Loveland Pt. 03

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Day 5 Loveland, Colorado

I woke up in an optimistic mood. I was no longer a little miffed that Kate had brought my wife into our discussion the night before.

Kate did not know that. When she had fallen asleep, all she knew was that she had put me off. So, she said, “I’m sorry I brought up your wife last night.”

‘Don’t worry about it,” I told her. “In fact, you did the right thing to ask about her. You have a right to know,” and then added, “given my obvious interest in you.”

She looked relieved.

We left Dubois around 9:00 o’clock. Our objective was to reach Loveland in Colorado. We would stay overnight there and then decide what highway we would take on our generally easterly journey. According to the Google search, Loveland was 375 miles away. It would take the equivalent of about six hours of non-stop driving.

Of course, stops were inevitable, to buy gas, eat, make pit stops and take pictures, whenever we saw beautiful scenery or something interesting. We estimated it would take us about eight hours to reach Loveland. As it turned out, we eventually arrived in Loveland around 5:00 in the afternoon.

We spent the rest of the trip talking about all sorts of mostly inconsequential things.

Along the way, we stopped in Fort Collins where we treated ourselves to a couple of big juicy New York sirloins at a local restaurant. While I usually ate only small pieces of meat in one go, today I shared her big appetite.

After filling ourselves, we headed for Loveland to look for place to stay the night.

As it turned out, Loveland was aptly named in more ways than one.

We stopped at a motel that had rooms similar to the one we had in la Grande Oregon, one bed and sofa. I did not volunteer to take the sofa. I would let Kate decide what our arrangements would be. I boldly assumed that we would share the same bed.

We took a bottle of wine out of trunk of the car. There were two paper cups next to the complimentary coffee machine. She poured equal portions into the two cups.

She accepted my invitation to sit on the sofa with me.

“To us,” I toasted.

“Yes, to us!” she agreed.

We gulped them down.

“Let’s finish off the bottle,” she suggested. “There’s no point in carrying it around.”

I agreed. We downed the rest of the bottle. It was enough to make us feel slightly tipsy.

I put my arm around her shoulder. She snuggled into the crook of my arm, folding her lovely sensual legs onto the sofa.

I kissed her hair. She turned her face to me. I kissed her on the lips. She returned the kiss. I sensed that we were on the threshold of something more.

I took her chin in my hand and drew it toward my mouth. I kissed her again but with more feeling. She returned my kiss just as strongly. My irrepressible penis started to react to the sweet sight, smell and touch of the woman I saw as a prime example of female eroticism.

She broke the kiss. “Do you mind if I take a shower first?”

“No, of course not,” I responded, “Go right ahead. “I’ll take my shower after you’re done.”

This time, she was not shy about taking off her clothes in front of me! She was in no hurry to remove her clothes, but she did not act like a stripper either. She made no effort to gyrate around the room, roll her hips, or shake her boobs, or throw air kisses to me from pouted lips.

I was glad she did not do any of that. Strippers might turn on some men. I was not one of them.

Knowing her, she probably considered that acting like a stripper was unbecoming of a woman of her maturity and was wholly inconsistent with her character and personality. I could not have agreed with her more. Any attempt on her part to act like a stripper would have come across as a parody. And that would have been a big turn-off!

She acted naturally with no extras and no fanfare. She pulled off her dress. While she took off her bra, she tried to hide her breasts with her arm, then dropped her arm to expose her lovely little milk mounds to my view. She looked straight into my eyes. Our eyes locked for a moment.

Her modesty re-asserted herself, or so I thought. She turned around, putting her back to me. She put her fingers in the waistband of her panty and pulled it down. It was not intended to tease me, buy it did.

Once the panty slipped over her hips, it fell to the floor. She bent over to pick it up. In doing so, she displayed her vulva to my lust-filled gaze. Her labia looked swollen. They glistened with moisture that only comes with excitement.

It took all my will-power, and the knowledge that I still had my clothes on, not to jump her bones right then and there! Oh, I so wanted to go for it, but I managed to keep myself under control. I had to admit that the little witch had cast a strong spell on me!

Kate turned around and blushed. She must have realized that her attempt at modesty had actually led her to pose in an even more immodest position. She locked eyes with me again. She saw that she had enflamed bursa escort me. What she saw was the hunger of a wolf when he recognizes that his mate is in heat.

