousy grin on his kisser as he saw me fumbling with my few measly possessions as I headed off into the frigid wintry unknown. With nowhere else to go, I had to shiver the night away in the rundown men’s mission downtown. The night did not pass without an incident. I might’ve been stronger than any three of them, but there were a lot of bums there; my wallet was history. The next morning I was sharing a newspaper’s want ads with a fellow mission-member, sporting a black eye from the night before. Father drove by in his Audi. I was hoping he had second thoughts, or at least had a few dollars to assuage his conscience. In the event, he just tapped his horn lightly and gave me the ‘good bye’ gesture, wearing that same lousy grin as he drove away.

Having barely managed to finish high school, I was not exactly the ‘college kind’. I would have to get by with only the hallowed ‘H.S.’ degree. Well, it certainly got my foot in the door. Within only three days of training, I was running a fast food drive-thru with the best of them. My mother would’ve been so proud…if only she ate at a fast food dive like that.

Having to work from 60 to 70 hours per week, I was not exactly free to pursue a wild and crazy social life. In fact, my off-time was mostly spent lifting weights while watching TV. If that sounds like the life of a prison inmate, you’re not far off.

I got a mild ‘reprieve’ from this drudgery with a call I received from my sainted mother. My mom was 39, a minor star in the constellation of the area’s social circle. If you saw ‘Beverly Hills Wives’, you had a picture of my mom. After hair dye, some minor surgery, and an occasional diet, my mom was a blonde haired, blue eyed, mature, MILF sexpot. I don’t know if her boobs were real or ‘store bought’, but her blouse was always straining to burst open, the buttons about to pop off. With a slim waist, motherly hips, shapely legs and the sexiest smooth feet in America, mom was sizzling hot. If she had spoken up for me, perhaps even insisted that I could stay at home till I got a good job, then I’d have felt something for her. In the event, she was utterly silent as my daddy delighted in shooing me away. The fact that it was freezing cold; I could only carry so much of my things; and I was almost penniless didn’t seem to matter.

Completely unknown to me, I was kicked out so unceremoniously because my father was frightened that I might take-over the mantle of ‘man of the house’. For years he had pursued long distance bicycling, in spite of my mom’s concerns. Sure enough, one day he turned up totally, and I mean totally, impotent. My gorgeous mother might’ve been more sympathetic had she not warned him of this. Now, all he could see was a wealthy wife with a spectacular figure not being ‘serviced’ by him at home. The specter of a ‘hunk’ son under the same roof was just too much for him to contemplate, hence my ejection. It turns out he had good cause for concern. My beautiful mother was indeed very horny and my maturing physique and good looks had not gone unnoticed. More than once she had thought of me as she played with her battery-powered ‘little friend’ that she kept in the nightstand drawer. All of this was academic as mom called me one day:

Mom: “How are you doing, dear? I know we haven’t spoken since you moved out, but your father said it would be better for you. I’m sure that you could use some extra money these days, so how would you like to ‘tend bar’ for us during our big annual party? You would only have to make drinks and clean up the bar. So, how about it?”

Me: “Okay, sure. I’m off on Saturday night. Did you e-mail me this list?”

Mom: “Yes, honey I did. I hope it wasn’t presumptuous of me, but I thought since you were coming here, why should I have to make a separate trip?”

Me: [Reviewing the printout from my mom.] “Okay, I went shopping with you every week as I grew up, so I know the veggies you like, etc. One thing, though, you listed FunTex, those things with the strings, I guess. Do I have to get those?”

Mom: “No, you don’t.”

Me: “I can’t believe you still need those things.”

Mom: “I don’t think this is a subject we should be discussing.”

Me: “You’re right! So, I don’t have to get them…good”

Mom: pendik escort “On second thought, I might need them. Your father has my car–mine is in for service. I don’t want to discuss my cycles; suffice it to say that I might need those things. Your father would never pick them up for me. So, be a dear and pick them up. Like I said, I don’t want to discuss my personal cycles, like whether I am ‘safe’ or incredibly fertile at the moment. I will just tease you and say I am one or the other. See you at the party, sweetheart.”

