Love in the Rain

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She held my hand tightly as we waited for the rainstorm to stop. We were under a large tree that I had no idea what the name was. However, it wasn’t a decent umbrella that was for sure. Instead of being hit with the cold, hard rain, we were being dribbled on. We could have been under one of the picnic shelters but Saturday afternoon picnickers took them all and we wanted to be alone.

I smiled and pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her from behind under her breasts. “Cold, lover?” I asked.

She nodded and shivered a bit. I pulled her tight and she clasped her own arms around mine. “Could be worse,” she said in that alto voice I loved, “You might not be here.” She bent her head around and smiled at me.

I chuckled, “True. We waited so long and now here we are.”

She twisted so that we were face to face and brought up her arms between mine. I let go as she did so, then clasped my hands around her again. She put her hands around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss. Our mouths opened and our tongues danced against each other before settling into a caressing rhythm. She was a fantastic kisser, the best I had every kissed. I loved kissing her and purred into her mouth.

She giggled and our kiss broke. I smiled broadly and laughed as well.

She placed her head against my chest and said, “I was serious you know. I am not going to let you get on that plane.”

I sighed. I knew I didn’t want to leave either, but I had to back home. When I did, I had no idea when we were going to see each other again. Long distance relationships are a bitch.

“Let’s not think about that right now, sweetness,” I said. “We have a few days before that and I want to enjoy this minute. Even if I am cold and wet.”

She snuggled closer not saying anything and I took that for agreement. I looked out at the lake again. The rain was coming down even harder than before. You couldn’t even see the other side. All the sailboats had made for the shore and the lake was empty except for a few birds that huddled in the rain.

She moved her hands inside the circle of my arms and I looked back at her. She smiles shyly at me and toyed with one of the buttons on my shirt. “You know,” she said. “We have an opportunity to knock of one of the things on our list.” I looked at her not comprehending. She flicked open the topmost button on my shirt. “Making love in the rain.”

I frowned for a second, “But it’s cold!” I protested.

She looked at me sternly. Or as sternly as you can when you are having too much fun. “Sweetie, don’t make me order you.” She laughed and opened the second button and moved on to the third.

I chuckled and bend to kiss her neck. She submitted for a moment then pulled away. “You know how that drives me crazy. I can’t concentrate.”

I grinned, “I know.”

She had got all the buttons undone and slid her hands in against my skin. She caressed bursa escort up my side until her thumbs rubbed over my nipples. She kissed my chest, then licked over to my right nipple. I caught my breath when she lightly bit it and then sucked it into her mouth.

She looked up at me, “Not want to?”

I sternly looked at her, “Oh I want to baby. But not under the tree. C’mon.” I took her hand and led her down to the shore of the lake. We found a place behind some bushes and turned toward each other. We kissed again and the kiss lasted this time. Our hands were busy divesting each other of out clothes. My shirt was the first to go and she unbuttoned my shorts. She had to stop for a moment as I pulled her sweater-shirt off so she could lift her hands over her head. I captured her mouth again the second it came clear, kissing and sucking at her. She kissed me back just as ferociously as her hands encircled my neck.

I slipped my hand up her wet back to the clasp of her bra. With uncharacteristic ease, the clasp opened on the first try.

She giggled and took a step backwards. She lowered her arms and her bra fell off. Her breasts were small and wonderful, with hard dark nipples perched on the end of their lovely shapes.

“Like what you see, mister?” she asked with a catch in her voice.

“Uh-huh,” I answered. “Come here you vixen.”

She laughed and came into my arms. Her body was cold but it was warming up pressed against mine. I loved the way she fit into me. Somehow it was perfect and wonderful and all those things love is supposed to be.

She pulled on my pants and the zipper of the shorts slid down with an audible buzz. She giggled and pushed the wet shorts off my hips. They fell into the mud with a plop and I reached for her. I was much more naked than she was.

She let me catch her and kissed me hard, her tongue invading my mouth possessively. Not that I minded, you understand. Her hands slipped into my waistband and onto my ass, grabbing it and pulling me hard against her.

Before I could do anything, she went to her knees in front of me and pulled my underwear down. My cock sprung out nearly hitting her in the forehead. I laughed, “Careful. You could put your eye out with that thing.”

She didn’t say anything, just lifter her hand to encircle my hardness as her other hand caressed my balls. She stuck out her tongue and licked me slowly starting from the root all the way to the tip. She ended it with a kiss, swirling her tongue over my cock’s head.

I groaned and started to slip down to my knees, but she stopped me. “No, baby. I want to do this for you.”

“But…” I started.

“Consider it payback for last night,” she smiled. I smiled back and she licked my cock again, taking her time. Her eyes were locked on mine as she did so and it was extremely erotic and set my nerves on fire. She slipped back and kissed the head of my bursa escort bayan dick. Then slowly sucked the head in between her lips. She continued to look at me with a devilish gleam in her eyes. She swirled her tongue over my dick’s head and the tip tried to get in the hole at the end. Then, with no warning, she sucked hard and slid me half of my cock into her mouth. I groaned and tossed my head back.