She smiled. From the twinkling in her eyes, I knew that I was also having the lustful same effect on her! A quick peek at her nipples showed that they had hardened into cherry pits. For a second, I thought we going to rush into each other’s arms and rut on the floor.

But she walked into the bathroom to take her shower. As much as I wanted to, I resisted the temptation to join her.

She seemed to take forever in the bathroom. When she walked out of the bathroom with a large towel wrapped around her, I looked at my watch. It had taken her less than ten minutes.

It was my turn to take a shower.

As I started to head to the bathroom, she said coyly, “Don’t you think you should take off your clothes first?”

I had not thought about it because there was enough room in the bathroom to hang up my clothes. However, if I didn’t take my clothes off in front of her, she would assume had suddenly become modest and would laugh at me for it, especially considering that I had stripped in front of her on previous nights.

I stripped facing her while she watched. She leered at my manhood. If eyes could grab a cock, hers would. The horny little witch made my dick twitch. Her admiration caused my one-eyed monster to rear its smooth chrome-like head and stare at her in anticipation of the sex to come. She smiled broadly, apparently pleased with the effect that she had on me.

I took my shower. I was all business in the bathroom. In my eagerness to get at some very fine pussy as soon as possible, I didn’t waste a single minute in the bathroom. I was washed and dried myself finished in less than eight minutes and walked out still naked.

I saw that she was under the sheets. I did not see her night clothes and assumed that she was wearing them.

“I don’t want to get chilled tonight,” she cooed. “Please keep me warm.” She patted the bed next to her indicating where she wanted me to be, right next to her.

My cock, which had deflated while I was in the shower, was twitching and swelling again.

I reached for my pyjamas.

“You don’t really need them, do you?” she cooed again. “It’s not cold.” She seemed almost breathless.

‘What?’ I thought. ‘She says she wants me in bed to keep her warm but it’s not cold?’ Then the realization dawned on me! Sometimes I can be such a dunderhead! She was inviting me to be naked with her in bed!

Guess what that means. Using hockey as an analogy, I was on a breakaway on the verge of scoring a goal in an empty net. All I had to do was shoot, and I would score. What could be simpler?

Knowing that the gates of heaven were nearby, my pecker reached for the skies at the same time as jumped into bed with her. Its ferocity left no room for doubt that I lusted after her. And she lusted after me too. Trust me. I know a horny woman when I am lying beside one.

I faced her. We looked each other in the eyes.

I kissed her tenderly on the lips. She returned the kiss just as tenderly.

I kissed her again, flicking my tongue between her lips. She gave in kind. Each time we exchanged a kiss, it was more passionate than the last one.

Finally, I gripped her jaws with my hands and held her firmly to my mouth and probed deeply into her mouth with my tongue. She was not the least bit passive in her response. Her tongue dueled with mine.

We kissed hotly for several minutes. French-kissing turned out to be a deeply erotic experience for both of us. Penetrating her mouth with my tongue was the prelude to penetrating her with my penis. I wanted nothing less than to skewer her with both appendages.

I shifted my left hand to place it on the back of her neck, keeping her lips tightly against mine. My right hand began to explore her body and discovered that she was naked. I looked for and found a nipple. It was so stiff that it felt like a pebble. I put my fingers around it and pulled it out gently. She moaned her pleasure. I repeated the same pull on her other breast.

As I slid my hand down her back, I tossed off the sheet, using my feet to push it toward the end of the bed. I stopped kissing her for a moment. I leaned back for a moment so that my eyes could feast on her body. I took her back into my arms and resumed kissing her. Once again, I slid my right hand down her back until I reached and cupped one of her ass-cheeks.

After kissing for a few more minutes, I rolled onto my back. Holding onto her with my left arm, I took with me so that she was now lying on my chest. Both my hands were now free to roam her body. I stroked her repeatedly from her shoulders to her ass-cheeks. Sometimes I took hold of both ass-cheeks, kneading them in my hands. I moved her up and down on my cock. She expressed her own passion by pressing her pelvis her against my raging hard-on as if she were trying to capture it between her nether lips.