Well, I arrived hours before the party was to start, handing mom all the party supplies that she had forgotten to pickup during her weekly shopping. Oh, I also handed her that box of Funtex. I was glad to be free of it. To my utter shock, my society mom kissed me in thanks. She then turned away from me in the kitchen. Wearing only a green house robe, she ripped open the box and inserted one of those things inside of her. What was even more unexpected was that she moaned ever so slightly as she shoved that cotton thing up her damp, welcoming vagina. For the first time I wanted in there. My cock suddenly erected, pumping to nine inches of titanium hard metal. My seed reservoirs just below it expanded like small balloons being inflated.

As my mom turned back towards me, she proceeded to close that short robe. She was a bit slow though; before she could button back up, I saw that she was nude…NUDE…underneath that damn robe. I caught a glimpse, perhaps picoseconds, of her perfect breasts, nipples and all. We were talking playmate foldout quality, too. That did it! Somehow I was going to combine getting back at my snooty father (for making me sleep at the homeless shelter just after leaving home) with bedding my beautiful mother. I looked into my wonderful mother’s sparkling blue eyes. To my bewilderment, she then nodded to me. If only I had known what that meant. I was welcome ‘in there’ at that point; as it turned out, there was no need for the extreme steps I took at the party.

My plan was not all that clever, really. I was going to be the bartender for the soiree. I would give everyone very mild drinks. If there was a mature babe there that I wanted to have a ‘go’ at, I would use some 180 proof alcohol to spike her drink. Towards the end of the party, I would spike both of my parents’ drinks. Being petite and loving, I would spike mom’s drinks much, much less than his. With any luck, old daddy would be out like a light while mom would be awake, but open to ‘my attentions’.

Well, that’s how it all played out. Most everyone liked the drinks I made (I had to use a cheat-sheet since I was not a drinker.) No one complained that I barely put any booze in drinks, since I always used a proper measure when they were looking. During the drama that was that cocktail party, I had one goal, bedding mom. I had no idea that I would briefly be sidetracked. But, being a male, I was a hunter of opportunity, and another MILF presented herself to me:


Subplot No. 1->ME AND MRS.Z.

Everyone was actually rather nice to me, except of course my father. He told me I only had to work the bar, but soon I was serving along with the white livery dressed catering staff. I had to fetch drinks and ice when we ran out. It was tough. Only one couple was snooty to me, besides him. The absolute zenith of local society, Aubrey Z. still had that haughtiness, the arrogant air of a debutante. Well, she acted as if she just had her ‘coming out’ in society; in fact, it was only 30 years ago. Now, at 46, she was just the town gossip and the second hottest MILF babe in the region (after my sexy mom.)

Okay, I thought. This would be a great rehearsal for my main event (mom and dad.) I gave Aubrey Z. and her husband quite a jolt in their last cocktails. I then gently guided them to my parents’ room. On mom’s big bed was a pile of coats about four feet high. I pushed those coats off the bed. I then grabbed a swaying, tipsy, Mrs. Z. and gently placed her on her back on the bed. Not forgetting anything, I stood back up, grabbing her useless wealthy husband and put him down in a chair.

As I was doing this in the middle of mom’s party, and someone could ask for their coat to leave at any second, I didn’t have time to even strip that sexy woman. I didn’t know that my effort to save time would be helped by open front panties, but she was wearing them. Talk about easy access! I put my huge babymaker into Mrs. Z.’s tight, hot, pussy. She did not muster even a slight protest; nor did her weakling husband. I rolled that society dame up towards the bed board, my cock getting deeper and deeper with every thrust of my relentless hips. My rough, uncut cockhead was exciting her hypersensitive vaginal walls as I performed the task of putting a hard cock into a sopping pussy.

To my amazement, her neighbor poked her head into the room. silivri escort It was quite a sight, seeing a young buck between her friend’s mature, but shapely legs. Mrs. Z.’s expensive color-keyed (to the outfit) blue velveteen shoes were up in the air as I went like a jack hammer, pounding in and out with increasing intensity. It was such an arresting sight that Mrs. Z.’s friend couldn’t tear herself away. From her vantage point, she could see my testes flying up and down, those family jewels swollen to the size of mangoes, heavy with seed. As Mrs. Z. quietly moaned in ecstasy, I manfully grabbed her behind in a powerful grip. Looking down at this snooty society woman, I thought how great it would be to get her pregnant. Now, THAT would show her! To that end, with my oversized cockhead, I penetrated this inner chamber of her inner chamber. There, I proceeded to pump squirt after squirt, shot after shot…drip, trickle, ooooooze, drip. It was over; Mrs. Z. was mine and fairly won.