The rain hit my face and helped me concentrate. Angie continued to suck and stroke my cock and balls as she slid her lips over my length. The rain fell down pitter-patting against my chest and face. The difference between the cold water and the warmth of her mouth was electrifying and I could feel myself starting to rise. Faster than fellatio usually takes me, much faster. Angie had told me that she had not done this much, but damn! She was good.

“Gods, love. If you don’t slow down….” I sucked in a breath. “I’m going to come.”

She slid off my cock and kissed it lightly, “Can’t have that now can we? At least not yet.” She stood and stepped forward to kiss me. As our mouths opened and our tongue intertwined I imagined I could taste my pre-cum. I slipped my hands between us and moved to the clasp of her shorts. They came open easily and she captured my tongue and sucked on it, like she had just done to my cock. I slipped the wet fabric over her hips and slid them down. She wasn’t wearing any panties, at least that simplified things.

Now we were both naked in the rain, except for our shoes. I felt silly standing there in Reboks but hey, who cared? She was wearing sandals.

She pulled me down and we sank down under the rain and behind the bushes. Somehow it just worked out that I slipped between her legs and she wrapped her legs around my waist, guiding me into her. I felt the head of my cock slide against her pussy lips, but not into her. She growled in mock frustration and slipped a hand between us to guide me into her. Her fingers slipped around me and guided my cock into her. I sighed with contentment as I slipped into her. It almost felt as if I was sliding forever, that I was never going to sink all the way in. She moaned softly as I penetrated her.

I slowed down, not sinking all the way in. She hunched her hips trying to get all of me inside of her. Her eyes opened and she looked at me, “Lover, please. Don’t tease. Not right now.”

I smiled and then jerked forward, driving the last inch of my cock into her. Her legs tightened around my thighs as she felt me go in all the way. I kissed her softly, but that kiss turned into a passion filled wrestling of our tongues.

Somehow, without really consciously thinking about it, my body began to move. Slowly I drew my cock out of her. I could feel her tightening her pussy, trying to keep me in. Then just as slowly I sank back into her. She sighed into my mouth.

Dimly I felt the rain hitting my back escort bursa and chilling me. But the warmth of our lovemaking was too much. I was probably going to be sick as a dog tomorrow but this was worth it. Making love to this beautiful, vibrant woman was everything I had imagined it to be. And more.

Angie dug her fingers into my shoulder and moaned, “Baby, god, I’m coming!” Her nails bit into my flesh as I felt her pussy spasm around my hard cock. I continued to stroke. I wasn’t ready yet – quite. Her incredible head had peaked my pleasure and the very short break between that and this lovemaking had slowed my engine somewhat. Now my passion was rising again, much more slowly.

Angie screamed my name, loud enough that I was afraid the picnickers at a nearby shelter might hear us. Not that I really cared, but still… She moaned again and then said hoarsely, “Your… Your cock… It feels so damn good. So big. You really fill me up sugar. God, I love it!”

That was it, her words ignited the fuse. I began picking up speed, stroking in and out of her as my cock began to swell. I could feel my cum boiling inside of me. In a heartbeat I grunted, then yelled, “Angie! God, I love you!” I continued to thrust into her as my cum spurted into her, once, twice, three times.

I felt the tremors of my orgasms slide down my spine as Angie caressed me and held me. There was a reason that the French called an orgasm “la petite morte.” None of my muscles would respond. I was totally drained.

Angie kissed me softly and I felt her pussy squeeze my softening cock. I moaned softly in counterpoint, I was really sensitive – in a very good way. I kissed her back and she began to giggle.

“I le you to, baby,” Angie said looking into my eyes, “But I never thought we would say those words in the middle of a mud patch in the park!”

I laughed and the rain began to lessen just a bit. “Uh huh,” I said. “We had better get out of here. Before someone sees us.”

Angie flushed and then grabbed me to keep me from pulling out of her. “Not yet, lover,” she said softly.

I paused and looked at her. I was beginning to shiver. The rain really was cold. She looked me in the eyes; “You surprised me. I didn’t think you would say that you loved me.”

I shrugged, ill at ease as examining my feelings, “Well, I do. I have for a long time now. I just didn’t know how to tell you. Didn’t want to scare you.”

She smiled and kissed me softly on the mouth, “That doesn’t scare me. The fact that you might not have told me scares me.”

I chuckled, “Well, I have. And I will say it again. I love you my peach. Very much. Now, can we get out of the cold rain? I want to go back to your house and take a long hot bath.”

Angie smiled and disengaged herself from me. I started to gather our clothes. “With me or without me?” Angie asked as she picked up her wet, muddy shorts and tried to vainly shake them out. They were pretty ruined. I hoped she had some towels in her jeep otherwise the upholstery would probably be ruined.

“With you of course,” I answered.

“Oh good,” she said. I laughed and she joined in.

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