I was so desperate bursa escort bayan to ram my love muscle into her thin but supple body, but I held off for fear that, if I entered her woman heavenly, I would likely see the stars before she did. Instead, my hand crawled between our bodies and insinuated itself in the cramped space between the outside of my stiff cock and the hairy patch of her Venusian delta. I stroked her labia as she moaned. Then I managed to slip a finger into her vagina. It was hot and wet like a geyser. I knew then that, when my phallus penetrated her, she would gush like geyser. Kate was the personification of Mother Earth.

During this whole time. we never stopped kissing.

Kate moaned again as my probing finger, wet from its entrance to her seething vagina, slid across her clitoris. She yearned to be taken but I resisted the urge take her and have my way with her. I wanted her to beg me for it.

And then she did. “Take me,” she croaked. “It’s been so long.” She reached for my iron-hard cock and pulled it toward her sopping wet hole pussy. “Take me,” she cried. “Make love to me. I need you. I want to feel you inside me. Please, please, give it to me.”

I was desperate to oblige her, which was exactly the problem. I had become so excited at the prospect of having sex with her that I was totally on the edge. If I put my over-eager love column inside her, the feel of her hot channel grasping my cock would surely cause me to ejaculate inside in seconds. I suspected that she was probably also close to cumming, but I was determined to make sure that she came first before I took my own pleasure. So, I heroically refrained from penetrating her.

While keeping my grip on her, I rolled over again so that I was on top of her. It would put me in a better position to pump into her. No doubt, she was expecting me to unleash my inner animal, enter her, and make vigorous love to her. In eager anticipation of my next move, she gripped my ass and tugged me against her, encouraging me perform my manly duty at her altar of sweet love.

In an act of unprecedented will-power, I whispered hoarsely, “Not yet.”

Instead, I sucked on her tits, giving each of them equal time. Her nipples were fully distended. She gasped as my tongue crossed her sensitive mammary nubs. They felt like pebbles on my tongue. At the same time, I worked a couple of fingers into her vagina made a sloshing sound.

I slid back down her body. My mouth created a trail of saliva that led to her wondrous juice-filled box while pumping in and out of her with my fingers.

She grabbed my head and tried to pull me back up to her face. “Oh Peter, I’m ready!” she moaned. “You’re driving me crazy. Why are you waiting? I’m so ready. Please make love to me!”

I kid you not. I really wanted me to oblige her, but I still resisted. Instead, I grabbed a nearby pillow and I shoved it under ass. Now her honey pot was totally exposed to me and fully accessible to my assaults whatever form they might take.

I forced her legs apart to give me more access to her vulva. I licked the space between the outer edges of her labia along the line where her thighs joined her torso. Then my tongue followed the contour of her outer working my way up to her clitoris. I licked and sucked it a few times. I then went down on the outer side of her other outer labia. I repeated the same process between the outer and inner labia, focussing on her clitoris again.

After I came back down with my tongue between her other outer and inner labia, I worked my way toward her aromatic vaginal hole. I stuck my tongue into her wet slit and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure. I wriggled my tongue inside her. I lapped up a continuous stream of the tastiest nectar I had ever had while she squirmed on my tongue.

Then I focused on her clitoris again, flicking the little nub with my fast-moving tongue. She moaned with increasing desire. Her entire body shuddered with sensual delight as I used my mouth to drink her juices.

“Oh my, oh my,” she mewled,” I’m almost there.”

That was my cue to suck, and lick and stroke her nub like a maniac.

Suddenly, she started convulsing as her climax overtook her. She gushed like a geyser as she came. Her font of womanly fluids shot flowed into my mouth. I lapped up as much of it as I could. Man, did it ever taste good! I will never forget it. Nothing tastes better than a passionate woman’s cum.

With my face still buried between her soft, smooth, pillowy thighs, a stray thought entered my mind. I concluded that Old Faithful really was indeed a female.

Having achieved my initial goal of getting her to cum first, I stood up. I aligned my cock with her heavenly hole. I was about to realize my long-held erotic daydream of plowing into Kate, the human personification of Mother Earth, and then seeding her.