I carefully went to my mom’s bedside nightstand. I knew she kept her ‘little friend’ in there. I didn’t turn that battery powered thing on; I only used it as a ramrod, pushing my potent seed deeper and deeper inside Mrs. Z. fertile depths. I then carefully pushed down her dress and lifted her off the bed. I rounded up both she and her husband and whisked them to their car. I offered to get them a cab (on me) or that free tow-truck service for people near or over the drinking limit. To be unbelievably cold about it, I didn’t care if he drove into a tree, but I didn’t want harm to come to my lovely lady: Aubrey Z. Well, somehow, he made it home safely with Mrs. Z.

That worked out great, as our love lives got more and more daring; finally, we would f-ck right in front of her cuckolded husband. Mrs. Z. had gone from staid, stolid society butterfly to a cock-crazed slut. It was such a turn-on to service his sexy wife within inches of him as he sat, wincing slightly, watching the business report on cable TV. He was pretty cool about it, actually, and only reacted when Mrs. Z. cried out in orgasm, her shout being heard throughout their mansion. Even better, her considerable household staff would be in their quarters, watching TV too as they overheard our action. Somehow they managed to tape the action and secretly put it on YouTube. They did that every time we did ‘it’ after the 1st time. Better yet, as Mrs. Z.’s belly expanded beautifully, heavy with child, they filmed that too. Eventually I caught on to them. Instead of ‘ratting them out’, I enjoyed the replays, especially the child’s delivery which I obviously couldn’t attend. It WAS a hit of the web, for a while. Knowing that we might be on camera, I actually put a towel over my head when I snuck into their private hospital room.

With the little pinhole YouTube camera whirring away, I was bold enough to suckle her warm, sweet, breastmilk right in front of her impotent hubby in that hospital room. Just before they checked out to take the new tyke home, I actually was bold enough to go to the side of the hospital bed. I spun Mrs. Z. 90 degrees so she was perpendicular to the bed, allowing me access to her just-had-a-baby womb. It was much too soon, having just delivered a beautiful, healthy baby only three days before, but I proceeded to pump my vibrant, healthy teen sperm deep inside of her matronly but once again fertile pussy. It was medically impossible to get pregnant in such a short period post-partum; that made it all the more surprising when a few hours after leaving her side, and unknown to anyone, she once again conceived a baby of mine.

That was mostly after that cocktail party. Let’s return to the party to see how my original plan went…

Subplot No. 2->Forced out of my home with only a trunk, I went into a funk. I was sunk. Mom gets drunk; touches my junk; mates with this hunk; being a punk, I fill her with my spunk. I had spewed. Sure it was rude, but I was crude. I went and got some food. Later we again got lewd, both of us in the nude. I threw away that ‘lude, didn’t need it, dude. Mom pointed down there, so I was cued that she was in the mood. No need for her to be wooed, next step? Get her gooed, onto her ovum sperm got glued. The first of our brood. So we did it, in the nude…dude. SOLID…

As much fun as it was to show Mrs. Z. and her puny hubby who was boss in these woods, my primary goal was still getting my parents tipsy so I could get a chance to bed my gorgeous mom. As I said before, my ‘MO’ would be to spike their drinks towards the end of the party. They had dozens of parties, each of which ended at midnight sharp. So, by 11:30pm on, my parents enjoyed mixed cocktails with a little 180 proof firewater mixed in.

By midnight, I had to say the last goodbyes. My old pa was looking very glassy eyed, sitting in a sedan chair as if he were part of the furniture. With all of the guests safely gone, I proceeded to search out my mom. şirinevler escort Anticipating a whale of a good time, my cock instantly pumped to iron hardness. As I walked, it started tunneling upwards, escaping the confines of my jockeys and even bursting up thru the belt to rise above my navel. My balls were drooping with the weight of seed; I had amassed an enormous load of sperm-laden cum and I was anxious to pump it deep inside my own mom. I couldn’t wait to ruin that spectacular figure of hers—couldn’t wait for her belly to be swollen with my baby. Maybe, just maybe, my old man would have second thoughts about the way he treated me, kicking me out of an empty house just to ‘show me who was the man of the house’. Well, with my mom sporting a big belly, heavy with child, heavy with MY child, I guess he would have to accept a new ‘man of the house’.