I thrust into her slowly, inch by inch. My phallus, and me, relishing every sensation that its nerves and the overwhelming heat of her vagina could provide. What escort bursa joy, what ecstasy to feel more and more of myself slip into depths. Then I could go no farther. My cock was completely buried in her womanhood. Her hot, wet sleeve of love, surrounded and gripped the instrument of our mutual ecstasy. The sensations of our union were wonderful and indescribable. My cock twitched. I knew I could not hold out much longer.

I took hold of the bed’s headboard. Using it as leverage, shove myself harder into her in an effort to reach the entrance to her cervix. I rammed my cock into the deepest recesses of her petite body even though our pelvises were completely locked together in their airtight embrace.

Then I let go of the headboard. I leaned over to kiss her. When our lips met, I buried my tongue, which had just lapped up her cum, into her mouth and kissed her ferociously.

My god, did it feel god to have my cock inside her body and my tongue inside her mouth. It was everything I dreamed it would be and much, much more. I was beside myself with sexual joy. I was an animal and my animal instincts took complete command of my body. I was nothing more than a rutting beast. The rest of the world had disappeared, leaving the two of us in our own universe.

As I pumped into her with all my strength, I saw her eyes glaze over. She was rocketing toward her second, and I dare say, even more massive orgasm. She, too, had abandoned civilization in favour of her basic sexual nature.

We capitulated to our procreative urges. I joined her in bliss as my semen rushed up my hard, tubular muscle, and blasted into her hot interior. Spurt after spurt filled her pussy with my manly juices, fulfilling my primal male function to fertilize a woman, to make her the mother of my child.

Having expended myself in a blaze of glory, I flopped down on top of her although I kept some of my upper weight on my elbows. The last thing I wanted was for my large weight advantage to crush my petite lover. We were spent, but we were satisfied.

We rested a few moments to catch our breath. Then Kate’s signaled to me to get off her. I did.

“I’m leaking,” she explained.

I quickly grabbed some tissues from the bed stand and gave them to her.

She applied them immediately to her oozing vulva before swinging her legs over to the edge of the bed. “I don’t drip want to drip on sheets again,” she said as got up on her feet. “I have to clean myself.”

As I got up, I realized that I had not given her enough tissue. Gobs of my semen were leaking still leaking out. I didn’t think I could produce so much. As I handed some more tissue, I saw that the leaking cum had already formed a stain on the bed sheets. Kate saw it too. She went to the bathroom and came back a minute later. She had replaced the tissue that she was holding between her legs with a small cloth towel to absorb the continuing flow of dripping cum. She held the cloth towel in her left hand. In her right hand, she was had some paper towel and soap.

As she held hold the towel between her legs with her left hand, she started to use the dampened paper towel and a bar of soap, which she then used to scrub the stain from the sheet as much as she could. But I took over the task, urging to take care of herself first while I did as much as I could to remove the stain.

After a few minutes, she came back, still holding the towel to stopper her still leaking pussy. She seemed satisfied that I had removed most of the stain. She decided that whatever was left of it would be washed out in the laundry. She returned to the bath room and rinsed out the cloth towel.

Sex is a lot messier for a woman than a man. She’s ends up doing most of the post-coital cleanup. For guys, it’s one good swipe and we’re ready to go.

It reminded me of what my mother once said. ‘A woman’s work is never done.’ I had always thought it was a reference to housework.

When Kate came back, I saw that she had replaced the cloth towel between her legs with a paper towel to absorb additional leakage.

We got back on the bed and were lying beside each other again. I took her into the crook of my arm and kissed her. “That was the most marvelous sex I’ve ever had,” I told her. And I meant it. It was like going to heaven without dying first.

We were cuddling each other for about a half-hour when we started kissing each other again. At first, they were affectionate kisses but they gradually escalated to the status of passionate kisses. Much to my surprise, my old wiener was acting up. I was starting to develop another erection. I was already in the mood for another round! I wanted to go at her again. The last time that had happened was when I first started having sex with Linda. (We were not virgins on our wedding night.) That was decades ago.

looked at junior, a name I used to distinguish me, Peter, from my peter, and thought. ‘This is no time for an aneurism. Okay?’

“Lie back,” I half-asked, half-ordered my lover.

She put her head on a pillow. I put the pillow I had used earlier underneath her little butt again. She placed the partially wet paper towel she had been holding between her legs within reach of her hand, knowing that she would need it again soon.

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