Leaving my old codger of a daddy in the living room, I went to their bedroom. The coats were now all gone, of course. The only thing on that bed now was my dear mother. I was careful not to make either one of them blind drunk, as that would be no fun and might even be ‘wrong’. No, in the event, they both could see and say no to anything I might try. In that spirit, I scampered onto that bed and proceeded to strip my glorious mom into her birthday suit.

For someone who had never seen his mother in even a bathing suit, this was a particular thrill. Removing that big-cupped 36D bra, you could imagine the thrill, the shivers that vibrated through me. Removing that skirt to reveal her bikini-waxed smooth legs, my hands went to work feeling their showgirl perfection. Shyly sticking a finger inside of her, I found she was furnace hot even in this drunken haze. Little did I know that mom had spent hours, and I mean hours, just to look good at the party…for me! The expensive and painful process that made her legs incredibly silky smooth and sexy, the waxing, was something she had only done once…for this party. She spent an hour just selecting her outfit. If I had known that mom’s nipples popped and she got sopping wet as soon as I arrived for the party, I might not have wasted the effort getting HER drunk.

I kissed mom–hard. She gave me a sloppy kiss back, opening her mouth and offering her tongue. It was messy, but the idea of ‘making out’ with my snooty mom was mind-blowing. My hands made up for lost time, caressing and stroking every square inch of her unbelievable body. Totally nude, I had a field day kissing each pouting nipple, her Bo Derek-like chiseled toned midriff, and finally that welcoming warm place down there. Though she dyed her hair blond, her forest of fur above her entrance was reddish-brown, betraying the illusion of blondeness.

I was about to unceremoniously slam myself deep inside my gorgeous mom when I remembered something. Reaching down there, I found the string in question and removed that item from inside her. I then jumped up from the bed and checked her medicine drawer. I knew that mom used to complain about her diaphragm. I was hoping (against hope) that she had given that up as her hubby got older and more and more useless in the bedroom. Sure enough, there it was in a protective plastic case. Next to it were her treasured ‘pills’. She used to use them religiously, even showing me once the date on the blister pack. Well, I found her old prescription and she had stopped using them too. Dear old mom: so lovely, so loving, so fertile, so totally unprotected.

Well, I proceeded to show both of them who the new ‘man of the house’ was. That very day I pumped a lot of potent seed into my very own mom. Often, she would protest that I shouldn’t, that I might get her pregnant. I’d ignore that and come, deep inside of her. By the third time we mated, mom had dropped the pretense that she objected and begged me to come, deep inside of her. She wanted my baby. Now THAT was enticing. I was completely done before any final (fourth) go-round. Mom took the lead at that point, saying she was sorry that she hadn’t breastfed me as an infant; she vowed that she wouldn’t make that mistake again if we were to have a baby. Well, that got my motors running just enough to do her that fourth and final time.

Each time I came, I thought of the idea of her being pregnant with my baby. That just made me pump harder, drive deeper, and linger longer. I had no idea of what her cycles actually were. To be absolutely certain, therefore, I proceeded to f-ck my own mom some four times in the first night together (the one with the cocktail party.) At first she actually struggled against me ever so slightly. Later, she would just lay there on her bed, as if she was doing some adult feature. 9 times out of 10, you could walk by her and see a waterfall of thick, opaque, white liquid dripping out of her sperm-filled cunt. I was amazed when he came out of his drunken stupor, saw that ‘creampie’ dripping out of mom’s well-fucked cunt, and said nothing.

It was only poetic justice. He’d thrown me out of my own house; a boy who had just turned 18. I now returned to re-pay that ‘favor’, successfully installing myself as the new ‘man of the house’. To my amazement, it came off flawlessly. Neither of them uttered a single word of complaint when I moved into the master bedroom with mom, consigning him to move out as I had been forced to do.

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